Dylan O' Brien: Top 10 Stunning Pics Of 'Teen Wolf' Actor

Dylan O'Brien is one of Hollywood's biggest up and coming actors. Here are ten Instagram pics of the young star every fan needs to see.

By SCullen
Dylan O' Brien: Top 10 Stunning Pics Of 'Teen Wolf' Actor

Who is Dylan O'Brien?

Dylan O'Brien is an American actor best known for his roles in the supernatural television series 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Maze Runner' trilogy. O'Brien has had a steady career since breaking onto the scene in 2011 and since then he has established quite the fan following. In addition to charming viewers as the comedic Stiles Stilinski in 'Teen Wolf' and leading the adventure films from 'The Maze Runner' franchise, O'Brien has guest starred and appeared in multiple projects. O'Brien starred in the teen comedy 'The First Time' in 2012, alongside his real girlfriend Britt Robertson. He also starred in the thriller 'American Assassin,' released late last year. O'Brien is a somewhat private celebrity, keeping most of his personal life away from the media, but he always makes time to interact with fans through Twitter. He considers Twitter the easiest way to connect with his biggest supporters, and it's the social media site he's most active on for that reason. O'Brien does not currently have an Instagram account.

Top Ten Instagram Pics

Since starring in 'Teen Wolf' O'Brien has become a major success. He's appeared in numerous movies, acting alongside some of Hollywood's finest talents and proving himself in the process. His stellar performances and outgoing personality helped him gain a large following; his fans support him in everything he does, they even rallied for him to be 'Spiderman.' While O'Brien himself doesn't have an Instagram, there are still tons of great pics of the young actor on the photo sharing application. From his co-stars to his diehard fans, here are ten of the best pics of O'Brien currently on Instagram.

O'Brien loves his fans more than anything and is thankful for what they've done for him. In this shot from a fan convention, he poses with the crowd eager to get the party started.

O'Brien goofs off with co-star and close friend Tyler Posey in this funny pic.

O'Brien and his long-time girlfriend Britt Robertson posed for this selfie while waiting in an airport.

In this still from 'American Assassin' O'Brien shows off his newly ripped body, complete with chest hair.

O'Brien is a big fan of the major league baseball team the Mets. He got to live out his dream when he was chosen to throw out the first pitch during one of their games. Here's a great shot of the moment.

At the end of 'Teen Wolf' everyone was wondering what O'Brien would take home to remember it by. The creator of the show revealed he chose his character's jeep, which fans loved.

A major throwback, this is a shot of O'Brien with his co-stars from 'The First Time.'

Here's a great picture from one of O'Brien's first big photoshoots. He looks great in red.

In another shot from the same photoshoot, O'Brien shows off his movie star good looks. He sure does clean up well.

O'Brien sports some manly facial hair in this pic with his friends and co-stars from 'The Maze Runner.'

The Future for Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien's star is certainly on the rise, making him someone to watch in the coming years. Now that his television series has ended, he has more time to make films and continue working hard as an actor. He may not have gotten the role of 'Spiderman', but with a successful TV show and a handful of blockbuster movies under his belt, O'Brien is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He's on the big screen now and he's here to stay.