Short Hair Tips: 20 Cute And Easy Braid Styles

Looking for cute styles for your short hair? Here are 20 fun and easy styles with braids that will make your hair look amazing.

By Susan V.
Short Hair Tips: 20 Cute And Easy Braid Styles

Cute braided hairstyles for short hair

Nice, short braids

Think you won't have enough hairstyle choices if you get your hair cut short? Wrong! Here are 20 choices for women with short hair.

Solution: half braided hairstyles

One strategy for braiding short hair is the partial braid. Trying to weave shorter hairs into a braid can result in a lot of wispy fly-aways. For a nice, neat braided look without using enough bobby pins to set off a metal detector, a half braids is a good way to go.

1. The crown

To achieve this look, start on one side of your head. Divide the hair on that side of your head into three even pieces. As you braid, instead of working the pieces over each other, work them under each other, grabbing a tiny piece of your remaining hair as you work your way to the back of your head. Secure the first section of hair in place as you repeat on the other side. When both sides are finished, wrap both pieces with a hair tie to hold them in place. For women who want a messier look, start with wavy hair.

2. Small side french braid

French braiding technique

Some women prefer to leave most of their short hair loose. For this braided look, part your hair to the side. On the smaller side of the part, grab as big a section as you want. Divide it into three sections. Unlike boxer braids, French braid sections are brought over each other to braid them. Each time you bring a piece over, grab a little piece of hair, but use the part you made as a boundary. This braid also looks nicest on short hair when you stop at the ear.

3. Large side french braid

The technique for this braided hairstyle is similar to the small side French braid. Once again, part your hair to the side. This time, French braid the hair on the larger side of the part. Instead of bringing the hair to the back of your head, let the braid travel down the side of the hair. Again, stop the braid at the ear. Arrange the loose hair around the braid for the desired look.

4. Small half up braid

This is by far the easiest braided hairstyle for women with short hair we've found. Simply pull the hair that frames your face to the back, center of your head. Create a braid in the back of your head. This one looks great at just about any length you choose to make it. Secure hair with a clip or hair tie.

5. Short side braids

This is another one that's nice and simple. Part hair to one side. Grab as big a chunk of hair as you feel like braiding. Just do a regular braid. As with other short braids, this one looks best if you don't try to make it any longer than the bottom of the ear.

6. Waterfall braid for short hairstyles

This is not the easiest of hairstyles to make, but it's well worth the effort. To achieve this look, part hair to the side. You will be working on the larger section of hair. Grab a chunk of hair at the front of your head, close to your part. Divide the chunk into three even sections, and proceed as though you will be French braiding your hair. When you get to the fourth time passing one section over, drop it down so it falls behind the braid instead of passing over. Pick up a section of hair that is hanging down (not the dropped section,) and bring that over as you would have done with the dropped section. Do this with every fourth crossover until the braid is as long as you'd like it to be.

7. The headband braid

This is another tricky one. Start by gathering all your hair and arranging it so it all is going across your head. Grab a chunk of hair above the ear and French braid it across to the other side of your head. This gets easier as you add pieces to your French braid and it gets thicker. Work to the opposite ear. Braid the hair all the way down, then tuck it behind the hair that is hanging down at the back of your head and clip it into place.

8. Half ladder braid

This braid is a variation on the waterfall braid. Start by making a waterfall braid to the back of the head on each side. After you have finished the first waterfall braid, make another on underneath it. The ladder effect is made by incorporating the original pieces dropped from the top braid into the second one.

9. Side fishtail braid

To create this look, side part your hair. Pick up a piece of hair that's the size you want your braid to be. Secure it at the base with a hair tie. Take a small piece of the hair from its side and bring it straight across the rest of the hair you are braiding. be careful not to twist it. Do the same thing with an equal sized section from the right side. Continue bringing pieces straight across from alternating sides of the braid until the braid is a length that you enjoy and secure with a hair tie or clip. If you want, carefully cut or break the first hair tie you used at the braid's base. Carefully spread the braid with your fingers so it is a texture and width that you like.

10. Braided top knot

To create this funky look, separate a chunk of hair at the center top of your head. Divide the chunk into three pieces and braid it straight back. Add a hair tie and wrap the ends of the braid into a messy bun or top knot. Secure with hairspray or pins if you'd like.

11. Dutch braided bangs

This style looks amazing with side-swept bangs or hair with layers in the front. Part your hair to the side. Pick up a little piece of hair at the edge of your bangs and divide into three pieces. Braid the hair across your bangs or front layer, always pulling the outside piece under the braid, picking up pieces as you work your way across your head. Secure with a hair tie.

12. Side cornrows

This is a very modern take on a classic style. To create it, part you hair to one side. Grab a chunk of hair at the front of your scalp below the part. Divide it into three pieces. As you braid, Add a piece of hair from under the braid to the center section of hair as you braid. Continue until the braid is the desired length. It looks nice to create two evenly-sized cornrows right next to each other on the side of your head.

Full braids for short hair

While it can be more challenging to avoid fly-away strands when working with shorter hair, hair pins and hairspray can smooth out even the wildest hair. Here are some ideas for full braids and up dos for short hair.

13. Dutch braids

Dutch Braids

To create Dutch (boxer) braids, part your hair in the middle. Again, divide hair into three even pieces and braid under on each side, this time including all the hair in each braid. This style looks nice on short hair if you stop braiding at your ears. To keep hair looking neat, use bobby pins to keep strands in place.

14. Dutch braided up do (cute!)

Use the same process to make Dutch braids, but leave half the hair out in back. Tuck the hair in back up with a clip. Tuck in all ends. Secure with bobby pins, if necessary.

15. French braided up do

This elegant classic is created the same way as the Dutch braided up do. Just make two French braids instead of boxer braids. Whether you prefer to make a faux bun in the back with the ends of you braids and the hair in back or tuck everything in for a sleeker look is your choice.

16. Milkmaid braid

This one requires a little bit of cheating. To create the look of milkmaid braids, make a ponytail on both sides of your head. The shorter your hair is, the closer together you will want the braids to be. Braid each ponytail and secure the ends with hair ties. Wrap the braids around your head in a ring, making it as small as you need to in order for it to be a complete circle. Secure the ring with hair pins and hair spray.

17. Double braided buns

To create this fun, youthful look, start by parting your hair down the middle. Make a ponytail on each side of the part. Braid both ponytails and secure the ends with a hair tie. Wrap each braid into a bun on either side of your head. The challenge here is keeping everything symmetrical, so using multiple mirrors can be a huge help.

18. Single french braid

This classic look is super cute on short hair, especially if you stop at the base of your neck. This is just a whole-head french braid, starting at the front top of the head, pulling strands in on both sides as you work your way to the back of the look. This can be a romantic look if you allow pieces to fall out, especially if you add gentle waves with a curling iron. If you prefer a neater look, apply generous amounts of hairspray and bobby pins.

19. Cornrows

This is another classic look that takes time and effort to do. An extra pair of hands helping out doesn't hurt, either. On the plus side, once its finished, your hair will be very low maintenance for days afterwards. For this style to work, your hair has to be divided into small, even sections. Braid from the front of your head back to desired length, adding hair to the center section as you work your way back. Secure each braid with a hair tie at the back of your head.

20. Fishtail braid

"pancaking" a fishtail braid

This is a fun, modern look. Gather as much of your hair as you can into a ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Separate it into three even sections. Bring the side sections, one at a time, straight across as you make the braid. Do not twist the pieces at all as you bring the pieces straight across the pony tail. When it is at the length you like, secure it with a hair tie. Carefully cut or break the hair tie you used to make your original ponytail, then pull it apart or "pancake" it to create a flat, textured braid.