Spiritual Meaning Of A Dragonfly And Its Symbolism

It goes without saying that different tattoos have different spiritual meanings. Without further ado, here are some of the meanings of dragonfly tattoos.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Dragonfly And Its Symbolism

Dragonfly tattoos and their spiritual meaning

Before we get into it, it is very important to understand the significance of the dragonfly in the tattoo world. As we all know, almost all tattoos have a personal meaning attached to it. Therefore, when someone decides on getting a dragonfly tattoo, then he or she must have a pretty good reason behind his decision. Apart from having the physical meaning, a dragonfly tattoo also has a spiritual meaning hence having a duality of importance. It is therefore very important to keep this in mind before getting the tattoo. You can carry out some research is important before getting the image inked on your body. Note that a dragonfly tattoo has a plethora of meanings as we are going to see in a jiffy. Therefore, make sure that the spiritual meaning attached to your tattoo matches with whatever you are trying to achieve or fulfill at the moment. The dragonfly tattoo, as well as tattoos of other spiritual animals/totem, should, therefore, be a strong symbolism of whatever you want to become in future. Apart from the standard meanings, a dragonfly tattoo can also mean a whole lot of things. Therefore, you will need to fully understand your current situation as well as whatever it is that you are striving to become or achieve. That way, one glance at the tattoo should be enough to give you all the motivation you need to move forward. Believing in the power of the tattoo is what will communicate with the universe and give you exactly what your heart desires. Finally, you might get a dragonfly tattoo because of your desire to feel much more connected to mother nature. Either way or whatever your source of motivation, you’ll need to fully understand what your tattoo represents. That way, you’ll be in a position to make the necessary efforts to achieve any spiritual connections.

1. The dragonfly tattoo represents power

A dragonfly is one of the few totems used in the ancient civilizations to symbolize power. This is because a dragonfly can perform impressive stunts such as flying backward or staying stock still while flapping its wings. And if flawlessly making the impossible possible isn’t a clear exhibition of ultimate power then I don’t know what is. And it is for this reason that the dragonfly tattoo is used to remind the person that he or she is more powerful than others think. Therefore, if you ever feel like you need to tap some spiritual strength from the universe, then you might want to get a dragonfly tattoo ASAP. And if you ever find yourself in compromising situations, always look at your dragonfly tattoo and remind yourself that you strong enough to handle it. The dragonfly tattoo might also remind you that there are spirits that are far much stronger than you watching over you. And that just gives it a whole other spiritual meaning. In short, a dragonfly tattoo will help you undergo some sort of spiritual transformation that will make you a much better person. There are two types of transformation: The physical transformation and Spiritual Transformation. The first one to happen is spiritual transformation then followed by the physical transformation. Therefore, the moment you feel the need to find strength in your life, getting a dragonfly tattoo is definitely a good place to start. Give it a spiritual meaning and rely on it to give you the strength of a dragonfly. You’ll start by becoming psychologically strong. And with time, your psychological strength will slowly translate to become a physical strength. And as you slowly transform, taking back your power and becoming the spiritual dragonfly, you’ll need to work harder. You’ll first of all need to let go of all the things that drain you. That’s the only way for the tattoo’s spiritual meaning of the tattoo will come full circle.

2. Spiritual meanings: Dragonfly tattoos for adaptability

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The inability to adapt is the surest road to annihilation or extinction. This applies to both the spiritual and the physical life. Therefore, getting a dragonfly tattoo - which was used as symbolism for adaptability in most ancient cultures – might be a good idea for you. A lot of spiritual animals/totems can only dream of possessing a fraction of a dragonfly’s adaptation prowess. A dragonfly just doesn’t adapt. It makes sure that everything it does is with grace and ease that all the other animals look awkward. Therefore, if you ever wish to make a physical or spiritual transformation as flawless as that of a dragonfly, then having a dragonfly tattoo is a good place to start. As earlier stated, having that dragonfly tattooed on your body will give you the strength to go about your transformation without a shred of doubt in your mind. This would also be a good time to seek some spiritual guidance. I understand that spiritual matters can be very complicated especially when it involves spiritual adaptability. You should also learn to believe in your abilities because self-doubt will only slow down your transformation process. The good thing is that once you start believing in yourself, everything else will effortlessly fall into place. Sometimes, the only thing you need to do make a slight adjustment in your perspective and you’ll adapt just fine.

3. Dragonfly tattoos inspire authenticity

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A dragonfly is one of those seemingly flawless spiritual animals/totems known for their incredible uniqueness. And for this very reason, you might want to get a dragonfly tattoo that acts as a constant reminder of the importance of being unique. It goes without saying that we live in a world where almost everyone is afraid of being oneself. A lot of people fear being sneered at, jeered at or even shut down for either speaking their minds openly or leaving their lives the way they want. But neither resistance nor peer pressure should stop you from being authentic. As earlier said, we live in a world where everyone does what everyone else is doing and that why it's hella boring in here! Therefore, if you’ve experienced that gut feeling that urges you stand up, stand out and be different, then getting a good dragonfly tattoo might help you do just that. I totally understand that being unique is easier said than done. But trust me, all the struggle will be worth it since you’ll be the happiest person around. Expect to meet the same kind of resistance whenever you try finding a spiritual anchor in a world where everyone believes way more in trending hashtags than they do in God. Therefore, you can decide to give your dragonfly tattoo the spiritual meaning which will be to help you find your own unique spiritual identity. Since the dragonfly happens to be among the totems/ spiritual animals that bear strong symbolism towards uniqueness, you can bring yourself to believe in its power. And therefore, if you ever find yourself in a situation that requires you to change or be unique, then getting a dragonfly tattoo and believing in its power will give you a definite upper hand. Feel free to either channel or draw spiritual strength from your dragonfly tattoo and follow through with all of your plans of becoming authentic. Feel free to ask your tattoo artist to draw the dragonfly tattoo on a spot you can see with so much ease.

4. A dragonfly tattoo’s spiritual meaning: Connection

Another very popular reason why the dragonfly totem tattoo is popular is that it is the perfect symbol for connection. People seek to have different kinds of connection either with other people or even with nature spirits. Many times, people get tired of living life as they know it and instead, choose focus on what matters the most – having meaningful spiritual connections. This might then result in having the urge to undergo a full transformation from a regular Tom, Dick, and Harry to one who is more connected to his or her spiritual side. And in order to get much more motivation, one might get the perfect dragonfly tattoo with its spiritual meaning being total attachment or connection to one’s spiritual life. The good thing is there are quite a number of dragonfly designs to choose from. Therefore, never shy away from picking a design that will end up putting a smile on your face. Feel free to ask your tattoo artist whenever you feel spoilt for choice. At the end of the day, making sure you are comfortable with the whole procedure is all that matters the most. Apart from just getting the dragonfly tattoo, do your level best to come to come up with the necessary plan of execution. Do your research online and make sacrifices in order to achieve that connection. If you can’t do this, then your efforts will go down the drain. If you want to experience spiritual connection, you can start by learning how to meditate. Cutting down the negative behaviors and people will also help you make healthier connections in your life while blocking off any bad vibes that may be coming your way. Some foods, drinks, and hobbies hurt you spiritually. Therefore, it goes without saying that you’ll need to find a way to cut them off from your life.

5. A dragonfly tattoo’s spiritual meaning: Honor

At this time, you must have figured that all transcendent animals (or totems) used in the world of tattooing have a strong symbolism to spirituality. And on that note, the dragonfly tattoo has been used on several occasions to pay homage to the ancient cultures or departed souls. For instance, if your ancestor who was really either good at adapting or was a nature person, then you can have the dragonfly tattoo to remember him or her. Even better, you can have their names, initials or special details incorporated into the tattoo design. A dragonfly tattoo can be used to honor ancient cultures as well as traditions. This explains why Native Americans used the dragonfly totem as a symbol of honoring the departed souls by tattooing them in their skin. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt borrowing the idea and use it to honor your loved ones who passed on. Feel free to get a little creative, making your designs either more colorful or have some personal touches here and there. I am sure if you get a good tattoo artist then that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Apart from getting the dragon tattoos of them, you can honor the departed souls by keeping up with their good work. Other ways to honor the dead includes keeping a promise, taking care of the environment and being a good person on a general scale. Note that if we don’t honor the dead through our thoughts and actions, then our dragonfly tattoos will be totally useless.

6. One of its spiritual meanings is rebirth

A dragonfly tattoo can also be used as a reminiscent of how you once overcame a particular challenge that in turn left you much stronger than you were before. If you ever feel the need to be as strong, as creative or as powerful as you once were, then getting that perfect dragonfly tattoo could be a very good place to start. The dragonfly tattoo will always remind you of what you need to become hence keeping your focus on the price. That’s one way of making your transformation or rebirth be as smooth as humanly possible. Apart from drawing your strength from the dragonfly tattoo, you will also be required to learn the ropes of whatever is it is that you are trying to achieve or become. Do yourself a favor to remember that a spiritual meaning or symbolism doesn’t mean a darn thing if you are not willing to put in the physical work. In other words, you’ll need to put in the necessary work in the name of honoring the dragonfly tattoo (or whatever spiritual animals or totems you have chosen).

7. A connection between self and nature spirits

Over the years, the dragonfly totem tattoo has played a very important role in connecting people to nature - and by extension to the nature spirits. Believe it or not, nature spirits are very much alive despite the fact that we can’t see them. If you look closely, you’ll see the kind of work they are doing. This simply means that the more you learn how to connect with them, the closer you’ll be to achieving your purpose in life. Just like your physical body, your spiritual body is in dire need of consistent nourishment. Therefore, if you don’t know how to make the connection, then getting dragonfly tattoo should be the perfect place for you to start. This tattoo will motivate you to the point that the entire transformation process will seem rather flawless. Again, try and ensure that your actions are backing up whatever the totem tattoo is intended to achieve, which in this case seems to be accomplishing strong spiritual connections with nature. You can start by researching on better ways of connecting with the nature spirits. Also, try avoiding the abuse of drugs and increase the number of times you meditating on a regular basis. You can also connect with the nature spirits by finding quiet, secluded places to meditate. These places should have little to no human interference since that’s where you can find the most spiritual energy to tap into. Meditation will help you tap the natural energy hence nourishing your spirit to the brim.

Conclusion on dragonfly tattoos & their spiritual meaning

At this point, you must have realized that totem or spiritual animal tattoos have strong spiritual symbolism attached to them. And it’s because of having such stout spiritual connotations that makes it very important for us to take the time to understand and appreciate them. As earlier stated, a dragonfly tattoo can stand for a plethora of things. While some of these meanings refer to its physical attributes, others have a totally spiritual meaning. But since both the physical and the spiritual beings are mutually exclusive, these meanings will always go both ways. Therefore, and for the umpteenth time, always ask yourself as many questions as you can before getting that dragonfly tattoo. Care to remember that tattoos without meaning are just that - meaningless. Therefore, if you want to use the dragonfly totem for your next tattoo, I’d suggest that you carry out some in-depth research before you proceed. Do that and you’ll thank me later! Don’t be shy to ask for help or suggestions if you have to. A good place to start will be at the tattoo shop with your tattoo artist. He or she is expected to have a wealth of knowledge in his or her area of expertise. Also, feel free to check the internet out if you have to. Irrespective of what it means to you, the dragonfly totem generally symbolizes transformation. Everyone who has it tattooed on their bodies is usually desperate for change. And before going out to get one, it’s important to consider a qualified tattoo artist because your health should always come first. Finally, feel free to look for more meanings about what a dragonfly tattoo might stand for.