20 Love Spells To Make Someone Fall Deeply In Love With You

There are some spells that can make someone fall in love with you. Here are twenty of the love spells that you can use for finding your love.

By Tanaya Nath
20 Love Spells To Make Someone Fall Deeply In Love With You

20 Love Spells To Make Someone Fall Deeply In Love With You

Most of us know the feeling of loving someone deeply, with all our might and yet have ourselves ignored by them. How we would do anything to have that feeling returned and to have the other person feel the same way forever. Imagine yourself sitting across from the person who makes your heart skip a beat and seeing in their eyes the same love that you have always wanted and yearned to see in them. Everyone wants to feel that unconditional love forever and find someone who loves us like no one ever has. We all want someone who is understanding, faithful and loyal endlessly. But one question always haunts everyone’s mind, is it even possible to have such kind of unconditional and forever kind of love? Yes, it is possible through magic. There is a way to make someone fall in love with you deeply and to experience whatever you have always yearned to. The answer to all your questions is love spell, the magic. Love spells are powerful and beautiful. They open up new opportunities and lead you to the way to make your crush feel the attraction towards you. It also makes you fall deeply in love with you forever, not instantly though. The love spells can bring happiness and love in your life and into the lives of many people. These love spells don’t just ignite the attraction or begin a superfluous or short romance. They invoke true love and make a completely true and forever fulfilling relationship. These love spell doesn’t intervene with the free will of people or make them puppets in the hands of the caster or harm them either. So, here are twenty safe love spells for you for making someone fall deeply in love with you.

Spell For Making Someone Fall In Love With You

For this spell, you will need one red candle in the shape of a man and a woman hugging each other. On each side of the figure, write the respective names of you and of the person whose love you seek. Then you will need a bottle of Fire of Love oil and one ounce of Arabic gum. Now mix the gum and the love oil until it forms a paste. With the paste, cement the candle. This spell can be cast only on the night of a full moon. On the full-moon night, light the candle exactly at 2 a.m. and, for 23 times, chant: "Oh Aphrodite and Hephaestus, I pray to thee, bring me love, as within be. Never were you separated, so not let me thee. Bring my love, I pray to thee." And once you have chanted this phrase 23 times, let the candles relinquish on their own. When the candle is about to blow out, chant, as many times you can, "luvum shubham, shabe barat, Luvum shubham, share raat, Sararat pyeer, pyur paar, Mericos mardana, nun jaat." By the time the moon enters the new moon phase, you will see that the person for whom you have cast the love spell has fallen for you deeply.

Love Spell For Capturing His Heart

This spell will help you in winning the man’s heart for you. It will not happen instantly and will take some time. For this magic, you will need a doll. You can make the doll using wheat flour and make sure to depict the doll as a male you must make the male genitals as well. To make the doll, roll the dough. Take some portion, round it well in your palm and then flatten it a little for making the head. Then make the body by doing the same but with a cylindrical shape. Now roll the arms and the legs and then make the male genital. Then, you will need the picture of the man you want to win the heart of. You will also need a little hair or used piece of cloth; it will be better if you have. Keep at hand a few pins and half a pound of mustard seeds, black mustard seeds and a big piece of red cloth for tying and covering the doll. On the doll, stick the picture and any of his belongings that you've obtained, and then sprinkle some red vermillion over it. Take five to seven pins and prick yourself with each of them so that they have a little of your blood on their tips. Now stick all these pins near the heart of the doll. The more pins you stick, the faster you will get the results of the magic. On the red cloth, put the mustard seeds and wrap the doll completely with it. On the cloth tie as many knots and you have put the pins in the doll. While tying the knots, chant ‘Let it be the night of no moon, no one should be with me. Let your heart be mine forever and ever.’ Now keep this doll at the four intersection road near your house, so that someone finds it and open the knots. As the knots will be opened, the person for whom you have cast the spell will fall deeply in love with you; his heart will be yours. While you are performing the spell, make sure no one is around, and you don’t get disturbed during the spell.

Create An Erogenous Zone

For this spell, first, create an erogenous zone. You can create it with paper or something that can be burned later. Write the name of the person and the spot of the body you are looking to designate. Then hold it over the candle and chant "Potens Xul facere — an altus sensitiva erogenous zone." In the blanks fill the person’s name or his body part. Repeat this eight times. Then imagine that spot on their body glowing orange. Now burn the paper. You are done with the spell.

Spell For Winning Her Heart

Take an apple or a pomegranate for this spell and over it chant the spell, "MUNUS SIGSIGGA AG BARA YE. INNIN AGGISH XASHXUR GISHNU URMA. SHAZIGA BARA YE. ZIGASHUBBA NA AGSISHAMAZIGA. NAMAZA YE INNIN DURRE ESH AKKI. UGU AGBA ANDAGUB!" Now give this enchanted apple or pomegranate of the spell to the woman whose heart you intend to win. You can also extract the juice of the enchanted fruit and make her drink it. She will come to you for sure when you are done with this magic.

A Yogurt Facial For Attracting Someone

This spell sounds more like a beauty tip, but trust me; it is a spell for winning the heart of your beloved. It is crazy, but this magic beauty charm works. Begin the spell by lighting candles and incense. Wash your face with warm water and pat dry. Just apply some beaten thick yogurt on your face. While applying the yogurt chant the spell ‘Wholesome food of the ancient ones ease my tension. Nourish my spirit and my skin and make me fresh again. Blessed be!’ Let it stay for at least ten minutes and while you are waiting, take a soak in your bathtub. Wash it off with cold water and pat dry. You will see your skin glowing and beautiful enough to attract attention. You can also use it for treating the mild case of sunburn as well. The magic of this spell will be seen in some time.

Get Someone To Love You

For this spell, on a paper, write down your first name and the last name of the man whose love you seek to win. If you think they are perfect, draw a circle around the names and if you want a physical relationship with them, draw a square or rectangle around the names. Now, cut the shape off the paper and spray the perfume on it that you will wear when you meet the man himself. Now keep the paper under your pillow, or your dream bag or box. You are done with the spell, now let the magic take over.

The Love Me Or Die Spell

This sounds like a mean spell. For this one, you will need your hairs and his, a small root of John the Conqueror, goofer dust or graveyard dirt, a sachet of love me powder, a piece of brown paper, a red and black writing waterproof ink pen, a new spool of sewing thread of red colour, a sharp penknife and a red flannel bag. To begin the spell, on the paper, write his full name in black ink seven times. Then rotate the paper and write, "love me or die," in red ink over and across his name. Keep the paper aside. Now, with the penknife, carve a hole in the root of the shape of the slit. In that hole, wedge his hairs along with yours and pack the slit with tightly with the mixture of loving me sachet powder and goofer dust. Wrap the paper on which you have written around the root after wetting it thoroughly with your urine. Press the wet paper firmly around the root as you do in a paper mache. This will keep the hairs and powder entangled inside. Wrap the root cladding in wet paper securely with the red thread until the paper is entirely covered, like a twine ball. When you are done, tie seven knots in the thread and leave enough length of thread to hang it from. Finish it with the loop for your finger. Use the red flannel bag for carrying the root. Keep wetting it with your urine when needed. Hold it by the hanging thread and swing it back and forth towards you. While you do this, call the name of the man for drawing him towards you. Get a rhythm for the spell. Say his first name followed by the last name and in the end say love me or die. With this spell, either the man will start loving you or will get sick. Don't give up if he gets sick. You weaken him, and that is the way you get him. When he gets very sick, you can nurse him back to health. And then he will be all yours forever. This spell takes time, so don’t expect anything instantly in the spell. Anyone who takes this spell must properly dispose of the paper and the root after the successful spell. Otherwise, you will always have a sick man by your side. This spell is all about working with opposites. The love powder is mixed with the goofer dust. The root is masculine, and you cut a slit hole for making it less masculine and strong. You mix his hairs with you for making him as obsessed as you are. This spell offers him a choice of either loving you or dying. You nurse him back to health when he is sick. Everything makes this spell sinful and powerful. So be careful if you are going for this spell.

You Are Not Gonna Steal My Boyfriend

This is a very easy spell. All you need is your voice for this spell. All you need to do is chant ‘you are not gonna steal my boyfriend, you are not gonna steal my boyfriend, and that’s the final verdict.’ Just repeat this twice, and you are done with the spell. Your guy will fall very hard for you, so hard that it will be impossible for anyone to steal him away from you. He will belong to you forever with this spell.

The Spell For Attracting Someone Physically

This love spell is also known as the sexy spell. This will make your crush want you and get physically attracted to you. For this love spell, you will need a strong mind. To begin with, you will learn to pronounce the name of your crush backward. When you have learned that chant the spell ‘I love you _. Be with me for all eternity make him/her horny. So mote it be.This Is my wish. So mote it be.’ In the blank space in this spell take the name of your crush backward then forward. Then wait for your love spell to work. It doesn’t give results instantly.

The Bath Love Spell

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This one is a basic spell that doesn’t require any exotic ingredient. This spell enhances your sexual appeal and attracts your love towards you. If you have someone special in your mind, keep your focus on him during the entire ritual of the spell. For this spell, clean your bathroom thoroughly. Cover the mirrors with white or pink sheets or towels. Draw a bath and add some sea salts or other bath salts to the bath. While you are drawing the bath chant ‘Negativity is washed away. I am renewed as of today. Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay.’ If you don’t have a tub, tie the salts in a washcloth while chanting and use it while you take a shower. Place three white floating candles in the bathtub or light three white votive candles in the bathroom. When you are ready to take a bath, relax and focus. Think how sensual the setting is and how beautiful you are. Think about all the things you like about yourself. And then think about the person you are casting the spell for. Put on your favorite music and turn off the light. It will be better if you pick the music that is more in line with the result you want from the spell. For example, pick a song that makes you feel sexy and reckless if you want a hot love and a wild romance. If you want someone who makes you feel safe, a soulmate, play the music that makes you feel calm and peaceful. Play a happy and mellow song if you are looking for general attraction from the spell. Relax and clean yourself. When you are done bathing, chant the same verses that you did before entering the bath and in the end add ‘I am blessed, I am loving, I am loved and love myself. I am love.’ You can also add any other element that feels right to you. Your spell is complete.

The Lost Love Spell For Getting Someone Back

This spell reunites you to the love that you had lost due to circumstances, outside interference or personal issues. For this love spell, you will need six candles each of red, green, yellow and blue color and two candles of pink color. Place the red candle in the southern corner of your space, green in the north, yellow in the east and blue in the west. Make sure all the candles are in the appropriate points of a compass. Light all the candles, hold the pink candles in your hands and stand to face the red candles. Now chant "Beautiful Goddess, powerful God, hear my prayer. Lords of fire, burn my desire, times three. If it is meant to be, bring back to me." In the blank space put the name of your lost love and chant until you are satisfied. Let the candles burn themselves out.

Love Spell For Soulmate

This spell draws to you a partner who is best suited to you at this period of your life. And be sure that you are ready for the commitment before you cast this spell. Before you could cast this love spell, you will need to do a little preparation. To start with, get a special paper like a real parchment paper or a cotton- or hemp-made paper or a decorative paper. Also, you will need an instrument for ritual writing. It could be a fountain pen, a quill pen, calligraphy marker or simply your favorite pen. But don’t use the pen you use every day. And lastly, you will need moon charcoal, moon incense, and a small, heart-shaped box or a box with the decoration of hearts. This spell should ideally be done in the dark during the waxing moon. But since you will have the moon incense, you can be a little flexible with the time without affecting the results. Cleanse or meditate for reinforcing your aura. With the ritual paper and pen, write down the words of power that will call to the perfect partner for you at this time. Don't think of a specific person or write a specific name, it will limit the results, and you might not have met your soulmate yet. So, keep the options open. If you can’t find the right words, write something like, "If there is a perfect match, this work tonight will for sure catch. The perfect one who is meant to be will find the way to me. In perfect trust and perfect love, I am sending this out and not with lust. This love spell is our guide tonight, free will remains with us tonight." When you're done writing, read it once and make sure that you have said in it everything that is there to be said and that nothing is left out. Now, meditate on your goals for some more time while you are lighting the ritual fire or the charcoal. Now read what you have written three times. After each reading, sprinkle one tablespoon moon incense over the fire. Be careful with the dust as it easily catches fire. Now fold the paper and put it in the heart box. This will be your spell box. Put it in a safe place with positivity and forget about it. Let nature fulfill your wishes. These are powerful spells but doesn’t work instantly, so have faith.

Another Spell For Making Someone Fall In Love With You

For this love spell, you will need red silk cord of length one meter, one picture of yourself and of the person you want to cast the spell for, six red roses with dried petals, your perfume, and one large glass jar. Do this spell on a Friday of full moon or any corresponding days and moon phases. Remove the petals of the roses and put them in the jar and chant ‘if you want to listen and you want love, open your heart and never forget me.’ You can use your own words as well. Spray some perfume in the bottle. Take the silk cord and wrap it around both the pictures and chant the same words again while doing that. Put the pictures into the jar and place it up at the altar. Keep the jar like that for seven days, on the eighth day open the jar and let the fragrance fill the air. On the ninth day, the person will fall in love with you, like instantly. After the spell, you can either bury the jar in the earth or float it in the freshwater.

The Sugar Love Spell For Making Someone Fall In Love With You

This love spell is for the ones who have been seeing each other for quite a while now, and one loves the other more. For this spell, you will need one wide pink candle, some sugar, preferably brown and your altar. Put the candle on the altar and make a heart around the wick. Light the candle and chant: "Winds to the west, our loves a success. While nine is near, you are my dear. Winds to the east, ill feelings cease. Goddess shows us how, you love me now." This spell will create opportunities for both of you to know each other more and create wonderful memories. After the spell, drink water and meditate.

Triple Knot Love Spell

The knots spell is easy and doesn’t require anything much. All you have to do is tie up the knots as you do this love spell. For this, you need a 24 inches long red ribbon, patchouli oil and ylang-ylang oil. Apply one to two drops of both the oils in your palm and rub them together. Antoine the ribbon by running your hands through the length of it. Tie three knots in the ribbon at even distance. At the first knot chant, "With the knot of one, my love will come." At the second knot chant, "With the knot of two, it shall be true." And at the third knot chant, "With the knot of three, so mote it be." Now loop that knotted ribbon around your bedpost or beside the bedside lamp or on the knob of your bedroom door. Don’t tie, just loop. You are done.

The Herbal Love Box

Perform this spell during a full moon. You will need a small, lidded box or bowl, a piece of quartz that should be crystal or rose, rose petals, chopped vanilla bean, lavender buds, damiana root, a pinch of cinnamon powder and a piece of white paper. The amount of each herb will depend on the size of the bowl or the box. You will need enough to fill it. Mix the flowers and the herbs and place it at the bottom of the box, in the paper write five personality qualities, not physical, that you want in your new love. Fold the paper and keep it in the box, now fill the box with the rest of the herbs. Put the crystal right at the top of the herbs, nestled in between. Close the lid and every night, open it to sniff it so that you can remember about your search of love.

Love Pouch

For this nice and portable love pouch spell, you need a small pouch of cotton or silk, four candles either white or pink color, a fireproof pot or cauldron, catnip, jasmine flowers, a pen and a paper. Set four candles on your altar at the cardinal positions. At the center put the cauldron. In the cauldron, put the catnip and the jasmine and on the paper write what you want in your partner and your relationship. Sign, fold and put the paper in the cauldron. Burn it and while it is burning chant ‘By the power of flame and words, bring me love’ and keep repeating while the paper burns. Stir the ashes along with the herbs and put them in the pouch. Tie and keep it with you. The spell doesn’t work instantly so keep patience.

The Letter Of Love Spell

This love spell lacks the traditional ingredients, but it is as powerful. You can do this love spell on a Friday night. You will need one sheet of blank paper, one envelope, one red marker, your favorite perfume, red lipstick and fresh rose petals five to six in numbers. With the marker write down the qualities that you want in your love. Spray some of your perfume on the paper and fold it into the envelope. Hold the petals in your hand and picture yourself with your ideal soulmate. Put these petals in the envelope with the paper and seal it. Keep it in a safe place and never open it. Once you have someone who loves you deeply, throw away or burn the envelope without opening it.

The Silver Ring Love Charm

For this magic, take a silver ring that you have never worn, white cloth and white wine. This spell should be performed under a full moon. Wrap the ring in the cloth and bury it in the ground. Don’t go off instantly. Sit quietly for a while watching the moon, thinking about the kind of love you want. Pour the wine over the place where you have buried the ring and chant ‘Blessed Goddess, fair and true. This silver gift I offer you. Bless this ring and make it shine. Bring a lover to be mine.’ Leave it there for a month, then dig it up on the next full moon and wear it every day till you find your love. You can also use flowerpot for burying the ring. Wait for the magic to give you someone who loves you deeply and forever.

Key To Your Heart Spell

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This one is an easy and quick spell. You will need three candles of color gold, silver and red each, two red roses, a horseshoe, a key and a red silk scarf. Like most spells, this should be done on Friday night. Ignite the candles on your altar and wrap the roses, the key and the horseshoe in the scarf. Pass the bundle through the candle flames without burning it and put it in your underwear drawer for two weeks. After two weeks, bury the roses and keep the key and the horseshoe near the bed. It will draw your love to you in a month. So, hope you get your love or your soulmate in time if not instantly, whatever you want from the spell. Also, hope these spells make your life wonderful and so full of love that you are satisfied with your life. But these spells are very powerful. So be sure about everything before you put your feet forward. It might harm you if you are not entirely ready.



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