New Moon Spells And Rituals: How To Cast The Moon Spell

Engage in new moon spells to bring new intentions and changes to your life including such things as love or even more money. The magic of the moon will aid in eliminating the dark things from your life that bring you down.

By Katrina M.
New Moon Spells And Rituals: How To Cast The Moon Spell

The New Moon

The new moon symbolizes a new beginning. It represents and welcomes changes, promises, and new intentions. The magic that comes from the new moon can be used to help these changes and intentions grow within you. Just as the moon itself grows and becomes whole, so will the changes you are initiating.

The magic and energy of the new moon will make it easier to begin the changes you want to make in your life. You will feel more focused and able to complete these tasks and wants as step forward into the light of the new moon and the spells that it can help you cast. The energy of a new moon is available as a support and an aide to help you reach for what you want out of life. Only through the respect and seriousness of your spells, however, will this support and energy be gained. Maybe it is a new career that will bring you more money or maybe it is the start of a new relationship that will bring you a more fantastic love. It could also be the fact that you are looking to eliminate dark toxins from your body and life and these are things that can be initiated with the new moon and the spells that you engage in. These spells can also be done with ease when the new moon is there to assist you.

The flow and spells of a new moon ritual are provided below. These spells can be used exactly as they are, but you are feel in add your own input and creativity to make this sacred event yours. This will be a constant reminder and an encouragement to make these rituals and spells all your own. This is because this is a very sacred and intimate event that should be taken seriously and personally. Only you will know how it should truly go to fit your needs and wants.

Performing New Moon Spells and Rituals

Begin by using sage to cleanse the area of the spells. Light the end of the bundle of sage and allow the smoke to fill the space. By having the sage burn slowly in the space, it will also allow for cleaning to begin in you. It can cleanse the dark and negative energies in the area and also in your mind. This will begin to prepare you for your new moon spells. On the altar, place items that are sacred to you as it relates to the new moon, such as special herbs, pictures, or essential oils. Herbs and essential oils each have different scents and different meanings. The oils can be used to fill the space with any aroma that you choose. If you have not done so previously, I suggest doing a little research on what herbs and oils would be beneficial for you. For example, my favorite essential oil is lavender because it helps to clear the mind and lavender can also be in herb form so I keep both forms around me. . White, red, or silver candles can be used because they also contain their own magick specific to the magick that will come from the new moon. If in need of another power conduit, stones and crystals can be placed on the altar as well. Make sure to choose the stones and crystals that have the most personal meaning to you and to the changes you want to initiate on the new moon. It is important to make the altar as personal as possible because this is a sacred ritual between you and the new moon.

How you decide to arrange your altar for the new moon is completely up to you. There is no right or wrong way of doing so. Wherever you feel called or lead to place items, then that is where they should go. The decision to put your items on a table or on a blanket in front of you is also yours to make. No two altars are alike and where you draw your inspiration from is what will guide you through the process of setting up your altar.

Meditation and Grounding

Before speaking or thinking about what you want from the new moon, you have to become centered and focused. One way to do this is through meditation. Meditation will quiet the mind as well as the body. Meditation will bring you to the present and keep you aligned with the spells of the new moon. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and just focus on your breathing. Focus on the way your breath fills your body with positive energy. As you slowly start to exhale, breathe out the negative energy. Focus on the space around you that you have just created for the new moon and focus on the new moon itself. You can do this in silence or with soft, wordless music playing in the background. Do this for a few minutes to ensure that all other thoughts and concerns have left your mind.

Becoming grounded is similar to meditating. When you ground yourself, you are rooting your mind and body into the energy of the earth. Let your mind and thoughts go deep into the earth and allow them reach the core of the earth. Let your mind connect with the energy from the core of the earth to establish the ultimate grounding. This will allow you to be present in your spells and connected with the energy flowing from both the earth and the moon.

Being centered through meditation or grounding is essential when communing with the new moon. Focus your thoughts and your breathing on what you are trying to accomplish as this will help to ensure that the spells are true and that the intentions declared in front of the new moon are true. Again, this is something very person so if you have your own way to meditate or ground yourself then engage in that.

New Moon Prayer Spells to Begin

To start of the new moon ritual, begin with a simple spell such as one of the two listed below. I welcome change. I welcome growth. I welcome prosperity. I am ready.

Tonight is a new beginning. Tonight is a step forward. Tonight is about change. Tonight I shall receive. These two prayer spells can be used word for word or they can provide you with inspiration on how to create your own. There is no such thing as a right way to say a prayer. This is something that is between you and the new moon. So whatever positive words come into your thoughts and out of your mouth as a prayer to the new moon are welcomed.

New Intentions

Now that all the initial new moon preparations are completed, it is time to focus on your declarations or intentions. One way to do this is by using pieces of paper to write down your intentions. This ritual is a creative one so feel free to do more than write something down on paper. If you want to draw, then do so as well. By making these intentions your own, you are inviting the magic and the energies into your life. The more personal the ritual, the deeper the magic. If it is new love you seek, then write the word love. If you want to be more specific and describe the type of love you want then write this down. Does the new love you want emerge from a new relationship or possibly from the rebuilding of a relationship with a family member? Let the love you want flow out of your pen and onto the paper. If it is money that is your focus, then write down the word money. You could also describe how you want to receive money. It could be by getting a new job or by moving up in the current position you are in. If there are toxins in your life that you are ready to eliminate, then write down a list of those toxins. A toxin could be unhealthy food you are putting into your body or it could be a bad habit you have been trying to stop. It may even be a toxic person who is filling your thoughts and life with negative energies. Writing down the clean and healthy things you wish to replace the dark toxins with is also an idea. You can focus on one toxin or on a few at a time, the choice is yours. After writing these new intentions and wanted changes down on two sets of paper, burn one set over the candle as an offering to the new moon. With this offering, the magic from the new moon will be released and channeled into helping you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. The second set of papers is for you to keep as a personal reminder.

After the New Moon Spells

Now that you have invited the energies from the new moon into your life and your intentions, it is time to close out your ritual in order for you to take the next step. Saying a short prayer or silently meditating in the dark with only the light from the candles are a few ways to end your new moon spells and rituals. This will allow for reflection to happen about the spells that just occurred. After fully closing out your ritual, it is now time to follow through with the intentions and changes that you want to make. With the help of the new moon magic, you will be able to succeed in the declarations you have set. It is not enough to have done the spells, what comes is just as important. Keeping your intentions in the forefront and not in the dark will help you to keep the energy flowing from the new moon.

One way to keep your intentions in the present is by keeping those papers close by. Even though you have already kept the papers with your intentions on them, it is not enough to just leave them in a drawer and forget about them. You should keep them where you can have easy access to them at all times. They could be put in a pouch as to be carried around by you. They could be taped to your bathroom mirror so you will read them every day. By seeing your new intentions and new changes every day, you will be reminded that you are able to succeed with the help of the new moon.