Finger Tattoo 101: Best Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Welcome to Finger Tattoo 101! This article is all about finger tattoos. It includes ideas and meanings behind finger tattoos.

By AmyTheOracle
Finger Tattoo 101: Best Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings


Ahhh Tattoos! I love Tattoos! Tattoos are so universal! Men and women from all over the world always think about getting a tattoo, and some follow through with getting one. Tattoos are art! People have all types of ideas, designs, and pictures in all shapes, forms, and styles for tattoos. Some tattoo designs have extremely deep meanings, and some tattoo designs have funny and silly meaning! Of course, some tattoo designs have no meanings attached to them at all. That's the point of art, right? Freedom of expression of all sorts.

Ideas, Ideas โ€” Finger Tattoo?

Placement is always key when it comes to getting a tattoo done. Sometimes placement can be due to specific meanings of the tattoo or not. There are lots of places, designs and ideas to choose from and consider when it comes to your body. Your body is your canvas. So you did some thinking and decided on the placement of your tattoo? Brilliant! A finger tattoo! Why a finger tattoo? Because its the most visible placement and vulnerable placement to put a tattoo of course! Your hands and fingers can never really be hidden. Anyone and everyone will see your finger tattoo.

Finger Tattoo 101

Welcome to Finger Tattoo 101! Remember when you were younger and you always drew on your hands or fingers? You would draw pictures and lyrics or fake rings and jewelry. All types of things were drawn on our hands. Getting tattoos, especially in places where you can see them as your fingers and hands can be very liberating. It automatically gives people pictures or ideas in their head of who you are. It's like looking at pictures in a picture book and conjuring up an imaginative story to bring the photo even more to life. So many cool designs, ideas, and pictures to choose from when it comes to any tattoos, especially finger tattoos. Another thing to consider, as it was previously mentioned before in the article is placement. Of course, you already chose that you want a finger tattoo, but now you have to choose which finger you would like your tattoo on. A cool index finger tattoo? Or a funny thumb tattoo? Some couples that are seriously committed to each other get a cute, meaningful ring finger tattoo. Romantic, if you ask me! Best Friend finger tattoos are always popular as well. As you already know a tattoo is forever unless you're willing to partake in sessions of tattoo laser removal. So when you're deciding on what finger tattoo you're willing to show off keep in mind that like every tattoo it will fade. Another thing to keep in mind is finger and hand tattoos seem to fade a lot quicker due to the amount of water your hands constantly come in contact with. So when it comes to finger or hand tattoos, you might want to consider getting a touch up every now and again or simply being okay with a faded finger or hand tattoo.

Best Tiny Finger Tattoo Ideas & Their Meanings

Okay, guys! Let's get serious and down to business on some ideas and meanings behind some of the gnarliest finger tattoos. Let's think about these finger tattoo ideas. What route do you want to go down? Should you be a silly, humorous person with cartoon characters and old comic book heroes finger tattoos? Should you be a serious, devoted person with meaningful symbols, dates, names, etc. finger tattoos?

Animal Finger Tattoos

Have a favorite animal or pet? Why not get your favorite, dearest furry friend tattooed on your finger. All types of animals can fit as a tattoo on your finger, so no animal is off limits. You can get a cat, dog, elephant, tiger, deer, some bird, wolf or bee. Animal tattoos can mean and represent something deeper and enlightening. Like the bee, wolf or elephant. These can be your spirit animals or a significant animal in your life. Some people are just drawn to certain animals. So getting a cool finger tattoo of this specific animal can be spiritual for you on so many levels. Heck, this tattoo can be considered your lucky charm.

A Rose Tattoo

Roses are very traditional in the tattoo world. So imagine an elegant, classy, vintage rose on your lovely finger. What a beauty isn't it? This is a very dainty yet mature finger tattoo. It's a good idea for friends and lovers. This is also a good tattoo idea for the flower lovers out there! Or for the people whose favorite flower is a rose. That would be a perfect tattoo idea to represent your favorite flower. There would be no other perfect place to tattoo it other than your fingers.

A Heart Tattoo

Hearts have always been a popular way to show your love. So imagine a heart tattoo on your finger. A simple heart and that's all you need to express yourself. Heart tattoos come in all sorts. Imagine getting a matching heart tattoo on your ring finger, for you and your honey? How romantic that would be. Or if you want to represent some other type of love, like friendship or self-love, with a heart, you can choose to get it on another finger and a different part of your finger.

Zodiac Signs

Another good idea for a finger tattoo is your zodiac sign! Zodiac signs are popular tattoo choices in general. For people who are into astrology, this would be a perfect tattoo idea. You can get your sun sign (the sign everyone knows about themselves). If you're a little more knowledgeable in astrology, you can use a website online to calculate your ascending and moon sign, based on the exact time you were born. So to get all three signs, you would have to do a little research on the day you were born. In my opinion, I've always wanted a tattoo to represent myself, and I always leaned towards my zodiac signs. So how brilliant would that be to get a finger tattoo or finger tattoos of your zodiac signs?

Favorite Hobby Tattoo

A good idea for a finger tattoo is something that represents your favorite hobby. For example, if you love collecting crystals/healing crystals, maybe you can get your favorite crystal tattooed. Or say your hobby is sewing or knitting. A cute ball of yarn or a needle and thread would be a cute finger tattoo to represent your favorite hobby. So try thinking outside the box when it comes to the tattoo of your favorite hobby. Especially if you're passionate enough to tattoo something to symbolize it, you would want it to be to your liking.

Word Or Words

Sometimes the best tattoo to get on your finger is a word or words. A special word or set of words. It can be any word or set of words. Romantic or motivating. If these words are very meaningful to you, it's probably a good idea to tattoo this on your hand or finger. If that is something, you would like to commit to. Or somewhere you can quickly get access to a plain sight of it so you can remind yourself to keep going. Keep loving. Sometimes physically seeing our favorite words gets it more significance in the moment of need. So think of a word or words.

Infinity Sign

To infinity and beyond!! What's more significant than an infinity finger tattoo! Nothing. There's so much meaning behind the infinity symbol that getting this tattoo would be extremely universal. This tattoo can represent something as silly as toy story. This tattoo can represent something as literal as the infinity sign for you mathematicians out there. Or this infinity tattoo can represent the everlasting of a love for something. This could be a tattoo to represent your love for a partner or a tattoo for love for your other passions.

Feather Tattoo

A feather tattoo would be a wonderful idea for a finger tattoo because it can represent so much for an individual. A feather obviously originates from its source which is a bird. A bird symbolizes freedom. A will to fly. To be free and limitless. No restrictions. So when you think of getting a finger tattoo maybe a feather would be a better fit if you're trying to get a tattoo that symbolized your personality and the way you feel.

The Sun And Moon

Everybody loves the sun and the moon. But to some, the sun and the moon are much more then what we see in the sky every day. The sun and the moon are perfect tattoos to get on your finger if you're in a relationship. The sun and the moon have a very loving committed relationship with each other, so this would get a wonderful idea tattoo for a couple or best friends. Another reason why people get the sun and moon tattooed on them is that maybe certain special events have taken place on a sunny day or a moonlit night. So getting a tattoo of the sun or the moon or both together would be perfect to represent that special day or event.

Awesome Random Tattoo Designs

Sometimes our tattoos don't have to have the deepest, heartfelt meanings. They can be silly or just plain out cute. Our tattoos can reflect all sides and faces of our personality. That's truly the coolest thing about getting tattoos. So when it comes to finger tattoos, screw the worry about those tattoos being the first thing anyone sees and screw what they might think of you. Get cute finger tattoos like smiley faces and kawaii fruits. Or get a pot leaf because you look smoking marijuana or an alien because you're out of this world. Get all different types of random, cute and awesomely rad tattoos to decorate your fingers and hands with.


Skulls are another popular tattoo to get on your finger.It can represent death or something more artistic like Macbeth. Skulls are very traditional tattoos, to begin with. Maybe its got to do with the interest of our human anatomy. Either way, a skull tattoo has a classy way about itself. I can only imagine what it would look like as a finger tattoo. Like any other tattoo, there are different styles of types of skull tattoos you can get. And that is where I believe the true meaning behind the skull is conceived. For example, do you want a day of the dead themed skull or maybe a realistic skull? So many different ideas you can come up with for your finger skull tattoo.

Here's A Good Idea: After Care And Treatment

Aftercare and treatment for any tattoo, especially sensitive places that easily come in contact with things, like your hands and fingers are very important! Make sure you aren't scratching the tattoo or rubbing any harsh surfaces against it. Make sure to use unscented soap when washing your hands if you can and always make sure to use something like Aquaphor to moisturize the healing tattoo. Be aware that the skin on your hands and fingers are sensitive. Be very mindful of the placement of your tattoo.

Cover Ups And Cover Up Ideas

When it comes to tattoos cover-ups are a big thing. It could be cover-ups on your fingers and hands. Cover-ups on your arms and sometimes as couples some get carried away with love and need to cover up things like tattoos of our ex-significant-others names or tattoos on our ring fingers or other private places. A cover-up consists of different designs and pictures that will compliment or hide the original tattoo. So it won't be that visible and so that it can naturally blend in with the cover up tattoo. So be mindful of the commitments you are going to make not only to yourself but with other people so you won't be forced to deal with coming up with another design or pictures for a cover-up tattoo. Though, I'm sure that, if you do want to use a cover-up tattoo, then you will think of a perfect design or pictures to replace what once was so significant to you.

Things To Consider When Having Hand Tattoos

Okay, so I'm sure we all are grown enough to understand that with any choice of tattoo that you will have your audience and some minor consequences or difficulties. You have to consider when you get a tattoo if you care or not about other peoples opinions. Especially when it comes to employment. I'm sure you guys have heard the old saying "no employer will hire you, you have tattoos." That saying can be somewhat true. Just depends on the employer and how "offensive" your tattoo can be to others. It's all about "to each their own," but some people have very opinionated opinions. With the way that the world is developing and the social norms for our upcoming generations, it seems that the whole idea behind not being able to be a sufficient worker due to the way you look, having tattoos, or your sexual orientation or race is coming to an end. Everyone is starting to become more open-minded with each individuals uniqueness. Plus, I mean equality! Duh! So have no fear! Be mindful of your tattoos and be hopeful as well.

Ouch! ...Cooool!

Finger tattoos and tattoos, in general, are cool but can be very painful. Tattoos and finger tattoos can be tolerable depending on your pain tolerance.Then again finger tattoos or tattoos, in general, can be very painful again depending on your tolerance. If your ask me that's where the bone is more noticeable. So getting a tattoo on your finger โ€” well, you know. Finger tattoos. Ouch! Thinking it's not a good idea already? Nah you'll be fine! From what I heard all it feels like a catch scratch. Sure it'll be a little painful, and nobody likes when a cat is scratching you. But won't your finger tattoo look cool when you're finished! For couples, if you choose to do something involving your ring finger, its probably going to be the unique and romantic thing couples could do besides getting married, etc. In my opinion getting a tattoo with someone is a very special thing. Let alone a romantic finger tattoo on the ring finger. Tattoos, in my opinion, are meaningful, to begin with. A tattoo is something that separates you from the others.

Forever Bonded By Finger Tattoos

Forever bonded by finger tattoos! How lovely isn't it? The ideas and possibilities for finger tattoos are limitless. Whether it be your ideas alone or maybe one of your friend's ideas sounded better. Possibly it was some of the couples ideas to bond forever by finger tattoos. Finger tattoos are wonderful ideas and absolutely a perfect thing for couples, friends, family and even for yourself to do. Good luck on your finger tattoos!