5 Simple & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Fast

Garlic can leave a lingering smell in the mouth. However, you do not need to worry as you can now get rid of that foul breath. Find out the remedies.

By Dagmar Thomson
5 Simple & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Fast

5 Simple & Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Fast

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Is garlic a seasoning or an herb? Garlic is simply scientifically classified as a vegetable in the Allium Sativum of bulbed plants such as onions, scallions, shallots, and chives. Interestingly, these bulb plants including garlic are known to have evolved from the lily family. Garlic can be used either as a seasoning or as an herb for its aroma and pleasant flavor. It is for this reason that garlic is a key ingredient in an expansive variety of different culinary dishes all over the world. Therefore, despite its lingering breath odor, people love garlic in food and for numerous other reasons, especially for its antioxidant properties and extraordinary health benefits.

Causes of Garlic Breath

When crushed, garlic emits a distinctive pungent smell that comes from a compound called Allicin. This smell is hydrogen sulfide, which causes the odor that you get in your breath from eating garlic. Hydrogen sulfide is defined as having a ‘rotten egg’ smell, which is produced when organic matter is broken down. This bad smell can linger on your breath and it is very noticeable. When garlic is consumed, remnants of odiferous compounds left in your mouth make it hard to imagine or detect how bad your breath is. However, raw garlic produces a more potent odor than cooked garlic but its toxicity is harmless. These volatile compounds are broken down by allicin. They then find their way into the bloodstream and move up into the lungs where they settle and continually infiltrate your breath. The stench on your breath can last for hours causing a lot of discomforts. Garlic supplements in form of capsules have this same effect. Consequently, people around you may be the first ones to notice the odor on your breath. Whether you have had a hefty garlicky meal or swallowed just a tiny supplement, the toxicity level of garlic volatiles is equally the same and it causes the same reaction.

Proven Remedies for Curbing Garlic Breath

There are two distinct categories of remedies for eliminating a stubborn stench of garlic breath. Hence, after you have indulged in a delicious meal containing that magical ingredient garlic, you may conveniently choose to go for either of the following categories: 1. Conventional Remedies 2. Natural Remedies Here are five quick and simple ways for kicking out that stinky garlic odor from your breath:

1. Conventional Remedies

This class of remedies involves getting an over-the-counter solution. Consider the following:

•Chewing Sugar-free Gum

As commonly advertised, mint flavored chewing gums and breath mints have the capacity to eliminate bad breath. Nevertheless, only sugar-free gums and mints are effective because sugar is known to feed bacteria. When this happens, bacteria in the mouth destabilize and multiply, thus worsening the condition. In fact, chewing a sugar-free gum for at least 20 minutes eliminates odiferous compounds that may be lodged in the mouth, which would otherwise cause bad breath.

• Brushing teeth and using a Mouthwash

Brush your teeth and tongue with a good toothbrush to remove food particles and use toothpaste for fresh breath. If a brush and toothpaste are not within reach, then a breath freshening mouthwash can do. Use a strongly scented mouthwash to cover up the garlic odor. Ensure that you swish the mouthwash at intervals of a few minutes until the lingering odor on your breath disappears.

2. Natural Remedies

This class of remedies involves going back to nature and using foods in their natural form as a solution for eliminating garlic breath. It is a more solid way of eliminating garlic breath as natural remedies work in the stomach as well as the mouth. You can use the following:

• Raw Apples or Lettuce

Apples and lettuce contain high levels of polyphenol oxidase enzymes that neutralize breath odors and prevent odiferous compounds from getting into the bloodstream. In other words, when you munch on an apple or eat lettuce, they deodorize the garlic volatiles lodged in the stomach before they reach the bloodstream. It is therefore important to eat an apple or lettuce with a meal or immediately after a garlic-laced meal in order to neutralize the garlic compounds before digestion.

• Coffee

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Chewing roasted coffee beans for a few minutes is a better remedy than just drinking a hot cup of coffee. Coffee beans have useful compounds that fight microorganisms, which give an antibacterial effect. This remedy is very effective in eliminating stinky garlic odor. On the other hand, if you choose to take a coffee drink, then opt for a café latte with cream for the right effect of drilling out that garlic odor. Milk and milk products such as cream contain fats that can mask garlic breath.

• Green Tea and Mint

Both green tea and mint have phenols, which assist in neutralizing garlic volatiles. Green tea has antioxidant properties as well, while mint has a refreshing after-taste that freshens breath. For that reason, the two can be combined to make a potent drink that can fight garlic breath effectively as opposed to taking them separately. Mint is most effective if chewed raw but a nice plain cup of mint leaves in hot water will work just fine on your breath. Therefore, if you have an important date or meeting, do not be afraid to indulge in a garlicky meal or take garlic for therapeutic reasons. If your breath is contaminated with a garlic odor, just apply any of the above quick and simple remedies to eliminate garlic breath. No one will ever guess what you had for lunch because your breath will be refreshed just in time. When you have limited time, use a quick conventional remedy to clean garlic breath. If you have access to a fresh vegetable-garden try planting some of the natural remedies mentioned for ease of access.

Green tea contains a natural antioxidant that fights bacteria and keeps breath fresh.

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Additional Tip

Planting parsley at home is an additional tip. It grows very well indoors and outdoors and it can be chewed to fix garlic breath after you have had a delicious garlicky meal.



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