5 Crash Diet That Celebrities Who Tried That Works

Read all about these celebrities crash dieting and how they work

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5 Crash Diet That Celebrities Who Tried That Works

What are crash diets exactly and how does it work?

Your wedding is coming up in two weeks, you have a junk boat party this weekend...There're more reasons that I could think of for you to want to get fit in just a few days. Losing a lot of weights in just a few days can be dangerous and the result won't stay forever. It's not the right solution for you if you want to stay fit, but it's the best solution for you if you want to lose weight fast.

Crash diets mean diets that are usually very extreme so that you could lose a rather huge amount of weight soon. Crash diets are by no mean healthy diets that you should follow for longer terms. They are quick and fast solutions to your current problems.

A crash diet aims to achieve a rapid result on an urgent basis so always keep this in mind and don't confuse it with a normal, regular healthy diet. A crash diet should not replace a regular diet, it's only for an urgent basis where you just really need to lose weight fast.

People with heart diseases, diabetes, or any other physical disabilities are usually not advised to take a crash diet, if you do, please visit a doctor before you start to make sure your body will be able to handle it for your own safety.

2019 celebrities best crash diet that works

Many celebrities have tried different crash diets over the years, some did it for their roles in different movies, some did it for events and fashion shows, and some just did it because they realized it's about time they get into shape fast.

Christian Bale was crowned a very dedicated actor when he lost weight drastically for a movie and then gained weight within 5 weeks again for another. It's a professional sacrifice and many celebrities are gambling on their bodies. Whatever may be your reason to choose a crash diet, we have the one for you! We will share with you the 5 newest and most successful ones so you can lose weight fast and won't drop dead halfway through from malnutrition!

1. Beyonce

Source: Facebook @Beyonce

Beyonce is probably the world's most famous and popular singer. She has always given out this healthy, glowing look to the public. She never adored those thin-as-bamboo supermodels. Very often, when asked about her diet and her image she would tell you that she only wants to look healthy and not weightless.

The new Netflix movie Homecoming, released in March, can tell you all about Beyonce's dedication to look awe-inspiring for Cochella. Many fans were happily surprised by Homecoming as no one knew Beyonce was releasing another movie about her. She talked about how difficult it was to stay in shape to look good sometimes and the diet she followed.

By staying away from bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish and alcohol, Beyonce admitted that she was always hungry. She had to rebuild her body from cut muscles. It took a lot of effort but the result was amazing as we could see how much she was shining.

You lose weight fast when you don't take in pretty much anything that will make you gain weight. By limiting yourself to nothing but naturally grown seeds and vegetables. You will always be hungry while on this diet, but it will get you to where you want in a heartbeat.

Check out Homecoming on Netflix now!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: Facebook @Gwyneth Paltrow

Our beloved Pepper Potts from the MCU movies that said Endgame was her last movie as Pepper. This household name shouldn't be strange to anyone. Besides a talented actress and a devoted mum, she is also an advocator for healthy diets. She did draw quite some controversies over her views on dieting, among other things like everything natural must not be harmful to humans.

She followed a crash diet in the past where she recommended for others to follow on her own website Goop. It's a gluten-free diet, meaning you have to stay away from grains and such. Paltrow instead had a lot of fruit smoothies in her meals. While physicians can't agree on the health benefits and risks on gluten-free diets, Paltrow has said that her diets helped her a lot in losing weight in a short period of time, claiming that you can lose up to 14lbs in just 4 weeks. While some criticized her for encouraging people to lose weight drastically, it worked. So do it with your own consideration.

Check out Goop for more!

3. Jennifer Lopez

Facebook @Jennifer Lopez

Busy preparing for her concerts and shows, Lopez spare no energy in staying fit. She always has the strongest determination in getting into shape. With her ''10 days carb and sugar fast'' challenge on Instagram, she has proven to the world that if there's a will, there's a way.

Her no carb and sugar diet was not easy to follow if you have an idea just how many types of food in the world contain carb or sugar. She had to stay away from bread, rice, pasta and a lot of fruits and vegetables. It was not easy but the result surely didn't make her regret it.

She chose mostly green beans, turkey, and eggs for her meals as the nutrients are easily absorbed and the food is quite filling.

She has always said that her diet leaves her feeling fresh and healthy, and that's a huge motivation in keeping it up. Your body feels completely detoxed and you lose weight almost instantly without the carbs and sugar. Not the easiest diet to follow, but surely one that works.

4. Chris Pratt

Facebook @Chris Pratt

It's both sad and funny when many stars calling Pratt a balloon on the internet because he is always either Marvel hero fit or Jonas Hill chubby, there's really no in between. Pratt shared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about his very strict diet, in a successful attempt to lose weight. He consumes only fresh and unprocessed food such as nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Quite a primal way to go for a crash diet. Pratt completely laid off processed food for a while and only took in fresh products for the result to kick in quick. One bad thing about this diet is that you don't get a lot of options (in some cases, you don't really have an option) in choosing your meals. You could easily end up having the thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which can be a nightmare.

On the plus side, this diet is quite comprehensive in terms of its nutritional value. It's probably one of the most well-balanced diets among all the crash diet choices. 

Click here to watch his full interview with Stephen Colbert about his diet!

5. Kim Kardashian

Facebook @Kim Kardashian

How can we leave out our fitness goddess Kim? So many look up to Kim for her surreal curvy body. Kim is always pushing herself to be better and she always makes sure she meets her target.

On her Instagram, it's not hard to see her sharing tips with her fans. She is famous for her meal replacement shakes, which are usually shakes with high protein content to replace a regular meal. She often shares her favourite meal replacement shakes on Instragram so her fans can join in on her beauty diet. These are like energy shakes that will not provide you with long term health benefits but perfect if you want to lose weight fast.

You will only take in a few hundred calories a day if you take the meal replacement shakes instead of a regular meal. It's like drinking smoothies or thickened water. Many of the Kardashians and Jenners turn to meal replacement shakes when they have a big event coming up.

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Being a celebrity isn't as easy as we think. Following a celebrity's crash diet is certainly hard if you aren't a celebrity. It takes a whole lot of determination and persistence for a crash diet to work. Nothing takes you from 0 to 100 just like that. If you want the fast way, you have to sacrifice something.

A crash diet is an extreme way to lose weight fast, please understand that this is by no mean a diet you should keep up on a regular basis. Advise your physician and follow a healthy diet if you want to achieve a long term, proper result. Only follow these crash diet if you have something important coming up and you need to get into shape. And keep checking your body parameters to make sure you're doing fine during dieting.

Your will is also a key to success. Eating the same tasteless thing, again and again, is surely no fun when you've had the amazing Shake Shack burgers. It's just the price to stay attractive. Always tell yourself that the result will be worth the suffering and hopefully one day you will actually enjoy being on a diet as much as many celebrities do!