15 Great Tips To Help You Stop Biting Your Nails

It’s time to take control of your nasty nail-biting habit and reclaim those lovely fingernails! Check out these home remedies to help you stop now!

By Annie
15 Great Tips To Help You Stop Biting Your Nails

It's time to stop biting your nails

Throughout your entire life, you’ve been scolded by your mom, teacher, significant other, and your best friends. They have been on your case for years, your fingers hurt, and you are embarrassed to show them to anyone. It’s time to take control of your nasty nail-biting habit and reclaim those lovely fingernails! This nagging habit plagues both guys and gals, and it bothers us all! Nail biting is a bad habit and it's a hard one to stop, but with a little help from some of these simple tips, and the right mindset, you will be modeling those beauties on Instagram before you know it!

1. Essential oils will help you stop biting and relax

There are many ways to use essential oils in your home remedy routines. When it comes to nail-biting, these will be your best friends and your worst enemy all at the same time. This technique is tried and true and a natural way to stop the habit quickly. Certain essential oils are ok for ingestion, so go and find the most bitter (or spicy) EO you can and lather your nails in it. They will help you stop biting because they taste nasty, but in the end, it will all be worth it! ​ Oregano is a perfect oil to use as a yucky-tasting deterrent, and an excellent additive to your Italian cuisine, so that's a win-win situation! Using oils as an oral deterrent is a natural way to quit biting your nails. However, there are other ways to use essential oils to help stop the chewing. Lavender is a widely known oil that is used for relaxation. If you bite your nails due to anxiety, or in stressful situations, consider combining the efforts of your palate and your sense of smell by lubing your fingers with oregano, and diffusing lavender while taking a bath to chill out! This home remedy will work well for adults but be sure to speak with your doctor before using this technique on a​ child.

2. Pamper your nails

If you spend time envying your bf's posts of her newly manicured nails, then its time to stop swooning and give yourself exactly what you want. Spend a day pampering yourself, and your nails, and you will appreciate them much more. Who cares if they are short and ragged right now? Go ahead and pick out that polish you have been admiring, find a cute design, and do it up! If you spend time and money on making your nails look great, you will be less likely to bite the beauty off of them. And really, is there any remedy better than pampering yourself?​ Guys, don't be shy, go ahead and pamper your nails! Nothing is sexier than a man who practices​ good hygiene!​

3. Keep them short

I know you are longing to have long, cat woman-like nails right now, but try to settle for a beautiful mani and a shorter style. You would be amazed at how long a manicurist can make your nails appear! Keeping them short will make it much more difficult to keep biting them. Combine tips one and two with shorter nails and you are well on your way to becoming the next hand model on the home-shopping network. Consider fake nails! I know you want your natural nails, but for now, think about requesting acrylic nails at the spa. Acrylic nails are much less satisfying to nibble on than natural nails, making it easier to stop, plus they look just as real!

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4. Show them off

Ok, so you have been working really hard to stop biting your nails, and they are shaping up nicely. It is time to take to social media and show those new paws off. Snap some Instas and watch the encouragement roll in from the same family and friends who were scolding you last month; this is called positive reinforcement, guys, and it feels so good!

5. Fidget… with something else!

Who doesn’t love a new toy fad? Toys are for adults, too, and now you have an excuse to go out and get one of those new-fangled fidget spinners. Keep your hands busy with something other than sticking them in your mouth so you can stop biting them! Many people bite their nails because they are just anxious and they need to be doing something. If you have an office job and dream of being outdoors all day, this is you. You bite because you need an outlet for your energy. Whenever you feel the f​amiliar urge to bite, just stop, grab your new toy and start spinning! Bonus: Some fidget spinners have a slot for a lava stone and essential oils! Grab your lavender, add it to your spinner, and you have a diffuser at your fingertips! This will keep your hands busy and help you relax your nerves at the same time.

6. Discover a new hobby

Again... the boredom and anxiety. If you have time to nibble your nails, then you have time to stop biting and do something more productive and less destructive with your time. Take up a new hobby, like knitting, and keep those fingers busy with something you can be proud of. Not only will you occupy yourself with something that is not destructive, you will also have a piece of art to give as a gift or sell on Etsy! Turn the biting into billions! Well, at least into some extra cash for your next mani.

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7. Keep your mouth occupied

There is an element of oral fixation involved in biting your nails. To help you stop, think about other things you can do with your mouth that are not as destructive and gross as nail-biting. Chew gum, grab a healthy snack or flavored chewing stick, which are fantastic, and they will also keep your teeth clean and breath fresh! You can find them in health food stores. Or grab your guy for a quick make-out session, which is way better than destroying your nails! A word of caution: Keep your new oral habit a healt​hy one. Don’t go down the road of nicotine, please. That is even more disgusting than biting your nails.

8. Write on your nails

Ok, guys, maybe don’t do that, we are all adults now and writing on ourselves​ was something most of us did as toddlers. But when you go to the nail salon, tell them that you are trying to stop biting your nails and ask them to write a word or symbol that will speak to you when you see it to remind you of your goal of getting rid of the nail-biting habit. ​

9. Bejewel them

Bling, baby! What is better than a new mani that you are proud of and ready to show off? A new mani with actual bejeweling, of course! Glitz, glitter, jewels, anything three dimensional that you will feel the second your nails hit your lips and remind you to stop. This temp you to chew, but wouldn’t it be a shame to eat all that glamour off your nails? Bonus: Now adults can combine fidget spinners with their nail decor!​

10. Set a goal

One of the essential aspects of kicking a bad habit is setting an attainable goal that will motivate you. Would you like to have your nails done flawlessly for a special event? Are you getting married in a few months? Use these types of milestones or events to set an attainable goal and motivate you to be successful in your non-nail-biting journey. Those professional photos of you and your guy hand in hand with your perfectly polished nails will make for a lovely cover photo. Now it the time to set your goal to stop.​

11. Address the underlying problem

You bite your nails for a reason, and one of the most critical steps to take when stopping the habit on your own is to understand why you are doing it in the first place. Take the time to acknowledge your anxiety and boredom, and be mindful of how you are feeling. Then, pick one, or five, of these home remedies and run with it. When you decide to stop biting your nails, you are also committing to learning more about the reason you do it in the first place. You will feel better all around if you get to know yourself a little better. ​

12. Treat yourself to a nail kit

Go online and find a cute little manicure set that you can take with you wherever you go. When you feel that dreaded hangnail scraping along your clothes, instead of taking a bite out of it, which can also cause infection, grab your nail kit and fix it. Knowing you have this kit on hand will make it both much easier to stop biting and more fun to take care of your nails properly. ​

13. Shout it from the rooftops

Publicly announcing your goal to stop biting your nails will create accountability within you. All those haters know you are trying to stop, so show them how strong you are and snap those new mani photos as much as you want. Your friends and family will be so proud of you! ​

14. Create a vision board: #nailgoals

Visualizing your goals will motivate you to move toward them. Create a collage of all the beautiful manicures you will get when have finally stopped taking bites out of those lovely nails. Where you just hoping for natural, healthy, nails? Find photos of some and plaster them where you can see them. Create a Pinterest board dedicated to your nail goals.

15. Take care of yourself

So, all of these things you can do by yourself at home. But remember, there is a reason that you bite your nails, so take some time to slow down and do more things for yourself. Practicing self-care all around will only aid in your nail transformation, so eat healthy, exercise, and meditate. Nail biting is a mindless activity, so focus on yourself, and be more present in your own life. Taking care of yourself will build confidence and it will start to show. Don't be surprised when the guy you've been eyeing up starts noticing you more. Trust me, it won't be just because of your gorgeous nails.

In conclusion

Nail biting is super nasty, unhealthy, and unsightly. You have been wanting to stop biting for years. ​Most likely, it is a small problem that you can turn into a goal that will help you get on the road to a better you, all around. Whichever remedy you chose, always pay attention to yourself and notice when you felt the urge to bite. Doing this will help you become more in tune with yourself. It will only make you better and healthier one step at a time!​