How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly Like A Pro - For Beginners

Trying to learn how to apply eyeshadow like a pro? Check out these tips on eye makeup and you'll be applying eyeshadow professionally before you know it.

By Katherine P. Haley
How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly Like A Pro - For Beginners

The wonders of eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is a great type of makeup that can add some color to your face and make your eyes pop. There are so many different styles of eyeshadow looks. We're talking smokey eye, glitter, and basic matte. Eyeshadow is so fun to play and experiment with that after reading through tutorial after tutorial, you will want to do nothing but play with your eyeshadow all day. This article is going to explain the basics of eyeshadow and then will go into a tutorial for smokey eyeshadow and one for glitter eyeshadow. These will help you achieve specific looks for beginners that will end up making your makeup look professionally, and beautifully, done.

Supplies for professionally done eyeshadow application

There are several basic supplies that you will need in order to have a professionally done look for your eyeshadow. It is pretty simple to get these supplies, just head over to your local makeup store, like Sephora or Ulta Beauty. Remember, if you are ever questioning what to get, the workers are there to help you pick out the best products for you. The supplies you need are: 1) Eye cream or moisturizer 2) Eyelid primer 3) Eyeshadow (of course) 4) Eye makeup brush 5) Eyeliner and/or a kohl pencil 6) Favorite Mascara Eye creams or moisturizers are used to keep your eyes looking bright and to reduce bags and dark circles under your eyes, which we all need from time to time. Eyelid primer is to make sure your makeup goes on clean and smooth. I think the need for eyeshadow should be obvious, so I won't bother to explain. Eyeliner is to add definition to your eyes and the mascara is to add length or body to your eyelashes. Now, for the eye makeup brushes, there are many kinds to use, so I'll list several types and their use below for your reference. Eye makeup brushes: -Eyeshadow stamp brush (this is used for applying heavy color directly to your lid) -Medium eyeshadow brush (for applying lighter color, especially good for beginners) -Eye contour brush (this angled brush is good for brushing shadow into your crease and contouring the edges or your eye) -Eye blender brush (this is for blending your eyeshadow) -Contoured blending brush (pointed tip helps to blend shadow in your crease) -Flat stiff brush (good for smudging any stiff lines) -Cut crease brush (a rounded flat brush that helps precision and to get eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes) -Smudge brush (good for cream shadows and to smudge lines) Now, there are even more brushes out there, but you likely won't be needing them as a beginner. If you do, there are many websites and human people at makeup stores that will be happy to help you on your quest. And even with these brushes, you won't be using them all every time you apply eyeshadow. These are more of a sample of the wonders that exist in the eyeshadow community.

The beginning of basic eyeshadow application

This is the start of how to apply a basic eyeshadow look. We will get into more specific looks for beginners after you learn the basics. Soon enough, your eyeshadow will look professionally done, just you wait. First, start by making sure your eyes and the area around your eyes are clean, with no leftover makeup from the day before. This will mess with the overall look of your eyeshadow as past colors and liners can interfere with a fresh look. Now, apply moisturizer or eye cream to your eyes and let it soak in for at least a minute before moving on. When the moisturizer or eye cream is settled into your skin, move on to the eyelid primer. Apply the primer to your whole eyelid and anywhere else around the eye that you will be applying shadow or liner, like under your lower lid or up near your eyebrow (but not too close. Eyeshadow, especially dark eyeshadow touching your eyebrow, is a huge makeup no-no. Pro tip: if you don't have any eyelid primer, you can also use a concealer that matches your skin tone and a translucent powder over it. It's even a good idea to use concealer around your eyes to take away any natural discoloring that may occur. Creating a base for your eyeshadow is important because it makes for a more even application of the makeup and a longer lasting effect. With no base, your eyeshadow will fall, smudge, and smear away which is never fun.

Choosing the right eyeshadow and the right style of application

Different skin tones look good with different colors of eyeshadow just like different eye shapes look good with a different style of application. It's good to know what looks go for you personally before you try to apply any eyeshadow so you don't come out of it disappointed because it did not work out the way you planned. As an example, fair skin looks good with eyeshadow colors like champagne and darker skin looks good with eyeshadow colors like burgundy. I suggest you do some more research and even go to the store and try some colors out because you can guess all you want, but unless you see it, you may not believe it. Trust me on this, do your research. While choosing your shade of eyeshadow, you also want to choose the type of eyeshadow you want. Glitter or packed powder? Cream or matte? Loose powder or shimmer? It's up to you! It just depends on what eyeshadow looks best on you and whatever you believe is the easiest to work with. As for eye shapes, an example of application style of the eyeshadow would be for hooded eyes, you should try applying your eyeshadow with your eyes open to see exactly where it'll end up naturally. For upturned eyes, apply darker eyeshadow to outer corners of eyes to make your upper and lower lid look more even. Again, I suggest you do some research on figuring out your eye shape so you know for sure. Trust me, the research may take some time, but you won't regret it. And your eyeshadow will look great.

Applying the basic eyeshadow for beginners

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Alright, now that you have your base applied and your eyeshadow picked out, it's time to start applying. This example will be using two eyeshadow colors, one lighter and one darker. The color of the eyeshadow is purely up to your imagination. First, using the medium eyeshadow brush, sweep on your lightest color across the entire eye area, covering your lid and edging up to your brow. Make sure you apply the eyeshadow evenly and not too thick as this can create a heavy, worn down look. Now, take the eyeshadow contour brush and contour the crease of your eye with the darker shade. Pick up your eye blender brush and blend that eyeshadow in making sure there are no harsh lines visible and the colors blend smoothly into each other. For beginners, it is recommended that you start off with the lighter shades of eyeshadow as they are easier to remove if you mess up. The road to professionally applied eyeshadow may be a rough one, but it is worth it.

Applying eyeliner and mascara

Now that your eyeshadow has been professionally applied, as I believe you are the quick learning beginner you are, its time to apply eyeliner and mascara to the eyeshadow. Now, there are several tips that are going to be listed below and you by no means have to do them all to your eye, especially if you are choosing to go with a lighter makeup look. Okay. So, one thing you can do is, using a kohl pencil, smudge under your lower eyelids to create a dark and dramatic look. With this, it is recommended that you use a white eyeliner pencil on your waterline (that pink line on your lower lid above your lashes). This makes your eyes look larger and helps the color to pop. You can also take eyeliner (liquid or pencil, whatever you are most comfortable with), and apply it to your upper lid over the eyeshadow. Starting at the inside of your eye, right along the line of your lashes, draw the eyeliner outward until you reach the edge of your eyelid. Or, if your feeling brave, stop there, then create a winged tip by bringing the eyeliner beyond your eyelid, ending at a sharp point. Now, for the mascara, I recommend you apply it to your upper lashes and leave your lower ones be, especially if your smudged kohl under your eyes. However, if you have very light lower lashes, take your mascara brush, wipe it off slightly on a tissue, removing any lumps. Then, lightly brush the mascara on your lower lashed while holding the wand so the tip is facing the ceiling. All of these tips do great things to enhance the look of your eyeshadow.

Smokey eye tutorial

So, now that you understand the basics of eyeshadow, we're going to teach you how to apply a smokey eye professionally. This one isn't a full-on black smokey eye, as it is best to not start off with that as a beginner. This is a dark gray smokey eye that will look fantastic on you and make your eyes pop. First, always apply a base, just as you learned above. Primer is always a key to long-lasting makeup and a clean, smooth look. Add a nude shadow to your eyelid and blend it in. We're going to start off black. Pack on black eyeshadow in the outer corner of your eye and smooth it into the crease. Next, using the blending brush, blend the eyeshadow to smooth out any harsh lines. Now, take an eyeshadow stamp brush and apply gray/silver eyeshadow over the black. This should create a nice contrast and bolding of colors. Smooth and blend until you are satisfied. Be careful to not move the shadow off of your eyelid as this is what can cause the "raccoon eyes" effect. Now, apply a kohl pencil or gel liner above your lash line on your eyelid, making sure there is no space between the liner and the lash line. You can either blend it into the black and gray eyeshadow that is already on your eye or smudge it on your lid. Next, apply the liner underneath your eyes. This can be as thin or as thick as you so desire. Smudge it to create the ultimate smokey look. Now, the last step is applying mascara and you should be set. Have fun with this eyeshadow style, and remember, practice makes perfect. If you mess up the first time you can always try again.

Glitter eye tutorial

Glitter eyeshadow is one of the most subtle ways to look totally glam on a night out. However, the process is a bit more complicated than just brushing glitter eyeshadow on your eyelids. After you read this tutorial, you will be applying glitter eyeshadows practically professionally. As always, first as a base primer. Remember, this is the best way to create a smooth and clean application. Next, pack a light brown color into the outer corner of your eye and blend into the crease and slightly over the eyelid. Now, take a nude color lighter than your skin tone and cover most of your eyelid, leaving the outer corner brown eyeshadow still visible. Now, take a matte color similar to the glitter eyeshadow that you chose and apply it over the nude color, making sure you can see the nude when done. Blend into the brown eyeshadow making sure there are no harsh lines. Okay, time for the exciting part, glitter! Take your glitter shadow and dab it in the middle of your eyelid, taking care to not take it all the way over to either side. Blend it in smoothly, so that the glitter looks like a natural part of the eyeshadow, not randomly added extra. Now, take an eyeliner of your choice (pencil, liquid, and anything in between), and apply it as near as you can to your lash line. As a beginner, I suggest you go thinner and first and thicken the line with practice. If you want to get wild, you can even go for a winged tip. Up to you. Don't forget the mascara! It is essential to the competition of a good eyeshadow look. Okay. You're all set. Have fun with this! You look great.

Last minute eyeshadow tips

Before you go and try out your new eyeshadow looks, here are some last minute tips to remember. These may not always apply to every eyeshadow look, but they are always good to keep in mind. 1) Different eye shapes can require different techniques, so make sure to do your research beforehand. 2) Find your favorite type of shadow (cream, loose powder, packed powder) and don't forget to experiment to figure out what works best for you. 3) If you buy a group of eyeshadow with two to five colors, remember they all are meant for a different purpose. The package should usually say, but if it doesn't, you can surely look it up online. But the basics are that the lighter colors are for covering the eyelid and darker are for lining and blending in the creases. 4) The best way to apply eyeshadow is the pat and dab technique over just smoothing it on willy-nilly. 5) When you blend your shadow, blend it gently because blending it too roughly can mess up all your hard work. 6) The best way to soften harsh lines is to move your brush back and forth over the lines as a way to smooth them out. 7) When applying the eyeshadow, tilt your head up and look down at the mirror. This will allow you to see all of your eye at the same time, which will really help in the long run. 8) Do eye makeup before applying foundation/concealer because this allows you more room to mess up and the ability for clean up without ruining the rest of your makeup. 9) Always finish off with setting spray. This will make your eyeshadow last longer and look better. 10) White liner on your waterline is always a good way to make your eyes pop and look larger. 11) Know what you are supposed to use your eyeshadow brushes for. It may seem like it doesn't matter, but using the right brush can make all the difference in the world. 12) Enjoy yourself. Eyeshadow isn't life or death and learning to apply it is all the fun. As a beginner, it may get frustrating, but I promise, with enough practice, your eyeshadow will eventually look professionally done.

Have fun

Makeup can be a girl's (or a guy's) best friend because it is just so fun. You shouldn't be applying makeup for anyone but yourself, which means you can have all the fun with it you want. Take the edge off. Try a smokey eye, try out some glitter, play with your mattes, whatever you want. It's up to you and it's your life. Have a great time with all your new eyeshadow tips.