List of 13 Chinese Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Know all about what feng shui is and the feng shui lifestyle. Here is also a list of 13 popular Chinese feng shui good luck charms.

By AmyTheOracle
List of 13 Chinese Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Feng Shui

Feng shui, according to Chinese philosophy, is a set of rules that control the particular arrangement and orientation of an object/charm/symbol etc. The placement is in relation to patterns of yin and yang energy. It is also meant to coincide with the flow of energy. Sometimes feng shui and the favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into consideration when constructing the building or creating the space as well. In feng shui, good luck charms and the idea of placement and direction is important for abundance and prosperity. You have to be open-minded to the idea that foreign random charms lure or attract positive, lucky energy depending on placement. Chinese symbols are also a huge part of feng shui. These charms can be directed towards specific wants and desires. People use feng shui for health, longevity, wealth, love, career, etc. The list can go on and on.

Benefits Of Chinese Feng Shui

Some people seek for extreme benefits when practicing Chinese feng shui. These benefits include better health and habits, healthier environments, fulfilling love and relationships, money, etc. Plants are a huge factor in Chinese feng shui. Plants in general are great for your sacred space, work space and home. It helps us breathe better and regulate and filter the air and bacteria in the space. Feng shui also list benefits such as more abundance and prosperity. Maybe life starts to become easier to live due to better luck and improvement on your outlook on life. Good luck and better days are now no longer strangers to you. Heck, maybe you start to smile more and even stumble into the love of your life. The possible benefits reek of happiness and satisfaction.


Charms! Charms! Charms! Anything can be considered a charm really, and in Chinese feng shui that is absolutely the case. I'm sure plenty of you have heard of a lucky rabbit’s foot and or a shark tooth. Of course it’s nothing gory or disgusting but indeed some good luck charms and symbols in Chinese feng shui can be pretty out there. Of course you have your simple charms and symbols that are considered lucky or worth quite an amount of good luck like numbers and lucky animals as pets.

List Of 13 Chinese Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

There are a lot of well-known and popular symbols and good luck charms that have circulated the feng shui community and culture. Because these are well known feng shui items, majority of people will more likely recommend at least one of these items or good luck charms. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or have pro knowledge of feng shui, these are the most popular and well known good luck charms in the feng shui community. Below is the list of 13 Chinese feng shui good luck charms:

1. Lucky Horsehoe Charms

Horseshoes are a very common and popular good luck charm. There are many legends behind this well known good luck charm. This charm is used in feng shui mainly for protection and good luck.

2. Dzi Beads

Dzi beads are a commonly recognized good luck charm in the feng shui community. The origin of Dzi beads is still unknown, but they were most likely made by ancient people from an agate rock/crystal by carving specific details onto the stone. You can find all sorts of markings on Dzi beads. These markings range from shapes to stripes and much more. One particular marking most see on the beads are an eye. The eye has always been a very powerful and common symbol in ancient cultures. The eye is said to represent vigilance, all-seeing and knowing and protection. Thus the wearer of the good luck charm or symbol with the eye marking is considered to be protected by its vigilance.

3. The Lucky Cat

The lucky cat is probably the cutest good luck charm on the planet! The correct Japanese name or word for the cute lucky cat is "Maneki Neko". This translates to, "Beckoning Cat". The lucky cat is commonly used in career and business feng shui. Though it is more popular for those specific categories you can also use it in your home or sacred space. You can even pack it and carry it with you if you're more prone to traveling.

4. The Laughing Buddha

Okay so there are very few feng shui good luck charms that most don't know about, but this charm specifically is too well known and popular to not have heard about. Nothing is as universal and common as the Laughing Buddha. This good luck charm is used in feng shui for good luck and everything good!

5. Double Happiness Symbol

Nothing is more perfect in symmetry and the flow and balance in energy other than the Chinese double happiness symbol. The symbol speaks of the many possibilities and beliefs of a reliable and long lasting, harmonious energy and luck. This includes love, relationships, career and health. This is one of the charms that are considered ideal for marriages and love.

6. Pi Yao (Pi Xiu)

To someone who is a beginner in feng shui and charms, a "Pi Yao" can almost look identical compared to a "Fu Dog". It can even be mistaken as a "Chi Lin". Just like when you are using the "Chi Lin", the "Pi Yao" (Pi Xiu) can be used alone or paired up. The "Pi Xiu" has many uses in feng shui. One very popular use of "Pi Yao" is in jewelry. You can make it into an amulet, bracelet or a key chain.

7. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is one amongst many of the most popular feng shui charms. This plant and good luck charm is universal. You can place it and use it in any space. It is said to bring the desired luck and positive energy you are acquiring. The number of bamboo stalks bring certain amounts of luck. The more the better. When it comes to charms if you don't have the required space or time to maintain them you can also use them through art and clothing. Good luck comes in all forms!

8. Elephant Symbol

In feng shui, energy is very important. The energy and symbolic meaning behind the elephant is it's beauty, powerful silence, heart of gold and majesty. There are three main feng shui energies that are brought by the elephant which are protection, good luck, and fertility.

9. Crystals

Healing crystals come in all varieties. Each has its own significance and meanings. Placement and arrangement is a huge factor in feng shui, so when you place these healing crystals in specific directions like north, west, east and south they influence certain aspects of life. Keep the healing properties in mind when placing crystals in specific directions.

10. Number 7

Numbers play a huge role in our daily lives. We don't give them much thought because they have become so normal and need. We wouldn't be able to live our current lives without them. So with that being said numbers are overall magical. There are specific numbers though that carry more mystery and magic than the others. There are two numbers, 7 and 8, whom are considered the most popular luckiest out of all the numbers. The number 7, in many cultures, has been connected with good luck and gaining all knowledge. The number seven has particularly special mathematical properties. It is said that the Greeks called the number 7 "the perfect number". According to them it is the sum of 3 which is represented by a triangle and 4 which is represented by a square. These shapes were considered perfect forms. Seven is also connected to many aspects of our lives. It occurs quite a lot throughout our day to day lives.

11. Number 8

Mentioned previously numbers are quite magical. In feng shui the number 8 is considered a very lucky charm and number. The number 8 is also considered a balanced number. Balance and harmony are very significant for a lucky filled life and especially in feng shui. Some say that if you grow up in China, you would probably know 8 as the luckiest number. The number 8 in Chinese sounds a lot like the word for prosperity in Chinese. The luck from this charm comes from the closeness of the play on words of the number 8 and "prosperity". Ironic, huh?

12. Chinese Coins

In feng shui sometimes the most ideal way to attract wealth or abundance and prosperity is often through actual currency like coins. The luck behind this good luck charm is to only use coins created and distributed during the reign of a good emperor. Then the coins are bounded together through a "mystic knot". It is advised to place it in the southeast direction of your space.

13. Animal Charms

Of course I've mentioned before how a lucky rabbit's foot is a very popular charm, but they aren't the only animals that bring good luck. One peculiar feng shui animal is a Goldfish. They are said to attract good luck and prosperity. Dragons and horses are also considered to be lucky charms in feng shui. It’s also said that in Germany they have charms that are considered lucky pigs ("Glücksschwein"). They are often given as gifts to friends and family as a blessing and to wish them a happy and lucky New Year. Another interesting animal totem or charm inf feng shui are turtles and tortoises. They're considered lucky due to their long lifespans. People also say that long ago ancient Egyptians considered the scarab beetle to be lucky as well. Another well known insect or animal that is considered lucky is a ladybug. I'm sure we all know about ladybug luck!

Embracing Feng Shui Lifestyle

Feng shui lifestyle consists of knowing the appropriate materials, directions, items, symbols, and energy to live your life the way you want and should accordingly. Sometimes it’s healthier and beneficial to pay attention to particular placement and the arrangement of good luck charms. With feng shui we can be easily reminded or regain our inspiration and motivation for life, work love etc. Embracing the feng shui lifestyle definitely has its benefits on an individual's mindset.

May Good Luck Follow You

Ah, lady luck! We all wish to run into a good streak of good luck in our lives. I mean who wouldn't want to have a lucky day, week, month, heck even year?! Good luck comes in many forms. It's all perspective if you ask me. It's what you believe it to be that gives good luck and lady luck herself such significance. However you go about attracting and manifesting good luck for yourself, I wish you all the abundance and prosperity in the world towards what you need or desire. To all many blessings and may good luck follow you always.