15 Ways To Make A Man Fall For You

All women have that one man they want to attract and fall madly in love with. If you ever find yourself in such a position, here's what you need to do.

By Auntrone89
15 Ways To Make A Man Fall For You

How to successfully make a man fall for you?

If you want to make your man fall in love with you over and over again, then there are specific things that you ought to do. First and foremost, you’ll need to know your man inside out. And by that, I mean getting to know his likes, his dislikes and of course, his general modus operandi. Studying him closely is important because men come with a spectrum of differences. Meaning that whatever tickles one man’s fancy will not necessarily do the same to the next man. Bear in mind that studying and understanding your man will take a lot of time. And for that matter, you will be required to have a shitload of patience (pardon my language). The good thing about patience is that it does what the dictum says it does - pay. Feel free to invent your own ways of making your man fall in love with you that are unique to your relationship. Here are 15 ways you can make your man fall for you.

1. Make your man fall in love using your eyes

As a wise man once said, eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Therefore, make a habit of making eye contact each and every time you are talking to your man. Doing this will show that you are indeed a good woman with nothing to hide. And in a world where everybody lies, your man will have no other choice but to fall in love with you due to your openness. I also understand that not everyone is good at maintaining eye contact because of a plethora of reasons. And if that’s you, then I’d advice that you take some time and learn. Learning is the only way to become the best version of oneself. Again, remember to be extremely patient and know the right time to maintain eye contact. Do this right and it will automatically come to you.

2. Look good for your man

A man only falls in love with what he sees. Therefore, a brilliant girlfriend or wife always does her best to give her grooming game a boost. Historically, women have always been better than men in the grooming department which is actually a good thing. Meaning that if you aren’t that good in it, then you must have a couple of friends who are good at it and can come to your aid. Try changing your looks from time to time and catch him off-guard by wearing that hot lingerie from time to time. The unexpected surprises are incredible since they make your man look forward to being with you. That’ll also show that you know exactly what you are doing. On top of that, changing your look gives your confidence a boost while encouraging you to take healthy risks in your romantic life. And as we all know; high risks often result in high returns. Again, if you aren’t good at reinventing yourself and making your husband fall in love with you, don’t shy away from using your friends who are actually good at it. There are also plenty of amazing fashionistas that’ll have your back on this.

3. Being yourself will make your man fall for you

It is always easier for a man to fall in love with a woman who is already in love with herself. A woman who is in love with every aspect of herself doesn’t have the time to pretend or try being someone or something she isn’t. And that makes her very authentic and confident at the same time. Confidence, just in case you didn’t know, is the sexiest thing any woman can ever possess. Being unapologetically yourself is bound to encourage your man to be himself. And that’s how amazing relationships are established. Also, it wouldn’t hurt for you to unlearn a few bad behaviors while you are at it. For instance, learning how to listen to your man if you haven’t been doing so would be a good idea. That’s how you become confident as well as a much better version of yourself.

4. Men fall for good listeners

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As earlier stated, your man will only fall for you if you learn how to listen. Note that there is a big difference between hearing and listening. While hearing is for the sake of responding, listening is for the sake of understanding. Therefore, try as much as possible to be more of a listener rather than a “hearer” (if that’s even a thing ha-ha). On top of that, make a habit of voicing your concerns especially when you suspect something is troubling your man. This is specifically because men aren’t accustomed to expressing their feelings thanks to society’s expectations. Be as genuinely concerned as you can and your man will not only trust but also fall in love with you. Just don’t use this as a pretext to learning all about his weakness and using such information against him in the event of a breakup.

5. Spend time with your man & make him fall for you

Apart from constantly listening to your man and being yourself, you should also make a point of spending quality time with him. Spending quality time with him is the only way you’ll get to know and understand him much better. And the more you understand your man, the better because making him fall for you will be a tad easier. You’ll get to learn all about his likes, dislikes and therefore make much better decisions in the long run. And it is this kind of effort that will make him fall in love with you even more. For the umpteenth time, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot from your side because all adults are usually busy. But trust me, if you dedicate time either over the weekend, every morning or every evening and spend it with him, you’ll understand your man even more. You can either hit the road jogging or make breakfast together – depending on whatever floats your boat. Do this even if you aren’t much of a believer and watch your man fall in love with you all over again.

6. Your man will always fall for your coolness

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When you want your man to fall for you, then be as cool as you can whenever you find yourself around him. The thing about being cool is that it’s very contagious and therefore can be felt from a mile away. And that’s why you need to have it or at least die trying. It all starts with being comfortable in your own skin and picking up from there. Once you’ve attained self-love, then expect everything else to effectively fall into place. And if you ever find yourself struggling with confidence, then don’t shy away from seeking help. There are plenty of highly skilled psychologists ready to help and the only thing you need to do is ask.

7. Be generous

Being generous doesn’t not only apply to the rich. Anyone can be generous and it all starts with being content and grateful. Once you are content and grateful, then being a blessing not only for your man but to everyone around you shouldn’t be that much of a big deal. And as a result of that, your man will definitely look forward to having children because generosity is the perfect attribute of a good mother. Therefore, if you haven’t been generous lately, how about you start by visiting the nearest orphanage? Or you can make time and carry out any charity of your liking without limiting yourself to any specifics. Do this and your man will fall in love with you even more. Lastly, be generous because you are a good person and not because you want your husband to fall for you. Let him fall for you because he sees the purity and compassion within you.

8. Make your man fall for you by giving him space

If you want your man to keep loving you unconditionally, then learn how to give him space. Even though they won’t say it, all men hate being nagged and backed into a corner. Therefore, personal space is very important for not only men but for both parties. This is because it helps one to recharge and collect their thoughts. Therefore, make a habit of giving your man space, he’ll love you for it. And if you find it difficult to give him space, then it just shows that you desperately need to find a hobby that’ll keep you busy.

9. Be cool with all of his friends

If you want your man to fall in love with you, then consider cultivating a healthy and respectful friendship with his close friends. This is simply because when his friends like you, the liking will automatically rub off on your man. Fortunately, there are quite a number of ways you can win his close friends and family over. The most common way of achieving this is by playing video games. And while you are at it, please make sure you’re kicking ass and taking no hostages. You can also make an effort to know each and every one of his close friends on a personal level. Also, cooking for your man’s friends and family has proven beyond reasonable doubt to work like a charm. And if cooking just isn’t your thing, then bringing them cold beers during the game will have the same results. Remember to trust his boys to look after him while having a boy’s night out and not putting him on a leash.

10. Hold your man down

At a time when most young women are up for having a good time - and good times only, choose to be different. Understand that hardship will always come your way and when they do, choose to stand by your man. And no matter what happens, always stick by him at all costs because there is always a silver lining in every cloud. The bad times will eventually pass. If your man is matured enough, he will appreciate you for being his ride or die and therefore love you even more. And even better, he will gladly return the favor when it’s your turn to go through a rough patch.

11. Defend him behind his back

Truth be told, there are times you’ll have the misfortune of hearing people bad mouthing your man. Therefore, if you happen to be within their earshot, it would be a brilliant move for you to step forward and to openly and shamelessly defend him. You don’t really have to come off as melodramatic or make the situation escalate in any way. And for that matter, try defending him as politely as you possibly can. If you do that, you’ll compel people to respect your man and by extension, your relationship. This is because defending your own is only as a result of pure loyalty. And since your relationship is rock solid, then this shouldn’t be a difficult move for you to pull off. One way or the other, your man will hear of it and he will definitely melt. Therefore, make a habit of defending and speaking highly of your man especially when he isn’t around. Do that and your man will fall in love with you as many times as you want. And it all starts by speaking positively whenever a topic about your man comes up. That way, even those who secretly bad mouth him will think twice before doing it in your face. Learning how to defend your man takes time. But with dedication, I am confident that you’ll hack it without a doubt.

12. Only act after reading into his moods

If you want your man fall in love with you, then learn how to read him as accurately as possible. Thankfully, men aren’t as complex as women which are contrary to popular belief. Whether he is tired, or mad or irritated, his current mood will always be written all over his face even if he tries his level best to either hide or claim otherwise. You can read his moods by simply focusing on his body language. If you aren’t that good at reading people, all you need to do is learn. This is a skill anyone can pick up pretty quickly and have everything working in their favor. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to always love your man unconditionally irrespective of his current moods. And that is why learning how to effectively read him is significant. And if your man is good at hiding his feelings, then don’t shy away from asking him. Trust me, your man will love you even more especially when he realizes you care about him.

13. Laugh heartily

Chances are that the first thing your man fell in love with was your smile and laughter. With that being said, if you want to keep him falling for you, then you might want to keep laughing whenever you are around him. Just make sure you aren’t forcing it because, well, it kind of sucks when you do so. Sorry!

14. Who him the things you have in common

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Another way to make your man fall for you is by actively engaging in hobbies you both have in common. It might be working out, doing yoga or even cycling. Either way, always have as much fun as you can and make him look forward to the next time. And if you are genuine about the joy you draw from your common interests, then he won’t have a problem falling for you. And at this point, I am 100% sure that finding shared passions is that difficult. More often than not, it is such common interests that make people fall in love in the first place.

15. Be independent

If you love your man and would love for him to love you right back (and do so in equal measure), then, by all means, try to attain independence. And in as much society strives to depict the man as the proverbial breadwinner, always remember that we are in an age now. In this age, women have an equal chance to give men a run for their money and guess what, they are pretty darn good at it! Therefore, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves, going out there and hustling your hardest. Be bold enough to work as hard as you can and progress towards your dream. Also, care to remember that you are only as good as the number of times you practice. You’ll be required to start off by finding a trade that you’re good at. Then dedicate a good chunk of time to practice and become a master in your field. Then from there, you can to find different ways of minting money from your new-found skill. And with enough hard work and mettle, this shouldn’t be difficult.

Final word

Just like it is the norm with everything else in life, you have to work extra hard if you want your man to fall for you. And as you have seen, there are more than enough ways of making a man can fall for you over and over again. And I guarantee that watching him do this will be the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see. Also, learn how to stay focused and be patient. Like I hinted much earlier, men are different and therefore will respond to different approaches. Last but not least, if reading men aren’t among any of your God-given talents, then don’t be afraid to ask him what’s going on. And that said, I wish you the best in making your man fall for you all over again!