Annaliese From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Annaliese who was recently eliminated from "The Bachelor," TV Show. Here are facts about her including her net worth.

By Jesse
Annaliese From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Who is Annaliese from the TV show, The Bachelor?

We have been watching “The Bachelor” TV Show Season 22, for the whole month to find out who stands the chance of taking the final rose from Arie. After the second week’s elimination, the show was left with a group of contestants, including Annaliese. Annaliese called herself the jack of all trades, but that didn't stop her from elimination during the third week of the show. Annaliese wasn’t lucky enough to at least get a kiss from Arie, and it was pretty heartbreaking when it didn't happen. When the show was starting, Annaliese stated that she was there to make some friends. So who is Annaliese? Annaliese is 32 and she has made her net worth designing events in California. Apart from that, Annaliese is an actress and a writer. By checking her IMDB’s page, you will note that she was in a TV series appearing in several scenes from 2012 to 2013. But unlike the other contestants, Annaliese is somewhat mysterious. You won’t find much of her information online, not even a LinkedIn page. But by being on “The Bachelor,” some of her details were out. However, just like most pretty girls out there, she has an Instagram account to post her photos, a Facebook account which she opened a long time ago, and of course a Twitter account.

Her age was an issue

Annaliese’s age was of the question. It was not only her age, but the age of another contestant as well. Bekah also found herself at the crossroads because of her age. Annaliese is 32, and according to critics she was too old. Arie is 36 and a four-year gap is not a big deal for those who don’t care. Bekah is 22 and until she revealed her age to Arie, he was so into her. Arie told The Hollywood Reporter that he didn’t care about age but the commitment from his final date, but before saying that, he had not met Bekah and learned that she was far younger. Annaliese was serious about marriage and every fan of hers hoped that Arie would see that too and hold on to her until the end of the show, but Arie had another plan. If Arie had ended up with Annaliese, he would have had a complete package. Not only would he end up with the gorgeous looking lady, but also he could brag to his friends telling them that his partner started modeling and acting when she was three. The way Annaliese came to the “The Bachelor” mansion was epic. She rode in a limo and came out of it wearing a mask and holding a bag of chocolate kisses. You didn’t get to see afterward on the TV show the painting Annaliese painted for Arie. Her stay on the TV show was not smooth when she had one of her worst experiences during week two’s group date. Arie was on the date with Valerie, Sienne, Kendall, Tia, Jenna, Marikh, Maquel, Caroline, Lauren G, Bekah, Annaliese, Chelsea, Bibianna, Jenny, and Brittany when bad things started happening.

Her Bachelor experience was not so good

It must had been hard for Arie to keep track of all the 15 contestants. The date was all about a demolition derby. If you don’t know what a demolition derby is, it’s when people drive cars around and smash then against other vehicles. Before they began, Annaliese admitted that she had always feared bumper cars since she was little. The group date made Annaliese panic and Arie took Annaliese aside and spoke to her. Finally, she calmed down and decided to participate. Twitter, however, went crazy and the TV show’s fans posted hilarious memes and photos. The second group date involving dogs also ignited a traumatic childhood memory for Annaliese. Now, two things were possible. Either the show knew about Annaliese’s fears and wanted to test her, or Annaliese fears over 90 percent of the things in the world. Fearing cars and dogs made her less a bet for Arie who drives race cars and owns dogs. Her first conversation with Arie didn’t turn to be well either. Annaliese cornered Arie on the balcony, and the conversation was about how “The Bachelor” was uncomfortable for her. She then told Arie that other girls said that the best way to kiss him was by making a move, but she wasn’t comfortable doing that. Arie didn’t connect the dots. She then circled back later and asked Arie point black if there was something for them and he didn’t respond. From there, Annaliese realized her time on the TV show was over.

Quick facts about Annaliese

Anna has a tattoo of a star on her left wrist. She got it with her mother during her birthday last year. Annaliese can’t live without ice cream, cheese, and avocado. Emotionally, she can't live without love and laughter. She bought her first house in 2017 and she achieved part of her bucket list, traveling to Africa. To her, marriage is a partnership, with a best friend, someone who ignites happiness within her. She also wishes to marry someone who stands with her and becomes a great parent when that time becomes reality. If she could be someone for a day, she would be either Miley Cyrus, Tracee Ellis Ross, or Chrissy Teigen.

Annaliese’s net worth

Annaliese’s net worth is not known, but she must have made a decent net worth from her ‘trades.’ Arie has a net worth of $5 million.

Annaliese might have left "The Bachelor" early with so many issues, but at least she had the opportunity to become famous. Now she will have to create a Facebook page, be active on Twitter, posts photos on Instagram, get to Hollywood and catch up with the auditions. She would make a good actress one day if she was able to get herself under control.