How To Put On Your Fake Eyelashes Easily Like A Pro

This article is going to turn you into a Fake Eyelash Pro! It contains tips on how to put on your fake eyelashes easily.

By AmyTheOracle
How To Put On Your Fake Eyelashes Easily Like A Pro

Bat Your Eyes Like This!

So as you ladies and fellas know that eyelashes are a total game changer when it comes to your whole makeup look. It really helps your makeup look of the day pop and as well define those beautiful peepers of yours. Who doesn't fall in love when someone bats their beautiful eyes and eye lashes at you. I know I do! Man or Woman! Some people are just so blessed with beautiful eyelashes. Those people have all the luck in the world. For those of use that aren't that lucky with beautiful eyelashes genes you are in luck this time around. Thanks to the makeup world an individual can indulge in makeup with a step more. Fake eyelashes! Who says you can't pull the whole look together with just mascara and eyeliner! For those who want a little more of a pop to your eyes try adding fake eyelashes.

What's Your Eyelash Size?

Of course when it comes to makeup every individual has their preference of how much or how little they use. This is also the case with fake eyelashes size. Do you want full dramatic fake eyelashes? Do you want normal and very subtle fake eyelashes? Maybe you want an even more natural and subtle look so you use individual fake eyelashes to build volume and apply onto your existing eyelashes. Whichever look and fake eyelashes size your choose I'm sure you're going to look like a total babe. Maybe you might end up with a total fake eyelashes collection. Along with eyelash glue in emergency places. Whoever already wears lashes knows the struggle sometimes and for those who have yet to wear or try artificial lashes will know what I'm talking about. (;

How To Put On Your Fake Eyelashes Easily Like A Pro

We all have troubles when it comes to perfecting our makeup. Whether it's getting the perfect eyeliner wing or getting them both to match. Sometimes it's putting your artificial eyelashes on easily. So this article is here to help! With the applying your artificial eyelashes that is... Here are a few steps for any individual to follow and to keep in mind when your are applying artificial or false eyelashes onto your eyelids and eyelashes:

1. Loosen Glue

It's advised when you have strips of false eyelashes to roll the band down to loosen up the glue so it's easier to apply onto your eyelashes. If you're being rough with the strip of false eyelashes you might tear the "hairs". So please be delicate when you apply and when you remove and wash your lashes. This also applies to individual lashes. When removing individual lashes make sure you're being gentle when tearing them away form the set or package they came in.The glue might be very sticky or stuck so please DO NOT use tweezers to remove the lashes because the edge of the point of the tweezers are sharp and might cut, tear, or bend the false lashes or individual lash. *good tip to remember: after removing the lashes you can stick them on the back of your hand so you can prepare the eyelash glue and grab the proper utensils to apply the lashes

2. Soften The Spine

This step applies more to strips of eyelashes so if you're putting on a full strip of eyelashes make sure to soften the spine of the lashes. You can use your finger to wrap the strip around you finger to soften the spine and give it more of a cure to fit your eye shape. Or you can you the tip of your fingers to gently run over the spine of the lashes like a string or ribbon to give it a nice subtle, curvy look.

3. Deciding How Long And How Full

So after you've soften the spine of your fake eyelashes you can measure out the length against your actual lashes so you can get a natural full look. Once you've measured it out you can cut off any excess necessary. *good tip to remember: cut the strip of lashes from the inside not the outside so you don't lose volume within the strip of lashes For individual clusters you can add as man or as few as you want. This really depends on how full you want your lashes to look. You can initially start adding onto your real lashes with the cluster of lashes on the inner corner of your eyes and the outer corner of your eyes.

4. Eyelash Glue

There's multiple ways you can apply eyelash glue to a strip of fake eyelashes or clusters of eyelashes so whichever is your preference go with it. You can even experiment with both if you want to! You can either buy glue that has an applicator tip so you can just spread the glue on the strip of lashes or use a q-tip. Or if you have eyelash glue that doesn't have an applicator you can dip the cluster of lashes or strip very lightly into the glue. Make sure you leave the glue on to dry for a couple of seconds until it gets tacky. Do not blow on the glue to dry quicker because the glue can maneuver around and spread to an area you don't want.

5. Maneuver And Re-position

Last but not least use your tweezers to place your lashes onto your lash line to align with your real lashes. Place it right in the middle of the lash line then use your tweezers to fix and re-position the lashes to perfect them! You can adjust them at the end of each strip of lashes to make it look more natural. You might have to practice this a few time to get it right if it's your first time applying fake eyelashes. Once you got it down you are going to look flawless. After you are done fixing and getting the lash to look the way you want apply mascara and continue with the rest of your makeup routine.

Quality Lashes

Quality is a big topic for your materials thing! Everyone wants to make sure that what they are spending their money on is worth it. Quality doesn't mean the item has to be expensive it just means it has to be good stuff. So when you start shopping for false eyelashes think about quality. You don't want to choose a pair of false eyelashes that look almost fake. The point is to make your lashes look full but natural! Unless you're doing an entirely different aesthetic look by all means your lashes can be wild and as crazy as you want them to be. This is generally speaking. Most women and men who use false eyelashes want them to look full but natural. Keep in mind the material the eyelashes are made of, the texture, the price and of course the look and size. All of the aspects are important when you're shopping for fake eyelashes or any makeup for that matter.

Side Effects

Of course there are side effects of fake eyelashes and with that being said please be cautious. Some people have very sensitive skin and some people get more infections through their eyes so be mindful when you decide to wear fake eyelashes. This is very important to consider when it comes to side effects. A lot of people forget to do a testing session to make sure their not allergic to the glue or whatever eyelash glue you use. Especially when you're using mascara on your lashes its always advised to make sure any type of makeup residue is clean before another use. So to avoid side effects make sure you take into consideration all of the possible outcomes.

Fake Eyelashes After Care

This goes along with the previous tips. Make sure you're being very cleanly with your fake eyelashes. Make sure to sanitize and clean your brushes and lashes especially when you are using mascara on your lashes. The mascara might get clumped up and might carry bacteria if you do not place them in a sanitary place or if you don't wash them regularly. This goes for all make up utensils. Make sure you're using clean brushes and lashes when you are applying your makeup and getting your glam look together.

Key Tips

What's an article without a "Key Tips" section? Not an article at all of course. But seriously here are some key tips to keep in mind when applying false eyelashes. -do not blink when placing the false eyelash. Blinking will not let the glue stick and will eventually make your false eyelashes fall off. -after applying the lashes and fixing them to the position you like and feel comfortable with let it dry for about a minute or two before you reline your eyelash line with eyeliner. -try using dark brown, black or gray mascara for a more natural look.

You're A Doll!

Okay dolls! The time has come! The ending of this article is dedicated to all of you pretty ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure you've chosen the path of falsies! So with that being said practice, practice, practice. You'll get the hang of it one way or another. I mean that's just how makeup is. Well anything for that matter. You babes are going to look gorgeous. So once you get the hang of putting the fake eyelashes on you'll see the complete difference between your two looks. That is normal with real eyelashes and the full dramatized glam look with fake eyelashes. In my opinion fake lashes always bring more drama and definition to your makeup look. So if you are really into a full on glam makeup look, fake eyelashes are always the route to go. You can make everything look better with a good set of false eyelashes. So good luck ladies and gents on being gorgeous! Don't forget you're a doll so bat your eyelashes and make the world fall in love with you. <3