Everything You Need To Know About Blood Magic Spells

Blood magic, as you might have guessed, is practicing magic with blood as the main ingredient. Blood magic involves casting the strongest kind of spells.

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Everything You Need To Know About Blood Magic Spells

Facts about blood magic spells

There are different types of magic, some stronger than others. In addition to that, there are different levels of magic practiced by witches of different skills. There is the kind of magic that can only be performed by novices and those that can only be performed by experienced, well-seasoned witches. And with that in mind, when it comes to performing and casting blood magic spells, it is important always to be extra careful. And if you want your rituals to come full circle and have desired effects, you will have to follow the ritualistic steps to the latter. First of all, getting your hands on all of the specific ingredients will go a long way in helping you keep a cool head. Also getting your hands on a reliable spell casting handbook for beginners would be of incredible help especially if you are just but a novice. These kinds of spells require pin-point accuracy. This is because if you miss a step, the entire spell will either be useless or worse, backfire! In other occasions, blood magic spells may require chanting. If that’s the case, it would be wise to get your words right before carrying on with the ritual. Also, your words need to be in line with your thoughts or else the spell will either backfire or not have the desired effects.

1. Blood magic spells draw power from blood

Blood use is synonymous with every aspect of witchcraft because of its immense power. Blood is what keeps us all alive. Without it, life would never be possible. Apart from giving us life through nourishment, blood connects people from a spiritual connotation, which is why we often feel close, connected and drawn to the family. It’s because we are spiritually bonded by blood, and that’s what makes it such a powerful ingredient. That said, when practicing blood magic spells, one ought to treat blood with the utmost respect while handling it with care. Keeping the blood pure is what’ll make the blood magic spells effectively. Blood represents the spirit of a person or animal. Therefore, it can be used to influence their spirit when included in spell casting. You can either use your blood or that of someone else depending on the nature of your spell. For the latter, you’ll be required to get a pure sample of the subject’s blood before commencing with your spell casting. Blood magic spells are among the most powerful spells in witchcraft. Meaning that if you can accurately cast a spell, your chances of getting whatever you want will be so high. Again, make sure you’ve practiced the spells over and over so that your chances of messing up are between zero to none. If you happen to be a novice, seeking help from a seasoned witch or spell caster is highly recommended.

2. Blood magic spells don’t include human sacrifice

Thanks to Hollywood, the populace has come to associate witchcraft with putrid, ritualistic sacrifices of humans and animals which is nothing but lies. Just because blood is the main ingredient in blood magic spells doesn’t mean you’ll have to kill anyone. Just a little drop of blood, either from you or the subject of your spell, is enough for your spell casting rituals. It is also important to note that most people who practice blood magic spell always do it for good. For instance, if you want your husband to love you more, you can always serve him some red wine laced with a drop of your fresh menstrual blood. This is to ensure that both of you are happier in your marriage since he’ll find you much more attractive. A few people might perform blood magic spells for vengeful reasons. But in most cases, all they want to do is punish someone who did them wrong. Therefore, the first rule beginners need to comprehend and adhere to is that blood magic spells don’t involve killing for blood. Once that has been understood, then they can proceed to learn what blood magic spells and witchcraft as a whole discipline is all about.

3. Blood magic spells and sterilizing go hand in hand

As earlier stated, Hollywood has successfully portrayed blood magic spells as archaic and disgusting. And that explains the reason why many people shun witchcraft, let alone practicing it. Knowing a thing or two about connecting to a higher power doesn’t mean that you get a free pass from a blood infection. That’s one fact even the hardcore witches from the Medieval Era were rather intimate with. Therefore, you’ll be required to use some methylated spirit or alcohol to disinfect the needle. Also, remember to apply some of the disinfectants on the area on the skin you intend on pricking. And this should be before and after the pricking and drawing of blood. You can use clean cotton wool dumped in methylated spirit for the cleaning. Get another clean, disinfected cotton wool and place it over the pricked area of the skin until the blood clots. This is important since it will go a long way in reducing chances of infection after breaking the skin. You should also make time to disinfect all the tools you’ll use for your carrying out your blood magic spells as a general precaution. And if you aren’t that good when it comes to disinfecting things, it’s never too late to learn especially because of your general help as a budding which is important. #WitchLivesMatter Always remember to dispose of the used needle and cotton wools properly. This has everything to do with hygiene rather than appeasing your ancestors in the afterlife.

4. Blood magic spells only need a few drops of blood

Blood magic spells and rituals only require a drop too few drops of blood. To be on the safe side, only get as much as you need every time you need to carry out a blood magic spell. Like I stated above, blood is important when it comes to keeping us alive. Therefore, if you take more than you need, you might end up putting yourself or your subject in danger. You should also consider getting some training on how to successfully draw blood for your blood magic spells. And this goes out to all beginners out there. You don’t have to tell anyone that you are learning the skill for the sake of casting blood magic spells. The point is learning the skill, not making the nurses uncomfortable. You should also learn how to clean and dress the pricked area on the skin before proceeding with your witchcraft. Clean the area on your until it has fully healed to avoid reinfection. If you suck at it, no worries. Just like it is with everything else, you’ll get better with constant practicing. P.S.: The best place for drawing blood is the tip of your fingers. Do not stick the needle in way too deep because you might end up hitting an artery, which is something you might not want to do!

5. Avoid blood magic spells involving eating blood

Unfortunately, Hollywood is also to blame for this kind of brainwashing. Thanks to their many successful vampire movies, millions of people have come to believe that blood is safe for human consumption. What they never tell you in vampire movies is the consumption of blood affects human negatively, both physically and spiritually. And if you consume too much blood, you’ll be at the risk of hemochromatosis, which might see you taking long-term residence at the nearest hospice. Organ failure has also been reported especially in extreme blood consumption cases. Therefore, if you ever come across blood magic spells or rituals that require you to consume blood, don’t hesitate to look for other safer options. And if you have no other choice but to consume blood for your dreams to come true, then a single drop should “complete the charm” quite perfectly. The drop of blood you consume has to be screened for ailments especially if it doesn’t come from you. The blood also has to be pure because any contamination or mixing of blood will make the spell weak or useless. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to draw blood for a ritual without contaminating it. Just look it up on the internet.

6. If they eat your blood, they gain power over you

A lot of blood magic spells casting beginners don’t know that blood is the essence of life. In fact, that’s where the term “lifeblood” was coined from. It is one’s spirit in physical form and therefore, you need to be very careful when dealing with it. This also means you ought to be mindful whom you allow consuming your blood. This is because allowing people to consume your blood is giving them spiritual dominion over your essence. It is therefore very important to take your time and learn all about blood magic spells and witchcraft as a discipline before practicing. Looking for an alternative to blood magic spells that involve the consumption of blood should always be an option. This is because allowing someone with ill intentions to consume your blood might end up making you their spiritual slave without your knowledge.

7. Blood magic spells repel blood from the unwilling

People who are familiar with the workings of blood magic spells and rituals will tell you that your state of mind is a very important ingredient. For instance, you cannot claim to be in love with someone, carry out the blood magic spells to attract him or her when all you feel is uncertainty. Having an attitude that compliments your blood magic rituals is what’ll make your spells stronger and likely to take effect. Drawn blood is usually infused with the current energy from your entire body, including your mind. Therefore, if you are drawing blood from a doubtful or unwilling person or animal, then you’ll have negative energy passed on to your ritual, ruining it. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that is very common especially when it comes to beginners. I would, therefore, recommend learning how to condition your mind before carrying out blood magic spells. Your mind is what connects you to the universe through vibrations that’ll make your blood magic spells to work. If you want to one thing from your spell casting but your mind is wishing for the exact opposite — you’ll end up failing miserably. That’s why I’ll always recommend tons of practice before attempting.

8. Blood magic spells are for serious situations only

We are taught to hide, to feel shame of our bodies. We are shown images on the tv screen of women in white pants, and a blue gel-like liquid being poured into a clean white “sanitary” towel. Our mothers hand us a box of tampons every month. We plug up and drug up. In school we are anxious about being found out. At work we suffer in silence should we be blamed for being weak. Not like men who can just keep going and going. . The truth is we are cyclical. We move through the month like the moon in her phases. We spin through the year like the seasons, ebbing and flowing like the tides. Our blood connects our bodies to the earth from which we come. Our blood is the ocean water and the tears of our ancestors. Our blood, the same blood that has birthed every beating heart. . How can we unlearn and re-learn? How can we remember the rituals of our great great grandmothers? Can we re-make our cycles as sacred? Can we be mindful as we wash our selves and our blood, as we pour our blood back into the earth as an offering to our mothers, our grandmothers and our beautiful Mother Earth? Let us weave together the broken pieces of our oppression and our pain, and awaken to the beauty of living life in connection and flow 🌍🌸🌒 . #mindfulmenstruation #menstruation #periodrevolution #menstrualrevolution #moon #modernmoonism #moonism #lightworker #bloodmagic #witch #witchesofinstagram #spirituality #spiritualawakening

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I can’t get enough of emphasizing just how powerful blood magic spells are. They are simply the most powerful spells in witchcraft and should, therefore, be handled with a lot of caution. Most of them happen to be irreversible and shouldn’t be used on impulse. This is why discipline and wisdom are key when it comes to practicing blood magic spells. For instance, if your little sister is doing what little sisters do — being brats — ignore her or yell at her is always the best option. DO NOT cast a blood magic spell on her because you are angered by her childish. Remember always to take some time to cool down especially when you are emotional. This will save you from doing things you’ll only end up regretting later. That way, your spirit will not be tainted because you wouldn’t have used blood magic spells to cause harm. If your judgment is clouded by emotion, it is always wise to take a timeout as soon as possible. That’s why I always recommend having a few witchcraft buddies in your circle. That way, if you can’t make clear-cut decisions about when you cast blood magic spells, you can always rely on their input.

9. Blood magic spells aren’t meant for revenge

A lot of people learn how to cast blood magic spells because they are seeking revenge. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using magic to hurt people because what goes around comes around. What other people do to you is their karma and what you do to theirs is yours. Therefore, if anyone offends you, be the bigger person who lets it slide. Always take time to cool your head and avoid making hasty, half-thought decisions or carrying out revenge rituals. Most vengeful beginners will turn to witchcraft the moment they feel offended or violated, which never ends well. If you learn how to cool down before making decisions, you’ll likely brush off the negative energy and move on with your life without the need to curse anyone. The same should be the case whenever someone puts a hex on you. Once you make your discovery, you can perform an unbinding spell, purify yourself and let karma finish the job. The simplest way to purify yourself from a hex is taking a bath with water that has been charged with ultraviolet rays (from the afternoon sun). Learning how to protect yourself from evil spells can aide in evading a lot of misfortunes evil people throw at you.

10. Find other ingredients for your blood magic spells

Blood isn’t the only ingredient you’ll need when conducting your blood magic spells. Therefore, whether you are a newbie or have been practicing magic for a while, it is important to get in the habit of collecting everything before commencing with spell casting. Doing this will not only make the ritual run smoothly but will also give your spirit some sense of calm while you are at it. The good thing about blood magic spells is that their ingredients are readily available. Some of these ingredients might include photos, a needle, sanitized cotton wools, a candle, a bowl of water and so forth. As you have seen, most of these ingredients can be easily acquired and therefore shouldn’t give you a hard time gathering them. Therefore, gathering them together will not only make your spell casting easy but also bring positive vibes to the table. And once you have the necessary ingredients in place, try and relax while arranging them accordingly. Different blood magic spells require different ingredients as well as chanting. Always bear that in mind, and you’ll do just fine. Again, don’t ever shy away from asking for help especially from the witches within your area. I don’t know how much I have to stress about the importance of pinpoint accuracy when it comes to casting blood magic spells. Just know that the success of your spell is highly dependent on it — period.

11. There're substitutes for blood in blood magic spells

As I have mentioned, blood is the most powerful ingredient for any rituals. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of people who can’t access blood and for some reasons. For instance, some people — myself included — get numb at the sight of blood. We suffer from a condition called hemophobia which makes the sight of blood rather distasteful for us. Other people, especially beginners, might also not know how to draw blood for the blood magic rituals safely. If you happen to fall under any of the two categories, don’t lose hope in practicing witchcraft just yet. There are other alternatives to blood. These alternatives might not be as powerful as blood but will end up working just fine. Some of these alternatives include nail clippings, saliva, semen, and urine just to mention a few. You’ll be required to treat the alternative ingredients with utmost respect and care. This is because contamination will either make your spell less effective or not effective at all. It might help if you took time to learn how to handle the above-mentioned blood substitutes. You’ll need to get to the point where you can carry out spells is second to nature before carrying them out.

12. Always get the blood magic spells chanting right

Chanting is what realigns your spirit and your blood magic ritual, making the spell even more powerful. Remember my emphasis on getting your rituals, right? Well, you’d want to put the same emphasis when it comes to the chanting. Never, and I repeat, never get the words of blood magic spells wrong lest you end up ruining your rituals. First and foremost, you’ll need to memorize the chants for the specific blood magic spells. Doing this will not only make you confident when casting spells but will also help you in shifting your focus to your state of mind during the spells. In other words, you’ll always be better off knowing your chants by heart than when you don’t. There are specific spells that are written in other languages that you might not be familiar with. If that’s the case, you can always learn how to chant them without messing up the elocution. And for you to achieve that kind of accuracy, you’ll need to invest time in practice.

13. Find a sacred place for casting blood magic spells

Finding the perfect place for practicing witchcraft is common problem beginners from all walks of life are faced with. And for that matter, it would be smart to, first of all, find a good, quiet and very secretive place for carrying out your spells. Thankfully, there are plenty of places you can use as your altar for witchcraft. If you can’t find the appropriate place for casting your blood magic spells, simply turn to the internet for help. A lot of people are still at loggerheads with people who explore their spirituality through witchcraft. Therefore, in as much standing up for your belief systems is encouraged, avoiding confrontations for the sake of protecting your vibes and energy is always the smartest way. If you are living alone, you can use your bedroom as your spell casting space. Don’t attempt witchcraft in the living room because your visitors will get spooked. If you have a basement, then, by all means, use it for your rituals. In short, just make sure you are doing everything in secret to avoid regular interruptions and judgment.

14. Don’t use blood magic spells to attain power

In as much as Hollywood has profited a great deal from depicting witchcraft as evil in their movies, the fact is that magic can also be used for good. That said, learning how to cast blood magic spells that’ll only do good should always be your goal. The moment you get yourself entertaining thoughts about harming anyone using magic, that’s the perfect time to rethink your reasons for practicing magic. Never cast a spell when boiling in anger because blood magic spells, especially when used carelessly, can ruining lives permanently. Again, refrain from casting blood magic spells and rituals whenever you are feeling emotional. This warning goes particularly to beginners because veteran blood magic spell casters are supposed to know better than to behave like this. Apart from not carrying out such rituals with the intent of gaining power, you should also refrain from using magic for vanity. Most people would want to succeed in every aspect of their lives without putting in the work. Thing is, if you want to get things the easy way, then you’ll also prepare yourself for losing them the easy way. Ever heard of the dictum “easy come, easy go”? I bet you have. And to make matters worse, using magic to gain an advantage will deny you the chance to build your character. Character can only be built through hard work, endurance, and sacrifice. The same applies when using blood magic spells to influence people, especially against their wills. Always remember this; when you use magic to harm people, your evil deed will trigger off karmic energy and the same negativity will find its way back to you. And just so you know, there is no magic spell strong enough to protect you from karma.

15. Never stop learning new blood magic spells

Not a single individual has successfully mastered all the aspects of witchcraft. This means that learning and practicing never stop for anyone who is interested in perfect their blood magic spells. Therefore, practicing and researching should be your modus operandi irrespective of how good you are or how long you’ve been practicing witchcraft. Unlike in the past, the internet has made it possible for a ton of people to share their experiences with magic and spirituality in general. This means getting your hands on helpful information can be a walk in the park. You can also use the internet to connect to modern wizards and witches from all corners of the world. Many of these spiritual gurus will be happy to share whatever knowledge they have with you. All you need to do is getting rid of the mentality that you’ve learned enough already. Instead, just keep an open mind and once you come across anything new about blood magic or spirituality, then learn the skill by all means. Remember, the more knowledge you garner about witchcraft, the better you’ll be at casting blood magic spells as well as defending yourself from piously propelled attacks.

16. Only cast blood magic spells when you’re confident

By now, you ought to have already known that spells only work when you mean business. There are times when you want to perform a blood magic spell but have second thoughts. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, then putting a halt to the rituals should be the first thing you do. This is because not being at 100% always translates to likely to make a mistake. Mistakes and blood magic spells shouldn’t even sit in the same sentence. Lack of confidence is normally associated with spellcasting beginners. That’s why taking ample time to learn and appreciate the art of witchcraft is always paramount. Your personal growth and well-being solely depend on this. If you are double guessing your chanting ability, you are not ready to cast a spell either. If your lack of confidence is coming from being nervous, it’s always shrewd important to learn how to calm yourself down. A slow and deep breathing rhythm will go a long way in making you relaxed and therefore fit to carry out the blood magic spells.

17. Don’t use animal blood for blood magic spells

As earlier mentioned, practicing blood magic spells with blood from an unwilling subject will always have an undesired outcome. That’s why using blood from an animal for these rituals is always a bad idea. Despite the fact that animals can't give consent, they will protest having a needle stuck in their hip. Therefore, sticking to human blood is always the very best of options. It’s also difficult to treat an animal if you accidentally end up cutting in too deep. With humans, you can always clean the wound and put some pressure to stop the bleeding. But when you hurt an animal, you’ll need to see a vet, which, in some cases, might end up costing you an arm and a leg. And that’s exactly why experienced witches and wizards always use human blood and not blood attained from animals. Many beginners, on the other hand, find themselves making this mistake. The good thing is that mistakes are just learning opportunities.

18. Always seek guidance

You are never too skilled or experienced to seek guidance especially when it comes to blood magic spells and other related rituals. You should therefore not hesitate seeking assistance whenever you find yourself in doubt. As earlier stated, there are plenty of comprehensively written witchcraft guides that beginners, as well as veterans, can make good use of. Practicing on a regular basis is vital since it not only makes you more knowledgeable about spiritual matters. Practice also makes perfect and that is what will boost your confidence when carrying out these black magic spells. Besides, didn’t someone smart as hell once say that practice makes perfect? Well, they didn’t really lie, and you can feel free to try it in doubt.


Blood magic spells and rituals can either be used for good or bad. Therefore, strive to be the person who uses magic and spiritual knowledge to make the world a better place and not the other way around. Always remember that karmic energy is influenced by everything you do. This means if you strive to do good, good will always come your way. The same will happen if you practice witchcraft for revenge or to cause harm to others either for fun or just because you are a shitty person. Last but not least, practicing on a regular basis is what will make you better at casting blood magic spells. So, if you ever find yourself in doubt, all you need to do is going back to the basics.