Ashley From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Get to know more about Ashley, a contestant on the TV show, The Bachelor eliminated just recently. Her net worth is not known.

By Jesse
Ashley From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

Who is Ashley from The Bachelor?

We have been watching “The Bachelor” for quite a while. Almost a month probably. One thing is clear though, Arie has been having a sea of beautiful women to swim in, but unfortunately, he can only take one of them. Most of the contestants on the TV show have had to go home while others have had chance after chance until they the runout. In every elimination of the TV show, there are lesser roses than the contestants. The fifth elimination took out three contestants including Ashley Luebke. So, some of the viewers might be wondering who Ashley is. You are about to know. Ashley is aged 25, and she is a real estate agent based in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has made a good net worth from the profession. She was one of the contestants with a profession close or similar to what Arie does. If you didn’t know, Arie doesn’t participate in car racing actively like he used to. He has diverted his focus on real estate. If he had ended up with Ashley, there would be two real estate professionals in that home. Sadly, Ashley didn’t have the qualities Arie is looking for, and that was the end of her. She is also a social media person. She is very active on Instagram and Facebook adding some of her best photos. Ashley is also the kind of person who lets her opinion to count on Twitter.

She was involved in a crash in 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream (cause we paid $40) for ICE CREAM 🍦🍭🙃

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Ashley once injured a man in a car crash, according to Radar. From the details in a lawsuit obtained from Circuit Court of Palm Beach Country, Ashley was sued after she hit a man and injured him in a car crash that happened on November 9, 2010. The legal document stated that Ashley negligently and carelessly operated an unmaintained motor vehicle and collided it with another vehicle operated by the Plaintiff. The lawsuit demanded Ashley to pay $40,000. The case was settled out of court. When you become a celebrity, your past mistakes and achievements resurface. So this was one of the wrongs Ashley did in her life.

Her time on the TV show

But despite her past, Ashley still tried to make it on “The Bachelor.” When she first met Arie, she gave him a racing flag. What a positive gesture it was? At least Arie knew he had a fan in the TV show. In week two, Ashley admitted that she feared she wouldn’t get a rose because she had not spent enough time with Arie that week. She then secured a group date with him in the third week, and that helped her stick around for at least two weeks before she was sent home. Some people don’t know that “The Bachelor” is always filmed liked a month before it is aired. What surprises people are the contestants. You might feel sorry for a contestant after you see her leave the show but are you aware that they already went over it? Another coincidence is, for instance, Ashley posted the photo of her joining the TV show on the day that episode aired, not after it was filmed. Does it mean that the contestants don’t reveal to their close friends what will happen next to make the show interesting?

Ashley stayed on the show despite not being active

So people were asking, why was Ashley receiving rose after a rose yet she very little screen time? People like Bibiana and Brittney had so much time and interacted with Arie a lot, but still, the roses run out before they got to them while Ashley had hers already. That meant it didn’t require some screen time to stick around. According to HomeLight writer, Alexa Collins aged 35, the nature of Ashley’s profession played a big part in putting her on the TV show. Being a real estate agent, Ashley speaks to people on a daily basis and are genuine, go-getters, and nice. Such qualities make real estate agents connect with people well and maintain positivity. Ashley still puts that character to work on “The Bachelor,” and it came out so well. The audience was amazed by her, and perhaps that’s why they wanted to see her for a while. Ashley’s similarity with Arie was also an advantage for her.

Facts about Ashley

She is a graduate

Most of the contestants on “The Bachelor” are graduates, except Bekah who has no college history. Ashley studied at Florida Gulf Coast University. She graduated in 2014 with a B.S. in Business Management.

She loves family

Almost every on the TV show has a connection with her family. Ashley loves being with the family, and she can’t live without them. Other things that she loves are cute clothes, Spotify and hair straightener.

Ashley hates laundry

The chore that she dislikes most is laundry. She said that it takes her a whole week to clean them, fold and put them away.

She believes NYC is romantic

Reunited with my little Lopa 🥂

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Her parents met in New York City, and she believes that it is the most romantic city in the US.

She doesn’t eat French fries

Ashley jokes that she is recovering from too much French fries.

Ashley’s net worth

Ashley’s net worth is not clear, but it is estimated to be about $500,000. She had made her net worth from real estate. Arie has made up to $5 million net worth from his business as well.

Ashley lasted long enough on the show, considering she didn’t talk much to Arie. Nevertheless, she made some great friends and most likely has more clients. If you need her services, you can DM her on Instagram or Facebook. You can also text her on Twitter.