5 Best Ways To Break A Curse Or A Hex That Was Put On You

There are moments when we experience so much emotion that we fell as though we may have been cursed. If this is true, then how do we break the spell? Read more below to find out how you can reverse a curse or a hex, that may have been placed upon you.

By MJ Faublas
5 Best Ways To Break A Curse Or A Hex That Was Put On You

Are Hexes and Curses Real?

For as long as humanity has been in exsistence, the ideology of magic, spells, voodoo, and other forms of energetic forces have been used to either help or hurt another human being. Archaeologist have dug up ancient artifacts pertaining to supernatural beliefs, talismans, and other items used to either ward off evil and negative energy or welcome positive energy along with its blessings. So, the complicated question is "Are curses or hexes real?" and the answer is yes, they are absolutely real. For many generations, all around the world, history has proven that humanity believes in the use of energy, thought, and belief systems to either help or harm others. You might ask yourself, if curses or hexes are real, how would I know if one has been place upon on my life? My answer to you is this: I ask you to continue reading and be ready for a great surprise.

The Difference Between a Hex & a Curse

Though curses and hexes are real, there is a great difference between them. Both have their own affects on the lives of the individuals that they are placed on, and both have their own ways to remove them. Let's discuss each in more depth:

What is a Curse?

A curse is spoken word and can be written as well. The practice of bringing on a curse on an individual is to bring negativity into that individual's life. Curses go as far back as Old English times when the Catholic Church used the word to denounce individuals from being members of the church.

What is a Hex?

The word hex is used as both a noun and verb. The process of putting an evil spell on someone (or something) or the practice of witchcraft are both forms of using a hex. But don't be fooled, regardless if it's the action of practicing a hex or the process of putting a hex on someone (or something) both are a form of practicing negativity and bringing bad luck into another's life. A hex is nothing more then an evil spell placed on another to bring nothing but pain and negativity into their lives and world. A hex can be both current or generational (meaning it's been a part of your family for years and has had an affect of many members of your family).

How Do I Know if I've Been Cursed or Hexed?

When we think of a curse or hex, most of the time we will think of all the people we've crossed paths with. When using life experiences to distinguish whether or not you've been cursed keep in mind that not all curses or hexes placed on you are because of something you do. Here's a strategy to use when distinguishing whether a curse or hex is due to your own actions or are generational.

Curses/Hexes Placed Due to Your Actions

We cross paths with so many different individuals in our lifetime. That co-worker who simply never liked you. That grocery store clerk who always uses plastic bags when after two years of shopping at the same store, you'd think she'd remember you like paper bags. Or that neighbor that you always find staring into your window or who just gives you the overall creeps. All of these individuals could have one thing in common if you could answer yes to the following questions: 1. Can you recall a moment in time where you might of offended this individual? 2. Have you had any intimate contact with the individual in question where you felt uneasy, uncomfortable, or any form of negative energy directed at you? 3. Do you know whether this individual has knowledge of voodoo, magic, or hexes (curses)? If by any chance you've answered yes to more then one of these questions, please continue reading as you may have some form of curse or hex on your life.

Generational Curses/Hexes

Way back when your great-great-great-grand mama probably had an interaction with an old friend that did not end well. So this friend decided to repay your ancestor with a curse or hex that would last throughout their generations to come. Now you've entered the world in this new era of technology and iphones and are unaware of such a curse (or hex). But for some odd reason, negativity seems to follow you where ever you go. Nothing you do can ever be fruitful. You've visited all of the spiritual gurus and can't find a resolution for your situation. Well, nine times out of ten you have a generational curse (or hex) on your head and it probably has been a part of your family for as long as your great-great-great-grand mama lived. There are many ways to resolve these curses and the list below should adequately supply you with the information you need to proceed in your life and how to protect your family.

How Do I Break It?

The first step to breaking a curse or hex is to first determine whether there is one on your life or family (or whether you are just having a strong stroke of bad luck). By determining the facts, you are able to move forward to breaking the curse or hex that could be on your life and bringing freedom to your family (if it is a generational hex).

1: Break a Curse (or Hex): Fight Magic with Magic

Here are three forms of magic that may be used to fight the magic placed on your life or family: 1. Magic Mirror: This technique can be used when fighting off a hex or a voodoo spell placed on yourself. The goal of the magic mirror is knowing who placed the spell on you and that individual's intent will return to them with the use of the magic mirror. In order to use the magic mirror you must first clear it of all previous energy with the use of a clear quartz crystal or a bowl of black salt. With the mirror in a bowl, place something of the person who cursed (hexed) you in it (it could a picture, business card, small voodoo doll, or anything that person used). This is the way the negative energy will return to the individual and be removed from yourself. 2. Using Folk Magic, Binding, or Talismans: You may endure a protective bath using different herbs such as sage and salt which will wash away any negativity placed on yourself. You may bind the individual to their magical spell with a voodoo doll or some of their personal belongings. This is done with a white cord and a spell of your choice, while winding the cord around the voodoo doll or the piece of belongings, recite the binding spell over and over until the entire item is covered with the cord. You have the choice to burn or dispose of the item via burial. This will also remove the negativity that binds itself to you or your family.

2: Break a Curse (Hex) with Crystals

The use of crystals to remove negativity or improve your luck are also useful when you feel a curse (or hex) has been placed on your life or family. Here are some crystals to use to enhance your life: 1. Amethyst: A powerful crystal which gives high spiritual frequency and can be used to heal and protect your body from psychic attacks as well as curses. 2. Obsidian: A powerful black stone which absorbs negativity and reflects positive enegery, protection, and light. This stone should be used by individuals who are sensitive to or easily manipulated by negative energy. 3. Jade: For those who've had a curse (or hex) placed on them to decrease their monetary gain, the use of Jade is strongly advised. Wearing Jade brings good luck and repels negativity. 4. Malachite: Malachite soaks toxic vibes from the mind, body, and the environment around you. You will feel happier and more positive after wearing the stone. Malachite is also good for releasing curses placed on you. 5. Smoky Quartz: There are those of use who just have that haunting feeling that something is wrong. And most of the time, those feelings come from psychic attacks which are hard to prove on the physical plane. Wearing a smoky quartz stone will protect you and prevent any form of attack from harming you.

Thank you @energymuse for featuring me and my love for crystals in your blog! • 💎"Inspiration is contagious, which is why we want to spread the hope and joy with heartwarming stories about using healing crystals. We've asked a few gemstone enthusiasts from around the globe to share their insights into the power of crystalhealing arts. • 💎"I have been in love with crystals since I was a child. Whether it was a rough rock or a piece of jewelry, I was all in and obsessed. This was about 45 years ago. I have been drawn to them and even did book reports on them in elementary school. My grandmother had beautiful jewelry, so she was the one who got me started probably before I began walking. I love jewelry, and I have been designing it for the past 30 years. I have huge crystal and mineral specimens all over my house for several decades. They are beautiful and whether around my neck, or in my home, they make me feel wonderful! • 💎I have been using crystals in my practice for over twenty five years and considered going to gemology school instead of studying Integrative and Chinese medicine. • 💎Here are a few explanations I use with my patients as crystal energy can sound very foreign.Also crystals are made of minerals which will affect the body and mind. We take mineral baths for arthritis and other aches and pains. • 💎Examples: • 💎Kunzite is,LiAL(Si03)2 and is a source of lithium. Lithium has been used for years for depression. Lithium also powers our cell phones and we know it only take a small amount to do quite a bit with batteries. • 💎Tourmalines carry a highly negative charge and contain many minerals. In Holland they were called" Ashencrafters" and used to help clean chimneys.Because of this negative charge they carry, they are said to remove negative energy. • 💎Quartz has been used in watches. They are part of the movement inside of the watch that make it work. Quartzes are said to have moving or generating properties to them. • 💎Pearls have been used in Chinese Medicine for years and have a calming effect. They are used to treat acne and calm the mind. • 💎What is your favorite crystal and why? I would love to hear from you.

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3: Break a Curse (Hex) with the Help of a Gypsy

We've all seen those movies where the gypsy comes up to a bystander asking to remove a curse or spell from their persons. As a matter of fact, American audiences got a close-up understanding on the power of Gypsy magic in the hit 1990s movie "Thinner". But Gypsy magic similar to voodoo is a type of magic that requires little to no physical contact as most Gypsies use curses to get their point across. But just a quick as a Gypsy will place a curse on you, they are most useful for removing a curse or hex from you as well. But be aware you should only seek the help of a Gypsy if you are for certain that your life is plagued by a curse (or hex), for a Gypsy curse is sudden and very powerful.

4: Break a Curse (Hex) with Water

The use of saltwater can be used to cure yourself of a curse or hex. Prepare yourself a bath with the following: use 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of sea salt, and 1/4 cup of baking soda and dissolve them in water stirring counterclockwise. Place in the water any stone of your choice from the list above. While in the water visualize a white light entering your body and focus on the light. Remain in this meditation stance for a few minutes and then relax and enjoy the rest of your bath. Make sure to wash the tub after your bath to ensure all negativity has been removed from the room.

5: Religion to Remove a Curse (Hex)

You may visit your local church for help if all else fails. A simple prayer by a church leader may render you free of any curse or hex placed on your life. There are also many verses that a church leader will encourage you to read and study to keep yourself clean.

Keep in Mind....

So to conclude, always remember that no matter your cultural background, a curse or hex can have negative influences on your life. This could have been placed on you in your lifetime or generations ago during the lives of your ancestors. The best way to remove a curse or hex is to first acknowledge whether it exists in your life. Once you've confirmed, decide whether you will fight magic with magic; take the spiritual route with the use of crystals; or go to a professional for help such as a Gypsy or voodoo priest (priestess). Whatever you decide, just make sure you are engaging in the activities above to remove negativity and protect yourself with positive vibes and your life will be at peace. Good luck.

Living with Full Awareness

Now that you understand that a curse or hex can have great affects on your life or the lives of your family, it is important to live your life with full awareness. This awareness includes how you treat others and interact with strangers. You never know who is strong with magic or voodoo and so the practice of being a decent human being could very well save your life.