10 Signs He Misses You During The No Contact Rule

No contact rule is important for any relationship, especially when it's​ on the rocks. 'Does he miss me?', you might ask. Well, here is how you can tell.

By Auntrone89
10 Signs He Misses You During The No Contact Rule

Does he miss me during no contact period?

No contact period is a very important aspect after any relationship. It is a time where the girl tests to see if she can continue being in a relationship or just move on. Emotions can be quite volatile especially during a nasty breakup. Therefore, it is quite normal that both the girl and ex-boyfriend to miss each other. Girls will always find themselves hitting the internet looking for articles such like “does he miss me?” or “will he ever miss me?” This is just a normal reaction that has its explanation embedded in the study of psychology. So, if you ever find yourself asking those “is he thinking about me?” questions during no contact period; then it’s about time you stopped and learn how to check the signs. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which you can tell whether he still misses you or not. First, you need to fully understand how both the female mind and the male mind work. Secondly, you need to accept the fact that the outcome can go either go either way. With this perspective, you will protect your heart safe from heartbreak that comes with expectation. Looking at his general behavior during the no contact period will pretty much tell you whether he does miss you or not. If you aren’t good at reading people’s body language, don’t be afraid to seek help. Thankfully, there are so many professional psychologists who can help you with that. And if you aren’t up for rubbing shoulders with shrinks, you can always read as many “does he miss me” articles made available to you online. But before you get this, always ask yourself this: Is your ex-boyfriend is worth all the trouble? If not, then there is absolutely no point bothering.

1. Does he does miss me if he texts during no contact?

The good thing about the no contact period is that both the female mind and the male mind work the same. If the love that you both shared was real, then you can rest assured you’ll both miss each other. Whether the breakup was his or your fault, he will always do all in his power to reach out and make things right. Sometimes when two people are together, they might assume there is no breaking up. And it is such kind of thinking that leads to laxity in any relationship. And with laxity, negligence steps in. If not checked, the relationship will definitely end up in the much dreaded no contact situation. Unfortunately, it is at this the point where most men realize that losing their beloved is indeed a possibility. When that happens, it will become obvious to him that he hasn’t been stepping up like a real man should. That’s when he will start doing all in his power to get you back. If he keeps texting you over and over, then it means that he is thinking about you. It also means that he isn’t about to move on any time soon. If this happens, then you will determine whether you want to end the no contact period or permanently break up with him. Also, you should not let the constant texting shift your perspective. He might just be fooling you yet he hasn’t changed his ways. Even after your ‘does he miss me?’ question has been answered, you need to remember why you aren’t on speaking terms in the first place. The no contact period is meant to help you think clearly. In short, if he is not worth it, do you one better and move on.

2. Does he miss me if he gets jealous during no contact?

The no contact period, as said earlier, is the time for you and your ex-boyfriend to think clearly over the relationship. But you need to remember that if he has feelings for you, jealousy will still be a major factor holding him back from moving on. He won’t move on because he still believes there is a still a chance that you two can work things out. Naturally, your boyfriend will automatically feel jealous whenever he sees you with another potential suitor. And so, if he still feels that way during the no contact period, then it shows he misses the good times you both had and definitely wants you back. This kind of reaction has something to do with the male and female psychology. It is therefore shrewd to study him for a while, that is, if the “is he still thinking about me?” question still bothers you. I understand that the female mind is wired to be inquisitive and curious. But before you start looking out for any signs of jealousy from your ex, it is imperative for you to consider a few things first. Ask yourself if you really want him back. If the answer is no, then there is absolutely no reason for you to waste your time as mentioned earlier. Just pack your bags and move on to better things in life. And whether he feels jealous or not, that shouldn’t really be your problem. If you still care and want him to move on just like you did, you should try talking to him. Tell him that there is no need for him to feel jealous because you have already moved on. Make him understand that moving on is the only option he has.

3. Does he miss me if he over compliments at no contact?

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Compliments are meant to give a girl/guy that warm, tingly sensation of validation. So, if your ex-boyfriend is trying to get back with you, he’ll keep on complimenting you even during the no contact period. If this happens to be the case, then it should definitely put all your “does he keep thinking about me” questions to rest. The good thing about the female mind is that unlike the male mind, it’s usually very quick to pick up clues. Therefore, the moment he over compliments you, you’ll immediately know that your “does he miss me” doubts are indeed true. According to psychology, a plethora of compliments over no contact period are meant to stagnate your ability to move on. To answer your “is he thinking about me” question – yes, he is still thinking about you. He is also trying to get his way back into your life and the complimenting will only be one of the many ways he is using to get back with you. Again, you need to be very clear about your decisions especially over the no contact period. If you really want him back, then take him back and work on your issues as a couple. If you need space, then that’s exactly what you need to request from him. At the end of the day, you are the one to make the final decision, not him. Your female mind is wired to separate the genuine compliments from those that aren’t. Don’t you ever hold your feelings at any given point? The male mind is wired to keep chasing especially if you are a good woman. And for that matter, you will need to make your mind up on what to do during the no contact period. And if he is overdoing it with the compliments, don’t be afraid to shut him down! Over-complimenting can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

4. He misses me if he talks about me during no contact!


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Another one of the things you ought to look out for during the no contact period is whether he talks about you or not. More often than not, if your ex is missing you, he will keep on talking about you to his friends or even your friends. He might not want to contact you directly because of his pride or out of his respect for the no contact rule. Or maybe he just isn’t that good when it comes to showing his emotions because he believes it’s a sign of weakness to do so. But if you keep an ear out during no contact, you might hear a thing or two said by your ex-boyfriend. If he acts like this, then it should answer your “does he miss me” question quite well. That’s just how psychology works. Whenever your ex is constantly talking about you during no contact, whether he speaks highly of you or down on you, it just shows he can’t move on, period. And even if you don’t have the time, energy or interest to hear what he has been saying about you, such tidings will always find their way to you. In this case, minding your own business will be the best thing for you to do. Don’t let the talk get to your head because it can only stir up some emotions, diluting everything you are trying to achieve during the no contact period. But if it gets to you, then by all means confront him about the issue. But first, you need to ensure that you have exhausted all the options and confronting him should be your very last option.

5. Does he miss me if he can’t date during no contact?

The no contact period is supposed to be a good time for testing the waters and seeing other people. That said, it might be a tad difficult for your ex-boyfriend to move on or even try to dating other girls. Instead, he’ll be giving you much more attention during no contact period. This is simply because he wants to get back with you but just can’t find the right words to use. Also, according to psychology, your boyfriend might still think he has a chance with you. That’s just how the male mind works. It is therefore shrewd for you to take note of such behavior and if possible, find a fitting solution about it. More often than not, he’ll get hurt due to his inability to move on and that isn’t your fault. Therefore, being the good person that you are, you are supposed to advise him on the way forward. This shouldn’t be reason enough to only put your “is he thinking about me” questions to rest. Let it be an opportunity for you to help him out before you move on or decide patch things up. It might be difficult at first. But sometimes we need to do things we aren’t comfortable with in order to stop being the source of another’s pain. You’ll be required to go against everything your female mind is telling you at this point. Feel free to seek assistance if you don’t know your way forward on how to deal with such a situation. Never be ashamed when it comes to asking for help.

6. Does he miss me if he lurks during no contact?

If you are still bothered by one of those “is he thinking about me?” questions, then you need to check if he is lurking or not. If he still harbors feelings for you, your ex-lover will make sure that you are always bumping into each other more often than it is usual. This is usually a reason for him to either see or talk to you under the “coincidence” pretext since he knows it’s the no contact period. He will always act as though it is happenstance but then again you should know better after it happens again and again. That’s just how guys react when they are on the brink of losing a good girl. They’ll want to do almost anything to hack into that amazing female mind defense system. As earlier stated, the male mind is wired to hunt. And if he considers you the “perfect prey”, then you can rest assured that your “does he miss me” instincts are spot on. Apart from lurking and “accidentally” bumping into you, you are highly likely to catch him staring from a distance. This can be a little scary especially if it happens after a nasty breakup. In most cases, your ex-lover doesn’t really mean any harm. He just misses you a hell lot and can’t help but stare. If you have your sights on moving on, then you should never even think about going back. You already made a choice and it is always for the best. Take the no contact period seriously and come out victorious. Never take anything for granted and for the love of Christ, don’t give into temptation!

7. He misses me if he’s nice to my pals over no contact?

For the umpteenth time, being extra nice with the intent of catching your attention is a strong sign that your ex-boyfriend is unable to move on. According to psychology, your ex-lover will do all in his power to show you that he is reformed and wants you back. And one way he is going to do this is by trying harder to impress your friends. He will start talking to them more or even over-complimenting them. He’ll do this hoping the news about your “reforms” will get back to you, which is usually the case. If this ever happens, you need to stop with the “is thinking about me” questions and start asking yourself what your next step should be. Politeness and kindness have been known to always charm the female mind. It is therefore a good idea to step outside of his influence and think as critically as humanly possible. That’s the exact reason why no contact was invented – to help you think critically and avoid being influenced by the clever male mind. If his kindness and charm gets to your friends during no contact, the best thing for you would be completely avoiding their opinions. And if your friends want the best for you – which should always be the case – then they will also keep a healthy distance from him. They’ll need to understand that you need to be 100% detached from your ex in order to effectively move on.

8. Misses me if he's nice to my folks during no contact

If your parents knew your ex-boyfriend, then you’ll notice definitely hear about everything he does for them during no contact. Even if he was nice to your siblings and parents when you were still together, he’ll try much harder in a bid to grasp your attention. In his head, he might be hoping that your parents will talk some sense into you. If this ever happens to you, always remember that your feelings are the most important and not your folks’. Yes, your folks might be duped or swept off their feet by Mr. “Charming Tatum”. But at the end of the day, you are the one who was in a relationship with him and therefore knows him best. It’s quite normal to be infatuated when an ex is super kind to your family. But then again, you should never let such an act cloud your judgement. And after you have confirmed your “does he miss me” suspicions, you’ll be required to conclude this drama once and for all. If you don’t want him back, then the no contact is supposed to help you move on. And that is exactly what you are supposed to do. Try reaching out and asking him to stop talking to your folks. Make him understand that nothing he does will ever bring you back to him. Be as nice as you possibly can because your words might easily hurt him. “Always learn to be a good person who takes other people’s feelings into consideration. This is the hallmark of someone who is mature” – psychology.

9. An angry outburst during no contact period

A nasty breakup is usually engulfed by an aura of negative emotions and that is why the no contact period is usually important. So, if you ever had those annoyingly stubborn “is he thinking about me?” questions, start by analyzing his reaction to things related to you. If he is always angry or has outbursts whenever you reject him, then it’s crystal clear that he still wants you. The fact that he can’t really have you is wounding his ego to a point that he just can’t control his feats any longer. Under such circumstances, the female mind works differently (from the male mind) because women don’t have egos as big as men. Therefore, it would be very easy for him to throw feats of anger the moment he realizes he lost you. Once you have confirmed your “does he miss me?” suspicions, it is better for you to keep off. People who can’t control their anger are dangerous and it is always smart for you to make the no contact thing permanent. This is because at this point, chances that he might end up hurting you physically are way too high. And since you are smart – like I know you are – the best thing for you to do is keep off. Apart from keeping a safe distance from him, it would be nice for you to seek him some help. Talk to his friends or family members and ask them to help him through the process of moving on. Just like I said earlier, moving on can be a nasty affair and it is always a wise to have family and close friends to help.

10. Does he miss me if he apologizes over no contact?

If he is the reason for your breakup, then you can rest assured that he is feeling guilty about it. That’s just how psychology works especially if you are a dime in a dozen. Therefore, he will always find a way to apologize as profusely as possible. If he does apologize once, it might spark those “is he still thinking about me?” doubts. But if he keeps apologizing over and over, then it should be crystal clear that he does miss you! A man knows how a female mind works and he’ll try being as genuine as possible so that you might forgive him. But you also need to understand how the male mind works so that you can counter it. He might also be having his fair share of “does she miss me?” questions that he needs answers to. You should, therefore,​ be very careful when it comes to his apologies because you just wouldn’t know. No contact period is supposed to help you move on and at the same time make abstemious well-thought judgments. These apologies might end up throwing you under the bus especially if they aren’t genuine. Always try and see through the apologies and trust me, doing this isn’t that hard. If there is a good and healthy reason for your breakup, then don’t let him get to your head baby girl!

11. He’ll try to turn to a new leaf during no contact period

Let’s say the reason for your break up was because you had issues about his behavior. So, to confirm all of your “does he still miss me?” questions, you ought to start by analyzing his behavioral change. This is because he’ll try his level best to show you that he is indeed a changed man. But chances are that he might be doing this only to get you back. Your boyfriend understands that you are vulnerable during the no contact since all you are trying to do is move on. His attempts are what I’d like to refer to as kicks of a dying horse. This is because he only “changes” because it has finally occurred to him that he is losing you. The fact that you are willing to teach yourself how to live without him is killing him. And because of such desperation, he might pretend so perfectly you might end up being convinced. Again, as psychology confirms, a girl is most vulnerable during no contact. It is therefore important for you to have a reliable support system. If there is a legit reason behind your break up, then you’ll be required to do all in your power to get away from him. You can either confront him or even better, send his friends or your family members to advise him to keep off. If there is a possibility that you can patch things up, you can still have that option on the table. But in my personal experience, going back to an ex-lover is never a good idea, trust me!

12. He’ll become a hero overnight during no contact

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The no contact period will definitely make your ex-lover feel as though he should be your hero. This is likely because he didn’t do much to protect you when you were together and he feels like crap about it. So, if he gets overprotective all of a sudden, that should just tell you that he indeed is missing you. And that should therefore put your “is he thinking about me?” questions to rest once and for all. More often than not, your female mind will tell you that he has genuinely changed. Or even better, you might think that maybe he finally realized that he is about to lose the best thing that ever happened to him – you are right. But chances are that this is but a knee-jerk reaction of the male mind during no contact period. Therefore, you need to think as critically and as fast as possible in order to avoid being taken advantage of. And now that your “does he miss me” question has been answered, you should move past it and start weighing the pros and cons of your estranged relationship. Was it worth it? What was the reason for your breakup? Asking yourself these questions will help you in making clear-cut decisions free of any attachments. For the umpteenth time, make sure that you are surrounded by good friends who will help you through the dreaded no contact period. This is because at this point, things can get very confusing for you.

13. Interest in my life - does he miss me at no contact?

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Again, the male mind is very easy to give off its innermost secrets during the tempting no contact period. According to psychology, your ex will still feel like he is with you and will very much likely want to know if there is any competition. He would also want to know if the guy who replaced him is better or less of a man than he was. He usually does this for sake of his ego because he can’t move on. Despite being in no contact, his psychology will raise his curiosity levels while his ego demands answers. Take a breather, because you aren’t the only person to bear those annoying “does he still miss me” questions after all. That just shows that your ex-boyfriend is unable to move on. Again, always be the first to move on and do all in your power to get everything in your next relationship right. Moving on might be hard especially if you had a strong bond with him. But always remember the reason why you broke up in the first place. That way, you will find it much easier to move forward with your life.

Final Word

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Silence between ex-lovers can be dicey especially during the no contact period. Therefore, you need to learn how to be a strong woman or else you might end up always making the wrong moves. You also need to evaluate your feelings before rushing to answer the “does he miss me” questions that keep on pestering you. You might be missing him - and him you –but the reason for the breakup is still a bad or unhealthy one. If the cause of the breakup was something within the lines of the relationship being way too toxic, then by all means move on! Also, it is important to have a circle of very supportive friends or family during such a difficult time. Never take anything for granted because psychology dictates that most women, as well as men, aren’t fit to make any important decisions after a break up. So, instead of wondering whether or not he is “thinking about me”, you need to learn how to give the bigger picture the first priority. This is because the bigger picture is the only thing that matters when all is said and done. Apart from having close friends and family around you during such trying times, seeking a counselor would be an incredible idea at this point. See to it that you are reaching out to a qualified shrink and not just some neighborhood quack. Last but not least, remember to go out and have some fun during no contact. Life is too short to be brooding over a failed relationship yet you can be out there having the time of your life! Try meeting up with other people and you might be surprised at how things might end up. Heck, you might end up meeting someone better and be finally happy.