10 Tips To Keep Your Beautiful Curls While You Sleep

This article is a great read for those who want to keep their curls intact overnight. It consists of 10 tips that women can use to keep their curls beautiful.

By AmyTheOracle
10 Tips To Keep Your Beautiful Curls While You Sleep

Bed Head

We all wake up with some sort of bed head. Sometimes it can be an advantage to us and sometimes it isn't. For the times that it isn't flattering to you, you probably wish you had done something to prevent it. Try considering ways to prevent all that bed head, so you can always look your best in the morning.

Can You Sleep Still Overnight And Keep Your Curls?

Most of us are heavy and wild sleepers. We like to toss and turn during all hours of the night; it's almost impossible to stay still! Do you believe that having perfect curls in the morning is worth you keeping still overnight? What if I told you that there are ways to keep your curls beautiful while you sleep, without worrying about keeping still? Don't worry! Just keep reading to save your curly hair's life and reputation:

10 Tips To Keep Your Beautiful Curls While You Sleep

Lots of people believe that the only way to achieve a head full of beautiful curls is through heated tools and hair products. Yes, those methods are true, and useful when it comes to wanting to style and curl your hair, but it's not always the safest route for the health of your hair. For those of you who want to take a more natural approach to getting curls, you'll want to keep reading. If you're looking for no-heat methods to curl your hair, then you came to the right place. These tips are all heat-free and are extremely easy and helpful for keeping your curls beautiful while you sleep.

1. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a type of hair bun that allow your hair to remain at a certain length and keep its definition. Getting them to be perfect or small would be impossible so just try your best! Try to divide your hair so you can at least do eight to 10 knots. This also depends on how dense and curly you want your hair to be. The more volume you want, the more you will have and the smaller they should be. It's advised to prep your hair with a setting product. Then choose your favorite wide-tooth comb to divide your hair into small or large sections. Remember, this all depends on the length of your hair. You will need to make sure you twist each section from root to tip. After you get that done, make sure to wrap the twist into a tight curl that won't budge at the base. Secure each Bantu knot with a bobby pin. Make sure to wrap your hair in a silk wrap, scarf, or bonnet to protect the knots and curls from getting too messy as you sleep overnight. Preparing your hair into Bantu knots takes no more than five to 10 minutes! When you wake up the next morning, unravel each knot slowly and gently. Tada! Curls! Give your curls a shake and run your fingers through them to give yourself the volume you need. After you're done, you are good to go.

2. Braids

Braids are always a great idea when you're trying to maintain and keep your curls and waves after a shower or overnight. The braid keeps the curls from falling overnight and resulting in bouncier, more voluminous hair in the morning when you undo the braids.

3. A Pineapple

Okay, so here's one you've probably never heard before. Pull all your hair together and make it into a pineapple. Sounds easy enough right? Well, pineappling is definitely not your "go-to" hairstyle, but it's definitely a game-changing technique. It's such a game-changer, you'll wonder why you've never heard of this style before. In order to achieve full, natural curls, simply pull all your hair up. Make sure to pull your hair towards the top and center of your head. Try to get it near your forehead. This will help keep your curls from falling and flattening out. *Tip: When you pull all your hair together and tie it on top of your head, keep it loose to prevent indents. You can use headbands, clips, and a sleeping cap to protect the pineapple. In the morning, you can give hair your hair an extra boost of volume with a curl-refreshing spray.

4. Pin Curls

Another good idea to keep your curls from falling overnight is pin curls. If you have an especially soft texture to your hair, but you want your hair to be big and voluminous, you definitely should pin your curls at night. To do this, gather a good amount of each strand of curl, depending on how thick you want your curls or waves to be. Grip it from the bottom and start to wrap it around your index finger. Begin to roll it upward. Once you've got the strand of curls wrapped up until its roots, flatten it onto your scalp. You then will secure the curls with a bobby pin to keep the curls from falling overnight. In the morning, gently release each strand of hair from the pin, separate the curls, and style to your liking.

5. A Topknot

For those who have long loose curls and want to keep your curls from falling overnight, try using a lightweight mousse and a topknot! Run the mousse through your curls first. Then grab all your hair and pull it towards the center and top of your head. Wrap your hair into a topknot (bun). Secure it with a hair tie and pins. In the morning, take your hair down and break up the curls and waves with your fingers. *Tip: If you want to have tighter waves and voluminous hair, create multiple buns. Put a soft silk scarf or sleeping cap over the buns to keep them from falling overnight.

6. Flexi Rods

Flexi rods.... A woman's best friend! These rods are a set of soft rollers that are very malleable and easy to use. They're barely noticeable and extremely comfortable to wear while you sleep. Start by dividing and wrapping strands of your hair around each soft rod. Make sure to bend the roller into a U-shape. Continue to do this to each and every strand or section of your hair. This process is sure to protect your curls overnight. When you take them out in the morning, tug on each curl's end. This elongates the curl in case the curl is too tight and stuck in the U-shape. Separate and style your curls however you want.

7. Hair Rollers

Just like the previous tip, this involves you wrapping your hair into a roller. However, this is definitely an old school method. These are not soft and bendy like the Flexi rods. These are plastic and straightforward. Nonetheless, rollers are great for keeping your curls intact overnight. You take a roller, any size of your preference, and start to wrap a strand of curl around the hair roller. Roll up until you reach your scalp and secure within the hair roller. For extra protection use a bobby pin. Make sure the hair roller isn't rolled and secured too tightly as it can be uncomfortable when you sleep.

8. Silk Scarf

A simple tip to keep your curls intact overnight is to leave your curly hair damp when you twist your hair into place. You will then wrap your hair in a silk scarf, and in the morning you will have beautiful waves and curls. *Tip: There are multiple ways to tie your hair in a silk scarf so if one way doesn't suit you, try another. As long as you keep your hair twisted, you'll be successful.

9. Soft Scrunchie

Some people don't realize this, but sometimes the quickest solution to a problem is the simplest. A minor detail such as the type of scrunchie or hair tie you use can determine the way your hair looks in the morning. Using a soft scrunchie can prevent dents in your hair and ease the uncomfortable feeling on the scalp when you pull all your hair together. This is especially preferrable when you're tying your hair and sleeping with it up overnight. It's definitely a more comfortable choice for nighttime.

10. Silk Or Satin Pillowcases

Another simple but very important tip is to invest in a silk or satin pillowcase. This is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself and your hair. Cotton material tends to pull the oils from your skin and scalp. When you use this material for a pillowcase, it pulls the oils from your hair and dries your hair out. It results in creating static in your hair, bedhead, and frizz. This is something to consider when you're maintaining your curls overnight.

Natural Curls Or Not

These tips are useful whether you have natural curls or not! I am living proof! I mean, I have like the straightest hair in the world, and these tips always work. So don't worry or think that getting and keeping your curls are impossible. There are always ways to get curls. There are natural and non-natural ways to maintain your curls so whichever way you decide to choose I'm sure your curls will look great!

Not To Fear, This Article Is Here!

Okay, ladies, I'm sure you were all freaking out and panicking over how you were going to keep your curls looking popping. Well not to fear, this article is here! If you follow these tips step by step, you'll obtain the perfect curls and waves of your dreams in the morning! This article will definitely not fail you!

Rest Easy Overnight & Wake Up With Beautiful Curls

Who knew waking up beautiful wouldn't take much energy, time, and effort? If I had known the tips that were listed in this article a long time ago, I would be rocking curls as my main look. Either way, this article is great for those quick curls and beautiful waves. Not to mention, these tips are extremely easy and universal. These tips are perfect for all hair types. So you can rest easy overnight and wake up with beautiful curls and carry on your way. You can thank me later! Now go out there and rock the curls you've always dreamt of!