20 Quick Beauty Tips To Give Yourself A Complete Makeover

Work on these beauty tips to improve on your appearance

By Katie Jenison
20 Quick Beauty Tips To Give Yourself A Complete Makeover

Ever feel like your look is predictable or lacks excitement? While it is nice when our morning beauty routine can be done in under 30 minutes, especially when we're guilty of hitting the snooze button once or twice (okay, four or five times) when our alarm starts blaring in the morning. After a while, the predictability can leave us feeling bored with our look. 

Maybe your current hair situation is a little lackluster, or you’re tired of wearing the same makeup look every day. Maybe you aren’t sure what style of clothing will look the best on you. There are so many different trends out there and everyone has their own ideas about which ones to follow, so sometimes we just need a little inspiration to give us new ideas to incorporate into our routine.

Look no further because you’ve stumbled upon 20 easy to implement ideas to give yourself a complete makeover from head to toe and add a little spice to your life. So, put down that eye shadow palette you’ve used every day for the last six months (don’t worry, we aren’t judging you!), grab a glass of wine and take some notes!

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Changing your hair is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give yourself a makeover

One of the easiest and best ways to start an extreme makeover is to begin with your hair. The cut, color and the way we style it has the ability to speak volumes about who we are as a person. Changing even one little detail can have an impact on our over all look. The ways to revive your hair and give it some wow factor seem to be endless.

1. Try a new hair cut

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Experimenting with a new haircut can be exciting and fun! The purpose is to do something different, so don’t be afraid to try something new. If you have long hair and have been pinning cute medium or short length cuts to your Pinterest board, consider taking the plunge! Likewise, if you have had short hair forever but growing it out feels like a hassle or you want results now, extensions might be the way to go. Ask your stylist what they think will give you a flattering, fresh look.

2. Change up your hair color

Changing up your hair color can make you feel like a whole new woman. Always wanted to test out the age old adage, “blondes have more fun?” Well now is the perfect opportunity! Too much, too soon? Try lightening your hair in the summer and darkening it in the fall. There are so many different techniques out there that you wouldn’t have to go too crazy. Adding highlights or lowlights will give you great results without too much commitment. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could try pastel hair or oil slick hair to bring out your inner mermaid.

3. Complete your hair makeover with a new style or accessories

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Now that you have a new cut and color, it’s time to think about how to style your hair to complete your hair makeover. An easy thing to try is switching the side you normally part your hair on. This has the ability to really change up your overall look, and you don’t have to commit to it long term. Normally wear your hair straight? Try curing it more often. Usually wear it down? Try an updo! If you normally wear your hair up around the office, try styling it in loose waves. You’re guaranteed to shock your coworkers when you saunter into the office in the morning. Go the extra mile with accessorise with cute headbands, bows or hair clips for an unexpected finished touch.

Investing time in skincare can have extreme makeover results

The next big change you should consider making when giving yourself a complete makeover is investing in your skincare. A lot of younger women regret that they didn’t take great care of their skin from a young age but it’s better late than never! Taking care of your skin will give you a naturally beautiful canvas to play with when you are ready to up your makeup game and there are many ways to make sure you are doing right by your skin.

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4. Determine your skin type to find the best products for you

One of the ways you can help your skin is to determine what kind of products it needs to be healthy and glowing. Visiting a dermatologist is one of the easiest ways to educate yourself on how to best take care of your skin. Not only can they tell you what your skin type is, they can recommend products that are proven to work. If you can’t cough up the funds to visit the dermatologist, the second-best thing you can do is research what you know about your skin. If your skin is chronically dry, look up the best moisturizers or treatments to relieve your parched skin. Reading product reviews will also help narrow down which products are worth giving a shot.

5. Build your skincare staples

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Investing in your skincare can not only seem daunting due to the oversaturated market, but it can also seem expensive. However, it doesn't have to be. Visit beauty stores such as Sephora or the department store skincare counter where you can try free samples of their products. This will allow you to try more expensive products and give you an idea of what will work best in your beauty routine. You’ll also get the opportunity to speak with someone that is knowledgeable about the products you are interested in trying.

Another great idea would be to try a value set, which most beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta sell. You’ll get multiple travel size samples to try out for a reasonable price and you can determine which products work for your skin without breaking the bank. While a lot can be said for more expensive skincare items and their higher quality ingredients, drugstore skincare items can be just as great. Just learn to read your labels to make sure you're getting the best ingredients for your money!

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6. Incorporate a face mask to give yourself glowing skin

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Face masks offer the opportunity to give yourself a break from makeup and to let yourself relax with a glass of wine while you wait for the mask to work its skin makeover magic. There are so many masks on the market today that you should have no trouble finding one that fits your needs. Choose a charcoal mask for a deep, purifying clean or a sheet mask for hydration.

7. Hide the appearance of cellulite by giving yourself a bronzy glow

Cellulite, it’s a part of life. Everyone has it whether they want to admit it or not. While it is nothing to be ashamed of, most women like to minimize the appearance of it. One of the best ways to do that is to use a bronzing body lotion with a bit of shimmer in it. This will give you a beautiful bronzy glow and it will smooth out your skin because the shimmer causes the light to bounce off.

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Makeup tips to give yourself an extreme beauty makeover

8. Cover up those dark circles

Dark circles are a fact of life. Covering them up will make yourself look wide awake and ready to take on the world. When picking an under-eye concealer, look for one that has a salmon or slightly pink undertone, as this type of product works best for brightening your under-eye circles. A bonus is finding an under-eye concealer that has a metal tip applicator because the metal will have a cooling effect, which will decrease any puffiness you may wake up with.

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9. Visit a makeup counter to find products that work for you

Visiting the makeup counter in the beauty department can seem a little intimidating, as the employees all have expertly applied makeup, but it is their job to help you out. Department stores and stores such as Ulta or Sephora have employees that are trained in certain brands, so you can rely on their expertise. Plus, they will likely offer to let you test the products our or even give you a mini makeover! Ask them to help you find your perfect foundation shade or to recommend their favorite powder for setting down their makeup.

10. Check out the beauty community on YouTube for ideas to update your makeup routine

Still stuck trying to find ways to up your makeover game? The beauty community on YouTube has many different beauty “gurus” available at your fingertips to recommend new products or show you how to work current trends into your look. Just be prepared to get sucked in and lose hours of your day watching all the fascinating ways to apply your makeup! One thing is for sure though, you’ll come out the other side with tons of new ideas and the confidence to pull them off.

11. Get your eyebrows done by a professional

There are many different eyebrow treatments that you can get done during your makeover. You can go the traditional route and have them shaped and trimmed by a professional. If you have thinner, more sparse eyebrows, you can consider professional services like microblading, threading or tinting. Visiting with someone at the salon will give you the best idea for the type of service that will have an extreme impact on completing your makeover.

12. Pump up the volume on your eye lashes

To get the faux eyelash look without the hassle of application, consider getting eyelash extensions! Many salons offer a variety of different styles that will lengthen or volumize your current lashes. If the upkeep of eyelash extensions seems too costly or time consuming, consider getting a lash lift/tint combo. The average time between appointments is a bit longer and darkening your natural lashes and adding curl to them will make your eyes appear bigger and more awake.

13. Commit to lip care

Lip care is often one of the most overlooked parts of our routine. To keep lips ultra-smooth and kissable, use a lip scrub. Follow up with a hydrating balm of your choice for soft, supple lips. Incorporating this into your beauty makeover will benefit your lips when you apply drying lip products, like a liquid lipstick, because it will keep them from appearing flaky or overly dry.

14. Find your perfect shade of lipstick for every season

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Lipstick is a fun makeup staple that can change your overall look. Find your perfect shade for every season and every occasion. This is another item that would be beneficial to ask a makeup counter employee to help you with or you can find a value kit of lip products that will allow you to try multiple brands, colors, and finishes. You can also use apps to “try on” various shades and brands of lipstick by uploading a picture of yourself. Pick your perfect every day nude, a vibrant summer shade, a dusty, dark color for fall and a radiant red for the holiday season!

15. Lock in your look

Now that you’ve perfected your new makeup routine, it’s time to make sure you get the most out of all your hard work by using a setting spray to make your makeup last all day. Setting spray will also help your powder products melt together and sink into the skin to keep you looking flawless all day. There are a lot of options on the market from drugstore to higher end, so finding one that fits your budget shouldn’t be too difficult.

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Put the finishing touches on your hands and feet to complete your new look

16. Soften dry, cracked heels

Our heals can take a beating, especially in the summer, so taking care of them should be a priority. Using hydrating lotion specifically made for heels is the way to go. Apply after showering, or soaking your feet in a warm bath, and top with some body oil and a clean pair of socks. This should keep your heels looking and feeling great, so you can show them off in that sexy pair of wedges you bought for your makeover!

17. Make regular mani/pedi appointments

Regular nail appointments not only keep your fingers and toes free of hangnails and overgrown cuticles, they can be a super relaxing experience too. There’s nothing better than sitting in a massage chair with your feet soaking after a long day at work! A pretty manicure can also pull together your completed look.

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Pick up a new wardrobe as a finishing touch

Now that you have done an extreme makeover on your hair, skincare, and makeup routines, it is time to complete your makeover with a clothing overhaul.

18. Make sure you are wearing the correct size bra

Many women go through life with an ill-fitting bra. If your bra doesn’t fit correctly, you can be left with a lumpy appearance rather than a smooth look. You also may deal with bra straps that constantly fall off your shoulders or gaping cups. None of these things are fun to deal with, so go get yourself measured by a professional!

19. Get an idea of your body shape to pick out clothes that will give your body a flattering image

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Figuring out what kind of body shape you have will give you the best idea of what style clothing will be the most flattering on your body. Once you know that, it will save time when you are shopping for a new wardrobe or staple pieces because you will know exactly what you are looking for and what you should avoid. Make sure you’re picking pieces that balance out your body. If you’re curvy, try to stick with solid colored pieces that fit a bit snugger as they will be the most flattering. Women with fewer curves should look for pieces that create curves. Try wearing layers to create dimension and shape. Remember to find pieces that you are comfortable in and excited about wearing.

20. Complete your makeover by picking accessories to make your outfit pop

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Completing a wardrobe makeover doesn’t have to extreme. You can easily update your wardrobe with fun accessories such as bags, jewelry and even scarves. Change your accessories out each season to have the most impact – swap thicker, deeper hued scarves in the fall and winter with statement necklaces in the spring and summer.

Feel confident in yourself

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Whether you choose to try only a handful of these tips, or you dive right into completing all 20, you have the tools to complete a head to toe extreme makeover. Remember that feeling confident is key to a successful makeover, so get out there and flaunt the new you!

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