Top 20 Cute And Easy Hairstyles For School You Should Try

Check out this list of the top 20 cute and easy hairstyles for you or your little teen daughter to wear to school or to hang out with friends!

By Tanaya Nath
Top 20 Cute And Easy Hairstyles For School You Should Try

Top 20 Cute And Easy Hairstyles For School You Should Try

The lunchbox is half packed. The bus is about to arrive and blow its horn. And your daughter is begging for a hairdo that makes her look like a princess. She is not going to settle for the usual. And if the bus leaves without your little girl, you will have to go through hell to drop her off at school. So, when you are running short on time, and steam is about to come out of your ears, just relax and take a deep breath. We are here to help! Listed below are the top 20 cute and easy hairstyles for school that you should try for your little princess.

Cute Hair Bow Hairstyles For School

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Daughters are a gift in our lives so dress them up like one. Adorn her hair with a cute little bow. For this, you will need bobby pins, elastic bands, sectioning clips, a teasing brush, a fine tooth comb, and stronghold hairspray. How to make a hair bow: First, tie a medium level ponytail. Section away 2-inch sections of hair from the top of the ponytail using sectioning clips. From the left side, pick 1/3rd of the ponytail and use the curling iron on the top. Now tease down this part with the teasing brush. This will create volume, and with the fine-toothed comb smoothen out the teased part. Next, bend this section into one half of the bow shape and secure it from underneath with the bobby pins. Repeat these steps on the other side. Now braid the 2 inch section about the third of the way down. Place it along the center of the bow and pin it right under the base of the ponytail. Create 2 big curls from the tails of the ponytail and put some stronghold hairspray to keep it the way it is. Your princess is ready to get some oohs and ahhs in her school.

Easy Heart Shaped Pigtails

Why not put some sweet little hearts in the hair of your little sweetheart? Other than looking extremely cute, this hairstyle takes just 5 minutes. All you will need is a hairbrush and elastic bands. How to get this cute and quick hairstyle: Start by smoothing out the hairs of your teen and tie two ponytails at a medium level, one at each side. Use your fingers and create a gap right above the band at the base of the pigtail. Now in the gap, topsy the tail by flipping the pigtail in the gap. Do that twice and divide the tail into two sections. Now start twisting the sections. They will start to curve upwards, creating the two halves of the heart. Bring the twisted sections together and secure them with the elastic band. Repeat on the other side as well. Your sweetheart will surely receive awwws from her friends.

Cute Triple Low Updo For Your Teen Daughter

Do a fancy hairstyle for your little girl in less than three minutes. You can do this hairstyle for school or days when she has sports or gym or dance classes. Keep some bobby pins and elastic bands ready for this hairstyle. How to achieve this look: Make three low ponytails parallel to each other in a line. Tuck each ponytail halfway into the band. Create a messy circular bun by spreading the looped hair and secure it to her head with the bobby pins. Do this to all three ponytails, and she is good to go.

Easy Faux Waterfall Hairstyles For School

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There are many waterfall braids and tutorials out there, and they can get pretty daunting. Here's a waterfall hairstyle hack that is not only easy but also takes just a few minutes to accomplish. Be it a usual school day or a birthday party, give your teen daughter a look that everyone else will envy with just bobby pins and an elastic band. How to do this cute hairstyle: Deep part her hair on one side and from the side with more hairs pick up a three-inch thick section. Braid that section up to the end and secure it with the elastic band. By inserting your thumb and the index finger through the braid’s first stitch, pick a small section of hair from the front into the stitch. Do that with every stitch of the braid until the hair falls in line with the parting of the other side. To finish off the look, tuck her braid under the side of her hair with the pins.

Easy Under Braids Hairstyle For Your Teen Daughter

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If your daughter is grown up enough to make braids, she can do this hairstyle herself. It is easy, chic, and pretty, all in one. For this hairstyle, all you need are elastic bands and bobby pins. How to rock this hairstyle: Part hair from the side. Now from the part with more hair, pick a medium size section of hair and braid it till the end. Secure that braid with the elastic band. Now, next to that braid, pick another section of hair for making the braid and do it the way you did the first braid. Secure this one as well with the elastic band. Gently pull them apart, pancaking them and making them look a little wider. Now pin these braids at the back under the hair to complete the look.

Cute Rose Bun Hairstyles For School

If you struggle to find a new hairstyle every time your teen goes to a class or has a school dance or a party to attend, this is the answer to all your prayers. Your daughter will look gorgeous, like the flower child that she is. For this hairstyle, you will need a hair elastic, bobby pins, and texturizing spray. How to get this elegant yet easy look: Take the top half of her hair and divide it into three equal sections. Braid each section separately and secure them with the elastic band. Now pancake all the braids on the left side and spray some texturizing spray on them. With one hand, hold down the top of the braid and with the other, roll the braid around it clockwise. Pin the roll at every half of the circle. Tuck the end under the rose bun and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the same thing with all the other braids. And she is ready to rock.

Cute Elsa Braid Hairstyle For School

Since the animated movie Frozen was released, the Elsa braid has been every girl’s dream. So if your angel has long hair, surprise her with this hairstyle that is inspired by Elsa. So keep the sectioning clips, teasing brush, fine-toothed comb, and elastic bands ready. How to look just like Elsa: Horizontally part your teen's hair from ear to ear into two sections and leave the front section to frame her face. Take the sectioning clip and clip off the bottom section to keep it out of the way. Create volume in the top section by teasing it a little, then smooth it down and tie it in a ponytail. Secure the ponytail with the elastic band. Now start braiding the ponytail. After the first three stitches, unclip the bottom section and start adding sections of hair from each side into the braid. Add the sections with each stitch. At the nape of the neck, you will run out of the sections to add. Just go ahead and keep making the braid until the end. Secure it with the elastic band. To finish the look, cut off the elastic at the top and tug the braid apart to loosen it a little, making it look wider and giving it a soft vibe.

Easy Coronation Bun Of Elsa

It’s time for your teen to wear a regal French twist hairstyle to school, inspired by the movie Frozen. That’s what Elsa did with her hair in her coronation. You will need a rat tail comb, a sectioning clip, elastic bands, bobby pins, ribbon, and hairspray. How to get this royal hairstyle: Start by parting your little girl’s hair on one side. Create a horizontal partition, with the tail of the rat tail comb, from her first partition to her opposite ear. For the rest of her hair, hold it at the back of her head with the sectioning clip. Take a medium-sized section of hair right next to the partition and divide it into two parts. French twist these sections by flipping the front strand over the back and adding more hair into it with each twist from the side of her head. Secure the twist with the band once it has gone past her ears and you have run out on the sections to add to it. Take the ribbon and insert one end into the elastic. Then gather all the hair along with the ribbon and twist it into a side bun. Pin that under the French twisted braid. Use the bobby pins for securing the bun and some hairspray for keeping the whole hairstyle in the place.

Messy Mermaid Braid For Your Teen

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Mermaids have been a common fantasy of kids for a long time. If your little girl knows about mermaids, she must as well be fascinated by them. Give her a part of her dream of being a mermaid. Give her a mermaid braid with heat protection spray, curling irons, elastic bands, and bobby pins. How to make your teen's mermaid dreams come true: To begin with, spray some heat protectant and curl the lower half of your little girl’s hair. Right from the top of her head, pick a big section of hair, braid it until the end, and secure it with an elastic band. From the front at the left side, take a two-inch section of hair, twist it till the end and insert it into the first stitch of the braid. Now do the same with the section of hair on the right side and tuck it into the second stitch of the braid. Alternating between the two sides, work down the braid and weave all the hair into the braid. Use another band for securing the end again. If there is any hair hanging loose, tuck them in with the bobby pins and gently tug the braid apart to give it a fuller look.

The Cute Triple Braid For School

This is the one for the days when you are feeling a little lazy, and you don’t feel like going through elaborate hairstyles for your teen daughter. All you need are elastic bands and a comb. How to achieve this hairstyle: Divide her hair into three sections. Braid each section individually and secure them all with an elastic band. Now gather them and braid them all into one braid, securing the final braid at the end with an elastic band again. You are done.

Dutch Pigtails Hairstyles For School

With just hair elastics and a comb, you can give your teen princess a perfect and oh-so-trendy hairstyle for school, games, and sports. Pigtails are super easy to make, and they also keep hair out of one's face. How to get started on this fun hairstyle: Part your teen's hair slightly off center till the nape of her neck, essentially dividing her hair into two sections. Pick a three-inch section of hair from the very front and divide that section into three further section. Dutch braid the section, adding the hair along the way. Once you run out of hair to add, just keep on braiding it till the end and secure it with the elastic band. Repeat the process on the other side as well. Voila, it’s done.

Messy Bun Hairstyles For School


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Overslept? Now you don’t have much time to do your daughter’s hair. Well, we might have some hairstyles for you and your teen in our gift box. Enter, the messy bun. How to get this quick and cute style: Comb your teen's hair and tie a high ponytail with an elastic band. Now twist the tail till the end. Roll that twisted ponytail around the base to make the bun. Secure the bun with the elastic band. Pull some hair from the top to frame her face and tuck loose sections in with bobby pins to complete the look.

Easy Twisted Bun Hairstyles For Your Teen

This hairstyle will help your girl beat the summer heat and still make her a style queen. How to achieve this easy breezy hairstyle: Part her hair in the middle, dividing it into two sections. Tie each section into a medium level ponytail. Take one ponytail, divide it into two parts, and twist them both together till the end. Now secure it with the band. Do the same with the other ponytail. Next, twist these two twisted ponytails into a bun together. Secure the bun with some bobby pins. To finish the look, gently loosen the twisted bun for a fuller look.

The Classy Ponytail For School

Ponytails are really cute hairstyles, but sometimes kids complain about the ponytail being too tight and giving them headaches. So here is a little hack for you to get a secured and yet loose ponytail with a pretty twist. All you need are some bands and bobby pins for this hairstyle. How to get a comfortable ponytail: Leave the front section of your teen's hair alone for now and tie all her hair into a medium level ponytail. Part all her front hair to one side and pull back all the hair from the side of the parting with lesser hair. Pull this across the ponytail and pin it down on the opposite side, next to the band. To finish off the look, repeat it on the other side of the front section of hair.

The Bubble Ponytail

Plain old ponytails are boring. Add a little charm and cuteness to the ponytail of your teen with this hairstyle. This one is really simple and super easy to do in no time. How to get this hairstyle: With a hairbrush or comb, untangle your teen's hair and brush it back smoothly. Tie a medium level ponytail. Now about one-third way down the ponytail, tie another rubber band around the tail. About another one-third down, tie another band, and keep doing it until you are left with no more space to tie the band. In each segment, pull the hair to give it the bubble effect.

The Rope Twisted Ponytail

In thirty seconds, turn the boring ponytail of your teen into a stylish hairstyle. Here's how to do it. With a comb, pull her hair back and tie it into a high ponytail. Now make two sections in the tail of the ponytail and twist them individually in a clockwise direction till the end. And then twist them together anticlockwise till the end. Secure it with an elastic band.

Puffed Ponytail Hairstyles

If your little girl is grown up, she would want to have a rock star hairstyle. Here's a hairstyle that’s chic and yet proper for school. You will need an elastic band, bumpit, teasing brush, and a fine-toothed comb. To begin, insert the bumpit at the crown under your teen's hair. With the help of the comb, smooth the hair over the bumpit. Now gather all her hair, make a mid-level ponytail, and secure it with an elastic band. Tease the hair at the base of the ponytail to give it some volume. To complete the look, smooth down the hair over the teased section using the fine-toothed comb.

Triple Twisted Ponytail

This hairstyle is cute and funky. Try it on your teen before she grows up and won’t let you anywhere near her hair. All you need is a comb and elastic band. Part her hair into two sections down the middle till the nape of her neck. Tie one section into a low side ponytail. Take one-third of the other section, twist it tightly till the end, and tie it up with the ponytail. Pick another one-third from under the first one and repeat the previous step. Do the same with the last section to finish the look.

The Ballerina Style Bow Bun

If your little one isn’t a ballerina, you can still make her look like one. This super cute and adorable bun will keep the hair out of your teen's face while making her look like a doll. You will need a hair bow, elastic bands, and bobby pins. Tie her hair into one high ponytail and roll her hair into a bun, leaving a two-inch section at the bottom. Secure the bun with the bobby pins. Take the leftover section and separate it into two parts. Twist each part and then intertwine them together. Now wrap the base of the bun with this section and secure it with a pin. Under the bun, pin a bow to complete the look.

The Two Way Braid

This is one hairstyle that can be given as many looks as you want. For this one, you will need elastic bands, bobby pins, and accessories. Part your teen's hair in two sections down the middle. Braid both the sections till the end and secure them with a band. You can place the braids either across the back or at the top of her head. Secure them with bobby pins at opposite sides under her hair. You can accessorize the look with embellishments, bows, or faux flowers. So, these are your 20 cute and easy hairstyles for school for your little princess. Hope you enjoyed them and she did as well.