20 Subtle Ways To Show A Guy You Like Him Without Being Obvious

If you have met a guy you like, you will need to avoid being obvious about it. Here are 25 ways to let him know that you like him in a subtle way.

By Gerald Matiri
20 Subtle Ways To Show A Guy You Like Him Without Being Obvious

How do I show a guy I like him?

So you've met a very hot guy. You feel that he is the kind guy that you've been searching for. You can also feel that he is already interested in you. You already have your eyes set on this guy and want him to know that you like him. The challenge is on how to do it. A wrong move will make you look desperate. So, where do you start? What should you do to make him know that you like him without looking super obvious? Before you make your move, it's important to realize that guys love challenges. The moment they sense that things are coming too easily, they will lose interest. In other words, if you show him openly that you like him, he might lose any interest he ever had in you. Guys enjoy chasing after girls as this is what makes the whole thing worthwhile. If you want to win over a guy that you like, you will need to show interest in a subtle way. Here are 20 subtle ways that will make him know that you like him without being so obvious.

1. Flirt to let the guy know you like him

It may not be enough to sit pretty and expect the guy to show interest in you just because you look like a princess. To show him that you are interested, why don’t you try flirting with him? Complimenting a guy will help to boost his ego. The moment you make a guy feel special, he will start noticing you. If you tell him that he looks like a certain handsome celebrity, that's a great start to helping him figure out that you like him. You need to be careful not to show much interest in the dude. Instead, you can casually comment on things like his new hairstyle or his awesome 6-pack. You need to let him know that you would like to spend more time with him without being very obvious.

2. Use eye contact to let the guy know you like him

One of the best ways that you can show a guy that you like him is by maintaining eye contact in a seductive way. The moment you look a guy straight in his eyes before shifting your gaze, this will leave him worked up and longing for you sexually. You can do this a couple of times and he will get the hint. A mere gaze may not be enough; add a sweet smile and he will definitely know that you like him before long.

3. Touch the guy lightly to let him know you like him

When having a conversation with the guy you like, you can use physical contact to get your message across. This could range from something like stroking his hand lightly as you laugh at his jokes to a tight hug that will arouse him sexually. This will pass a message to him and let him know that you like him. If you are the kind who isn't afraid of being forward, you can opt to play footsie with him. This will not only arouse him sexually but it will show him that you really like him.

4. Flaunt your assets to the guy you like

When going to a place where you are sure to meet him, make sure you look super hot. Put on something that is not only sexy but makes you look your best. In case you've got some great legs, wear a dress that will show them off. If you have nice boobs, you can wear a top with a deep V-neck. Whatever you will be wearing, make sure it's something you know will attract him to you sexually. When he offers you a compliment, you can reply with something like, “I'm happy you like my look”. This is a great hint that you like him and you care about what he thinks.

5. Laugh when he make jokes

Nothing impresses a man as much as seeing a woman laugh at his jokes. Therefore, the moment he cracks a joke, make sure to laugh. When he sees you are appreciating his humor, he will start showing interest in you. When you laugh at his jokes, this will help to break the ice because he'll know that you two get along well. He will understand that you are enjoying the conversation and that you like talking to him (which really means that you like him!).

6. Send friends to let him know that you like him

If you truly like the guy, why don’t you let his friends to relay the message to him? You don’t have to express your feelings to them. To easily drop some hints, you can ask his friends if he is dating anyone. The moment he hears that you were asking about him, he will easily get the drift. If you are too shy to express your feelings to him, use a mediator to pass the message to him and let him know what's up.

7. Text the guy to let him know you like him

If you don't like one on one talk, there are other options that you can use to let the guy know that you like him. Why don’t you send him an email or text message? You might end up surprised at the direction your conversation may take. If you can manage to express your feelings using indirect means, this will cause less anxiety as compared to when the guy is right in front of you. You will be less afraid of how he will react towards you.

8. Show interest in him

The guy will like it when you show interest in him. You can find out about his hobbies, accomplishments, likes, and dislikes. Be careful not to ask in an interrogative way; instead, make it interesting and fun! Most people enjoy the company of individuals with whom they share interests. This is why you will find that hikers will spend time together, bikers hangout in the same places, and drinkers will go to the same drinking dens. Once you learn about his hobbies you can join him and have fun together. For instance, if he's interested in rock climbing, you can ask whether you should join him. In no time, you'll be able to get the message across that you like him.

9. Tease the guy to let him know you like him

When talking with the guy, put some humor into the conversation. A good way to do this is by teasing him in a way that will not annoy him. Be careful not to offend him. Men can be sensitive creatures. The moment you bruise his ego, he will be ready to do anything to win it back, which will usually involve snapping at you. Not the best way to let him know you actually like him.

10. Be confident

Exuding confidence will go a long way in drawing the attention of the guy you like. When you show confidence, you will amp up your appeal sexually. This will make the man know that you are a good match for him and he will start desiring more of you.

11. Ask him if he is dating anyone

This is not the most subtle way to let him know that you like him but it can work. Ask him in a casual way if he is seeing someone. If he says no, ask him why not and what he would like to have in a girlfriend. This will give him room to open up on what he needs in a girlfriend, and you will know if you're the right girl for him.

12. React in the right manner

In case the guy says that he likes you, make sure you react in the right way. You can show happiness and talk about going out for a date and taking the relationship to the next level. If the guy doesn’t return your feelings, just maintain your cool. Don't let him know how about either your disappointment or much you really like him.

13. Do some friendly favors for him so he'll know you like him

After you get to know the guy better, you can offer to buy lunch or coffee for him sometime. If he missed, class, you can offer your notes to him. While this may seem like a little gesture, it will send a strong message that you like him. Be careful not to overdo it though.

14. Ask the guy to give you his number

If you have been friends with the guy for some time and would like to hang out with him, a good idea would be to ask him to give you his number. Play it cool so that you don’t come out as if you want to go out on a date with him. An easy way to do it is to ask for his number so that you can text him details of the next meeting class. If he is a nice guy, he will not find it weird and he won't immediately know that you like him.

15. Send him a friend request on social media

Asking him out through social media may not sound like a very good idea but we can’t deny that the internet has become part of our lives. When he posts a cool picture on Instagram, be sure to leave a good comment on it. When he asks about great holiday destinations, always be there to answer. You can add a cheeky remark asking whether you can accompany him on his next trip. This is an easy way to let him know you like him a lot.

16. Show your positive side

We all agree that it's generally not a good idea to compare yourself with other people, but it's okay in some occasions. When the guy complains that his ex cheated on him, you can say that you don’t understand how someone would cheat in a relationship. Make sure that he understands that you are different and you would never cheat on him if you were lucky enough to date him. This will not only open his eyes to the fact that you like him but it will also let him know you're worth dating.

17. Show your delight when you see him so he knows you really like him

You don’t have to pretend that you are not interested in seeing him. When you get an opportunity to hang out with him, show him how happy you are. Show genuine interest in him and exploit every time you're together to the fullest. Get to know him, his likes and dislikes, and he'll eventually start to like you back.


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18. Invite the guy you like to something interesting

It may be a sports game, movie or, dinner party. Find something cool and invite the guy you like to join you. You can also ask him to come help you change a lightbulb or do other chores around the house. When he agrees, you can make him a hot cup of coffee after as a thank you. All these excuses to spend time with him will let the guy know that you like him.

19. Share an interesting book with him

Have you read a book that you're sure he would be interested in reading? Why don’t you lend him the book? For instance, if he is in business, you can lend him a book on how to be a successful entrepreneur. This will not only show that you care about him but he will know that you like him.

20. Give him your number

If you met your crush through Facebook, you can let him know that you like him by sharing your number with them. This will let him know that you want to have a conversation with him off of social media.