How To Make Your Period Come Early - Naturally & Faster

Perhaps you've been wondering how you can make your period come a week or days before its usual time. Worry no more. Here's how to make your period come early.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
How To Make Your Period Come Early - Naturally & Faster

Why Make Your Periods Come Early?

To most women and girls, menstruation is one thing that, if possible, they would love to avoid. It's not just about the cramps and moodiness that it brings; sometimes, the special care you have to take of yourself during ‘those days’ can bring some inconvenience. Perhaps the worst of it all is a period that is irregular and unpredictable. It compares to expecting a visitor whose time of arrival is unknown; the anxiety can be great and if care is not taken, they may meet one unprepared. Ideally, most regular periods occur in every 21 to 32 days and that is where the idea of it being a monthly thing comes from. However, in reality, many females experience late or early periods while some don't even see their periods for a while. Experts have maintained that a lot of reasons can be responsible for a late or no period scenario. To that effect, many have been wondering if something can be done to make their periods come early or at least have some levels of control over it. If you are among the females seeking to make your periods come early, welcome. You are surely reading the right article. Several reasons may account for why you may want to induce your periods to come early. You may have an upcoming event which you are highly involved in or a holiday you have planned outside your state or country. To that effect, you don't want anything that would deprive you of the fun or responsibilities expected of you. Apart from that, you may be planning to avoid getting pregnant. That's possible because a few days after your period is considered safe to have sex and not get pregnant. So, if you can induce your period to come early perhaps by a week, you can plan your mating so you don't become pregnant when you aren't ready for it. And once your period is now technically within your control, you can better plan your sex life. Be that as it may, regardless of the reason you want to make your period come early or faster, the good news is that it is possible. While it is true that menstruation is hormonally controlled, it's also true that it responds to external forces. By taking advantage of this fact, you can make your period come faster.

Natural Ways To Make Your Periods Come Early

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There are a few ways you can make your periods come faster but in this piece, we shall be focusing on the natural means which some people love to call home remedy. When your period inducement is done through a natural means, there is little or no side effects compared to when you take pills. The few points discussed below review how making your periods come early and faster can be achieved naturally. They basically have to do with your diet and lifestyle changes. Here are them below.

1. Make Your Period Come Early Through Exercise

{cont from yesterday} I've always suffered from horrible hormonal acne & with a combination of time of the month blackouts, vomiting and intolerable pain, I made the decision to go on birth control my first year of college. But then another issue arose, I became extremely unmotivated to do things, had terrible mood swings and gained a ton of weight. After a year of trying to make it work with BC because I loved my cleared up skin, I decided it wasn't worth my unhappiness. The first period I got after going off the pill resulted in me being hospitalized & my now husband, then boyfriend of one year, having to call my parents from the ER to tell them I was admitted for ovarian cysts (bless his heart 😅). The time of the month has always been one of those things I "manage." The pain has improved tenfold, which I credit to health & fitness and learning to take care of myself properly, but I still do take a lot of Advil and there's still days I need to call out of work. I still struggle with hormonal acne & it takes a lot to leave my house without makeup. I'm not looking for medical advice because while I share the short story, there is a longer one behind it but if you guys have comments or stories yourself, I'd love to hear them ❤️

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Don't be surprised; that old, ancient method still works even for period inducement. When you engage in serious workouts a week or some days before the normal time you would expect your period to come, a certain hormone called endorphins is released into your body. This hormone functions in relieving you of stress and maintaining your body's estrogen balance which results in your periods coming faster and earlier. But, of course, you would have to regulate the frequency and intensity of your workouts so it doesn't change from being an exercise to stress. Stress has been shown to make periods come late and if your body interprets your exercise as stress, you might experience late and haphazard periods instead of an early period you want. A common fear exhibited by most females is that exercise would make them feel weak or experience more pain when the period finally comes but nothing can be farther from the truth more than this. A moderate exercise rather than increase menstrual pain reduces or even eliminates it. Some recommended exercises include pushups, brisk walks, swimming (but don't forget to wear a tampon), running, rope skipping, and sit-ups. The principle here is to keep it moderate but regular and your period will surely come faster.

2. To Make Your Period Come Early, Say No To Stress

Anything that is capable of building tension and uneasiness in your body can make your period come late or even cease. So, it makes sense that if you hope to make your periods come faster, you should cut down on your stressful lifestyle. One way to do this is to have a plan of how you intend to spend your day and then by discipline, commit yourself to following the plan. That way, you don't have too many undone tasks that can bring you psychological stress. Again, some experts have opined that a few minutes daily meditation can help reduce stress. You may want to try this out and see if it works for you. By and large, you mustn’t work too much into the night thereby depriving yourself of sleep. As a matter of fact, you should always be in bed between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am every day because several studies have revealed that essential metabolism takes place during those moments. It's hard for stress to build up in you when you get adequate sleep daily. And with stress out of the way, you can be sure of an early or faster period because your body would have garnered sufficient energy needed to make Aunt Flo come without obstruction.

3. Watch What You Eat

There is hardly any part of our body functioning that what we eat don't affect, menstruation inclusive. The fact is: you can eat your way to a faster or early period. As a rule, you should do away with junks or fats and feed more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, rather than load your system with sodas and sugar-filled beverages, take plenty of water instead. Abundant fruits and vegetables in your system mean sufficient vitamins and minerals and the end result for you as a female is not just a faster period but a relatively painless one.

4. Use Drumstick Tree To Make Your Period Come Early

Almost every part of this tree is useful in achieving an early period. You can make use of the root, stick, leaves, or flowers as all contain sufficient amount of Vitamins A and C including Iron which helps to prevent pregnancy. The presence of alpha-sitosterol and estrogens in them make your period come early and prevent pregnancy. For an early period, you should endeavor to extract the juice from either the leaves or flowers and take a bit of it first in the morning before eating anything. You can extract the juice from the other part of the tree by boiling in water and then straining. As a precaution, you should refrain from this method if you have a low blood pressure.

5. Hot Water Bath And Hot Compress

You can sit in hot water tub some few days or a week for 20 minutes a day as this has been shown to induce early periods. The same effect is achieved if you drink warm water or do what is called hot compress. For the hot compress, you can use a heating pad, towel, or bottle to compress your body's lower part while applying pressure to your pelvis at the same time. Doing this two or three days would induce early periods. However, be sure that the water isn't too hot so you don't burn your throat or skin. When your body heat is thus increased this way, your abdominal muscles become relaxed and a rapid dilation of your blood capillaries take place. The effect of this is a fast shedding of the endometrium leading to you seeing your period early.

6. Make Your Period Come Early By Using Sesame Seeds

Those tiny sesame seeds have been shown to help induce early periods because of the ligands present in them which help to bind hormones that are surplus in your body and which may result in a late period. In addition, sesame seeds are rich in essential fatty acids which are precursor elements in the production of certain hormones capable of causing Aunt Flo to come out faster. Its usage requires that you roast a handful of the seeds and grind it with jaggery powder until a fine, uniform mixture is obtained. Once you have gotten this mixture, you can start taking it first in the morning or you can make use of it with honey twice a day. As soon as you start seeing your period, you should stop taking this mixture.

7. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids contain an amino acid called thiamine which helps to release your body's estrogen and as such, naturally make your periods to come faster. This fatty acid is naturally occurring in Tuna and Salmon fishes. There is no special preparation needed in using this approach. You can even begin immediately after reading this article. Just ensure that as much as 250 Grams of either Salmon or Tuna is in your lunch or dinner for up to 5 days and the result would surely follow. However, where you really desire a faster result, you can take it with brown rice.

8. Soy Milk Also Makes Period Come Early

This is something you can use if you are a vegan to induce early periods. Apart from getting an early period, a continuous take of soy milk can help regulate your menstrual cycle thereby making it more predictable. And you know what? There is no time of the day you cannot take it to get the desired result. Soy milk contains a high quantity of estrogen and taking it would help contract the uterine wall leading to an early period.

9. To Immediately Begin Your Period, Use Coconut Water

Sometimes, the urge is so great that you want your period to begin immediately so you can get over it and face upcoming tasks. Your help in this situation would be coconut water. Coconut naturally contains some substances that assist in contracting the uterus thereby leading to early periods. Getting a result immediately from coconut water would require that you follow some methods of using it. First, you have to fast in the morning by refusing to eat till 12 pm. If you are tempted to take anything in-between, let it be water. After this time, you can now take a glass cup of coconut water and start zipping it until you consume the whole thing. Only after you are done should you consider taking your brunch. Repeat the entire process again till evening and watch how your period flows immediately with ease. You have no worries about any side effects because there is none.

10. Pawpaw (Papayas)

Many have opined that this is the easiest way of getting your period to come early. And apart from an early period, you are going to be feeding yourself in the process too especially if you've got enough of the fruit. Papayas have sufficient carotene which is known to stimulate estrogen. This stimulation is what makes your period to come early. Carrot also contains carotene. But in addition to the carotene present in papayas, consuming it also makes your body to be naturally warm. This heat in conjunction with the stimulating effect of the carotene makes the periods come faster. Simply eat enough of it a day or take its juice. There is no side effect to it.

11. Castor Oil With Hot Water Bag

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Again, if you wish to begin your period immediately or at most two days from now, castor oil is your best bet. It aids the uniform circulation of blood to your uterus and ovaries thereby softening the tissues there. Once this is done, the uterine lining is shed more quickly. Getting result immediately would, however, demand that you apply it carefully thus. Get a clean cloth and moisten it with castor oil and then place it on your lower abdomen. On this cloth, place a hot water bath on it and allow it to be that way for up to 15 minutes. If you repeat this process for up to 3 times a day, your period should begin immediately or the next day.

12. Make Your Periods Come Early With Parsley

This is one of the oldest ways by which women regulate their menstrual cycle and make their periods come early. This plant naturally contains certain substances such as myristicin and apiol which stimulate the uterus leading to its contraction. This stimulation and contraction are what make your periods to come early. For effective result, you should take some of the leaves of this plant and make a juice out of it. After extracting the juice, you can add just a spoon of black pepper and lemon juice to it and take it first in the morning before eating anything. The result can be very amazing.

13. To Make Your Period Come Early, Have Sex

You can consider having sex when planning to make your period come early. Semen is said to contain prostaglandins, a hormone which works on a woman's cervix to cause it to dilate and soften. This dilation itself can make your period come a day or even week early. That aside, if you're able to achieve orgasm during coitus, that also helps your cervix to dilate and consequently pull the flow out early. Looking at it from another perspective, sex is one proven way to relieve stress and that is a condition perfect for inducing periods. This method is apt if you are married or you are keeping a faithful monogamous partner. If not, the risk of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases is sufficient a reason to clear this option from your mind.

14. Ginger Also Makes Periods Come Early

Ginger is believed to help make periods come early by stimulating uterine contraction. Although the veracity of this claim is still being researched, many have claimed that it aided their periods in coming early. You are not probably going to be able to eat ginger raw; hence, you can make it as a tea which you would take every morning. Preparation is quite easy. First, you need to peel and slice the ginger into a container and then add water to it. Leave the mixture for some minutes and then strain. The liquid from it is what you need and you can add honey to it to make it tasteful.

15. Coriander Seeds

Another natural supplement to induce period is coriander seed. The seed has emmenagogue properties which enable it to mediate uterine contraction and make you see your period early. Usually, coriander seeds can be prescribed if your period is erratic or has ceased to show up too. To use, you would have to boil coriander seeds in water in the ratio 1:2. That is a cup of the seed to 2 cups of water. This mixture should be allowed to boil in the water for some time. After a substantial amount of the water has evaporated, you should strain the seed and take the solution remaining. Do this before eating and your period should come early.

16. Make Your Period Come Early With Aloe Vera

This usefulness of Aloe vera is wide and in inducing an early period, it seems to find a lot of usefulness too. Aloe vera can also address most of your stomach upset issues. Its ability to make periods come early is because of it emmenagogue properties. To use Aloe vera for period inducement, cut its stem and extract the gem from it. Mix this gem with honey and take it daily especially in the morning. It is capable of making your period come up to a week earlier than it would have.

17. Rue Can Also Make Your Period Come Early

Rue is another naturally occurring supplement to make your period come early. The constituents of rue that makes it suitable for early period inducement are Pilocarpine and Rutin. Using rue to induce your period would require that you take a small quantity of the herb in a cup or other container and add enough hot or boiling water to it. Allow the water to stay there for a while before straining. Once you have strained it, you can add honey to taste. Take this up to 3 times daily and you should witness the onset of your period within some few hours.

18. Cotton Root Bark

Another natural means to jumpstart your period is to use the root bark of a cotton plant. It is said to contain oxytocin which is a hormone responsible for childbirth. But apart from oxytocin, the bark also has the capacity to induce an early period. For an early period, get some of the cotton's roots and ensure they are thoroughly washed. You can then cut the roots into smaller pieces and add hot water to it. Allow the hot water to stay for a while before you strain. Take the juice up to 2 times a day and watch your period commence soon.

19. Turmeric Is Also Apt For Period Inducement

It's been a while that turmeric has been used by women to induce an early period. Apart from its ability to make your period start early, it can also address period cramps and pains and address some menopausal symptoms too. The different ways to use turmeric for a period inducement includes drinking it as a tea; using it as food spices or making it a juice with water, honey, and lemon. Whichever method you apply in taking it, if you use it up to 2 times a day for 2 days, your period should signal its onset.

20. Make Your Period Come Early With Cinnamon

Part of the reason Cinnamon is able to induce an early period is the warming effect it has on your body. Once your body temperature is raised, your period is more likely to begin early. Also, the Hydroxychalcone present in Cinnamon helps to regulate your body insulin level and periods too. You need Cinnamon in its powdered form for an early period. You can either mix it with warm water and drink it or you sprinkle it on your dishes. If you are able to take the sufficient quantity, your period should begin within 2 to 3 days of usage.

Inducing Periods: Precautions To Take

Before settling for any method for inducing your periods, it is always good to first consult with your physician. That is not to say that these natural remedies aren't potent in making your period come early but there might be some reasons many of them may not be suitable for you. Take, for instance, you might be allergic to sesame seeds without you even knowing. If you make use of it as prescribed here, you may come down with complications. Besides that, if you are on drugs, some of these things may not be compatible with certain drugs. However, if you sit with your doctor to determine which may be best for you, you are sure to cross out the possibility of coming down with complications. Similarly, in your bid to hasten your period, make sure you aren't taking excessive vitamin C. It is another possible source of complications. Similarly, give yourself enough time say a week before inducing your period. That is if you know your program is in a week's time and you plan to induce your period, make no further delay; start now. When you wait till the eleventh hour, you may be tempted to take these things more than the prescribed dosage.

Final Remarks

Menstruation which according to Derek Llewellyn-Jonesthe acclaimed author of "Everywoman" is the "weeping" of the uterus because pregnancy has refused to occur is perfectly a normal thing for a mature, non-menopausal female. It's nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, you should be concerned as a female if you don't see your period. But as noted in this piece, a lot of reasons can necessitate you wanting to make your period come early. And of all the available methods, using a natural remedy approach remains the best. You are sure there are little or no side effects to worry about. But with that, care has to be taken so you don't become addicted to the process. Menstruation is a naturally occurring phenomenon in females and nature seems to have put mechanisms in place to govern its appearance. So, constantly disrupting the normal process may not augur well in the long run.



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