10 Magic Witch Spells for Beginners

Are you a witch new to magic and looking for some easy spells to try? Here are some great beginner spells that you can do with no experience.

By E.M. Love
10 Magic Witch Spells for Beginners

New to Witchcraft?

Here are some great easy spells for you to learn and practice if you are just starting out at witchcraft, or if it has been a while and you want to slowly get back into the swing of practicing magic and feel the beauty of using energy and seeing what you get back from what you put out. You can do all of these spells from the safety and comfort of your own home, or wherever you feel comfortable.

1. Simple Beginner Protection Spell for Your House

Protection is one of the most important parts of your learning and practice of witchcraft, as you need to make sure you are protecting yourself against negative energies when you do your work. Protecting your house with salt will help shield you from any negative energy that anyone tries to send your way, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. One of the simplest beginner protection spells involves making a circle of salt during a full moon. This is great for practicing how to cast a circle to ensure you are safe when working spells and doing any kind of magic. This spell is great to do once a month during every full moon to make sure the positive energy surrounding your house is strong and doing its best to keep out the negativity.

The size of the moon can have a big effect on your magic spells. Be sure to pay attention to the lunar cycle when planning certain spells.

Steps for Protection Spell:

1. Make sure you have enough salt and go outside. The best place and time is to go outside on an evening with a full moon. A full moon is the best time for any type of protection spell, as there is a large amount of extra energy and power on this night each month. 2. Start at your front door and move in a clockwise circle around the outside edge of your house, sprinkling salt as you go. Try to avoid grass and plants and get as close to the perimeter of your house as you can. Moving clockwise is called deosil in Wiccan terminology, which has Irish/Scottish Gaelic origins. The sun moves in this direction, so it is considered to be the direction of going with the flow, positive energy, and working with the Divine forces. This is why you walk clockwise around your house when doing a protection spell. 3. As you are walking, visualize your home being protected within this circle and say out loud the following chant: "Salt protect this home and all that reside here. Keep out those that seek to harm, protect us from negativity, anger, and fear." 4. Circle your house completely and keep repeating this chant until you make a full circle, ending at your front door where you started. 5. Once you get to your front door, say, "This house is protected from negative energies and forces. So mote it be."

A full moon is great when you need a lot of energy and are asking for any kind of protection magic.

2. Easy Beginner Wishing Spell

What do you wish for? Do you have any dreams that you are working towards and want to come true as soon as possible? This beginner witch spell can help your desires be fulfilled as quickly as possible, with a little work on your part. Always wish for something positive; don't wish for revenge or any ill will towards someone else. "What you put out you will receive back threefold" is a common saying, and you don't want that revenge coming back at you three times worse. All you need is either an incense stick or incense burner. Make sure to do this spell during a full moon or waxing moon. A waxing moon is when the moon is when the moon is slowly getting bigger, working up towards a full moon. You want to do it at this time as this is primetime for spells that are focused on new beginnings and planning the future. This is a great time for any spells relating to self-improvement and finding inspiration or new ideas.

Steps for Wishing Spell

1. First, get into a good meditative state. If you need help doing this, there are some great guided meditations on video around the web. 2. Light the incense. 3. Focus on your heart chakra area and feel love and joy. Focus on that feeling and how happy you are. Imagine that your desire is coming true, and how happy and loving you feel because of it. 4. Visualize every little detail that you can of your wish happening, and really feel what you would feel at that moment it does come true as if it was happening right then. Visualize the sounds you would be hearing, what you would be tasting, seeing, touching, etc. The more you can visualize the little details using all of your senses, the better, as this brings it to life more. 5. Focus on the feeling of having fulfilled that wish, and that you do not desire it anymore because it has happened, and how happy you are that it has. Focus your loving heart energy on the visualization and feel the beauty of having your wish fulfilled. 6. When you can really feel like your wish has come true, say the following chant ten times: "Magic herbs burn in fire, bring to me my heart’s desire."

3. Witch Spell for Increasing Patience

Do you struggle with having enough patience with some people? We all do at some point in our lives, often daily. This is a great beginner spell to practice if you need help with being more patient with those around you, and will help you stay calm and see the beauty of each person, even when they aren't their perfect selves. All you need is a bowl or cup of water, either jasmine, lavender, or palmarosa essential oil, and a blue candle.

Steps for Patience Spell

1. Cast your circle of protection and light your blue candle. 2. Gaze into your blue candle's flame, and breathe deeply ten times. Every time you inhale, visualize calm, peaceful blue light is going into your body. Every time you exhale, imagine that all of your worries and frustrations are flowing out of your body. 3. Take your cup or bowl of water and add three drops of the essential oil into the water. Dip in your fingers and slowly stir, while you chant "Blessed waters cool my spirit, fill me with your soothing peace. Like the river, I shall flow patiently, with joy and ease." 4. Now you can extinguish your candle and close the circle. The water infused with essential oil can be kept around for you to smell. It should have a calming effect if you feel yourself starting to get impatient.

4. Magic Answer Spell for Beginners

This easy beginner witch spell is great if you have been trying to figure out the answer to a problem you've been struggling with. This can help illuminate the answer you have been trying to find all along. Do this spell on an evening with a full moon when there is an abundance of positive energy.

Steps for Answer Spell

1. Make a circle with your dominant index finger. 2. Raise up your arm until you can see the full moon. 3. Chant "Good moon, round moon, full moon that appears, let me foresee the future." 4. Continue to look at the moon after chanting this and ask your question. 5. Close your circle. Expect to receive an answer in some way within the next seven days.

5. Beginner Witch Spell to Attract Your Love

Everyone wants to be loved by someone. If you aren't with the person that you love yet, and they are not committed elsewhere, this is a great beginner magic spell for you. Remember, people have free will and this is not guaranteed to work, but if the other person feels something for you already, this may discreetly encourage them. Your love could just need an energetic nudge to get them to make a move. You will need a pinch of thyme and two tablespoons of honey.

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Steps to Attracting Your Love

1. On a Friday evening, make yourself a bath and add the pinch of thyme and tablespoons of honey. 2. In the bath, visualize a detailed image of the person you want to attract and chant the following incantation: "I request from the goddess of love, with the great power of nature, to attract the love of the soul I wish. Let it be so and let it be binding!" 3. Stay in the bath for 15 minutes or more before getting out.

6. Success Witch Spell

To bring the energy of success into your life, try out this beginner magic witch spell. What you will need for this spell are a yellow votive candle, a candle holder or plate, a knife or something to carve with, and a lighter or matches. This spell is best to do during a full, new, or waxing moon, but not a waning moon. Candle magic is great because there are many ways to personalize the spells as you can get all different kinds of candles with different colors, tones, shapes, and sizes. You can also get candles with different symbols or shapes on them, or you can carve these in yourself.

Steps for Success Spell

1. Cast your circle. 2. Take your candle and carve a symbol of success into the side. The symbol is up to you and can be whatever you feel like represents success to you. You can use a rune, a money sign, or some other symbol relating to success, as long as it has meaning to you. 3. Ignite your candle, and focus on the flame. 4. Visualize yourself successful. Feel how you would feel as if you were already successful. Visualize as much detail as you can using all of your senses. Feel the happiness and joy you have from being successful. Make yourself believe that you are currently successful and you have achieved the level of success that you want. 5. Focus on the flame, watching it as you are visualizing this feeling of success. 6. When you are ready, dismantle your circle, but leave the candle burning. Let the candle burn until it goes out on its own. Make sure you don't leave the candle alone though and accidentally cause a fire. 7. When the wax has cooled off after the flame goes out, take the wax and put it somewhere safe, in a bag or another container. 8. As often as you can, tell the universe and yourself that "I am successful. I am worthy. I am powerful."

7. Beginner Money Spell

This is similar to the success witch spell, but this is just to help bring the amount of money you desire into your life. All you need for this beginner magic spell is a green candle and something to carve with, such as a knife. Green candles are great for witches to use when doing any kind of spell involving wealth and money.

Steps for Money Spell

1. Carve a money sign or some other symbol that represents money onto your green candle. 2. Hold the candle, and visualize sending money energy into the candle while asking money to be brought to you. 3. Now light the candle, and visualize all types of money raining down over you and gold dust falling down to settle on you. 4. Chant: "Golden rain, the magick is done, money come to me, harming none.” 5. Feel the wealth coming to you. Use all of your senses to visualize how it feels. Feel how light and free it makes you, with no worries. Feel the joy and happiness you have at not having to worry about money, that it is plentiful and you have what you want and need. 6. Do this for as long as you want to, but for at least 5 to 10 minutes. 7. When you are ready to stop, say, “Thank you; so mote it be.” 8. Extinguish your candle, thank it for the work it has done, and save that candle for only money magic as it now holds that energy. 9. Repeat this spell a few times a week to help align your energies towards having the money that you want. Open yourself up to opportunities that may arise after doing this spell, as it may be the spell at work.

8. Healing Spell for New Witches

For those of you who have health issues or are just looking to boost your health in a certain area of your body, this is a great beginner witch spell. This helps you get in touch with the Universe's healing energy. You don't need any special tools or extra objects for this, just yourself and positivity. Witches visualize healing energy flowing down into their bodies and out of their hands to heal wherever their hands are directing the energy.

Steps for Healing Spell

1. Get into a meditative state to clear your mind. Again, use a guided meditation if you need to. 2. Ask for help from the highest beings that are in the universe to help you in this healing process. 3. Place your hands wherever feels right or that you feel needs healing energy. 4. Visualize white, pure, and loving energy from the Universe flowing into you through your Crown chakra at the top of your head and traveling down and through your hands. 5. Now visualize that white energy flowing from your hands into wherever your hands are placed on your body, sending extra healing energy into that area. Feel the beauty of that part of your body starting to heal from the Universe's energy. 6. Take as long as you need, until you feel that the area has received enough healing energy for the time being.

9. Spell to Banish Anger

We all get angry here and there, but it doesn't usually serve a purpose. This beginner witch spell will help you stop being angry and move on from any revengeful feelings you may have for someone who hurt you. For this witch spell, you will need a stone. Stones are a great way to help redirect your anger into something else. Certain stones can trap the negative energy you send into them, freeing you and making you feel lighter.

Steps for Banishing Anger Spell

1. Get a stone and visualize the anger and revenge you feel flowing into this stone and out of you. Feel that energy being transferred to the stone. Feel yourself getting lighter as the anger and feeling of revenge leave you. Feel the beauty of not being angry. 2. Throw the stone into a natural body of water so it can be cleansed by the water's positive energy. 3. Chant the following: "Great Guardians of the West, who watch over the sea and the ocean, let this anger disperse through space and time, make it disappear forever, so mote it be."

10. Spell for Opening Yourself to Love

You may not have a specific person in mind, but are ready to find love. You may want to be ready to find a new love after a prior relationship, but are afraid that you aren't completely open to it yet. This beginner spell will help you open yourself up to finding a new love. Loving someone and being loved is beautiful, and something that we all want to experience and never stop experiencing. You don't need anything except your hands and a sink with running water. Make sure you are open to love. This spell can help yourself affirm that you are open and ready for a new love to enter into your life.

Steps for Love Opening Spell

1. Put your hands under running water in your sink. 2. Wash your hands well with soap. 3. While washing your hands, focus on how you are not blocked in love. Visualize and feel that you are open to receiving love, feel the beauty of finding new love, and imagine it as if it were already happening. 4. Do this for as long as you feel is good. Repeat this as often as you would like, and every time that you would normally wash your hands.


Witchcraft takes practice. Don't expect your spells to work perfectly all the time, especially when you are a beginner. You have to learn to focus your energy and work on your visualization. Visualization improves the more you practice, and the more detailed your visualizations are, the better your spells will be. The spells here are great for beginners and give you a variety to try, from banishing anger and feelings of revenge to putting the necessary energy out there to find your love. Most of us are always in need of some extra patience, and the spell for bringing money energy to you is also a popular one. Whatever you choose to practice, remember, you get what you put into the universe. You will go from beginner to advanced in no time if you stay consistent and keep at it.