Fashion Leggings: 25 Style Tips To Rock Those Leggings For Fashion

Do you love leggings, but always wonder how to wear them? Well, wonder no more because these 25 fashion tips for leggings will make you look and feel great.

By Katherine P. Haley
Fashion Leggings: 25 Style Tips To Rock Those Leggings For Fashion

Fashion Leggings

First of all, I will make it clear. Ahem. Leggings are pants. (Also, side note, tights are not. If you can see through them to your bum, then they are not for you.) For this reason, there are so many different ways to wear and style these leggings. With the right jacket, the right shirt, the right shoes, the right accessories, and the right leggings, you will look great. Trust me; these leggings fashion tips will have you hitting the top of the fashion charts. Leggings are a good replacement for tights on especially cold days, they keep you cozy, and the right ones can even keep you fashionable. Leggings are always a good idea for anyone of any shape and any size. These fashion tips will leave you looking and feeling great, so check them out!

The Right Jacket

Sometimes adding the right jacket is all you need to make your leggings look great and in style. Adding a cute jacket can really make your look complete and make your leggings look even better than before. 1. Add denim jacket A denim jacket, especially a light colored one, can add a real contrast to your typical black leggings. It adds a great style element and keeps you on board with current fashion trends. You can even tie the jacket around your waist and add a different element of fashion. This is even helpful if you fear your regular black cotton leggings are a bit too thin. 2. Add a bomber jacket Similar to the denim jacket, adding a bomber jacket of any color (I personally recommend olive green, black, or mauve) can turn your leggings into the background accessory. Add a killer pair of combat boots and you'll be walking down the street emulating fashion and confidence. 3. Add a leather jacket This is a similar idea to the denim jacket and the bomber jacket. This addition will make you and your leggings look cool. Leather jackets of basically every color are in style right now, so there is no risk of being out of the fashion circle. A black jacket with black leggings will make you look cool and sleek while a red leather jacket with black leggings will make you pop out of the crowd. 4. Add a blazer While not technically a jacket, this is technically outerwear. A blazer can make leggings and a t-shirt go from sloppy to professional in a snap. A longer blazer is better, especially for thinner cotton leggings. 5. Longer jacket This can be any jacket that has a length beyond your bum. An olive military jacket, a tan trench coat, or a sheer duster, it will all look great with your leggings. You will be a fashion queen with these style tips.

The Right Shirt

While the right jacket is a good way to go, sometime you just need the right shirt. Ideally, this shirt will be long enough to cover your bum without looking too sloppy. The right shirt will always lead you through your day looking and feeling great. 1. Wear a tunic A nice tunic can look great with leggings. A patterned one can be worn with plain black leggings or other darker colored leggings (like maroon or olive green). A solid color tunic can also look good with a pair of lightly patterned leggings. Just be careful with the pattern. (More on that later) 2. Wear a sweater This is especially good for the winter months. A cute sweater with leggings makes you look and feel cozy while also keeping on track with the fashion trends. 3. Wear a cardigan A cardigan is good for the same idea as a sweater but adds a removable layer that adds an extra layer of fashion. This looks great with leggings in the winter months. 4. Wear a button down A button down shirt adds in the layer perk just like the cardigan. This is also nice because you can remove it and tie it around your waist. Very nice for covering up your bum with those thinner leggings! 5. Wear a loose t-shirt A loose t-shirt walks a fine line between fashionable and sloppy, but choosing the right one can be everything. This one is totally on point with current fashion trends and will keep you looking and feeling great. 6. Wear a high-low top A high-low top is great again for covering your bum in those thinner cotton leggings. It's a stylish choice that will make you look great. 7. Wear a sweater dress Or really any dress. Leggings are nice to wear with dresses in the winter months when it just gets a little too cold to get by on tights alone. So, ditch the tights and throw on a pair of leggings with your favorite dress. Add a cardigan and you'll look great. 8. Wear a vest and a plaid shirt This combo is really in style right now. You can even just wear the plaid or just wear the vest (with a shirt under it preferably, but that's up to you). This will keep you looking great and make any plain boring leggings look totally in fashion. 9. Poncho Ok. I know you may be turning your nose up at this idea, but hear me out. Ponchos are back in fashion and no longer restricted to the early 2000s and before. Find the right poncho (knitted, not plastic) and you will look great. 10. Wear a cropped shirt Yes - a cropped, graphic shirt! It is best to wear this with thicker leggings that do not expose your bum to the world when you bend over. Pair with sneakers and you'll look cool and sporty.

The Right Shoes

So you've got on the right shirt and the right jacket, now all you need are the right shoes. Picking the right shoes with leggings can make all the difference because not every shoe looks great with skin tight bottoms. Boots are always a safe best as well as sneakers. 1. Pair with some boots Pull on some knee high to mid calf boots and go about your day. Boots with leggings are always a safe bet and you will always look awesome when wearing them. 2. Pair with some booties Booties (or ankle high boots, usually with a little heel) look great with ankle cropped leggings. Pair this leggings and boot combo with a leather or bomber jacket and you will be totally in on the latest trends and tips. 3. Try with some sneakers Leggings and sneakers look really great. They can give you a sporty look without looking too much like you just left the gym. The legging and shoe combo can look really great with a cropped shirt as well. And with this look, don't forget to wear thicker leggings!

The Right Accessories

Accessories can turn any outfit from plain to a total stand out. Pairing the right accessories with a leggings based outfit can help make you look less sloppy and more fashionable. Trust me, accessories are your friend. 1. Put on statement necklace Wearing a statement necklace with that loose t-shirt and leggings you paired together earlier really does something for your outfit. Include a blazer and some booties and you are ready for your day! 2. Put on a scarf One of my favorite winter outfits is boots, leggings, a cardigan or sweater and a scarf. This is a great and cozy combination that will help your leggings move into the trendiest of areas. 3. Wear a hat Yep! Throw on a hat. This is helpful as a way to take the focus off of your leggings, if you so desire. It also adds a cute and out of the box accessory. Trust me, anyone can rock a hat if you find the right one.

The Right Leggings

Sometimes, all you need are the right leggings. Those black cotton leggings are comfortable, but sometimes they are just too thin, too faded, or too sloppy. Trying out leggings and fashion tights with different materials can take your from drab to fab in a snap! 1. Get some leather leggings Trying out some leather leggings can make you look and feel cool. Great for the club and even work as long as they're paired with the right top, such as a high-low top and/or a blazer. These leggings may get a little warm in the summer months though, so my suggestion is to stick with winter. 2. Get some suede leggings Suede leggings can look so good with leather jackets and booties. Trust me, these are worth it. They are cute and comfortable and look a lot nicer than your basic cotton leggings. 3. Get some sequin leggings Yep. Sequin leggings (mainly black in color) are really in right now. They look so cool, are great for going out, and let you sparkle and stand out. 4. Wear leggings with a simple pattern Patterned leggings are great, as long as the pattern is actually nice. Stay away from patterns that are too bold or too out there, and stick to the simple ones that can serve as a nice center piece to your outfit, but not completely take over. Also, stay away from any leggings with neon or really bright colors. Those went out of style a long-long time ago.

Rock Those Fashion Leggings

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Leggings can be a girl's best friend. They are great for workouts, lounging around the house, going on errands and even going out for a night on the town. Just remember all the stye tips you learned above before going out and facing the world, and you'll be ready to take on anything. When you look great, you feel great. When you look confident, you feel confident. The right outfit can take you through the best and the worst days knowing that you will survive when you come out the other side. Love your leggings and love yourself. So, embrace your leggings and have great time with all these new style tips!