50 Crazy Ideas To Put On Your Sex Bucket List

Feeling like your sex life needs a little makeover? Here are 50 things that you need to put on your sex bucket list and try out with your partner!

By Rose Elementary
50 Crazy Ideas To Put On Your Sex Bucket List

Creating Your Sex Bucket List

Couples should definitely have a sex bucket list. This is a list of ideas for different places and positions to have sex as well as fun sexy adventures you can take together. Married couples who are tired of doing the same old thing in the bedroom should definitely consider creating a sex bucket list. It's easy to do. Couples just need to sit down and talk about sexy things they've both always wanted to do. Put them on a list and then start checking them off! If you're having trouble creating your sex bucket list, here are 50 ideas to help get you started.

Things To Do In The House

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Couples don't have to limit sex to the bedroom. If you're married, you can take sex to a ton of places within your house. It's not crazy to want to spice things up! Here are some ideas for places in your house you can add to your sex bucket list, and a few fun challenges to keep boredom out of your married life. 1. Have sex in every room in the house. Complete this challenge in one day. If you're not up to the one day challenge (or you have a lot of rooms in your house), make it a weekend game! 2. Make a sex tape for your own pleasure. You can do this in the bedroom, but if you're feeling extra crazy try filming yourself in your favorite sex location in the house. 3. Try out bondage. Make a list of things you're both comfortable with and then experiment with bondage in or out of the bedroom. 4. Go down on each other while you're watching a movie together. This works best as an unplanned event. If you're bored with the movie, slide on down and give your partner something to focus on other than what's on TV. 5. Try five different positions in five days. Find a list of positions that you've both been interested in trying and use a different one each night for five nights. Make note of your favorites so you can use them again in the future. 6. Spend a weekend acting out your sexual fantasies. Each of you pick one fantasy that you've always had and act them out over the course of a weekend. 7. Watch each other masturbate. No touching each other! Sit and watch as you both touch yourselves to climax. 8. Watch porn together. Watch a video through once and then watch it again, only this time try to follow along in real time. 9. Bring in a third partner. Try a threesome with someone you trust. 10. Try anal. You never know if you like it if you don't give it a try! It could be a major hit or a major miss, but it's worth giving it a shot at least once.

Vacation Sex Ideas

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Vacations are great for relaxing and they're also great for sex. Here are some examples for things to add to your sex bucket list that you can try when you're on vacation. 11. Join the mile high club. Sex on a plane isn't easy, but it's a fun thing to add to your sex bucket list. 12. Set a specific number of times you want to have sex while you're on vacation. If your vacation is only a weekend getaway; set the number somewhere around 10. If it's a week, give yourself more of a challenge. 13. Have sex in the hotel hot tub/Jacuzzi. Make sure you do this one late at night so you don't risk any kids (or adults) walking in on your fun. 14. Devote an entire day of your vacation to having sex. Use the bed, the bathroom, the tub, the desk, the chair, and any other part of your hotel room and go crazy. 15. Find a boat and have sex on it. Bonus points if the boat is out on open water, not just docked. You can sneak on to give an added level of excitement, or jump on a charter. The most important part is the boat sex! 16. Have sex on the balcony of your hotel. Not only is it super-hot, but there's an added element of excitement because you don't want to get caught! 17. Spend the entire day touching and flirting with each other so that when you get back to your hotel that night, you're more than ready to play. 18. Bring a pack of cards with you. When you have some down time in your hotel, play a sexy game of strip poker (or some other card game) together. 19. Recreate the best sex you've had as a couple. Having awesome sex a second time in a new place will make the experience even hotter. 20. Have sex on the beach. Make sure you bring a sheet or a towel, because no one wants sand in all of their special places. Best done at night when no one can see you, but trying to have stealthy sex during the day would be exciting, too!


Even married couples can try sexting every once in a while. Add these sexting ideas to your sex bucket list for some fun. 21. Send each other a nude photo every day for a month. It's fun to show off your body to your partner, especially knowing that you're turning them on at sometimes inconvenient times. 22. Have complete sex via sexting while you're sitting next to each other at home. You can see how much you're turning each other on while still getting the satisfaction that comes with sexting. 23. Sext your partner while he or she is at work. Your partner should respond and you should have full on sexting sex, especially if your partner is busy and should not be aroused. 24. Have a sexting scavenger hunt. Leave sex toys and other items around the house and send sexy clues to your partner that eventually lead to the bedroom. Use the toys/items to have sex when your partner makes it to the end of the hunt. 25. Play a sexting game. Try out 'would you rather' or choose your own adventure sex story that you both participate in. 26. Send sexy texts to each other when you're together in public. See who cracks first and whisks you both home. 27. Sext each other until one of you cums! Whoever finishes first wins a prize of your choosing. 28. Send a sext/naked photo to your partner just before you leave the house for an important dinner with friends or other social gathering. Refuse to have sex before you leave the house, so your partner spends the night totally turned on. 29. When you know your partner is in a meeting and can't look at their phone, send a long narrative of what you'd like to do to him/her. They will be instantly turned on when they get out of their meeting. 30. Have phone sex. Instead of just texting each other, use your voices over the phone to have full on sex with each other.

Outdoor/Public Sex

Outdoor or public sex should be on every sex bucket list. Not only is it exciting, but there's also an element of danger that adds to both of your pleasure. Add some of these outdoor/public sex ideas to your bucket list to add some adventure to your sex life. 31. Touch each other under the table when you're at dinner in a public place. Use strategically placed napkins/tablecloths to conceal yourselves while you pleasure each other. 32. Try exhibitionism. Have sex with someone else watching you but not participating in the actual sex. 33. Have sex in a public bathroom. Have sex in a restroom that could lead to discovery at any moment, so you'll have to be quick. 34. Try out sex in the woods. Lather yourselves in bug spray and find a quiet place to settle in for an exciting sex session. 35. Give each other oral sex in the back of a movie theater. Choose a movie neither of you really want to see, sit in an empty row, and go to town. 36. Have full sex in the back of a movie theater. Works best when the theater is almost totally empty, so pick a movie that is almost done with its theater run so you have the place to yourself. Try to keep the moans down or theater workers might come to check on you. 37. Have sex in a fitting room. Bring your significant other over under the guise of asking their opinion, but whisk them into the room with you and go to town. As quietly as possible, of course! 38. Have sex on a Ferris wheel. Pick a big one that makes a lot of stops so you have plenty of time to finish up before you get back to the bottom. 39. Have sex on the dance floor in a club. The girl wears a skirt with no panties and the guy has a zipper to make for easy access. 40. Have car sex. Park the car in a place where you won't get caught by police, but you could still get caught by someone else. Hop in the back seat and enjoy yourselves!

Sexy Getaways

Taking trips as a couple to do or experience something sexual is a great way to spice up your sex life. Add some of these getaways to your sex bucket list for some extra fun. 41. Get a couple massage! There's no actual sex involved in this, but there's something about getting a massage together that makes for great foreplay. 42. Go to a strip club together. Again, no sex involved, but you get to watch your partner get turned on by the dancers and then turn them on again when you get home. 43. Try going to a swingers club. You don't necessarily have to participate, but going would be an interesting experience for you both. 44. Take your partner with you to the sex toy shop. Have your partner pick out a special toy that only he/she gets to use on you (you don't get to use it on yourself). 45. Bring your partner with you to buy some lingerie and have him pick out something for you to wear. 46. Go to a cheap motel. There are a lot of motels that offer hourly rates. Go to one of those, and have sex like it's an affair without any of the actual cheating. 47. Visit a nude beach. Let yourselves get turned on by the idea of being totally nude in public with a bunch of other people who are also totally nude. 48. Go out to a romantic, candlelit dinner. Have fancy wine, eat expensive food, and be sure to dress in your best outfits. Under table action is optional. 49. Go on a road trip and include some road head/fingering. Don't have sex when you get to your destination, but repeat the sexy moves on the drive home. 50. Take a quick trip to your childhood home and get it on in your old bedroom. Preferably, while your parents are home! It's like being a teen again!

Checking Things Off Your Sex Bucket List

Once you've made your sex bucket list, it's time to check things off. Start at the top or pick things out randomly, but try to do something fun once a week to make sure your sex life doesn't get too stale. Once you've made it through your whole list, it's time to make a new one!


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