15 Secrets & Tips For Growing Your Hair Thicker Natually

It is everyone's dream to grow thicker hair. Today we bring you a detailed insight on how to achieve this. Read on for more ideas.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Secrets & Tips For Growing Your Hair Thicker Natually

15 Tips For Growing Your Hair Thicker Naturally

Hair thinning is a common problem for both males and females. Most people have the perception that thicker hair is a sign of youthfulness. Having thick hair makes us feel beautiful and more feminine. As people age, their hair tends to start thinning and losing elasticity. This is caused by the natural changes that occur in our bodies. For those who have thick hair, they have to put in some effort to maintain the longevity and quality of the hair. Growing thicker hair may feel like it is taking ages to grow back. Nevertheless, the truth is that hair grows a quarter an inch to half an inch in a month. Therefore, you need to practice some patience to achieve your goals. If you are ready to start the process, then you need to read on for the insider secrets and tips on how to grow your hair thicker in a natural way.

1. Avoid Washing Your Hair Regularly

Guys believe that washing their hair regularly with a shampoo will make the hair appear more beautiful, shinier, and grow longer. Regular washing of the hair causes the hair to dry. You need to maintain your hair hydrated to make it grow longer and thicker. If you have to shampoo your hair, buy the non-sulfate shampoo. It contains a harmless detergent to your hair. Therefore, maintaining your hair’s natural oil. A shampoo is meant to remove all the accumulated dirt and oil from the scalp. Therefore, it is wise to use a shampoo that contains eucalyptus or peppermint product to help with the blood flow. This does not only apply to women; guys too need to do the same. This will enhance longer hair and growth of thicker hair. You can also use a leave-in treatment as an option such as Leonor Greyl Complexe Energisant. With such a treatment, it will promote the growth of hair if used regularly on clean hair. Remember always to use a conditioner to keep your hair hydrated after you have washed it. This goes to all men who hardly have the time to do so.

2. Avoid Brushing Your Hair While Wet

First, you need to buy a wide-tooth plastic comb for combing your hair. After you have washed your hair, it is normal for the hair to tangle. Therefore, running a comb or a brush to try to untangle the hair is wrong. You will only end up causing split ends to your hair. If you have to comb your hair, wait until it is dry or near dry. Then use a wide-tooth comb to straighten it. Start combing from the roots towards the ends. Avoid applying hot tools such as a curling iron while your hair is still wet. Hot tools will only break the hair cuticles, Therefore, causing hair breakage and a hindrance to the natural growth of thicker hair. The males too need to be aware of this fact.

3. Do Not Use Damaging Hair Accessories

Something else that can lead to the loss of thicker hair is by using damaging hair accessories such as elastic rubber bands. These damaging hair accessories can break the hair strands when you try to remove them from your hair. To make matters worse, trying to pull your hair into a tight ponytail can cause hair breakage on the front of your face. If you notice loose short hair around your face, change your hairstyle immediately. Instead, you should use a soft no crease hair tie to maintain the long strands of your hair. You can also implement your own headband if you want to pull your hair up. This ensures your hair longevity and quality maintained.

4. Check What You Eat To Grow Thicker Hair

Whatever you consume now, is later shown on the outside. You should adapt to eating healthy food to avoid hair thinning. Foods that are rich in Folic Acid, Vitamin A, vitamin B and Vitamin E will ensure your hair grow naturally and thicker. Water intake and a lot of exercises is also an added benefit to your hair. Consuming foods rich in all vitamins will not only make your hair grow well, but it will ensure that you stay healthy too. It might also make your eyelashes and eyebrows to grow as well. Your skin and face will glow and your body will be full of energy.

5. Consider Supplements' Intake

To boost your thinning hair to grow thicker, you should consider taking supplements such as Viviscal. Such a supplement will help to avoid hair breakage and increase scalp and hair hydration. Maintaining the hair and scalp hydration promotes the growth of thicker hair. You can also take multivitamins that contain biotin or even pills that have fish oil to make your hair longer, thicker and shinier. You might notice your eyelashes have increased in length too. On the hand, if your hair is thinning out despite taking foods rich in vitamins and supplements, you should check your meds. Some medicines can cause thicker hair to thin out. Such medicines include birth control pills. However, taking them may not be a direct cause of your hair loss. Any change in a woman’s hormone can be the cause of thicker hair thinning out.

6. Stress Management

Being stressed on a daily basis is a normal thing. People are normally stressed due to financial issues, health issues, Work issues, social issue to mention but a few. Stress is unavoidable and it causes the release of hormones such as cortisol. Such hormones cause thicker hair to thin out. The best thing about stress is that you can manage it. To reduce hair breakage you can massage your scalp with oil. This ensures blood flow to your head hence the growth of longer, thicker, and shinier hair. You might not achieve the desired results when you personally massage your scalp. Therefore, you should check out the guidelines on ‘how to’ or simply hire a masseur or a masseuse. There are a number of ways that you can minimize stress if scalp massage is not working. You can exercise to minimize stress. It will keep your body healthy and your mind will relax. There is also meditation, which helps your body to relax hence your mind. Ensuring you get enough rest will also do good for your mental and physical wellbeing.

7. Avoid Dyeing Your Hair

Dyeing your hair will give it a beautiful look. However, when you dye your hair it will remove the moisture from the hair strands. This will cause breakage of the hair protein hence leading to hair breakage. The hair is left looking beautiful but much damaged. To make your hair grow thicker naturally, you should stop adding color to your hair. Your hair might take longer to bounce back but all you need is to practice some patience.

8. Allow Your Hair To Air Dry

This is a vital pointer to take note of. Allowing your hair to air dry will maintain your hair’s quality and longevity. Most people prefer to blow-dry their hair after washing it. It might make their work easier but it will leave the hair damaged. Direct heat to your hair is the worst enemy. Ensure to let your hair air dry before attempting to comb or brush it. if you have to blow-dry, then do it when it is dry or almost near to dry.

9. Trim Often

You should trim your hair regularly to avoid the pile-up of split ends. By trimming your hair regularly, will give it a fuller thicker look. In addition, it will make your hair appear healthy from the roots to the end. On contrary, having a length haircut often will not lead to hair growth. If you want your hair to grow thicker and longer, do not cut it no matter how bad it appears. Instead, request your professional hair specialist to trim you.

10. Apply A Deep Protein Treatment

To maintain the thicker hair you need to apply a deep protein conditioner. This protein treatment adds strength, elasticity, and durability to your hair. Therefore, your hair will grow thicker, longer, and shinier. Adding this protein treatment in your budget will make a great difference to your hair. Both men and women can also use this treatment. To achieve better results you should eat more proteins.

11. Avoid Applying Conditioner Directly To Your Scalp

Applying conditioner directly to your scalp will lead to hair tangling, dry scalp, and it weighs your hair down. You can check on how to apply conditioner to your hair through online or hair magazines. Guys should also give this tip a try and they will not regret it.

12. Avoid Hair Extension

Most women like adding an extension to their hair to look beautiful. If you desire to have thicker hair, you should avoid wearing hair extension.

13. Apply Oil

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We all get a dry scalp at one time or another. Therefore, applying oil on your hair goes for both male and female. To ensure your hair grows thicker naturally, you should apply oil often. Do not just apply any oil. The best hair oil will be Olive and Almond oil. The mixture of the two oils while warm will work wonders on your scalp. Most guys do not know how to mix the oils. Therefore, use a spoonful of both oil and mix them well. Warm the mixture and apply on your scalp while massaging. Cover your head overnight and wash in the morning. This treatment will guarantee that your scalp will be nourished hence promoting hair growth. A mixture of castor oil and coconut oil will also do the magic.

14. Consume Collagen

Collagen tablets contain several benefits. It makes the hair grow thicker and longer quickly. Your eyelashes will also grow longer. These tablets also make your nails, muscles, and bones to mention but a few to grow stronger. By consuming them, it will help your hair to stop thinning out. You can inquire how to take the dosage over the counter.

15. Use Silk Pillows

You might find this funny but when you use silk pillows, you will not find any hair strands on the pillow in the morning. The more your hair breaks the more you will have hair breakage hence hair thinning. Do not be stressed out by your thinning hair. The best thing is that you have several remedies to use. Since hair thinning occurs on both the women and the males, you should try your best to maintain your hair longevity, elasticity, and quality. Some of these remedies do affect the eyelashes too but once you practice the remedies correctly, then you are good to go.