50 Different Types Of Perm Hairstyles To Look Gorgeous

Here are a few different types of perm hairstyles that you can incorporate into your looks for standing out of the crowd. Go through them and pick your style.

By Tanaya Nath
50 Different Types Of Perm Hairstyles To Look Gorgeous

50 Different Types Of Perm Hairstyles To Look Gorgeous

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Strange things are becoming trendy, neon colored hair, strange haircuts and people are sporting customized denim jackets. This points to one thing: the era of the 80s is back. So, it goes without saying that the over the top hair trend of that time is back as well. Perms, yes, that’s what we are talking about. Back then, people had to use harsh chemicals for getting that perfect look. But today, with advanced technology in hair styling, you can keep the health of your hair and still attain that perfect permed look. Plus you can achieve different looks with different permed hairstyles. Before perming, thoroughly wash your hair to remove any dirt and let the perming agent enter into the hair shaft easily. The bonds that determine the texture of your hair have to be broken for making your hair more flexible, hence the perming agents are used. The types of perm you are getting, i.e, acid, alkaline or endothermic perm, decides the kind of perming lotion that will be used. As the lotions break down the bonds of your hair, the strands of your hair are then wrapped around the curling rods for redefining their structures and giving them curly look. The texture and thickness of your hair decides how long it should be left around the rods. The type of rods used, i.e, thin, medium or wide is decided by the kind of curls you want, tight, medium, wavy or relaxed. After the curling rods are removed, neutraliser is sprayed on your hair for reconnecting the bonds and then those neutralisers are washed off from your hair. Then for a few days, you must not apply shampoo, heat to other hair products on your hair. Your perm is done. There are varieties of perm you can pick from. You can have whichever type you want to try. There are conventional perms and bolder options as well. There are tight curls. Loose and wavy is another good option. Then there are really wild curls and a tamed mane as well. You have a wide array of perming styles. We are listing top 50 different types of perm hairstyles to look gorgeous and you can pick one that suits your look.

Different Types Of Perms For Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is beautiful in itself. So, if you have naturally blonde hair, you can just go ahead with these perm hairstyles. If you don’t have naturally perm hair, you can dye it first.

Classic Perm In Blonde

Rose Bertram makes it hard to look away once you have glanced at the Dutch model. It is because of her hair which is naturally blonde and curled. So, if you want classical curly locks like she has, then you might just have to dye your hair blonde if it isn't naturally so. Then you can either go for a stacked digital perm or spiral perm.

Spiral Perm With Golden Blonde Hair

Danish model Frederikke Sofie was just 17 when she became the known name in the modeling world. Besides her sheer hard work, what got her the success in her modeling career was her very beautiful and ravishing golden blonde curls. These curls lent an air of exquisite quirkiness to her looks. For getting that hair look, you could either go for the spiral or cold stacked perms done with small curling rods.

Bleached Blonde And Bob

This hairstyle almost makes you believe that blondes have more fun. This perm creates fine waves and the blond dye makes the hair looks sun-kissed. With this hair, you will look like you have just come back from a super fun day spent at the beach.

Blonde Spiral Perm

Go big with this perm hair style. The bouncy and tight curly hair is created by the spiral job and the curls look very magnificent. But what adds to the look is bleaching the hair before perming it. It gives your hair an eternally beach-ready look.

Different Types Of Perms For Short Hair

Women with short hair often feel at a loss for a good change of hairstyle. With these different types of perm for short hair you can now enjoy easily maintainable hairstyles. Here are some that you can try.

Bushy Perm

In a world that is guided by certain norms and definition, bushy hair is not always perceived well. However, when you will look at all that bushy permed hair on your head, you will be ready to defy all the beauty norms and definition. You don’t always need tons of hair products to get curly hair that is gorgeous and perfectly defined. You can just air dry the curls and then brush them out to create a beautifully bushy mane.

Messy Multi Textured Bob Perm

How versatile can you be with the perm is very surprising. For example, take the short bob hair done in the curls of various sizes. This messy perm is the height of chick grunge. Top it off with some really short curls and bangs that seem to have minds of their own. Now that look takes the messy perm hairstyle to a whole new level!

Short Wavy Perm

You don’t essentially need long or medium length hair in order to get it permed. If you have short bobbed hair, you can style them with a perm as well. For the short bob hair, a loose perm is all you need to raise the cuteness quotient. The relaxed waves and the short adorable bangs on the front will make you look a lot cuter.

Bob Wet Hot Perm

Bob cuts are in these days so here is one more perm hairstyle to try with this haircut. Hot perms, in general, look like waves. They create loose waves when the hair is wet and they turn into more defined curls when they are dried. In this hairstyle, the short bob hair has been done in the hot perm and then left wet for creating a relaxed look.

Shaggy Bob Multi Textured Perm

The short shag bob looks cute however, there are always chances that if this hairstyle is not properly styled, it might look messy. So, if you are looking for a dramatic hair transformation, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Adding multi-textured perm to the shaggy bob hair can add to its natural and beautiful looking curls. With this hairstyle, you don't have to style your hair every time you step out. Saves a lot of time, doesn’t it?

Tousled Wavy Black Bob

Black hair holds a different charm. So, if you have short hair and it's not black, you can color it. Then with the wide curling rod, get the very loose tousled perm. It will give your hair a relaxed look. These curls are low maintenance and easy to carry. The perm is conventional but the look it will create on your black bob is just gorgeous.

Short Curly Perm

Curly short hairstyles are really cute. When you go for hair perming, you get to choose your curl pattern. So, be sure that you pick large curls. The reason is that short curls look too wiry and immature. By picking the large curl pattern, you assure that your short hair doesn’t look childish and rough after the perm. Don’t forget to incorporate layers, especially around the nape of the neck. It will add definition to the permed hair.

Different Types Of Root Perm

Root perm is named so because it is applied only to the roots of the hair. It is used for perming new growth on the hair or giving them a little lift. You can find more about the root perm online. For now, here I have a few types of root perm for you to try.

Root Perm Super Defined

There is nothing sexier than the super defined curl ringlets that bounce in all directions as they want. This root perm will lift your hair from the root and its end result is a lot of volume around your head. It also gives you the tight bouncy curls that can bring everyone who sees them to their knees.

Cold Root Perm

Alanna Arrington is another 17 year old has taken the modeling industry by storm and been the envy of many. It’s not just because of her looks and her work that at this young age she has opened for Altuzarra at New York Fashion Week last year. What has given her the boost is her natural gorgeous curls. So, if you want to get her curls, you can go for a bob cut with straight cut bangs and a cold root perm.

Hot Root Perm

Kangana Ranaut is known for her acting skills, her beauty, and her hair. Her wild and curly tresses have revolutionized Bollywood’s beauty quotient and standards. Her hair shook everyone who believed in styling their hair heavily. For this look, get a hot root perm on your long hair and you are all set to rule the world.

Different Types Of Olaplex Perm

Olaplex ensures softer curls on the heavily lighted hairs. It also ensures that hairs stay in better condition before and after the perm. Olaplex is a true bond multiplier. Here are a few types of Olaplex perms for you.

Olaplex Partial Body Perm

Basically, Olaplex has revolutionized the entire perming process as it has reduced the damage done to the hair during the process. This partial Olaplex body perm is done on the lower half of the hair, creating big curls using Olaplex. The hairstyle is finished off with some straight cut bangs which make it look completely awesome.

Wild Olaplex Perm

If you are wild and free and want your hair to look the same, we have the perfect hairstyle for you. This Olaplex perm adds a lot of dimensions and texture to your hair, helping you reveal your wild side. If you want the completely out of hand look, cut your hair into short bangs and then let the curls give your hair that look.

Different Types Of Body Perm

This type of perm leaves the roots of the hair and is done on the body of the hair. Here are different types of body perm styles for trying out to achieve a different look.

Big Body Perm

A body perm is where you can create and get the big bouncy curls. Body perms give you big curls, the ones that are not as tightly permed as the curls made by spiral perms. These big curls look naturally gorgeous and have an oomph factor of their own. With this hairstyle, you are ready to rule the world.

Luscious Body Perm

Haven’t you dreamed of having full-bodied curls that cascade lusciously down your back? If you have, you can achieve that look with a wand- no, not a magic wand, a curling wand. However, for that, you will have to give up at least an hour of your everyday life. If you don’t want to spend so much time getting the hairstyle of your dreams, you can just go for a body perm, which will give you big bouncy and beautiful curls without having to take out so much time every day.

Different Types Of Spiral Perm

Spiral perms are beautiful. The size and the length of the curls vary in the spiral perm while they are uniform in the regular perm. You can create different types of curls with spiral perms. So, try some of them from the list below.

The Sultry Cold Spiral Perm

There is something truly sexy about the wet hair of a woman who has just stepped out the shower. The cold spiral perm captures the essence of that look perfectly. The cold perm gives you scrunched up and super defines curls just like wet hair. These waves turn loose when the hair gets dry.

Spiral Perm For Medium Bob

If you have ever cast an eye on the Dutch-Egyptian beauty Imaan Hammam, you would know that she has taken the world by storm by her fashion statement. If you want to have her looks, you must go for a medium bob cut hair with a hot spiral perm. It will make you look different and you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Cold Spiral Perm

DJ Vashtie is quite a name in the New York music world. Her long glossy curls have also made the news along with her music and talent. If you have long hair, you can get a cold spiral perm to get that look. It will be absolutely wonderfully beautiful.

Spiral Perm With Wispy Bangs

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If you want to look different from the crowd and want to stand out from conventional looking faces, you must go for this look. The untamed mane will give you a look that will make you stand out of the crowd. For this look, you can the spiral perm done on your hair and then cut the few curls in the front. This will give you the desired wispy bangs.

Big Mane Spiral Perm

This is the hairstyle for you if you want to add life to your dull and lifeless hair. A spiral perm is all you need to add dynamic texture and the gorgeous curls from the roots to the tips of your long hair. And you will end up having a mane that is as beautiful as the mane of a lion. Love it, don’t you?

Different Types Of Partial Perm

A partial perm is easily manageable. It is done on the ends of the hair, leaving roots and the mid-section of the hair in their natural form. It creates texture, smooth ones, that flows into sexy curly-locks. Here are different types of partial perm for creating a beautiful look.

Partial Perms With Tousled Curls

Even when we style our hair, we love all that natural look- at least some of us do. This perm hairstyle is tailor-made for this kind of people. This perm is done only on the lower half of the hair and is created using wide curling rods that create big curls. You can also tousle the curls to make them look natural effortlessly.

Digital And Cold Partial Perm Mixed

Sometimes we all like to have the girl next door look, don’t we? This look is slightly complicated to achieve but the end result is worth the trouble. The digital perm is done on the lower half of the hair, creating some big curls at the bottom that get more defined as they get dry. The bangs are done in cold perm for creating a little wavy look and completing the natural effortless look.

Texturised Partial Perm

Beyoncé has sported another perm look. In this style, the roots are left untouched in their natural form while the rest of the hair is done in the multi-textured perm. This makes the hair on the top of the head fall flat in a neat pattern creating beautiful volumes on the side of the face. This hairstyle accentuates the cheekbones.

Messy Partial Perms

This is a rock girl’s look, the messy partial perm. This hairstyle leaves the roots untouched and the lower half of your hair is curled. These curls are uneven and a little messy. This hairstyle gives you a rough and sexy look, making you look like a total rock star.

Partial Digital Perm

I have spend a lot of time dreaming about having a permanent blow-dried look in my hair. The partial perm takes you one step closer to that dream. For this look, leave the roots and midsection untouched and get the ends of your hair digitally permed. It will give you a chick look with half curled and half straight hair. You will love it while everyone else will be busy envying it.

Different Types Of Highlighted Perm

Highlights are beautiful on their own. When added with the perm, they make your hairstyle stand out in the crowd. So, listed here are a few perm hairstyles that pair well with highlights. Hope you have fun trying them.

Highlighted Perm

Medium length hair can enjoy many curl patterns. You can do them loose or tight without worrying about the curls being heavy around your face. Curly bangs have the tendency of looking childish as well. You can highlight them and show them off or pin them back to show off your face.

Off- Center, Curly And Highlighted Perm

The name says it all. Get an off center haircut for your medium length hair, have the hair highlighted and then get the loose curls done with the wide curling rod. The loose waves and the highlights will make your hair look extremely beautiful. It will also accentuate your looks and the bangs falling casually around your face will make you look distinguished.

Different Types Of Multi Textured Perm

Perms don't have to be same in shape, size, and length. The different sizes, lengths, and shapes of curls have different charm altogether. Here are the different types of multi-textured perms that you absolutely should try out.

Multi Textured Perm

Gone were the days when you needed to get perfectly shaped curls and had to use the curling rods precisely, very precisely, for getting the same size and style of curls. Hello! This is the 21st century, the era of messy hair. It’s all the rage. For the Multi-textured perm, curling rods of different sizes are used to create messy perms and more natural looking curls.

Multi Textured Layered Perm

Annalynne McCord’s gorgeous blond curls grabbed everyone’s notice when a hit 90’s TV show, Beverly Hills revived in 2008. You can get that same look by getting a layered haircut and then going for a multi-textured perm. Not only you but everyone else will love the hairstyle.

Different Types Of Other Perms

Here are a few other perm styles for you. Find the one that suits you and try it on.

The Natural Looking Perm

As the name says, this one is a very natural looking perm hairstyle. These curls are the result of the use of narrow curling rods during the perm styling. Taking into account how much girls lament the frizz that they are cursed with, it is just amazing how beautiful the frizz that is created by brushing the perms looks.

The Mohawk Perm

The only thing better than a hair transformation is a double hair transformation. The Mohawk perm is a daring and cool style to sport, if you dare. Add a root perm to it to take the badass factor in you to an entirely new level. You will have to have the shaved straight sides for creating a contrast, marvelously so, against the tight voluminous curls at the top. You will love it if you are a badass type.

Diffused Perm Mid Length

You would ask what is the use of perming the hair if you have to dry them with diffuser and I will tell you that drying the permed hairs with diffuser will open up your curls. Also, it will create a beautiful definition in them. Then again, there is something so different and outstanding about jet black curls that it can’t be compared to any other styles.

The Relaxed Waves

Getting a perm doesn’t mean you have to have the tight curls. Thanks to the digital perm, relaxed waves are now a viable option. In this hairstyle your waves will be more prominent when you hair is dry, unlike the normal perm. And you don’t have to have super tight curls for this hairstyle.

Huge Crazy Perm

Seen Julianne Hough? Well, true that she has an ethereal face that can carry the craziest of the hairstyles with glamour. But to tell you the truth, this big crazy perm looks pretty nice, in an ‘in your face’ kind of way. Get your medium length hair permed into some crazy serious big curls and create this gorgeous but crazy curly bob look.

Beach Waves

Well, the idea of perm doesn’t have to be limited to tight curls and ringlets. Sport the super relaxed and cute beach waves. They are cute to look at and are achieved with the help of an Olaplex perm. The curls are wavy and are quite sexy.

The Carrie Bradshaw Perm

Carrie Bradshaw has proved to all the women of the world that you don’t always have to have a super styled poker straight hair for looking gorgeous. You can get your hair permed into absolutely unruly curls and still look sexy. It gives you the perfect just ready to hit the city look.

Enormous Perm

Beyoncé sported this look, the enormous perm hairstyle in the Goldmember movie premiere at Austin Powers in 2002. Needless to say, she pulled it off stunningly well. This is a very bold look and it is indeed obvious that you will think a hundred times before sporting this style but if you do you will definitely make a lasting impression.

Burgundy Short Perm

When it comes to experimenting with hair colors we often think of Rihanna. She has done a fair share of experiments with hair colors and burgundy has been a big hit for her. The deep red short hair is shaped into tight spiral curls that look wonderful, and it still looks classy.

Swooped Bangs

For the classic perm look, the size of the hair doesn’t matter. You could go for swooped bangs and hair that is long on the top and short on the sides. The perm can add a lot of volume to the hair. It works well in reducing roundness, thus accentuating the angles of the face.

Hot Perm Bouncy Curls

Luz Pavon, Mexican supermodel is a well-known name in the fashion industry and an inspiring entrepreneur. What took her to the top of the fashion industry is her curly and thick hair that she used to endorse many products. A wide curling rod with a hot perm is what you need to imitate her hairstyle and rock the world.

Boho Chic Perm

The long and minimally styled hairstyle of Vanessa Hudgens, cascading down like a perfect waterfall of curls is really breathtaking. Therefore, for this haircut, you will need waist length hair. If your hair isn't that long, you will have to wait till you attain that length. Then you can go for the hot spiral perm.

Acid Perm

Using harsh chemicals can be very scary, especially the things that they can do that to your hair. So, if you want a less harmful way to perm your medium length hair you must go for an acid perm. If you are new to perming your hair, you should try this treatment first. It allows you to achieve beautiful loose S-shaped curls and causes very little damage to hair as compared to the alkaline perm.

Silver Fox Perm

Silver hair in itself is a bold statement. Adding giant curls will take to the greater heights- literally. This will look good on bob-length hair. These curls are tight and made with larger curling rods. These curls snake around your head, giving you a crazily bold look. So, if you have guts to do something bold and different, this is the look for you.

Shrinking Curls

If you have medium hair this hairstyle is very good for you. These spiral curls start loosely from the roots and get tighter as they near the end of the hair. The depth is created by subtle blonde colored highlights. This hairstyle will give your hair double the volume. I am sure you will love this perm hairstyle.

Brown Bouncy Perm

The solution used in perming hair breaks down the keratin bond in your hair which then restructures your locks when placed around the curling rods. To attain this look, you need to color your hair brown and then have the locks wrapped around the large rods. This will ensure that your sexy curls aren’t too tight and stay bouncy. This hairstyle will work well on medium to long hair lengths.

A-Line Curl

If you love adding modern flair to your perm hairstyle just couple it up with the trendy haircut. In this hairstyle, very beautiful and gorgeous jet black curls are accompanied by the A-Line haircut. The wet looks of the curls give a little more laid back look to your hairstyle.

The Flapper’s Perm of 1920’s

Cute short hairstyles were considered poodle like way back when, but not certainly not anymore. This one is the great version of the hairstyles that have been popular for ages. This style is a bit messier and hence pretty easy to keep up. It is good for warm climates since it keeps your neck free. The small V-shaped section at the nape not only lengthens the hairstyle but also creates a dramatic silhouette for the haircut.

These are just a few perm hairstyles for you to consider. The more you play with your haircut and perm options, the more variety you can create with them. However, you must not experiment with different curls and different cuts if you are not bold enough to carry whatever hairstyle you get. If you are just a little bold, you should go with the more commonly used styles. You can find many more on fashion and beauty sites and in magazines. Even perms have personalities, so always pick the one that suits yours. You might decide to get a very bold perm in a moment and then you may not be able to carry the style you opted for. In that case, there is nothing much that can be done, especially if you have short hair. So, choose wisely. Otherwise, stick to the conventional perm hairstyles. So, are you ready to stun the world?