How To Massage For A Perfect And Round Breast

Try these 3 self massages techniques to tone up your breast

By Hana O.
How To Massage For A Perfect And Round Breast

No matter how much we try to avoid it, we cannot escape aging. Everything starts to sag, from our skin in the form of wrinkles, even our breasts. Let’s face it, ladies, it’s not a pretty sight to see. While we tend to take our chests lightly, thinking that it’s there and will always be, they do need some self-care.


Breast massage is a practice one can apply for many purposes. Not only does it ease sore muscles, improve the breastfeeding experience, and prevent them from uncontrollable sagging, massaging the breast also aids in identifying early signs of breast cancer. All it takes is a committed and habitual 15-minute massage to reap all the benefits. 

Women in the past and today massage their breasts for the following reasons:

- To increase the quality of breast milk for lactating women. A study shows that those who performed the massages in the first year after delivery experienced an improvement in the solids, lipids, casein concentration, and gross energy aspect of their breastmilk. 

- To improve breast appearance. Women in Asia have been practicing the art of breast massage for over two millennia, a practice known as the Taoist Breast Massage, to stay healthy and delay aging. 

- To help identify breast cancer. There are breast self-exams to take to check for early signs of breast cancer. Detecting cancer in the early stages dramatically improves the outcome, especially in treatment success. 

- To improve the lymphatic system. Because the breast tissue extends all the way into the area under your armpits, massaging the tissue helps stimulate the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for guiding our body to flush out toxins. 

- To relieve sore muscles. Many women feel sore breasts, especially right before their menstrual cycles, and a breast massage can significantly ease the pain in the chest area. Massaging the chest also relieves pain caused by exercise, strenuous activities, or sports. 

With all of those benefits set on the table, who wouldn’t want to adopt this routine immediately? 

How to Firm Up Your Breast Naturally

The beautiful thing about breast massages is that you don’t have to go to a spa to indulge in the service. You can perform the massage yourself, and it’s simple to learn, with few risks involved. In fact, there are many ways to firm breasts naturally. Below are a few activities to try:


Even through breasts don’t have muscle and can’t be worked on like men and their pectorals, fibrous connective tissue, and muscles are lying underneath a woman’s chest that can be exercised to improve the overall appearance. Exercises such as pushups, swimming, bench presses, and arm curls are examples of activities to achieve better-looking breasts.

Diet and nutrition

A balanced diet is beneficial for one’s overall wellness and health – perkier breasts included. Furthermore, maintaining an optimal weight according to your body type is also essential in ensuring that no additional pressure is placed on the breasts, which could cause them to sag. 


Merely practicing good posture – a straight back and curved spine – is the fastest way to counter the gravity pulling on the chests. Applying good posture teaches our body to move with the least amount of strain, which protects our ligaments and muscles. 


To further our cause in healthier-looking breasts, a quality and properly fitted bra is a must, especially for those with bigger cup sizes. A good bra gives the right support and reduces the strain and stress placed on the breasts as we go about our day. 


Lastly, we have massages. These are a treat and preventative self-care measure for our chests. 

3 self-massages to do daily for perfect and round breast

When doing a breast massage, it is crucial to always listen to your body and not engage in anything that doesn’t feel good or uncomfortable. Remember to breathe and adapt along the way to improve the process. A breast massage should feel as pleasant as a back massage or something equally relaxing. 


As for the pressure of the touch, the breasts better to soft and gentle but firm touches. The lymphatic system responds better to feather-light touches than intense pressure. 

Technique 1: Typical breast massage

Start by holding your breasts (one in each hand). Breathe in and out. Become present with your breasts and notice how they feel. As you breathe in and out, bring awareness into your chest. Become conscious of the fact that our chests may feel forgotten or taken for granted, and applying the massage and self-care is your way of apologizing. 


Using your palms, begin by massaging down on the outside, up on the inside. This motion clears anything that needs to be removed. 

Move slowly, continue breathing, and repeat 5-8 times (longer if needed). Switch directions.

Next, cup one breast with both hands and gently pull the breast toward the underarm and bring back to the resting position. Repeat ten times and switch to the other breast. 

Afterward, grab the lower part of the breast with one hand while the other covers the top. Push the top part of the breast outward while pulling the lower part inward.

The video below shows a more precise description of the massage: (starts at 3:12)

Technique 2: Lymphatic Breast Massage

The Lymphatic Breast Massage starts by gently stroking the breast in a downward motion from the top area of the neck and down to the collarbone. 

Next, look for the small hollow spot above your collarbone beside the base of your neck. Once found, stretch the skin from your shoulder, going to your neck to release and open your lymph nodes. 

Repeat the strokes until relaxed. 

Stretch the skin under your arm toward your armpit. If stretching is uncomfortable, you may hold the area until any tenderness disappears. 

Take one breast with one hand and gently stretch with the other in a slow pumping motion. Move toward your underarm. Repeat the pumping but in a different direction, going toward the center of your chest. 

With both palms flat on your breast, move on upwards towards the neck while the other is used for support. Do so for both sides of the breast. 

Lastly, gently and slowly stretch the skin of the breast away from the nipple all around. Press the nipple flat two or three times as a finishing touch. 

Repeat each step 10-15 times, as much as eight sessions per day. 

Technique 3: Breast massage with props

Another way to massage the breasts is with a little help from aromatherapy oils, creams, and other aids. Creams and oils make it easier to rub and stretch the skin of the chest with minimal friction. 

It is best to go for creams and oils with natural ingredients as the skin on your chest is sensitive. 

You can also start by rubbing your hands together to make them warm.

Gently place your hands on your breasts and, with fingers spread across, massage inwards in a circular motion. Your right hand should move in the opposite direction as the other. 

This simple message could be done 5-15 minutes, twice a day. 

Tips to Monitor for Changes

It is important to note that breast massages are not a miracle inducing process that yields visible results after one session. It takes time, discipline, and commitment to the routine to achieve perkier breasts. 

With continued practice, at least twice a day, every day, one would eventually feel and see the difference. 

To Monitor for Changes:

- Take before and after photos

- Don’t disregard the positive and relaxing feeling that the massage induces – this is a sign that good things are happening on the inside

- Look for a reduction in pain and swelling in the breasts 

- Using three fingers, carefully and thoroughly press gently all around the breasts. Move from the outside to the center of your chest, pressing in small circles. There shouldn’t be abnormal bumps during your check. 

- Your breasts will have a smoother texture, and after each session, they will feel like a bag of jelly, soft, liquid, bobbly, and smooth. The lumps and bumps that you thought were normal will completely disappear. 

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It might seem weird at first to touch oneself, but after a few minutes, you will begin to realize what a fantastic discovery a breast massage is. We put so much focus on skincare and other vital necessities that we tend to forget the other subtle parts of our bodies, such as our breasts. 


A periodic breast check-up added to a daily routine of massages will significantly relieve stress and tension, clear up the lymphatic system, help prevent cancer and strengthen the muscles and tissues underneath, making it look perkier.