Everything about Sirtfood diet, Adele's weight loss go-to

What is this diet that made such significant change to Adele?

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Everything about Sirtfood diet, Adele's weight loss go-to

The world is in awe of Adele’s recent weight loss and everyone is baffled as to how the singer has managed to lose so much weight in such little time. The singer looked fantastic at the Oscar after-party where her seven stones weight loss was quite evident and all celebrities and fans were curious as well as ecstatic to see their favorite singer do so well. The secret is, of course, a new diet which the singer followed to eat healthily and lose weight at the same time. The diet is known as the Sirt food diet and is becoming very popular amongst celebrities.

What is the Sirt food diet?

The Book that made waves!

The Sirt food diet is a diet that came about in 2016. Authors and nutrition experts Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten wrote a book about the Sirt food diet. The primary aim of the book was to encourage people to adopt a healthier and sustainable lifestyle and not just for the sake of weight loss. However, due to its success in terms of results, the diet was soon adopted by many as a way to shed some extra pounds. In the book, the authors highlight the perfect meal plan required to have a healthy lifestyle. They also explain what foods count as Sirt food and why. Plus there is an emphasis on green juices that are a must drink for this diet and some scrumptious recipes and meals such as prawn stir fry and buckwheat noodles.

How does Sirt Food Diet really work?

According to the Sirt food experts, Goggins and Matten, Sirt foods are unique foods that trigger specific proteins in our bodies which are also known as sirtuins. These proteins or sirtuins are essential for the body as they protect the cells in the body from dying and are therefore excellent in managing the aging process of the cells and body. They also play an important role in managing the metabolism and controlling inflammation in the body which can cause cell death. According to the pair, sirtuins can not only boost metabolism but also enhances the body’s ability to burn fats which allegedly can lead to almost a seven-pound weight loss within a week. And all this weight loss happens without compromising the strength of the muscles or muscle loss. However, not all experts believe that this is just fat loss and attribute the drop in pounds to changes in the glycogen levels in the muscle and the liver.

Two Phases of Sirt Diet

The diet is very comprehensive and to be successful one must follow the diet to the T. No cheating allowed. It is divided into two major phases and each phase has its levels of calories and foods allowed.

Phase No. 1

The first phase is almost a week-long and is divided into two stages. The initial stage includes restricting your diet to 1000 calories a day for three straight days. Moreover, in these three days, you are allowed to have three Sirt food green juices and only one Sirt food meal a day. The second stage of the first phase is slightly easier as the calorie intake increases to 1500 calories a day and instead of three you can have two Sirt food green juices and two Sirt food meals to help you keep full and satisfied.

Phase No. 2

The second phase of the diet focuses on maintenance and stability. It is a 14-day long phase and this is the phase where steady weight loss occurs. Here the focus is to eat three Sirt food meals a day and only one Sirt food green juice. This phase is sustainable and puts the dieter in the habit of eating regular meals at regular times with only Sirt foods. If done properly the diet promises long term and sustainable weight loss without much effort.

Concerns with regards to Sirt Diet

The main concern that nutritionists and health practitioners have with this diet is that it restricts foods and food groups which are essential for a healthy and balanced diet. Moreover, the first phase might be difficult for most people and is outside the health guidelines as it restricts calorie intake to just 1000 calories. Drinking just juices or mainly juices in the first phase is also a huge concern as a liquid diet is an extreme option and can cause dieters to relapse and overindulge.

Success stories

There are many success stories of the Sirt food diet which is why it has become incredibly popular in such a short period. Here are some known personalities who have benefitted from this diet and recommend it to their fans and followers.

Pete Geracimo – The Celebrity Trainer

Instagram Source: @petegeracimo

The celebrity trainer Pete Geracimo is the one who recommends the Sirt food diet to all those who come his way including Adele and Pippa Middleton. He has recommended this diet to many celebrities of which some have been open about their weight loss while others like Adele and Pippa have been secretive about it.


Instagram Source: @Adele

Recently, Adele shocked the world when a picture of hers made it to Instagram in a leopard hugging gown at an Oscars after-party thrown by Jay Z and Beyonce. The singer looked fabulous and not like her usual chubby self. Instead, her waist was tiny enough to be the eye of envy for many. Adele’s secret for this 40-pound weight loss is, of course, the Sirt food diet which the 31-year-old singer has been following for the last four years to get in shape. The diet which rejuvenates and fastens the metabolism surely seems to have worked on Adele who has shocked the world and her fans with her drastic transformation.

Pipa Middleton – Sister of Duchess Kate Middleton

Instagram Source: @pippamiddleton_

Adele is however not the only one who swears by this diet. Pippa Middleton, the sister of Duchess Kate Middleton also swears by this diet and seemed to have dwindled in Sirt food as well to maintain a healthy weight and keep off the pounds.

Some more famous people

Other famous people who have converted to the Sirt food diet and continue to follow it include Jodie Kidd, boxers David Haye and Anthony Ogogo, Tv cook Loraine Pascal, champion Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie and English rugby player James Haskell.  Jodie Kidd attributed the diet as the secret to looking great. Whereas the food cook Pascal gives credit to the authors Matten and Glen for making weight loss easy with a non-fad diet which promises delicious and nutrition filled foods.

While the diet is famous amongst celebrities it is also very expensive and can round up to 1500 pounds worth of groceries and foods. Perhaps this is why the diet remains exclusive to celebrities and is popular amongst those who can afford to sustain such an expensive lifestyle.

Top 50 Sirt food

Buckwheat, Capers, Celery, Chilli, Dark Chocolate, Coffee, cocoa, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, Matcha, Lovage, Kale, Medjool Dates, Red Chicory, Parsley, Red onion, strawberry, Red wine, Rocket, Soy, Turmeric, walnuts, prawns, turkey, apples, blueberries, citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit, chicken, sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, pomegranates, broccoli, artichoke, flax seeds, cinnamon, cumin, cod, sesame, shrimp, arugula, salmon, avocado, endive leaves, green beans, ginger, and chicken stock

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In a nutshell, the Sirt food diet is all the rage these days, especially in the celebrity world. Adele, Pippa Middleton, and others are a testament to the fact that the diet is becoming increasingly popular amongst celebrities and is often referred to as the wine and dark chocolate diet. The diet itself that might seem restrictive in its first phase promises sustainable and steady weight loss without compromising on yummy foods. However, some experts still believe that the diet is restrictive as it restricts many foods such as dairy, red meats etcetera which are an essential parts of a balanced and healthy diet.