10 Tips on how to Say Sorry to your Boyfriend

Having trouble apologizing to your boyfriend? This article gives you tips on many ways to say sorry an while moving forward towards a more healthy relationship.

By Shannon Garner
10 Tips on how to Say Sorry to your Boyfriend

Personal Experience with Apologies

Every girl has been in a situation with her boyfriend where she ends up having a verbal fight about something within the relationship, whether it be fighting over what show to watch, not picking up the laundry from the cleaner's or worse, cheating. As women we always try to win an argument even if we're wrong, but not all women though. Now that you put yourself in a bitter situation you have to make it right. A lot of women do not take pride in apologizing to people especially, their partners but, it has to be done in order to continue a healthy relationship. I know ladies, it's a hard thing to do but you need to try for the sake of your relationship. I used to be that girlfriend who was unapologetic, and crude. You know the one, the one who always had to have the last word but then you come to realize that not being able to apologize and not being able to take responsibility for your actions can really jeopardize your relationship with the person you love. Here are some tips on how to say sorry to your boyfriend and make things right again.

Take him out on a Date

Men love to eat so why not take him out to a romantic dinner and nope, I’m not talking about McDonald’s unless, of course that's his favorite restaurant and he'd rather eat chicken nuggets instead of steak. Showing this type of initiative gives him the opportunity to rethink the argument and revert to what really matters, all on a full stomach! In all seriousness it has been known and accepted for years that the guy usually buys the girl dinner. As millennial's today, all of that has changed. Roles are being reversed AND roles are now shared equally in the relationship. So, buying dinner is a nice gesture and believe it or not, men do appreciate these types of things just as much as women do.

Write Him an Apology Letter

Even in an apology letter you can still be romantic. A letter gives you a chance to be an open book and let your guy know how you deeply feel. When I was younger I used to write letters to the people who would get mad at me. At the time I didn’t know how to apologize up front and openly but the letters helped me with that. I had time to sit down and think about how I really hurt that person, how I could say sorry on paper and reminisce about the good times. As a girlfriend your boyfriend will appreciate that because a letter is a lot of effort and it gives the apology sentimental value because that is something your boyfriend can keep with him forever. Avoid sending text messages at all costs; it’s not as special as a letter and a text message is something can easily be written off as rude. Apology letters is a great option to say sorry and your boyfriend will take it into consideration when he finishes reading it.

Take Him on a Romantic Getaway Weekend

Now this may come as a surprise for some of you and you're probably thinking, “why go on a getaway trip when he’s mad at me?” Great question but how long does anger last? Not long especially, if you are going on a trip. It's pretty tough to fight while on vacation and a nice little weekend cabin trip is a great way to be in the middle of nowhere in tune with each other. Now, it doesn’t have to be a huge getaway like Cancun or something because that would be a little over the top for an, “I’m sorry” trip. Your relationship isn’t a reality television show but you can still apologize in style. So, let’s keep it simple and keep the focus of the whole trip.

Throw a Shindig for your Boyfriend and his Friends

This one will work really well especially if you don’t like some of his friends. C’mon ladies, there’s always that one friend your boyfriend has that you sometimes find yourself being rude to every so often. Now, imagine yourself welcoming his friends to your home, yes, even the guys you don’t like, with open arms, Bud Light and no fighting allowed. At times it may even be tough but you gotta' let your man get some cheating in with the boys. He’s going to think more highly of you because you are showing maturity and it lets him know that you are able to see passed the argument and move forward in a positive manner. A man loves it when his friends and his girlfriend can get along amazingly. He gets to hang out with his bro’s while still enjoying his time with you.

Give your Boyfriend Freedom

He may not want to talk anymore and he may need fresh air but does this signal a breakup? Possibly not but, guys need time to get away and think. As women we talk about the problem until it is worked out but men are different. Many people in relationships believe that getting some time away is better than verbally working it out. Your boyfriend may say things that he does not mean at the heat of the moment and some distance is better than starting a fight. Instead of talking he just needs time to himself to think about the relationship you both are in. He may go to a friend’s house, his parents or sibling to recollect. If you must, send him a text to check on him. When a significant other is away for quite some time we may get a bad feeling in our gut. Many things may go through our head such as if he is in danger, if he is getting bad advice, cheating on you to be vengeful but, as hard as it may be you have to be optimistic. Give him about a week and the both of you will be as strong together as you both first were.

Don't Fight, Make Things Right

What a lot of women fail to forget is that we don’t ever think about being a guy. We think about having one but being one is a whole different ball game. You don’t know what it’s like for you to step into your boyfriend’s shoes to see what he goes through and to have disagreements with your significant other. To be able to show a little empathy can do wonders and while empathy may not be the absolute best solution, it certainly is a great start. Have you ever asked your boyfriend how he really feels about the relationship? How he feels about you as an individual? How he feels about himself? There are two sides to every story and in order to understand where he’s coming from as a lover, is to take the time to listen to what he has to say. Don't be rude, hear him out because you will not get very far by not listening. Think things through, reflect and then speak and at all cost avoid verbal fights.

Simon Says, Tell Him You Love Him

Whenever you get into a fight with your partner it isn’t the best situation we want to put ourselves in. We may say things that can be a little discouraging but as a girlfriend you have to pull yourself back into good girl mode and be reasonable and fair. Telling your boyfriend that you love him should be nothing less but, simple and meaningful. Send him a sexy text while at work. Show him the girl that he first fell in love with show him the woman he will continue to stay in love with. An 'I love you' is romantic anytime you say it.

Show Interest in Your Boyfriend's Hobbies

Remember those things that you find annoying that your boyfriend does? Your boyfriend may have a talent for producing music, catching Pokémon or collecting action figures. These things may sound outrageous and a waste of time to you but, to him it’s one of his many loves. So, with this being said, start to show interest, do a little cheating and digging into his hobbies even on your own. Ask him question about his many little joys, be involved in what he likes. This will earn you cool relationship points and hey maybe you will actually enjoy these hobbies of his just as much as he does.

The Romance is Real: Getting Intimate

Getting back into the swing of things with one another and sharing that sexual chemistry all over again is romantic and refreshing after a long time of bickering and fighting. Now am I saying use sex as an apology? No, we aren’t concubines but as human beings we enjoy sex. Sex is an endorphin making everyone happy and who doesn’t like to be happy? Use this specific tip if it follows after one of the other tips: After the dinner you made or took him out to or the getaway weekend you planned for him. That’s when this tip becomes important unless the disagreement involves cheating then sex may not be an option at this time.

There's Nothing Wrong with Just "Saying Sorry"

Yes ladies, those two words that we take pride in not saying enough, 'I'm Sorry,' are going to need to be said again. You are going to have to step up and let it be known to our boyfriends that we're sorry, and that we mean it. An apology can go a long way and mend a lot of hurts in your relationship. Be the bigger person and admit your faults. Focus on your own actions and own your behavior. Do not apologize just to shut him up or make yourself feel better. Saying I’m sorry should be heartfelt and meaningful. Never use 'but' after saying I’m sorry because if you really meant the apology there shouldn’t be a need for a, 'but.' All the expectations you may have after the apology should not be expected. Don’t expect anything in return at the moment because your boyfriend may accept the apology and maybe he won’t. Don’t jump to conclusions but just let it sink in for a while.

P.S. I'm Sorry

In closing, being able to say sorry to your boyfriend is something healthy and it shows you have your grown woman undies on. In a relationship people will disagree with one another, partners will bicker, couples will make up and some others will break up. But, at the end of the day it is your choice to make things right and work on your relationship or to give up and leave. Everyone’s relationship is different and the person you are with may be different from you and that’s what may have attracted him to you... but here's the kicker... when we get into a relationship we accept each other’s differences and if not we learn to compromise to keep the person we love in our lives. Nobody ever said a relationship would be easy but, it definitely can be worth it. Go ahead girl, stop the fighting, say sorry and get your man back because that is what we call the true definition of romantic.



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