40 Cheap, Easy And Simple DIY Halloween Costumes For Couples

Use these easy Halloween ideas for couples to dress in unique and unforgettable costumes. These ideas are simple and won't require too much money to create!

By Nicole Muir
40 Cheap, Easy And Simple DIY Halloween Costumes For Couples

Easy and homemade Halloween costumes for couples

So you want to dress up in couples’ costumes for Halloween this year? You can with much less stress, using one of these easy 40 Halloween costumes! Whether this is your first year celebrating Halloween as a couple or multiple years, there is an easy couples costume for you! Instead of wearing the typical costumes from a Halloween store that don't have many options to add uniqueness, these easy Halloween costumes give you the freedom to diversify your couples costumes and even save a few bucks!

Easy halloween costumes aren't just for crafty couples!

Homemade is often misleading, making it sound as though you need many different craft supplies and hours to work on the project. You can accomplish these easy Halloween costumes with as much effort and time you want to put in! For instance, you can eliminate different pieces of the outfit that are not detrimental to the look. That will simplify the crafting process. You can also add more pieces to the look to make the costume more fitting for you or eliminate parts of the costume to make it fit for adults’ eyes only! This can result in cheap costumes that are quick and easy!

Where would I even get supplies?

Online, craft stores and more

There are so many options to choose from when shopping for supplies. Below are just a few ideas on where you can shop to complete your easy and cheap adults’ couples costumes! When crafting your own quick costumes you can think outside of the box and find items in stores you didn't expect. Allowing yourself to get creative and use your imagination will help you find unique pieces to add to your couples costumes that can be found at places such as thrift stores. Make sure to look up if they have available coupons at the moment as well to save more! 1. Online - Etsy - Amazon - Hobby Lobby online - Specialized craft stores you can find by searching the supplies you need 2. In-Store - Joanne's Fabrics - Michaels - Target - Hobby Lobby- In store - Walmart - Thrift stores

How much money will it cost?

This all depends on how many items you can get on sale and how much you need to buy for your costumes. If you have a lot of the supplies already your cost may just be a few bucks, so cheap! If you decide to buy more items that are not on sale your cost will go up, but it can still be cheaper that buying your couples costumes from a Halloween store. For instance you can find a common supply needed for crafting, hot glue gun and glue sticks. On Amazon you can find this for under $10. If this is one of the only parts of the costume you need, it can end up being a lot cheaper than full costume kits at Halloween stores. Instead of paying $30-$50 on each costume you can spend less money making the couples costumes. Dressing up more like adults, provocatively, or sticking with a more conservative side... the options are endless!

Couples' easy Halloween costumes that are a classic

1. Bandits

Pieces needed: - Black striped shirt - Masks- real or paint on - Cheap tote with $ sign painted on - Black attire

2. Mickie and Minnie Mouse

Such a classic Halloween outfit that is easy and so cute! Adults can have fun dressing up in Disney attire too! Pieces Needed: - Ears (made out of cardboard, other material or bought) - Bow (Made or bought) - Black shirts - Red bottoms

3. Switching genders

These couples' costumes probably do not need much explanation. Swap clothes with your boyfriend or girlfriend for funny Halloween costumes! This is incredibly cheap and easy. It most likely won't even require you to purchase anything to complete the outfit.

4. Zombies

For this couples’ Halloween costume you really only need clothes you can rip up and some awesome make up! The makeup can be what you already have or purchase Halloween make up online for cheap! You can get really creative with the makeup, adding fake blood to the look or keeping it simple.

5. Skeletons

Just like with the Zombie Halloween couples costume choice, dressing as skeleton's is another homemade costume idea with a lot of options. The options mainly fall into the make-up category, so most of the time spent creating the outfit will be creating the desired make up look.

6. Jock and Cheerleader

Use your old uniforms if you have them or make your own sports jersey out of a t shirt and paint. For the cheerleader, you can make pom-poms out of yarn or another material. Complete the look with ponytails, a skirt and tank top with black paint under the eyes. As adults you will have fun reminiscing on the old days!

Couples' costumes that are unique

7. Koala bear and a tree

This is a unique Halloween couples' costume that will look like you put a lot of work into creating it when it is incredibly easy. Pieces Needed: - Grey outfit with feathers for the belly - Make the Koala ears out of cardboard or foam - Green sweater with cutout or painted leaves

8. Colonel Sanders and Chicken

Not only dress the part but act the part as well! Colonel Sanders can practice the common lines he uses in the TV ads. Material Needed: - Red apron painted with "KFC" - White outfit for Colonel Sanders with a black bow tie. - Fake beard and mustache - For the chicken outfit, use yellow tights and a white dress, adding feathers to the outside.

9. Butterfly and butterfly catcher

You can make this quick Halloween outfit unique by making your own wings and adding more make up to the look for the butterfly outfit. Pieces Needed: - Hat and binoculars - Small butterflies you can make or buy them from a craft store or online. - Butterfly Net, either make it or buy it - Cute colored skirt to match wings you make or buy

10. Dog versus cat

This is a fun and easy Halloween costume for couples to create, which can be paired to match each of your personalities. You really don't need much aside from the ears and colored outfit to match either a cat or dog. You can craft this easy Halloween costume with just the ears and make up, or take it a step further and add homemade tales. Or you can make this more fir for adults by adding high heels to the female look and eliminating the shirt for the male look. Either way this is a quick look if you need a couples’ costume idea!

11. Apples to Apples Game Cards

Similar to the Cards Against Humanity Halloween costumes, this one uses the game Apples to Apples. Simply create cards out of foam or cardboard and add the details from the real game cards. If you don't have any to reference at home this is easy to look up online. You can make this homemade costume easy by switching out the game boards with shirts that you add the game card details to instead. Pick your favorite cards from the game deck and personalize your costumes. To turn this into an adult look you can choose a card or make your own that is more geared to the adult audience. Material Needed: - Cardboard cutouts that are painted or spray painted to match the game cards - Sharpie or paint for the card words - Material, yarn or string to connect the front game piece to the back

12. Jack and Coke

If this is your favorite drink or not it can be an incredibly cute look! You can purchase shirts to match "Jack" and "Coke" or make your own. If you don't like Jack and Coke for this adult look use a different drink of choice to make an easy Halloween costume. Some other ideas for this costume would be... - Your favorite wine - Lemon drop martini's - Your favorite beers - Another mixed drink you prefer - An olive for one costume and martini for another - Coke and Pepsi (non-alcoholic look for non adult looking costumes) - Lemon and Lemonade

13. Soap Bar and a Sponge or Loofah

Loofah materials needed: - Tool from a craft store, glued onto a blue dress or long blue shirt with string attached Soap Bar materials: - White t-shirt painted with SOAP - Bubble wrap for added suds to the shirt * To make the loofah costume into a sponge you can swap the tool for foam and spray paint the foam to match the color you desire.

14. Cookie Monster and a Large Cookie

You can accomplish this easy and cheap look in a breeze! It is such a cute and quick look to make that it will look like you put a lot more effort into making the costume than you did. For the Cookie Halloween costume: - Cardboard or foam for the cookie pieces, covered with brown felt and dark brown felt spots - String or material for the cookie straps (this connects the front cookie to the back cookie) Cookie Monster materials: - Feathers hot glued as a Cookie Monster hat with eyes (bought or made) - Blue dress or outfit for the Cookie Monster (you probably own a blue outfit you can use already)

15. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Material Needed: - Cardboard pieces in the shape of toast and painted. You can also use felt instead to create a look that you can't see brush strokes from the paint. - Material, elastic, yarn or string for the straps

16. Sushi and Chopsticks

This easy Halloween costume looks complicated but can be very simple to make. Change the pillow case to match your favorite sushi to make it your own style! For the Sushi: - Pillow (painted or printed to match the sushi you choose) - Black tape to wrap around the waist - White outfit to act as rice For the chopsticks: - Purchase a piece of wood and cut it to the appropriate side (make sure to sand the wood down), for a quick chopstick set you can also use foam cut out and painted to have a wood look. - Paper taped together and painted or drawn on for the symbols.

17. Cards Against Humanity

This is an adult couples’ costume that will bring laughter to any party or get together you attend. This costume is more for the adults because of the crude content on the cards, based off the original game cards. Just like with the Apples to Apples Halloween costume, you can you use the real deck of cards and pick your favorite ones, or make up your own. What a great way to bond together and make laughter filled memories!

18. Deviled Eggs

You like to eat deviled eggs, so dress up like them too! A fun twist to dressing up, by dressing up as the words associated with the Halloween costume idea. For the Devil: - Black outfit - Horns - Add more parts of the outfit if you choose For the Egg: - Cardboard cut out, painted with a yellow circle for the egg yolk. - String or another material to hang around the neck. - White t-shirt (you probably already own one)

19. Skunk and Animal Control

Dress up as a skunk and an Animal Control Employee. This easy homemade costume can be made into any animal with Animal Control as well. Make it a look for adults only or keep it conservative. For the Skunk: - Black outfit - Ears (homemade or bought) - Stuffing for the skunk stripe For Animal Control: - Long sleeve shirt with Animal Control - Accessories to capture animals such as a net, gloves etc...

20. Hit by Lightning

These costumes are sure to bring laughter! These are such easy and quick halloween costumes to make, and you may even be the talk of the night! Lightning: - Yellow felt covered cardboard - Black outfit Hit by lightning victim: - Torn up and slightly burnt shirt - Crazy smoked looking make up and hair - Cheap umbrella bent and burnt ** Because this outfit does look best when you burn the shirt and umbrella in a controlled way, make sure to be careful! If you don't want to actually use fire you can always use black charcoal on the shirt around the cut/ ripped openings.

21. Pigs in a blanket

We all love to eat pigs in a blanket, why not dress up like them! No, it's not the food but everyone will get the point! This is a cheap look that you could make with all the supplies you have at home Materials Needed: - Blanket (white or cream colored works best) - Pink clothes - Noses homemade or bought - Pig ears

22. Artist and his masterpiece

These couples’ Halloween costumes are so cheap and quick to make! Artist material: - Cardboard with paint splotches - Cheap paintbrush - Cheap wig Painting material: - Canvas cut out for the head - Canvas painted with makeup painted on to match (face paint can be bought for cheap at Halloween stores or online)

23. Double Stuffed Oreos

Material Needed: - White shirts, white beanies - Black pants - Foam or cardboard covered in cheap fabric, felt or painted - Paint each cookie to resemble an Oreo. Use white or cream to make it stand out form the black background.

24. Mermaid and Fisherman

These costumes can be made cheap or more expensive depending on the quality of the mermaid costume you get. Mermaid Costume: - Mermaid tail and bralette (You can make these yourself as well) - Beautiful make up, sea shells in hair or more depending on how detailed you want to get Fisherman Materials: - Black shirt - Yellow fishing waders - Net

25. NERD Candies

If you love NERD's these costumes are for you! Couples can pick their favorite color and compete to see who's side of the NERD box comes out the best! Materials Needed: - Cardboard or foam cut out in the shape of half a nerd box - String to harness the box to your body - Paint - Outfit to match the NERD color side you are on

26. Red and Green Grapes

These Halloween costumes are so incredibly cheap and quick to put together! Material Needed: - Purple and Green colored balloons - String to attach to the balloons and your body - Same colored shirt to match the balloons you are wearing.

27. Tooth and Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy material: - A white skirt or make a cheap skirt quick out of tool or fabric - Paper cut out of a tooth on a straw or chopstick painted white - Wings bought or made Tooth material: - Fabric cut out to look like a tooth Optional: Make the tooth have a "crown"

28. Real Life Instagram

Whether you like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites, make them come to life by making quick homemade costumes out of them! Material Needed: -Instagram logo printed out and glued onto a black or white shirt - Cardboard or foam board cut out with paper printed with Instagram details for posts - Straps to attach the post or just hold it

29. King and Queen of Spades

Use blank white t-shirts and paint or draw on them to resemble playing cards. This couples costume can be used as group costumes as well by having all of your friends join in by dressing up as other cards in the deck! These costumes are cheap and would only cost you the amount of a t-shirt, if you don't already have one, and the black paint or clothing marker.

Couples' Halloween costume ideas that are easy

30. Lilo and Stitch

Lilo material: - Fake leaves to make a hula skirt cheap or purchase one online or in store - Red t-shirt - Options to make the outfit more cute would be to add a head piece, bracelets and a lei made out of fake flowers Stitch material: - Blue t-shirt painted with Stitch's face

31. Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper

Joanna Material needed: - Denim shirt with blue jeans and curled hair Chip material: - Nice long sleeve (or dress up like you are ready for demo, wearing some beat up clothes and safety goggles) - Sign with a house and fixer upper on the front, cut in half

32. Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Charlie Brown: - Yellow collared shirt with the black detail drawn or painted on Snoopy: - White outfit - Homemade tail, you can use a sock stuffed

33. Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Material needed for both: - Glasses _ White button up shirt - Dark pants and tie for Clark Kent and Pencil skirt for Lois Lane (add the heels if you would like - Superman shirt, either homemade or buy a cheap one for Clark Kent

34. Blue's Clues: Steve and Blue

Steve: - Green shirt painted with dark green stripes (add a collared shirt underneath) - Tan pants - Small notebook and pen Blue: - Blue outfit - Homemade ears glued to a headband

35. Pinocchio and Geppetto

36. Progressive's Flo and Jake

Jake: - Red collared shirt with name tag - Khaki pants Flo: - Purchase a cheap apron from a craft store and paint Progressive on it - Name tag

37. GI Joe and GI Jane

Get your camo on and dress up as GI Joe and Jane! Wear Camo everything or alternate Camo and black.

38. Mario and Luigi

Mario: - Red shirt - Suspenders - Fake mustaches on a stick or purchase stick on's Luigi: - Green shirt - Suspenders - Fake mustache on a stick or purchase stick on's Optional for both: Paint on the shirts M and L or on a hat or lining the suspenders

39. Jim and Pam from The Office

This couples' costume will most likely be known by all the adults attending your party. Use these costumes to quote "The Office," and laugh at the hilarious moments in the show! Jim: - Sky blue collared shirt and tie - Print out Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and attach to the shirt - Coffee Mug - Tan pants Pam: - A nice fitted blouse - Pastel colored cardigan - Long skirt - Hair pulled back

40. Alice In Wonderland and The Mad Hatter

Alice: - Blue Dress and cheap white apron - Stuffed bunny as an option Mad Hatter: - Top hat - Suspenders and crazy bow tie - Medium length coat (this would be great to find at a thrift store)

You don't need to spend a lot of time on these ideas!

You don't need to dedicate hours and hours for weeks before halloween to accomplish these costumes! Pick a couple hours in advance to avoid the stress and feeling overwhelmed. This will simplify the process and can make it more relaxing and fun for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Enjoy the couples time when you make these costumes!

Pick a costume idea and GO! Use one of these ideas to create a fantastic memory of crafting as a couple this year. You may even see a fun side of your boyfriend or girlfriend you did not know existed. Try to make it a competition by seeing who can make each other's costume better or take to creating each project together. Halloween costumes can be cheap, easy and quick! Thus leaving more valuable time together you will cherish in the future!