50 Awesome & Cute Ponytail Hairstyles You Should Try

Tired of the same old boring hairstyle and looking to make a change? Try any of these fifty cute ponytails to elevate your style.

By Rose Elementary
50 Awesome & Cute Ponytail Hairstyles You Should Try

Cute Ponytails To Try

Wearing the same old style for your hair every day to work or school is boring. If you're looking to switch things up, but you don't know how, ponytails are generally easy and they can look really awesome. Try these fifty ideas for ponytails that will change your life!

Simple Ponytails

Ponytails don't have to be complicated to be cute. Here are ten ideas for simple ponytails that you can do in a few minutes that will look cute at work or school.

1. The Simple Pony

Go with this simple, low ponytail if you're in a hurry to get to school but you still want to look cute. Low ponytails are great ideas if you're working out, or if you want to put your hair up but you don't want to put in too much effort.

2. High Pony

Pile your hair on top of your head for a sleek, beautiful high ponytail. High ponytails are easy, and they keep your hair out of your way if you have a busy day ahead of you. Leave the ponytail messy to get a cute, different look out of your high ponytail.

3. Low Knotted Ponytail

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Tie your hair together at the nape of your neck for a super cute low ponytail look. Low knotted ponytails may look fancy, but they're extremely simple to do!

4. Bubble Ponytail

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Elevate your regular high ponytail by adding bubbles to it. Just add a few extra elastics at intervals down the length of your ponytail to make this adorable bubble ponytail. Bubble ponytails are a cute upgrade to a traditional ponytail.

5. Twisted Ponytail

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Instead of leaving your long ponytail hanging loose, try twisting it and securing the end with another rubber band. Twisted ponytails take barely any time at all, but they'll look awesome for your entire school day!

6. Half Up Ponytail

Don't want to commit to a full ponytail? No worries; you can just put the top half of your hair up in a ponytail and leave the rest of your hair flying free. Half up ponytails are super cute and easy to do!

7. Sleek Cuffed Ponytail

Elevate your traditional high ponytail - literally! - by adding a cuff or some other embellishment. Putting a cuff on high ponytails gives you more height and adds a cute pop of design to your hair.

8. Knotted Side Ponytail

Pull your hair over to the side in a messy knot to complete your knotted side ponytail look. It's super easy and super cute!

9. Textured Ponytail

Tease, curl, and treat your ponytail to give a textured look. You can also break out your old crimping tool to give the top of your hair some texture up until your low ponytail. Adding texture to your ponytail can turn a boring hairstyle into a fun one!

10. Side Ponytail

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Side ponytails were cute in the 80's, and they've totally made a comeback! Get your hair off your back by pulling it into a cute, low side ponytail that you and everyone at school will love.

Next Level Ponytails

Once you've mastered simple ponytails, it's time to take things to the next level. Elevate your look even further with these more complicated, cute ponytail ideas.

11. Fishtail Pony

The fishtail pony isn't quite on the same level as a fishtail braid, but it uses a similar technique. Stop your fishtail braid after just a few loose weaves and finish it off with a low ponytail for this next level ponytail look.

12. Bow-ny Tail

Who needs cloth hair bows when you can make one out of your own hair? Create this super cute hair bow ponytail to take your hairstyle to a whole new level.

13. French Twist


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Try out this cute French twist ponytail for an easy yet elegant look. Leave it messy for a more casual night out or make it sleek for a formal event.

14. Tube Wrapped Ponytail

Instead of using an embellishment on your high ponytail, wrap a tube around it using your own hair. This can be a bit more difficult, but the results look amazing!

15. Full Volume Ponytail

If you're looking for extra length and volume, this ponytail is for you. Tie the lower half of your hair into a ponytail first and then tie the upper half of your hair into another ponytail. The higher ponytail will cover your lower one, giving you extra volume and making your ponytail look extra long.

16. Layered Ponytail

Wrap the top of your hair in these cute woven layers to take a regular ponytail to a whole new level and give it an extra special twist.

17. Heart Ponytail

You can make a lot of super cute designs in your hair when you're wearing a ponytail. Show everyone you're in love with this cute heart ponytail.

18. Fancy Knot Ponytail

Give yourself a challenge with this fancier version of a knotted ponytail. It's more complicated than the simple knot, but the result is worth the extra effort.

19. Half Up Crown Ponytail

The simple half-up hairstyle can be taken to the next level with a half-crown look that finishes in a cute half-up ponytail. You can braid the half-crown or leave the hair loose, depending on your preference. Add an accessory for a fancy event!

20. Cascading Ponytail

This ponytail resembles a waterfall, making it super cute. It hides any elastics you might use for a beautiful and seamless look.

Cute Braided Ponytails

Braids are easy to learn and super cute to wear. Try these braided ponytail ideas to take your ponytail game to the next level.

21. French Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle is a fun braid and ponytail mashup. Wrap your traditional high ponytail with a French braid to create this cute look. Leave it messy to keep it casual or make it sleek for a fancier look.

22. Side Braided Ponytail

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Start with a French braid against your scalp but finish with a flowing ponytail to achieve this braided look. You can use a Dutch or fishtail braid too to change things up a bit.

23. Rope Braid

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A rope braid is pretty non-traditional. Creating a ponytail with this unique braiding style will make you stand out at school in the best way. It's a cute hairstyle, and it's not too difficult to achieve!

24. French Braid Low Ponytail

French braid the top of your hair up until the nape of your neck. Finish off the braid with a ponytail rather than continuing the braid all the way down. This French braided ponytail is equal parts fun and professional, so it works in any atmosphere.

25. Fishtail Braid

The fishtail technique makes for a cute messy braided ponytail. Keep the weave loose for a casual, fun look with this type of braided ponytail.

26. French Braid

You don't have to do anything fancy to get a braided ponytail. A French braid works just fine! It's a simple braided hairstyle that works perfectly as a ponytail.

27. Traditional Braid

A regular three-strand braid makes for a great braided ponytail. You don't need the same skill to pull off this traditional braid that you need for the other types of braids, so you can pull this hairstyle off on the fly.

28. Upside Down French Braid

It's counter-intuitive, but the upside-down French braid looks fantastic, especially when finished off as a messy ponytail. Start from your nape and work upwards to create this beautiful look.

29. Dutch Braid Ponytail

Start off your hairstyle with a Dutch braid, also known as a reverse French braid. Stop at the nape of your neck and finish with a cute ponytail for this look!

30. Knot Braid

Create this cute, messy braided ponytail using the unique knot braid. It's one of the more difficult hairstyles to do, but it looks awesome, so it's worth the effort!

Formal Ponytails

You may think ponytails don't work for formal events, but you'd be wrong. Here are ten ideas for formal ponytails that you can wear to your next fancy event. You'll be the talk of the town in any of these great ponytails!

31. Chignon Pony

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Create this formal chignon look for your next fancy event, and your hair will be the envy of everyone in the room.

31. Criss Cross

The hair crisscrosses at the top of your head and finishes in this beautiful ponytail. The sleek, formal appearance makes it perfect for fancy events.

32. Embellished

If you want to take your traditional ponytail to a formal party, you have to embellish it. Adding jewels or flowers as accessories really elevates a regular ponytail to make it appropriate for a fancier atmosphere.

33. Twisted Side Ponytail

Twist or braid your regular side ponytail to make it appropriate for a formal night out. Keep it sleek so that you'll fit in with the crowd.

34. Top Volume

The key to a formal ponytail is volume. Give the top of your hair some volume before pulling it into a ponytail to achieve this fancy look.

35. Vintage

Give the top of your head a vintage look by adding curls. Finish it off with a simple low ponytail to complete this vintage hairstyle that is perfect for a formal evening.

36. Split Ponytail

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Have some fun with your long hair by adding different textures and splits to your low ponytail. Twisting your hair around itself will create this cute split ponytail look.

37. Braid Over The Elastic

Cover up the elastic at the start of your ponytail by wrapping it in a braid. The braid also turns a casual ponytail into a formal look.

38. Twisted Top Ponytail

Twist and braid the upper layer of your hair into a cute formal design and finish it off with a ponytail to create this beautiful look that is perfect for your fancy event.

39. Messy High Ponytail

It might seem strange, but a messy high ponytail really does come off as looking formal. Pair it with a fancy dress and this seemingly casual look will be great for your formal event.

40. Carefully Curled

Tame your otherwise messy ponytail into carefully controlled curls for the perfect formal ponytail that will go with any outfit.

Cute Ponytails For Short And Medium Hair

You don't need long hair to pull off a cute ponytail. Here are some adjusted ponytail ideas for people with short and medium hair.

41. Simply Short

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Short hair can be pulled into a small ponytail. The length of your hair will determine how big the ponytail ends up. You might end up with a spiky end, but it'll still look cute!

42. Headband

Put your short hair in a ponytail but add a headband to elevate the look. You can wear an athletic headband or a casual one; it's up to you. The headband will also help keep any of the hair that's too short to fit in a ponytail out of your eyes.

43. Embellished Ponytail

Take your short hair ponytail to the next level by adding accessories. You can use bows, jewels, or any other type of embellishment you can find to make your ponytail even cuter.

44. Braided Short Hair

Shorter hair can be harder to braid, but putting a small braid down the center of your scalp and finishing with a ponytail is a cute ponytail hairstyle for short hair!

45. Top Only Ponytail

The half up look still works for short hair. You can do this with an undercut or with your full head of hair - just put the top layer up and leave the rest down!

46. Top Braid

Medium hair can still achieve the same looks using braiding techniques. Try braiding the hair at the top of your head and leaving the rest loose for this medium length hair look.

47. Messy Ponytail

People with medium length hair can quickly pull off this messy ponytail look.

48. Simple Medium Ponytail

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A medium ponytail obviously won't have the same length as a long hair ponytail, but it still looks super cute!

49. Segmented Ponytail

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Medium hair is perfect for the segmented ponytail. It's like a bubble ponytail, but you keep pulling in more hair as you move down the scalp, creating the segmented look.

50. Surprise Ponytail

Put your medium length hair in a low side or back ponytail. Leave your bangs down in the front to create a surprise ponytail look.

Adding Cute Ponytails To Your Daily Routine

Ponytails seem like simple hairstyles, but there are tons of ways to wear them. Try any of these fifty ponytail hairstyles to change up your regular look.