Lauren S. From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Lauren S. who was a contestant in the TV show, The Bachelor. Below are facts about her, including her net worth.

By Jesse
Lauren S. From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Who is Lauren S. from The Bachelor?

In a TV show like “The Bachelor”, it is hard to stand out from the other contestants and be the bachelor’s best bet, especially if you share a name with other contestants. This season, there were four Laurens, one of them being Lauren Schleyer, who is aged 31. It’s was hard for her to prove herself to Arie. Since “The Bachelor” TV show premiered, Lauren S. has been on Twitter tweeting about the show’s progress. She has also been posting some photos on Instagram and Facebook. Lauren S. is quite hilarious though, but it’s unclear if she had been following on the past seasons or it’s this season because she was there. So, who is Lauren S.? According to ABC, Lauren S. is a social media manager who resides in Dallas. From her LinkedIn page, Lauren S. states that she currently works for AT&T as the senior public relations and social media manager. Before that, Lauren S. was a public relations manager for the same company. Lauren S. has probably made a decent net worth for AT&T. Lauren S. is a graduate of Baylor University and holds a BA in Communications. Probably Lauren S. was the only contestant on this season whose work was related to her professional qualifications. Considering her job, Lauren S. spends much of her time on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It didn’t end well for her on the TV show

Two weeks ago, Lauren S. secured a one-on-one date with Arie. Before, Arie had said that he didn’t know Lauren S. very well and so it meant that the viewers didn’t know her as well since the cameras are always following Arie. Lauren S. and Arie went to a winery and drank a lot of wine as they had dinner. But after Lauren S. talked about herself, Arie didn’t see any chemistry between them. Then Arie decided to send Lauren S. home. According to Elite Daily, the date between Lauren S. and Arie was romantic, and according to Lauren S., the date was her style. Unfortunately, the date ended so sadly. The age gap between Lauren S. and Arie didn’t influence her fate though. The date started with Lauren S. and Arie boarding a private jet to Napa to and spent the day tasting wine and roaming in the vineyards. They also spoke about their morning routine. In the evening, they had a candlelit dinner and then things fell apart for the poor Lauren S. She couldn’t get out of her head and talked endlessly about different issues. Lauren S. didn’t even realize that she was making Arie feel bored that he ate all is food, something that he had not done in the previous dates. Arie and Lauren S. never got to connect. Arie really wanted to give Lauren S. a chance but he told her that she was amazing, then waved the rose around her face before he dumped her. How brutal?

She loves her dog and has her own home

But being on the TV show, probably the other she wanted apart from Arie’s heart was the fame. Her net worth has helped her make some amazing financial strides. Back in 2014, Lauren S. posted a photo of her impressive kitchen and announced that she had bought her own home which is something worth considering, at least if Arie cared and never turned her down just because she was boring. Lauren S. was also very read to live with Arie if he married her and was among the few women who had their own homes that Arie could go to. Just like the bachelor, Arie, Lauren S. has a dog that is like a family to her. She would have bonded well with Arie considering that both Arie and Lauren S. love pups. Lauren S. posted a photo of her fantastic dog in 2024 and mentioned that she adopted him in 2008. The pet might be old but it is evident that Lauren S. loves him and their relationship is adorable.

Facts about Lauren S.

She loves to watch Modern Family

We all love TV shows and have our favorites. The most loved TV show last year was probably “The Game of Thrones,” but people don’t share the same interests. Lauren S. loves TV shows too, and her favorite is Modern Family. She hopes to be cam’s best friend.

She doesn’t think she’s a good cook

Most girls brag about how they are good in the kitchen, but some humble ones just state point blank that the kitchen is on one of their favorite fields. Lauren S. doesn’t believe she is a great cook, but she makes fantastic guacamole and believes that avocado is perfect food and eats it in a desert.

Her favorite author is J.K. Rowling

Lauren S. loves to read books a lot and watch movies and TV shows based on the novels. Her favorite author is J.K. Rowling because she is the creative mind behind Harry Potter. Lauren S. also claims she is a nerd.

She could be an otter

Outdoorsy 🌾

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Lauren S. said that if she were an animal, she could be an otter because people love them and they love to cuddle the whole day.

She loves football

Lauren S. loves to watch football and her favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

Her net worth

Lauren S. net worth is not clear, but working for one of the leading telecommunication companies in the world, she must be having a decent net worth. Arie has a net worth of $5 million.

Lauren S. might have left the show quite early, but maybe it’s about time AT&T promoted her for her experience for putting them on the map.