Top 15 Simple Diets That Work Fast: How To Lose Weight Quickly!

Here are 15 diets that work fast in helping you lose your weight and look good. Whether you are a celebrity or a regular citizen, the info here helps a lot.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Top 15 Simple Diets That Work Fast: How To Lose Weight Quickly!

Diets And Weight Loss

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How much would you be ready to pay if you found out there's a pill that has been proven to help you lose 10 pounds in a week? The chances are that you wouldn't mind any amount so long as the result is guaranteed. But do you know what? You can eat your way to good weight and health. Other factors being kept constant, you are what you eat. Be on the wrong diets and you not only become a heavyweight but a recipient of many illnesses. In this piece, we shall be considering 15 different diets that can help you lose weight very fast without affecting your health. If you are a celebrity or not, and have been watching your weight or seeking some supplements to your daily exercise to get rid of excess fat, you are in the right place. You don't have to pay for this "pill." And you don't have to starve yourself either. No need to worry about side defects because there are none. After you go through the 15 diets discussed here, you can choose whichever resonates with you depending on your nutritional needs.

1. Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #1: Cabbage Soup Diet

Did you know that the #cabbagesoupdiet dates back to at least the 1950s? This was a time when the #vitamins we know today had been recently discovered, and #dietary guidelines were still very new. Some of these guidelines were very prescriptive, listing the number of servings of a specific food we should eat each day or week. By contrast, today's guidelines tend to group foods together by the type of nutrients they supply, and encourage a balanced and varied diet. They are aimed at a public that is more #nutrition savvy, and that has access to massive amounts of dietary information via the internet. The cabbage soup #diet was an attempt at creating a rapid weight loss diet that would be varied, yet simple to follow. Its pitfall is not the soup itself, which can actually be quite nutritious and helpful for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight. The problem is that this diet is extremely restrictive and has no balance whatsoever. Some days, the diet is heavy in carbs. Other days, there are massive amounts of proteins. The very low caloric intake does promote rapid #weightloss, though much of that is due to water loss. This is #weight that will likely be regained as soon as the dieter resumes normal eating. But there is a potential to lose muscle mass when following this diet. And it can result in very low energy levels, brain fog, and more. The simplistic regime itself is not recommended by any doctor or #nutritionist. The soup, on the other hand? If made right, it's very healthy! And super delicious! Learn more about the cabbage soup diet AND get a free bonus #soup #recipe that will actually help with your #weightlossjourney. Check it out on 24 Carrot Diet now! Clickable link in my link tree (see bio) #food #health #instafood #instahealth

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This is most appropriate for you if you love cabbage and can eat it as many times as possible. In addition to your regular exercise, cabbage soup diet works so fast that within a week, you can lose as much as 10 pounds. The beauty of this diet type is that there is no limit to the amount of cabbage you can eat in a day. Cabbage is loaded with a lot of fiber which your body needs to get rid of toxins in your system. One celebrity that has adopted this diet plan and has worked for her is Jaime Presley who acted in the TV series titled "My Name Is Earl." With the aid of the cabbage soup, she was able to get rid of the excess 32 pounds that she gained while she was pregnant. Another celebrity who has also become a big fan of the cabbage soup diet is Sarah Michelle Gellar who starred in "Buffy And Vampire Slayer." You just have to increase the intake of cabbage soup while reducing other types of food. It works very fast.

2. Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #2: Low-Carb Diet

This diet type ensures that you consume foods whose carbohydrate content is low and it really works fast if you follow it. These low-carb foods, though low in carbohydrates that can decrease your weight, are really rich in vitamins and minerals that function in improving body metabolism. Examples of low-carb foods which you can begin to eat to lose your weight quickly are strawberries, milk, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, sea bass, chicken breast, herbs and a whole lot of other green vegetables that may be readily available around you. The working mechanism of this diet rests on the fact that too many of carbohydrates in your system can result in insulin imbalance which, in turn, can lead to excessive weight gain. This diet ensures that of the 100 percent calories you take every day, only 10 percent comes from carbohydrates, 60 percent would be fat, while the remaining 30 percent would be from protein. It should be noted that there are different types of proteins but of all, the lean protein should be chosen for fast weight loss. Similarly, only mono and poly-saturated fats should be consumed. Examples of such fats include nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, fish oil, seeds, and flax oil. You need to know as well that there are different types of low-carb diets and these differences are based on the percentages of the calories from carbohydrates. But for a really fast weight loss, you have to choose one in which grains such as pasta, flour, and bread and even beans would be at the minimum.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #3: Juice Fast Diet

This is a crash weight loss diet that you can be on if you have a target to meet. You may not even have to bother with exercise that much when you are on it as it is known to bring about very fast result in weight loss with no known side effects. When you are on this type of diet, all you feed on are fruits and vegetables and nothing more. You can try it for 2 or more days at a stretch and then incorporate some low-calorie carbohydrates in-between. This type of diet is also known as Fat Sick and Nearly Dead diet. It was popularized by the 2010 documentary in which an Australian by the name Joe Cross placed himself on a 60-day juice fast diet during his journey across the U.S. On his way, he met an Iowa truck driver named Phil Staples who was morbidly obese. Joe then convinced him to join him on his juice fast diet and he did. Consequently, Phil Staples lost 80 pounds and never needed to continue using any medication. You may not have to go 60 days on a juice fast but as earlier mentioned, if you can observe it for up to 72 hours at a stretch, you are sure to witness a really fantastic result.

4. Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #5: Volumetrics Diet

This type of diet ensures that you eat to your satisfaction without taking in too many calories. In other words, it is based on achieving satiety while keeping your body calorie level in check. The foods you eat here are normally low in density but are high in volume. Examples of such include cucumber and watermelon. They have a high water content such that when you eat them, you get the satisfaction of being full and you don't load your body with too many calories. In the scale of volumetrics eating, all foods can be categorized into four types, the first of which is very low-energy-dense-foods whose contents are mostly water and fiber. Some examples are non-starchy vegetables, soups that are broth-based, fresh fruits and dairy products that don't contain fat. The second category is low-energy-dense-foods and the types of food that fall in this category are grains, breakfast cereal, starchy fruits and vegetables, legumes, meat that is low in fat, beans, rice, and so on. These foods are dense but low in energy. The third category in volumetric diets are foods which are of medium-energy. Examples are ice creams, meat, salad dressing, cheese, bread, cake, and pizza. The last category is high-energy-dense foods which include oil, butter, crackers, chocolates, cookies, nuts, and chips. In effectively losing weight within a short time, volumetric diet requires that you eat more of the first two categories while category 4 should be drastically minimized. Category 3 should also be taken with caution.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #5: Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruits are believed to have enzymes that burn fats and as early as 1930, the diet has been in vogue to eliminate as much as 1000 calories of fat in a single day. If you love grapefruit, it may be the time to revisit it for your weight loss. However, in using it, you would have to be on low-calorie foods too and couple it with regular exercises. Kylie Minogue was one celebrity that used it and reported that it worked. Brooke Shields equally attested to this fact too. For longterm weight loss, you may have to incorporate the grapefruit into your diet.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #6: South Beach Diet

It is worthy to note that this diet is capable of helping you lose between 8 to 13 pounds just within the first two weeks you adopt it. It presents the capacity to help you lose up to 2 pounds in subsequent weeks that you keep using it. With this diet plan, you don't need any calorie counter neither do you need to be concerned about the grams of fat and carbohydrate you take; no size counter is needed either. You would have to eat 3-course meals a day, two of which would be snacks while the last one would be a dessert that is high in protein. The focus of this weight loss diet is to replace unhealthy carbohydrates and fats in your body with good and healthy ones. As it goes, if you keep feating on this diet, you would steadily lose your excess body fat without gaining them again. The way the diet is structured is such that it comes in three distinct phases. Phase one almost does not contain any carbohydrate at all in your total calorie intake but the second phase raises the carbohydrate content to 27 percent with the last phase being 28 percent. If it is your wish to maintain your weight, it is advised that you keep that third phase with you throughout your life.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #7: Atkins Diet

Following the Atkins diet promises the loss of up to 15 pounds in just two weeks. However, choosing the Atkins plan means you have a high restriction on some carbohydrate foods such as rice, chips, sugar, potatoes, bread, and cereals while you would be required to feed more on proteinous foods such as poultry, fish, and eggs. You would be required to consume foods high in fat too e.g butter, cheese, and ice cream. The idea by Atkins is that when fat is employed as a fuel combined with a diet low in carbohydrate, the fat gets mobilized and never accumulates; therefore, weight drops in the process. If you are opting for the Atkins plan, you would need to know that it is in four phases. In the first phase of the plan, you are not allowed to take more than 20 grams of fat per day. Of course, there are counters to give accurate values. In fact, the counter would help to ensure that of the 20 grams, up to 20 percent comes from vegetables. As you get to the second stage, you are now permitted to increase your carb intake to 35 grams. Again, don't worry; there are effective counters to ensure you don't pass this 35 grams. If you are doing this by yourself, you would have to find a means to ensure that you don't exceed the grams of carb you are to take each day. With the third phase, you can begin to add 10 grams to your carbohydrate daily intake so long as you are beginning to get the desired result. The last phase is the maintenance phase and here, you can eat more foods even though you would still have to cut down on your carbs. While you are still in the first few phases, you are not permitted to eat anything alcoholic but on reaching the last phase, which is the maintenance phase, you can have just a bit of it.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #8: Hollywood Diet

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With the Hollywood diet, you are assured of losing up to 10 pounds within 48 hours of use. That's great, you'd say. Perhaps, the diet came as a solution to the overweight problem faced by celebrities every now and then. There is no diet counter needed, your part in this deal is to drink a particular juice which you would order, and within two days of using it as prescribed, manufacturers claim the magic would be done. The juice is composed of different blends of natural fruits with some acclaimed botanical extract. There are different reviews for this product with one celebrity saying it works perfectly and another saying it doesn't work. It has no negative side defects and may not be a bad option to try out especially if you are seeking a crash weight loss diet.

Weight Loss Diets That Works #9: The 3 Day Diet

This is equally known as the Cardiac Diet. It has been designed to ensure a fast loss of weight. As the name suggests, this dietary plan is usually employed in the hospital for cardiac patients that really need to lose substantial weight before they can have heart surgery. The developers of this weight loss diet submit that if you can follow the details, you can lose up to 40 pounds a month and 10 pounds in the first 3 days. However, you really should not plan to place yourself on this diet for more than 3 days on a stretch because it is very low in calories. You can return to your normal food for a few days before you return to the diet once more. Following the diet requires that you eat moderately lean meat, eggs, tuna, grapefruit, vegetables, and toast. Perhaps, you'll need a counter here because you are not expected to eat more than the prescribed calories. Apart from these approved seasonings (salt, ketchup, pepper), no other is accepted; not even sugar. Furthermore, you would be required to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Here is how the 3-day meal plan looks like: Day 1 BREAKFAST Black tea or coffee with one or two Sweet & Low/Equal packets; A half cup of grapefruit juice, and A piece of toast adding just a tablespoon peanut butter. LUNCH A half cup of tuna; a piece of toast; Black tea or coffee having one or two Sweet & Low / Equal packets DINNER Lean Chicken or meat (just 3 ounces); A cup of green beans; A cup of carrots; 1 apple; Ice cream (regular vanilla) Day 2 BREAKFAST Black tea or coffee; An egg, and A half banana and a piece of toast LUNCH A cup of tuna or cottage cheese; A piece of toast or 8 pieces of regular saltine crackers DINNER Two beef franks; A half cup of carrots; A cup of cabbage or broccoli; A half piece of banana; A half cup of ice cream (regular vanilla) Day 3 BREAKFAST Black tea or coffee having one or two Sweet & Low/equal; 5 Saltine crackers (regular); Cheddar cheese (1 ounce), and one apple LUNCH Black tea or coffee having one or two Sweet & Low/equal; A boiled egg, and A piece of toast DINNER A cup of carrots; A cup of tuna; A cup of cauliflower; A cup of melon, and A half cup of ice cream (regular vanilla)

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #10: Flat Belly Diet

A flat belly is the wish of most ladies celebrity or not; it makes them look nice. Men too, struggling with pot-belly would find this helpful. The goal of this diet plan is to help you lose 15 pounds in a month. With this diet, any weight lost is lost forever. It ensures that excess fat lying below your abdomen is reduced or in some cases, removed. You would be eating MUFAs known as monounsaturated fatty acids with your food. This makes you feel full and satisfied such that you don't have to overeat. The types of food that contain MUFAs are Avocados, olives, dark chocolates, soybean, seeds, flax, and sunflower oil. Two types of this diet exist which are one, a four-day anti-bloat jumpstart and two, a four-week eating plan. For the first type which lasts for four days, you are assured of reduction in bloating and an immediate loss in weight. You would be permitted to eat as high as 1200 calories per day but without salt, high-carb or processed food, and foods that produce gas. The types of foods that produce gas are legumes, cabbage, and onions. When you are on this four-day flat belly diet plan, you are forbidden from alcohols, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, and sugar. You would, however, be encouraged to drink at least 2 litres of 'sassy water' per day. Sassy water is a blend of cucumber, spices, lemon, and herbs in water. For the second option, which would require 4 weeks, you would be required to eat a meal at 4 hour intervals. Each meal contains 400 calories but with different MUFAs. The breakfast would be mixed with a variety of foods containing MUFAs to flush out the excess belly fats.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #11: Scarsdale Medical Diet

Though strict, this diet does not require any calorie counter. You would be allowed to eat as much as you wish because you won't be counting or weighing the food you are to eat. In practice, this dietary plan must not be adopted for more than two weeks at a stretch to prevent becoming underweight. During this period, you are assured of losing between 7 to 15 pounds. This diet requires that you eat lean protein and foods low in carbohydrates such as veggies, fresh fruits, and salads. Your breakfast would typically consist of grapefruit, coffee, protein bread, and tea. As earlier stated, you cannot really continue on this diet for more than 14 days at a stretch; you would have to return to your regular menu at least for another 14 days before you come back to it. The success of this plan is to eat the exact food specified for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast. It cannot also work if you keep using oil, dressings, mayonnaise, and alcohol.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #12: Zone Diet

The premise upon which zone diet works is that these three food types, Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats control how heavy or light a person would be depending on their proportion of intake. By opting for this diet, you would be guided on keeping your insulin level stable. That means it shouldn't be too low or too high. And this is how you get rid of the excess weight and live healthy. Your daily meal would be limited to a carbohydrate consumption of 40% while your fat and protein are kept at 30% each. There is a zone calculator that would assist you to accurately determine the amount of these three classes of food you can consume daily. As you proceed with this diet type, you may not need the calculator anymore as you would have mastered instinctively the right portion of food that won't exceed the stipulated percentages. If you are a man, the zone diet recommends that you only consume a maximum of 1200 calories in a day; but as a woman, it says you can go up to 1500. Again, complementing this with a regular exercise would help.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #13: The Master Cleanse Diet

Celebrity Janet Jackson and the trio of Beyonce Knowles, Robin Quivers, and Gwyneth Paltrow created this diet plan which has been said to work by many people. It was in the 1940s that it came into being and has the capacity to help you lose 20 pounds within a month. The result can even be more amazing if you combine it with a suitable exercise plan. The diet requires that you drink a juice made of cayenne pepper, lemon, and other extracts for 10 days in a row and apart from losing weight, you are sure the toxins that have accumulated in your body for a while would be cleansed. Obviously, that must be where it got its name from. You may want to refer to the Youtube video above to learn more about it and the wonders it has performed in ensuring users lose their weight.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #14: Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

This is suitable for plus-size people who are seeking to lose some of their weight. This diet claims a loss of 25 pounds is possible within 25 days of following its plan. In it, you'll go through a 5-day cycle for five times feasting only on prescribed foods and be engaged in certain types of exercises. As you complete this diet, your muscles are better-built just the same way the exercise and diet aids your metabolism that eventually sees that you lose those fats.

Weight Loss Diets That Work Fast #15: Clean Program

Doctor Alejandro Junger was the one that created this diet which has equally benefited him in curing his ailment. The plan helps you lose your weight and detoxify your system. In this diet plan, only your lunch is solid; you would be placed on a liquid breakfast and dinner for a period of time. Check the youtube video above to learn more about it.

Final Remarks

Since your body is at stake here, you would do well to cross-check with your physician with which weight loss diet is best for you. That's because there are really no hard and fast rules on this subject. However, the information contained in this piece is reliable to a large extent as many of the diets have been proven to work. They should help you to know which types of food to be avoided and which type of diet plan you can opt for when you discuss it with your physician.



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