10 Types Of Effective Spiritual Practices To Get Happiness

Do you know there are some spiritual practices you can engage yourself in that would give you happiness? Check out this piece to know them.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
10 Types Of Effective Spiritual Practices To Get Happiness

Meaning Of Spiritual Practices

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For some people today, the mention of the word "spiritual" perks up their ears and widens their eyes. Many even get pissed off about this subject because, in their own view, spirituality is a poor man's thing; a way by which he consoles himself. However, despite this spiritual apathy being manifested in some quarters, one incontrovertible truth still stands and that is the fact that human beings are spiritual beings. There is something about us that goes beyond what the carnal mind can see. There is a You that is invisible but which controls your visible acts, that is your spiritual person. The Bible records that God is a spirit (John 4:24 KJV) and that those who would worship Him would have to do so in spirit and in truth. It thus means that you cannot remain all physical and still claim to worship God. That being said, just as we have physical activities that we engage ourselves in for optimum health, so also do we have some spiritual practices or activities that we can commit ourselves into observing and which in return can bring us happiness in this life. These spiritual practices are sets of daily rituals that go deep down into our very being. They connect us with a superior and divine Being with whom alone there is genuine happiness. Depending on which religion you practice, the practices can vary, Howbeit, for most religions particularly Christianity, the following spiritual practices are highly recommended for unlimited and genuine happiness.

10 Effective Spiritual Practices That Can Bring You Happiness

Well, not all spiritual practices are beneficial or effective especially when it comes to the subject of happiness. You, therefore, need to know those ones you can concentrate on which would bring joy into your soul. Before we start with 10 of such, you need to be aware of the importance of happiness. Happiness brings healing, progress, and ease to us. Many who run around today seeking healing for their diseases only needs few doses of divine happiness. Check here those spiritual practices that ensure happiness.

1. Prayer

There is a kind of mystical relief and reassurance that comes to you when you live a life of prayer. Prayer is one powerful means by which humanity connects with divinity. Prayer takes you beyond the realm of the physical to the spiritual where you can feel and sense things that would make you happy. If you are limited to this physical, material world alone, there is no way you can be happy for long. This is because everything here in the physical is transient. If you've got money today and that seems to be a source of happiness to you, you only have to pray that the economy suffers no recession or that a thief does not get to steal them away. But when you make it a habit to pray daily, you receive fresh power to live through each day and no matter the circumstance you find yourself, your inner man which is the spiritual You keeps assuring, comforting, healing, and enabling you. Then you shall be able to say with the Apostle Paul thus: "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair" (2Corinthians 4:8 KJV)

2. Spiritual Meditation

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Constant spiritual meditation is another effective practice that can bring happiness. Please be aware that the meditation really has to be spiritual before it can be effective. So, the question you may want to ask is "What is spiritual meditation?" Spiritual meditation is a human effort aimed at processing divine things. Stated differently, it means a human effort to understand in a deeper sense, things of eternal significance. Meditation is done by setting the mind on a particular subject either in nature or in the holy book and then taking enough time to think deeply about it. By the time you focus deeply on this subject, a special revelation is delivered to your soul and you are better able to grasp more than just the superficial meanings of that thing. Knowledge, divine knowledge, brings happiness. You know why what happens and through such knowledge, you can make plans for yourself so you're not caught off guard. Meditating on the life of Bible prophets and other biblical characters can offer some supernatural comfort to your soul even when passing through difficult times. The very power with which those ones overcame is equally delivered to you.

3. Regular Fellowship With People Of Same Faith

Spiritual togetherness is a great practice that should not be watered down or jettisoned. In the assembly of fellow believers, there is a kind and type of aura that only those who are present can explain. In the midst of your spiritual comrades, you would listen to different kinds and types of testimonies which are capable of strengthening your faith. You get to realize that you are not alone in the struggles of this world and by drawing from the experiences of others, you can find a way out of whatever challenge you are going through. You get to do things together and reason together which in turn, translate to mutual happiness and satisfaction among members. No wonder the Bible commands that believers should not forsake the assembly of one another, a habit that has become the way of life of some people (Hebrews 10:25).

4. Active Participation In Spiritual Things

Joining and attending a fellowship is not just enough. If you desire to enjoy the type of happiness that comes from service to God and humanity, you've got to actively participate in the activities of your fellowship. You see, happiness is locked up in service. And the most beneficial service you can be involved in is a spiritual one. Join an evangelistic outreach that ministers to people. Participate in the choir, volunteer to do something that is not selfish. There is a special kind of happiness that comes with all of these.

5. Listen To Good, Quality Music

Music, good music, is highly therapeutic. Healings take place when songs are sung. Make it a habit to sing and listen to spiritual songs every day, particularly the hymns. The melody and lyrics go straight into your heart to flush out any demon that may want to fill your heart with sorrow. King Saul that was always sad in the Bible employed this practice. Whenever the evil spirit comes to torment him, it was the practice then to fetch him a gifted musician in the person of David. And each time David plays and sings, the demon has no choice than to leave the king. Music has been shown even by science to aid the release of Dopamine, the happiness hormone. Talking spiritual now, when you sing Godly songs, unseen angels accompany you and create an atmosphere of heaven all around you. This atmosphere blinds you to your struggles and opens your heart to the things of heaven that really bring joy.

6. Memorize Scriptures

Make it a practice to commit as many scriptural passages as you can into memory. When life's troubles come that may want to rob you of your joy, those scriptures would come up and then, the temptation to be sad would vanish away. You can begin with a verse. Identify those wonderful promises of God as contained in His word and rehearse them to yourself. Continue with this spiritual exercise for a while and watch how your perspective about life would change. Nothing moves you terribly as to make you sad because God keeps supplying answers to your perplexities.

7. Read Spiritual Books Is Another Practice To Imbibe

Lay your hands on good books on the subject of happiness and spirituality and read. So many people live a frustrated life partly because of their ignorance. In addition to the Scriptures, God has blessed some individuals with ideas from which you can share from to stay happy. Make it a practice to read their works. Already, you have taken a right step in the right direction by reading our daily releases on Panda Gossips. You can always look up to more topics on spirituality that can further widen your horizon. Everytime you read, something happens to your mind. It gets widens and expanded such that you have a better understanding of what even constitutes happiness. Reading itself can help fight stress so make it a practice to always read spiritual books.

8. Observe Daily Quiet Time

Your quiet time is when it's all about you being still or calm in a place where nothing disturbs you. You need some time to think and reflect on happenings in and around you. You can be so busy with your daily schedules so much that you get wearied. Moments like this affords you the opportunity to take stock of your time and see what you need to improve on. In fact, if there is any issue you have been struggling with for a long time, a way out can be gotten during any of your quiet moments. When you practice observing quiet time daily, it becomes a habit and you know what? Happiness for you would be a norm and not a strange phenomenon.

9. Encourage Others

You see, you are not the one with the greatest trouble in life. Everyone has some thorns in their fleshes. There is someone somewhere that needs the encouragement of a brother or sister; make yourself that brother or sister. Forget about your own challenges and make it a practice to always talk to others about theirs with a view to helping out. As you extend this act of kindness, you would realize just how happy you would become. Happiness is infectious and seeing other people happy because of your selfless effort is also a great source of happiness.

10. Listen To Spiritual Messages Regularly

There is a special blessing that comes with listening to God's word every day. Make it your practice to always have spiritual messages downloaded to your phone and listen to them constantly. The things you hear surely has a connection with your state of mind. So, one way to build your mind is to guard the things that go in there. When it has become your practice to feed your mind the powerful messages from confirmed men of God, then, your happiness will flow without restriction.

In Conclusion

Happiness is a choice and not a wish. If you don't want to be happy, of course, there are a number of things here on earth to make you sad. Thanks to God really that He has a plan for everyone who chooses to enjoy happiness. If you are going to put into practice the spiritual practices shared in this piece, you would just discover that nothing really bothers you as much. You are going to start operating at the supernatural realm which supersedes whatever earthly condition you're going through.