Paul Bocuse Wiki: Chef, Net Worth, Lyon, Recipes & Facts To Know

The Michelin Star winner, chef Paul Bocuse, died on 20th January, 2018. Read about his net worth, recipes and other facts.

By Amanda Palmer
Paul Bocuse Wiki: Chef, Net Worth, Lyon, Recipes & Facts To Know

Who was Paul Bocuse?

Paul Bocuse was born in 1926. He was a famous French chef based in Lyon. The renowned chef was known for the high quality of his restaurants and his innovative approaches to French cuisine. Bocuse died on 20th January, 2018. The cause of his death was Parkinson's disease. His death occurred while he was in Collognes-au-Mont-d'Or, in the same room above his restaurant, L'Auberge du Pont de Collognes. Bocuse was a student of the Eugenie Brazier. Bocuse had been associated with nouvelle cuisine for quite some time and he was one of the most prominent chefs of that cuisine. Nouvelle cuisine is less calorific and opulent than traditional cuisines. Nouvelle cuisine also stresses on the use of fresh ingredients of the best quality. The word 'Nouvelle' was coined by Henri Gault to describe the food prepared by Bocuse and some other top chefs for the maiden flight of the Concorde airliner in 1969. Bocuse has received numerous awards throughout his career including the medal of Commandeur de la Legion d'honneur. Bocuse was awarded by the Culinary Institute of America in their Leadership Awards Gala on the 30th March 2011. There is a small number of restaurants in France who have managed to receive the three-star rating by the Michelin Guide. Paul Bocuse's son, Jerome, manages the Chef de France restaurant inside the French pavilion at Walt Disney World's EPCOT. Bocuse has been apprenticed to Fernant Point who was a master of classic French cuisine. Bocuse has also dedicated his first book to him. His book, 'The Complete Bocuse' is all of French cuisine which is revised by him for the home cook. 'The Complete Bocuse' has 500 simple and basic traditional French dishes for a beginner. Paul Bocuse has co-authored another cookbook with Martine Albertin, 'Bocuse's Regional French Cooking'. The cookbook 'Bocuse's Regional French Cooking' has a pictorial and culinary journey through the provinces of France. Paul Bocuse presents a variety of cuisine from the provinces and wonderful dishes that will delight the eye as well as the palate. His latest cookbook, 'Paul Bocuse: Simply Delicious' was published in 2014. 'Paul Bocuse: Simply Delicious' has more than 200 emblematic recipes from Paul Bocuse. Another gem from the master chef, 'Bocuse in Your Kitchen: Simple French Recipes for the Home Chef' has easy to follow and easy to understand recipes for the learners. His book, 'Bocuse in Your Kitchen: Simple French Recipes for the Home Chef' as the name suggests has only simple, classic French recipes. The Institute Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance merges thirteen universities in South Korea, South Africa, United States, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Guatemala, Taiwan, Greece, Singapore, China, Finland, Colombia and Ecuador. The only culinary school in Canada with an agreement with the Institut Paul Bocuse is Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

His contribution as a chef to French gastronomy

Bocuse has made many noteworthy contributions to French gastronomy both indirectly and directly. He has trained numerous chefs who have further become famous chefs themselves. The renowned chef Eckart Witzigmann was one of his students. He also received three Michelin Stars. The Bocuse d'or is regarded as the most prestigious award for chefs since 1987 in the entire world especially when French food is considered. It can be called the unofficial world championship for chefs. Paul Bocuse has received numerous awards in his career including the medal of Commandeur de la Legion d'honneur. Paul Bocuse was not only awarded by the Culinary Institute of America in their Leadership Awards Gala, but he was also given the 'Chef of the Century' award. If fact, in 2011, the Culinary Institute of America made an announcement that they would change the name of their restaurant from 'Escoffier' to 'Bocuse' after a year-long renovation. That in itself can be considered a great honor for a living legend. Paul Bocuse created the world famous 'Soupe aux truffes' for a presidential dinner at the Elysee Palace in 1975. Since then, his signature soup has been served in Bocuse's restaurant near Lyon and is named as 'Soupe V.G.E'. V.G.E are the initials of former president of France - Valery Giscard d'Estaing. Paul Bocuse has opened many restaurants in his life or contributed to many existing restaurants. His main restaurant is the luxury restaurant, 'l'Auberge du Pont de Collonges' near Lyon. This restaurant has been serving a traditional menu since decades. This restaurant has also received the coveted three-star rating by the Michelin Guide. Bocuse also operated a chain of brasseries in Lyon named Le Nord, l'Est, Le Sud and l'Ouest. All these restaurants specialize in different aspects of French cuisine. Paul Bocuse is regarded as an ambassador of modern French Cuisine. He was even honored in 1961 with the title 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France'.

Paul Bocuse Net worth

The net worth of Paul Bocuse is $5 million. He has built his net worth with his books, restaurants and contributions to the French gastronomy.

The master chef and the king of French cuisine certainly had a life well-lived. He died peacefully at the age of 91 at a point when he was considered a living legend.