Jenna From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Jenna Cooper, a contestant on the TV show The Bachelor. Below are facts about her, including her net worth.

By Jesse
Jenna From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Who is Jenna from The Bachelor?

The producers of “The Bachelor” usually make sure that they bring women with different personalities to make the TV show quite entertaining. In this season, one of the contestants was Jenna Cooper. Jenna is freely funny and she doesn’t force it. You just listen to her and at some point, you are laughing. So far, Jenna has managed to put an impact of her own on the show and with her fellow contestant, they are making the show worth watching and making Arie confused about the best package. So who is Jenna? According to her ABC profile, Jenna is aged 28, and she has built her net worth from being a social media manager. She is from Upland, Indiana but lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. One is not clear though, is whether she manages Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for companies. Arie described Jenna as “all over the place” kind of chick and he was pretty uncomfortable with her when the show was starting.

She is the only goofy contestant on the TV show

In one of the episodes, Jenna gave Arie a little food massage as she chattered so fast that Arie was not able to keep up. When Arie said that Jenna is the kind of person who was everywhere, he meant that Jenna is goofy. One of the ways of surviving as a TV show contestant is having something that people can see in your personality. A Jenna fan posted a photo of her laughing on the TV show and Jenna reposted the photo captioning it in a way that meant she was an actual crazy person. Jenna also knows how to make her moments. Even though she might not be on top of the headlines every week, you will just hear something about Jenna that will be quite interesting. Two weeks ago, Jenna drunkenly mounted Arie during a make-out session, and she got the rose of course. Last week, Jenna stated that she would drink her pee if that’s what Arie wanted and she got another rose. So what will Jenna do today to earn a rose? We will find out from today’s episode. Let’s go back to last week; what happened before Jenna said that she could drink her own pee?

She trended on Twitter after saying she could drink pee

Twelve contestants went on a group date with Arie at Lake Tahoe, and the women were taught some survival techniques, in case one got stuck in the wild. They were taught to eat worms and drink their pee to stay hydrated. Everyone including Jenna was given a can to fill her urine. Arie was the first to drink from her bottle and immediately split out. Some contestants felt it was hard while some thought it was weird. Jenna was the odd one out because she stated that she could drink her pee for the sake of Arie, but Arie told Jenna it was just a joke. Twitter went crazy after Jenna stated that. One of Jenna’s fans, known as Samwell, tweeted that probably Jenna would drink Arie’s pee too. The topic was really weird, but it got Jenna trending. To make it even more hilarious, Jenna posted a photo on Instagram of her drinking a margarita from a plastic cup while squatting at the side of a urinal. It seemed that Jenna loved the way thing were going, and it undoubtedly helped her stay longer on “The Bachelor.” There was also a time Jenna went on a group date with six other women, and all of them put up a dog show titled “Arie’s Amazing Acrodogs.” The commentators of the show were Fred Willard and Chris Harrison. Jenna was pretty excited on only because she was in a show with Arie, but for the reason that they would play with the dogs. Arie had come with her rescue dog. However, Jenna’s experience with the dogs didn’t go well as she intended, but she managed to stay among the rambling dogs and threw her hands in the air saying “Yeah!”

Facts about Jenna

She is a graduate

Most of the contestants on the TV show are graduated, and the only one with no university record is Bekah who happens to be a nanny. Jenna studied at the Indiana Wesleyan University and graduated in 2012. Jenna Cooper holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. However, Jenna does an entirely different job from what she is trained for.

She started working when young

According to her LinkedIn, Jenna started working when she was in school. She was once a customer service team leader working for Sophie’s Ice Cream Deluxe for almost four and a half years. Jenna also worked for Boutique 125 for four years. She has also been a general manager and a marketing manager.

She shares exercise tips on YouTube, Facebook

Apart from working as a marketing manager and as a fitness instructor at OrangeTheory Fitness, Jenna shared nutrition and exercise tips on her YouTube channel and Facebook page.

She dislikes guys who don’t pay attention during a date

If you want to win Jenna on a date, when you are on the table, switch off your phone, engage her in a hilarious conversation and don’t be rude to the waiters.

The most outrageous thing she has ever done

Jenna broke her wrist when she was riding a mechanical bull, and that is the most outrageous thing she has ever gone through.

Jenna’s net worth

Jenna’s net worth is not known, but from all the jobs she has done since she was in school, she might be having a bigger net worth than most of the contestants. Arie has a net worth of $5 million.

Jenna might take the final rose from the TV show because her personality is confusing that Arie is keeping her around to read her mind. Let’s see what will happen on Monday.