10 Fast & Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Deep Ingrown Hair Effectively

This article assists with ten fast and easy ways to get rid of deep ingrown hair effectively and without a hassle. So don't fret my dears, this article is here!

By AmyTheOracle
10 Fast & Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Deep Ingrown Hair Effectively

We All Know The Problem Here...

Ingrown Hairs!!! Who needs them?!

We all hate the uncomfortable feeling of an ingrown hair. Depending on how you've been taking care of the area of the ingrown hair determines how painful and uncomfortable it is. These pimples like ingrown hair can appear and happen anywhere on the skin that is covered by hair or produces hair follicles.

So, of course, that means that they literally can appear out of nowhere on the most sensitive parts of your body. I know by now you're probably freaking out deep down inside about how badly you wish you can remove this ingrown hair of yours fast and simple.

This article is going to provide ten fast and easy ways to get rid of deep ingrown hair effectively. So please keep reading for some great tips!

Dealing With Ingrown Hairs

Dealing with ingrown hairs can be quite the hassle, especially when they start forming into other painful, uncomfortable feelings. Or even when it comes to an ingrown hair turning into a pimple, either or it's uncomfortable.

This can especially suck when all you depend on is shaving or other hair removal products. When it comes to shaving it, it causes the tips of the hair to be sharp causing it not to exit the skin properly. It is said that majority of ingrown hairs appear in women on their underarms, legs, and bikini. For men, these ingrown hairs appear mainly in the neck and face. The more coarse and thick your hair is the more you are prone to getting in grown hair.

Causes Of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are caused by many things: sometimes the hair is too far down into the skin that its hard to remove so having to wait for it to somewhat surface is the hardest part.

Welcome to ingrown hairs friends! Not the most flattering thing to have on your body especially when it turns into a pimple and therefore even harder to remove and treat. Sometimes getting down to the root of the problem of the ingrown hair can be difficult especially when you do everything possible to prevent ingrown hairs. No worries though they can and will be removed!

What an ingrown hair is basically when the hair grows sideways and curls back into the skin. Some main causes of ingrown hair are mainly coarse, thick hair. If you naturally have coarse and very thick hair genes, you're more likely to get ingrown hairs when you remove and take them out from the skin.

Shaving is another big cause of ingrown hairs. It prevents the tips of hair from exiting skin properly, so that leads up to the majority of ingrown hairs. Also, another small cause is not exfoliating the area you shave or use other hair removals on. Make sure you're keeping all these causes in mind so you can get down to your causes for ingrown hairs and look further into how you can remove and take out ingrown hairs faster and easier.

Ten Fast & Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Deep Ingrown Hair Effectively


Exfoliating is simple!

You can use something as simple and easy as an exfoliating bar. Lots of popular brands like Dove, Suave, and other well-known brands carry this form of exfoliation. You can also consider using an exfoliator mitt. It's very similar to a scrubber and bar, but it's like a mitten you put on your hand.

This method helps scrubs away the thin top layer of skin cells that linger onto your skin's surface. This thin layer if not appropriately exfoliated, it traps hairs and causes them to become ingrown hairs or a pimple.

2. Toner

Toner is one product that you don't ever think about using on your body other than your face. You might have some of your toner in your bathroom and the next time you use it maybe you should possibly consider using it somewhere else too.

Use this at least once a day on your bikini area with a cotton ball, cotton pad or cotton swab dipped in the toner. It would be best if your toner includes salicylic acid because that helps soothe and calm ingrown hairs. 

*Tip: If you have just recently got a bikini wax be sure to wait at least a day or two before you use toner on your skin. Your skin is likely to be very sensitive due the process of taking out and removing your hair. So give it time to heal and recover.

3.Gently Remove And Take Out Hair Yourself

Steaming the skin or using warm compresses to open up the pores and soften the ingrown hair, so it's easier to remove is another method you can use or try to gently remove and take out the ingrown hairs from your skin. Try this method to ease them out of your skin gently:

-First thing is first, soak a clean washcloth in warm water or your preference of hot water.
-Then begin to press the washcloth down against the ingrown hair or area the ingrown hair is at for three minutes to soften the skin, open pores and make the ingrown hair resurface.
-Make sure to use sterilized tweezers or a needle to gently work out and remove the ingrown end of each hair gently and efficiently. It is best advised not to pluck the hair out completely – just try to remove the embedded end so it can resurface to the skin.
-If you can't easily remove the end the ingrown hair, don't force it. Instead, just keep repeating the prior steps resoak your washcloth in the warm/hot water again and repeat the process.
-Make sure to wash the area with a warm sensitive and moisturizing soap.

4.Shaving In The Hair Growth's Direction

Shaving is one of the easiest ways to quickly get rid of ingrown hairs and to prevent them all together. When you choose to shave as a method for hair removal, understand that shaving, in general, produces ingrown hairs regardless but if you prefer this method than there's a right way to do this. Shaving is always iffy especially when you're shaving over sensitive areas. It's hard to get certain spots and nooks so making sure you're shaving correctly is always key and important.

Shaving in the right direction of hair growth is your best bet to prevent and put a halt to ingrown hairs. Never go against the hair, not only will it bring ingrown hairs but it hurts and is very uncomfortable at times and in certain areas.

5.Shaving Cream/Shaving Oils

Finding and using the appropriate shaving cream and oils is very important! You don't want to buy anything that's too harsh on the skin, and that contain lots of chemicals or irritants.

So when shopping for shaving cream or oil make sure you're not allergic and that it's safe for all areas of the body. Usually, something that's organic and neutral will work.

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6.Washcloth Motions

This tip is quite similar to the first tip because it does involve exfoliaton of some sort but it's more then the exfoliation. It's how you go about exfoliate. Some people believe if they exfoliate everything will be fine and dady which is true but you have to keep in mind how you exfoliate is where you get the actual results. So when you're showering keep in mind how you exfoliate your body. Ingrown hairs are hard to treat and take out so why not start to prevent it by taking the appropriate steps to exfoliate. Always exfoliate in ciruclar motions. This helps dislodge any sharps ends of hair.

7. Electric Razors

Unlike regular shavers, electric shavers pull the ingrown and regular hair out at the root. Electric shavers have more force and friction against the skin to leave a smoother and painless feel on the skin.

8.No Shaving For A Couple Of Weeks

This might be a little harder and regards more patience but have you ever thought about not shaving and leaving the ingrown hair and area alone. I know that might seem ridiculous because it's supposed to be a tip for how to remove or take out an ingrown hair but its the most natural way to remove and take out and even prevent ingrown hairs.

Letting the skin and body heal and naturally push the ingrown hair out, so the next time you shave a decides to remove or take out hair it'll be a much smoother application.


This is the last tip or easiest and fastest way for you to get rid of and take out an ingrown hair and that, of course, is to schedule an appointment and see a dermatologist.

Especially the case if it develops into an infected area and turns into a cyst. You should see your doctor immediately when you experience those symptoms or when your discomfort becomes unbearable.

10. Alternative Methods For Keeping Ingrown Hair Out

Of course, there are other methods besides shaving to remove hair and for preventing ingrown hair but the most common ones are waxing and using chemical creams to remove hair from the skin without a shaver. Or you can use an electric shaver.

Waxing is easiest but maybe a little more painful. The chemical creams are fast and easy but could be dangerous if you don't follow directions or apply appropriately. So keep in mind these alternative methods and their pros and cons.

Out With The Old In With The New

Out with the old ingrown hairs and in with the new hair follicles! Ingrown hairs can never be a flattering sight or even comfortable for that matter so I'm sure everyone's first thought is how you can remove these pesky things.

Well if you've read this article to its full extent, you've gained a couple of pointers and tips and solid information about ingrown hairs and how to remove and avoid them. Whichever method or way you decide to go about this, you'll be successful! 



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