10 Signs To Know If Your Ex Is "The One That Got Away"

You may have broken up but is your ex the one? Read on to find the ten signs that he may be the one who got away and the meaning of each of those signs.

By Amy C
10 Signs To Know If Your Ex Is "The One That Got Away"

Your ex may be the one

Maybe the relationship did not work out because you were too young. The two of you were just too immature. Or maybe the two of you were moving in different directions about careers or location of settling down. Whatever the reason, the two of you decided it was for the best to break up. But you have always thought about your ex and what could have been. If things had been different, would it have worked out? There were no huge fights or issues that you could not work through. The breakup was based on your circumstances, not issues. So, was your ex "the one"? Read on to find ten of the most common signs that your ex may be the one that got away.

The one that got away sign #1: Still seeing the good

There is no doubt to you that your ex - was and is a good person. He would go out of his way to do good deeds for people, even as small as holding doors open for others. He volunteered. He loved children. Whatever it is, you know in your heart that he is a good person and has a big heart.


Even after everything, you can still see the good in your ex then that is a strong indication that he may be the one. Loving a person inside and out is not always the easiest thing after a breakup. Feeling this way means that the two of you are on a different level. One with unconditional love. If this feeling is mutual, then this is a definite sign that your ex may be the one.

The one that got away sign #2: Reminders

After every relationship ends, you are left with the keepsakes and reminders of your time together. Photos, flowers, jewelry, and everything you received during the relationship is a constant reminder of what the two of you once had together. Holding onto these reminders can be painful, but sometimes it is more painful to get rid of them.


You have not given up entirely on this relationship yet. You may have taken down the photos, but you keep them within reach. You still have dried flowers from the bouquet he gave you and little soaps from the hotel where the two of you took a vacation. Not being able to get rid of these reminders means that you are not ready to move on to start a new chapter in your life. This attachment to material possessions is an analogy to the attachment to your ex as a person. And you feel you need that person in your life because they may be the one.

The one that got away sign #3: Social media

One of the first things you usually do after a breakup is block your ex on social media. Maybe even some of his friends and family. He does not need to know what is going on in your life now! But a few months later you receive a friend request from him. You accept it and are happy to see that he has kept photos of the two of you up. Maybe he hasn't even officially changed his relationship status, and your heart skips a beat. But accepting that request feels so normal; life is back to the way it should be. Or what the way you hope it will be again.


Social media is a constant reminder of our past. When dealing with issues such as a breakup, pushing all of those memories away seems the easiest choice, so you block those memories both literally and figuratively. Reconnecting and having it feel normal, being excited to see what is going on in each other's lives, and feeling like it just feels right is a sign that your ex is the one. An even stronger sign is if you and your ex engage with each other and each other's friends and family just as you once did.

The one that got away sign #4: Dwelling on mistakes

Every relationship has its ups and downs. You have arguments, and things can get heated emotionally. Maybe you said things that were hurtful, or you realized you just weren't listening enough. Whatever the mistakes were in a relationship, a breakup can force you to dwell on those mistakes that you made. Reflecting is normal for a short period. But months later these events are still replaying in your mind. Thoughts that are keeping you awake wishing that you could just take it all back. That is a sign that your ex may be the one.


Knowing that you hurt someone that you love is hard, especially of the relationship was overall a great one. Dwelling on mistakes is not something you can control as it seems to happen at random moments throughout the day suddenly. If only you could take all the hurt back, change things, and correct the wrongs; you know this relationship could be forever. Being upset about the hurt you caused someone you love months later and not being able to shake that feeling may mean that your ex is the one.

The one that got away sign #5: No new relationship

It has been months since the breakup. Your friends are now starting to try to set you up on dates. Heck, maybe you even signed up for online dating! But it does not seem right. It does not seem like it has been long enough. Your heart still beats for only one person.


You are struggling to move on because the heart wants what the heart wants. No one will ever compare, and the bond that you had with your ex is unbreakable. If your ex is the one, then you will never be truly happy with anyone else.

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The one that got away sign #6: Friends

Your friends avoid talking about your ex. His friends avoid talking about you. Mutual friends may even avoid inviting either of you to group events to protect you both. They know that it is too painful for either of you.


If even your friends are aware of the situation and avoid any mentions, that is a sign that your ex may be the one. Your friends and his are the ones that know the two of you best. If they can see the hurt that this separation has caused the two of you, it may be time to reconsider another try at your relationship.

The one that got away sign #7: Support

He was your #1 cheerleader. Good days and bad, your ex was your rock. He would celebrate your successes and cry with you over your pains. A significant other can be one of our strongest supporters through life. Knowing someone will always have your back is a special gift.


You know you need your rock. You need your top supporter to journey through life by your side. If after the breakup you still feel this strong bond, and if you still feel you could go to your ex to tell him your wins and losses, he may be the one. You will always know who will stand by your side through anything.

The one that got away sign #8: Family ties

Family means everything. You loved the Sunday dinners at his parent's house and helping his little brother with a big project. You love his family as your own, and he loves yours as his own. Now, even months later, his family is still asking about you. Your parents are doing the same about him. Your siblings ask when he will be revisiting them. And you know that the holidays are going to be a rough time without everyone together.


If your ex is truly the one, you will never lose that bond with his family. You will miss them as you would miss your own family. And he is feeling the same way about yours. You may even keep in touch with them through social media or texts and calls. If your families can see that this is worth It, they love you as their own, then all of those signs may point to him being the one.

The one that got away sign #9: Phone calls and texts

There are drunken texts that you may get from an ex randomly that mean nothing at all. But if you are always the one your ex is contacting when he is drunk, has happy news, or sad news, he may be the one.


Knowing that someone is there on the other end of the phone is pretty fantastic, and it is that spark of hope. Even after a breakup and you are the first one he calls, he is still interested and wants to rekindle the relationship perhaps as well. And maybe you do the same thing. If you call just to talk, send a text, or deliver news to him first, these are signs that he may be the one.

The one that got away sign #10: Crossing paths

At first, it may be impossible not to cross paths with your ex after a breakup. The two of you had the same routine as each other for so long; it may be chance. But if he is making an effort to be seen by you, that may be a sign that he is the one. The same is true if you are consciously or subconsciously doing the same.


Showing up at the gym the same time as you when that is not his normal workout time. Randomly meeting in the cereal aisle at the grocery store when you know he doesn't eat cereal. If the two of you are trying to make connections to see each other still, that is a sign that your ex may be the one.


If you read through this entire list and it seemed to be written just for you, then your ex may be the one. It may have ended, but that does not mean that the two of you will never be together again. If you truly love him and know he still feels the same, what is stopping you from taking the leap and trying it again? You are older, wiser, and stronger than before. It may be worth it to take another try and see if the two of you are truly soulmates.



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