"I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!" - The Best Shocking Stories

It's hard to imagine, but some women didn't know they were pregnant until right before they were about to give birth! Read these shocking stories.

By Susan V.
"I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!" - The Best Shocking Stories


These are real stories about women who didn't know they were pregnant.

Miracle Stories: Siobhan Mooney didn't know.

One morning, a 23-year-old sales assistant woke up experiencing a backache and feeling like she had a stomach bug. She didn’t know what was going on. She asked her mother about it, was shrugged off, and told her to take a bath and go to bed early. Since her mom is a nurse, Siobhan took her advice and went to bed at 7:30 that evening.

At eleven, she woke up with sharp abdominal pains. She ran to the bathroom, thinking she needed to use the toilet, but it did not help. After a night of useless tossing and turning, unable to find a comfortable position, the pain brought tears to her eyes, she could barely breathe and had no idea what was wrong.

In the middle of the night, she felt overwhelming pressure in her abdomen. Thinking she needed to pass gas, she pushed as hard as she could. The next thing she knew, she heard what she described as a faint, gasping sound. She was shocked to see the outline of a baby between her legs underneath her nightgown.

Her first instinct was to scream for her mother. Her mother ran into the room and turned the light on. Siobhan was too afraid to look at was happening until she heard her mom crying. When she looked at her, she was holding a tiny baby, and rubbing it.

That was when it finally dawned on Siobhan that she had just given birth! She didn’t know she was pregnant. She had taken a pregnancy test a few months earlier, but it had come back negative, and then her period came. In the meantime, she had broken up with her boyfriend, so there was no reason to think it might be a possibility.

Siobhan is very thankful that her mom is a nurse. Her mom quickly called for an ambulance, stating that the baby seemed in good health, but Siobhan was not doing well. The paramedics cut the umbilical cord and informed Siobhan that she’d had a baby boy.

Siobhan was terrified because she didn’t know that she was expecting, she drank alcohol while she was pregnant. The paramedics reassured her that the baby was fine, just a little bit on the small side.

At the hospital, she was treated for pre-eclampsia. She and her son, who she named Alfie, stayed at the hospital for several days after the birth. The mother-son bonding process started immediately, and her ex-boyfriend rushed to the hospital when heard what had happened.

Siobhan’s boss was surprised when she called to ask for maternity leave. Fortunately, Siobhan was able to stay with her family after her surprise miracle birth, so she had a huge support system to help with the transition into motherhood. Her ex-boyfriend was also extremely supportive once he adjusted to the fact that he was a father.

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Miracle Stories: Jennifer West didn't know.

Jennifer West was on vacation one summer when she woke up to the most painful period she ever had. She had all of the worst period symptoms: back pain, cramps, and body aches. Since she had nowhere to be, her plan was to stay in bed and sleep through it, but she couldn’t get comfortable, and the pain would not let up.

She and her husband and two of their friends were spending time in a Wisconsin cabin, hoping for a relaxed long 4th of July weekend. Her husband, Dan’s parents were staying in another cabin down the hill from them. The two cabins were attached by a flight of stairs, and Jennifer attempted to walk off the pain by going up and down them all morning.

When her friends tried to urge her to play a game of mini-golf, Jennifer knew she wasn’t feeling well enough for physical activity. She didn’t even feel well enough to watch a fireworks display. She decided to take a nap while her friend went out to play golf, in hopes that she would feel better when they got back.

Unfortunately, after she napped for about an hour, she woke up experiencing even worse pain. In the past, Jennifer had suffered from similar pain due to a fibroid tumor and an ovarian cyst. She was terrified that one of those two issues might be happening again.

When her husband and friends got home, Jennifer was relieved, but they could tell by looking at her that she was not well. Dan wanted to take her right to the hospital, because she kept moaning in pain every few minutes, but Jennifer refused.

Dan insisted they go to the hospital, and Jennifer sheepishly told the nurse on duty in the emergency that she was suffering from period pains. She explained her history of fibroid tumors, and the nurse decided to do an ultrasound of her abdomen to determine if that was the problem.

As the nurse passed the ultrasound wand over her lower abdomen, everyone heard a tell-tale thumping sound. Jennifer was upset because she assumed it was another tumor. The nurse, however, had other ideas, stating “it could be a tumor. Or it could be a baby.”

Dumbfounded, West protested that it couldn’t be a baby, and started to fret about how much work she might have to miss if her fibroid needed surgery. The one positive outcome was that she now understood that the tumor must have been why she had been gaining weight recently.

A doctor soon arrived and did an internal exam on Jennifer. She did not know what to think when he informed her that she was eight centimeters dilated. Her husband had the same reaction when a nurse informed him that his wife was in labor. He quickly let her know that she had the wrong husband.

The nurses took Jennifer to the maternity ward and started to talk her through how to breathe through her labor pains and what to expect during the birthing process. She couldn’t understand how this was all happening, because she hadn’t missed any periods, and her husband always used a condom when they had sex. The nurses seemed happy and excited for her, but she honestly was not sure how to react.

There was nothing to do at this point but to follow the hospital staff’s directions and hope that nothing went wrong.

Jennifer was relieved when Linda, Dan’s mother, arrived. Linda sat with her and talked to her about her own experiences with labor and delivery to help her stay calm. Linda stayed with Jennifer during the birth, while Dan walked the hospital hallways, trying to wrap his mind around what was happening.

Given the extremely rare situation, the hospital staff was concerned for both mom and newborn child as West had never had any prenatal care. The hospital staff was not overly concerned with a premature birth due to the appropriate size of her waistline despite the fact they could not perform a full ultrasound, due to time restraints.

Unfortunately, Jen was too far along for an epidural, so they had to go with natural childbirth.

Jennifer's baby was a healthy, 8 pound, 8 ounce boy. 

New Year's Eve Miracle Baby!

Another woman found out on New Year’s Eve that she was having a baby, then she went into labor and received the best gift on New Year’s Day. At some point, she noticed an increasing amount of abdominal pain, and she decided to go to the hospital.

She was very thin, and as a runner, she normally had irregular or abnormal periods. So she did not think much about it when her period stayed away for a few months. She did not notice any other symptoms that would indicate that she was pregnant, therefore she didn't know she was and the newborn was a complete surprise. She was happy that she never drank any alcohol when she was pregnant.

ER Patient Ends Up in the Maternity Ward

One woman didn’t know she was pregnant with twins until she was 8.5 months pregnant. She never missed a period, and she was tiny enough to fit into children’s clothes. Nobody knew that she was pregnant until she experienced the pain of almost miscarrying.

The pain sent her to the Emergency room. At the emergency room, staff quickly performed an ultrasound learning that she was pregnant, where she was instructed her to go to an obstetrician the next day.

Ironically, she didn't know at the time that she was, in fact, pregnant with twins. This was discovered the next day at the doctor’s office. Just four days later, she went into labor. Unfortunately, one of the babies did not make it. The other was born in perfect health. It was a miracle.

"Too Thin to be Pregnant Stories"

One woman claims that her mom was the one who didn’t know she was pregnant before she was born. Before pregnancy, her period was not regular, so again, it didn’t surprise her when she missed a few months. She even lost a few pounds when she was pregnant.

Because she didn't know she was pregnant, she drank alcohol while she was expecting. She had a joke with her daughter that the reason why she enjoyed citrus so much was that of all the vodka gimlets she had during the first few months of her pregnancy.

She was having sex with her husband at the time, but they were not trying to have a baby. The father was too busy having his wife take care of him to want a child. According to doctors, his sperm count was so low that he only had a one in seven million chance of fathering a child. This miracle baby was born a few weeks early and was only five pounds at birth, but claims she is perfectly healthy and happy now!

Crazy Pregnancy Stories

One woman decided she would begin an exercise routine because she wanted to get back to the weight she had been in college. She got off to a good start and began to shed a few pounds. Suddenly, she stopped losing weight and even started to gain a few pounds, even though she was sticking to her routine.

Confused and frustrated, she figured it must have been some type of gastrointestinal problem. Were her workouts causing her to gain weight? What she did not know was that she was in fact pregnant. What confused her the most was the way her stomach felt on the outside. It felt hard.

Another thing that made her worried was the way her gas felt. She said she could feel it moving around.

Finally, her stomach pains became to be so intense that her father insisted on driving her to the emergency room. The doctor examined her and quickly informed her that not only was she five months pregnant, but she was in early labor.

She was concerned because she loved to watch the Packers, and her favorite bar gave out free Jello shots every time the Packers scored a touchdown. She would not have had any alcohol if she knew she was pregnant.

It was a miracle that the baby was not born that night. She ended up carrying the baby to full term.

The baby was a healthy, adorable boy even though she drank alcohol. The baby’s father was her fiancé. They ended up heading to the courthouse and getting married.

One woman had always dreamed of being a mom. Her doctor told her she couldn’t have children. She and her husband decided that since she couldn’t have children of their own, they would adopt a child.

Then, one night, she felt awful. Her husband drove her to the hospital because her throat was sore and she was shaking. As they were sitting in the waiting room, the husband teased her that she should take a pregnancy test. They both knew he was joking, but she decided to ask for one anyway.

A few minutes later, a nurse walked up to the couple, informed them they were pregnant, and promptly walked away. The woman was shocked. She thought her husband was playing some kind of a cruel joke on her. Then she saw the joy on his face and realized this was no joke.

A few months later a healthy baby boy arrived. She is thrilled to be a mom, but if she had known that she was fertile, she would have taken precautions so that the baby would have come a few years later.

She Thought She Had Indigestion - She Didn't Know!

One woman went to the obstetrician, thinking she might have a gluten allergy. She had irregular periods, pain in her stomach, fatigue, and digestive issues.

Her doctor recommended that she cut gluten out of her diet and return for a checkup in a few months. She followed his directions for months, but her symptoms only got worse.

They did a round of tests at the obstetrician’s office. One of them was a pregnancy test. She was shocked when it came out positive, and she didn't know that she was pregnant the whole time. They ordered a test to see how long she had pregnant.

She was relieved to discover that the hormone levels were low and that all of her options were still open. She was single, so she made another appointment. Before she had a chance to make another appointment, her water broke!

It turned out that pregnancy hormones drop when the body is inducing labor. Her hormones were not low because it was early in her pregnancy, but because it was very late! Her baby was full term and healthy! And, it turned out that she was not gluten intolerant, only pregnant.

She Didn't Know Being Sick Could Mean Something Else

One woman decided to stay home because she felt achy, sweaty, and she knew that some of her friends had been sick with a bug recently. She called in sick to work and settled down to watch a few movies, hoping it would go away.

Unfortunately, it only got worse. She tossed and turned, but she could not find a comfortable position. She ended up walking around the house for hours until her husband got home.

When he got home and saw the state she was in, he took her right to the hospital. She was usually a trooper when she was sick, so seeing her crying and hardly able to stand up scared him.

At the emergency room, they did an ultrasound, only to reveal a rhythmic “thump, thump” sound. Then they told her that her pains were labor pains! After four hours of labor, it was a miracle that she gave birth to her baby with no complications.

She Was on the Shot and She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant!

One woman was horrified when she found out that she was pregnant after she got a contraceptive injection. The doctors thought she was allergic to the shot and its side effects made it easier for her to become pregnant.

At this point, only she and the father knew she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, during a tragic car accident where the airbags deployed and everything, her parents had to come and drive her and her two-year-old son to the hospital. When it was time for them to take X-rays, they asked if there was any chance she was pregnant.

Because no one knew yet, and they were concerned that there might be complications with the pregnancy due to the fact she was on the shot, she denied it, but then took him aside and explained the situation.

The person she spoke to in turn told the doctor but failed to pass the message on to the X-ray tech, who announced to the whole room that they would not be able to do any more X-rays due to the pregnancy. The couple feigned surprise; however, it turned out to be a good surprise given the circumstances. The parents still think they found out she was pregnant in the hospital that night.

She Thought She Had Bad Cramps. She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant!

Another woman didn’t know she was pregnant until the day her daughter was born. She never gained any weight, and she had what she thought was her period three times before her baby was born.

At one point, she took a pregnancy test, but it came back negative. The one symptom she had to indicate anything was going on was a lot of discomfort in her hips.

When her water broke, she thought she was urinating. Here contractions did not feel much worse than the severe menstrual cramps she typically experienced. Her baby was a healthy 6lbs 9oz. She and her husband could not be happier to be parents. Their only concern was that they weren’t equipped for a baby.

Fortunately, her friends and family performed a miracle and gave them everything they needed to take care of the baby.

She Thought her Bloating was Constipation - She didn't know she was Pregnant.

One time, a woman’s roommate had a gut instinct that she was pregnant. There were no symptoms, and the woman already had a bit of a belly, so nobody thought anything was going on. The timetable made it seem like the baby was conceived in October.

In February, the roommates were talking. The roommate joked that she should take a pregnancy test, but then they both forgot about the conversation.

In April, she complained of fatigue. The roommate once again said she should take a pregnancy test. The woman agreed that she was probably pregnant but said she didn’t want to talk about it because it was too late to do anything about it anyway.

In May, she confided in her roommate that she had not been able to poop properly in over a month. She said that was why her stomach looked bloated.

When she went to three different doctors, they ran many tests and felt her belly, but not one of them suggested she was pregnant. She also had serious changes in her mood. Most of the time she was perky and cheerful, but suddenly, she was tired and cranky all the time.

The roommate told her mom she was pretty sure her roommate was pregnant. In July, she had terrible pains in her belly, so she left work and went to the hospital. Her family met her there because there was a history of cancer in the family, so they were concerned that this might be her problem.

When the doctor looked at her, she immediately ordered an ultrasound. They found out she was 30 weeks pregnant! She and her family sat in the hospital and discussed the possibility of giving the baby up for adoption. Then the pregnant woman started reading childbirth books, choose a name for her baby, and decided that there was no way the child would be put up for adoption.

The baby was born a day later and was a healthy baby boy. While the woman was in denial about the pregnancy, she embraced the role of motherhood and took great care of him. After that, the roommate now takes pregnancy tests on a regular basis.

One woman did not know she was pregnant because shortly after becoming pregnant, she went on vacation to a third world country. There was very little access to most modern conveniences, including a pregnancy test.

She and her husband had not been trying to have a baby, and she was not expecting to discover that she was pregnant. The symptoms she was experiencing were what tipped her off to the fact that she was pregnant. Nausea, severe gas pains, and fatigue that would not go away made her start thinking she might be pregnant.

The local doctor told her she just had traveler’s diarrhea, and that there was nothing she could do about it. The first thing she did when she got home was head straight to the ER, thinking that if she was not pregnant, there must have been something else seriously wrong with her.

But, sure enough, it turned out that she was pregnant.

Oops! She Drank Alcohol, then Found Out She Was 20 Weeks Pregnant!

One woman was shocked to find out she was five months pregnant. She was only 5’3” and 105 pounds at 19 years old. Many women in her family have irregular periods, so she was not concerned when she missed her period for a few months, especially since when she had only had protected sex with her ex. This woman was in the military.

She regularly performed heavy lifting and extremely strenuous training and activities. Not only that, but she went on a roller coaster ride. She drank alcohol a few times. She even continued to take her birth control pills, because she had no idea she was expecting.

She went to the medical unit for a regular checkup, and they informed her that she was probably about four weeks pregnant. Then, the results of her blood test showed that she was eight weeks pregnant. Everyone was shocked when her ultrasound revealed that she was already 20 weeks pregnant!

She decided to take a leave of absence to have her daughter. The baby came earlier in her life than she had planned to have children, but she considers her “mini-me” a miracle baby.

Her Parents Thought She Was Telling Stories, But She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

One friend told the story of a woman who gave birth in a bathroom. She was overweight and was following a healthy diet plan and working out strenuously, so she was actually losing weight.

Nobody noticed that anything was going on with her, including her parents, who are both medical professionals. She lived with her parents at this time.

While she noticed herself getting bigger, she also was losing weight, so she didn’t think too much about it. She also still had her period every month.

At one point, she experienced pain in her stomach, but she figured it was just the flu or something and quickly dismissed the idea of it being anything else.

Unfortunately, while the birth happened as normally as it could in the bathroom, the baby did not live for very long after she gave birth.

To add insult to injury, her parents, who were extremely conservative and xenophobic, figured out the father of the baby was from a different culture. They pretend that nothing ever happened, they now give her the 3rd degree every time she makes plans to go out.

Her Friends Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Because She Was Not Ready To Be a Mom

One woman was slightly overweight, so her pregnancy never showed. One day she was hanging out with a friend, and she started having sharp pains in her stomach.

They headed to the hospital, and they told her she was having a baby. Right away, she gave birth to a daughter.

The news that she was a mother still hasn’t seemed to catch up with her. She is used to coming and going as she pleases. She even left her baby at home when she went on vacation in Europe. Fortunately, her parents and grandparents are willing to help out and take care of the baby girl.

While it is easy to judge her behavior, it must have been shocking to become a mom with so little time to get used to the idea.

What to do if you find out that you are pregnant, but you didn't know you were pregnant until the last minute.

Find a support network you can lean on for the next few months.

Finding out you're pregnant can be a lot to take even in the best of circumstances. It's important to surround yourself with people who will be non-judgmental and supportive of your situation.

Having a baby can be a miracle. Spending time with people who don't feel the same way can throw you off track.

Share your stories with a counselor

A counselor can help a new mother make sense of the situation. The transition to motherhood can be hard to cope with, so talking to a counselor is a great way to help figure out how to handle it.

Many women feel guilty if they drank alcohol when they were pregnant, but talking to a counselor can also help with that.

It is a good idea to seek proper medical care the moment you discover are pregnant.
Or if you do have that "surprise birth," call the ambulance and get youreself and your child to the hospital as soon as possible..

Be open and honest.

If you didn't know that you were pregnant, don't be ashamed to tell your doctor that you drank alcohol. This will help her to take better care of you and your baby.

You aren't the first pregnant woman who ever drank alcohol. Chances are, as long as you stop as soon as you know that you are pregnant, your baby will be fine.



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