30 Best Short Haircuts For Any Woman With A Round Face Shape

It goes without saying that different short haircuts go well with differently shaped faces. Here are different short haircuts for women with round faces.

By Auntrone89
30 Best Short Haircuts For Any Woman With A Round Face Shape

Short haircuts for women with cute, round faces


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It goes without saying that different haircuts are deemed perfect by different people. For instance, there are certain short haircuts that’ll look hot on fat, beautiful women with round faces while others won’t. And this will be irrespective of whether their hair is naturally curly or wavy or thin.


Also, as long as these so-called hairstyles for round-faced women are perfectly done, then these specific hair coiffures will definitely, and without a shred of doubt, look good on these beautiful, short-haired women. Therefore, if you happen to be a beautiful woman with a well-rounded face, then you’ll need to go over this article.


Also, it is important for you to look for an experienced hairdresser before attempting any of these short hairdos that might end up tickling your fancy at the end of the day.


Thanks to his or her years of experience, your hairdresser will immediately know the right, short haircuts that will end up complementing your beautiful, round, face perfectly. Without further ado, here are some of the best short haircuts for women with round faces:

1. Blunt ends bob hairdo for round-faced women


Most round-faced women, especially with thin hair, will always look hella good in this short haircut/coiffure. This blunt-ends bob hairdo is not only an ideal look for these beautiful women, but will also be very easy to maintain in the longer run.


 More often than not, this rather popular bob hairdo can be customized depending on the client’s liking. For instance, it can be achieved with some nice, subtle layers, which have a knack of adding miraculous touches on short hair. For some reason, this short hairstyle is incredibly amazing because of its unique way of adding beauty and roundness to the already round-faced women.


Last but not least, this hairdo is also considered classy. It’s, therefore, no accident that most goal-oriented women with nice round faces enjoy rocking it all-year round without ever getting bored or tired of it.


To these beautiful women, this hairstyle means that she is ready to handle anything that life throws at her. Heck, with such a meticulous hairdo, she can engage in a wild girls’ night-out; then walk into the boardroom the next day and kick nothing but ass!

2. The appealing short bob - long wavy strands haircuts


The long, wavy strands bob coiffure is yet another popular haircut in the beautiful, round-faced women community - if I can call it that. Just like the previous one, this haircut has that magical way of hinting the wearer’s wild side without her seeing the need of showing it. And needless to say, it has that sexy connotation masked with hints of mystique.


Again, if you are intending on trying this hairdo for the very first time, then filling in your hairdresser on your thoughts before proceeding would be a shrewd move. Another advantage of having this hairdo is that the beautiful, round-faced women who wear it will always have the opportunity to experiment with different styles and still look their best.

3. The pixie, fine-textured haircut for round-faced women

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Any woman with a nice, charming round face can never go wrong with the world-famous pixie hairdo. This is because it always achieves that effortless, foxy look that every independent, hardworking woman wouldn’t mind having.

Apart from accentuating their incredibly beautiful, well-rounded faces, the pixie haircut has a way of making round-faced women look a couple of years younger. Apart from that, the pixie is among those “hip” short hair coiffures that always leaves room for experimentation without any fear of going overboard at any given point.


For instance, any woman can decide to use a plethora of hair dyes or just settle for either the smooth or the curly look. On top of everything else, the short, pixie haircuts work rather too well with nice, side-swept bangs or curly, relaxed hairstyles.


And your body type won’t even matter at this point because whether fat or skinny, as long as you have a nice round face, looking beautiful in this coiffure is most likely guaranteed!

4. The asymmetric bob short haircuts

The amazing asymmetric bob short haircuts are starting to gain traction among the round-faced women community and this is because of a number of reasons. First, this hairstyle can be achieved with any kind of hairstyle.


Therefore, whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, that should never bother you even for a second! Secondly, the short, asymmetric bob haircuts also make the beautiful, round-faced woman wearing it look much younger and seductive, in its own, perfect way.


Finally, these rather timeless, short, haircuts allow a lot of room for experimentation, especially with different hair dyes. And needless to say, it’s one hairstyle that is bound to work wonders for both the fat and thin women, as long as they have round faces.


It’s also alluring and at the same time very easy to maintain as opposed to other short haircuts round-faced women may go for.

5. Short curls and bangs for round-faced women


Another hair coiffure gaining a lot of traction in the world of short haircuts, especially for the round-faced women, is the very charming bob hair paired with some lovely bangs as well as cute, short curls.


And just like the name suggests, this haircut seems like the perfect fit for women who don’t mind that cute, tomboyish look. Women who wear this hair always have an aura of independence floating over their heads, something that men often find irresistible.


Thankfully, this incredibly thoughtful haircut for women with cute, round faces is also very easy to maintain; the hair length doesn’t go past the ears. It’s no wonder that the short curls with bangs is among the most popular hairdos among the most ambitious corporate women, as well as those who are actively engaged in sports.

6. The pixie haircut for round-faced women

The pixie cut with jagged bangs is the perfect haircut for women with an affinity for the Gothic culture and lifestyle. This haircut is made complete with nicely trimmed sides as well as the back sections. This will, of course, leave the side on the forehead to go a little over the top, making the round-faced woman look like the female version of Justin Bieber – if you can recall his very first haircuts.

The woman with beautiful, round face, who go for this bold, short, haircut seem very opinionated and authentic. This means that they are highly likely to stand firmly by their beliefs without fear of judgment or being sidelined.


And just like it’s the case with most short haircuts for women with round faces, the pixie haircut with jagged bangs can blend quite perfectly with a plethora of hair dyes as well as makeup. This hairdo can also look good on both fat and skinny women, making their round faces look a tad more beautiful in the process.

7. The short pixie with full messy top haircuts


The short pixie with a full messy top is one of those incredibly hot hairstyles that can be rocked flawlessly by any round-faced woman at any given time or occasion. So, whether you have curly or wavy hair and would like to get a short haircut, then I’d strongly recommend that you try this incredibly, tomboyish hairstyles.


The downside of having this haircut is that, unlike other short haircuts for women, the short pixie with a full messy top isn’t easy to maintain. But the upside is that it is one of those haircuts that will always allow most of your strong facial structures, such as the ears, the cheeks, and eyes, to stand out.


This is also the perfect look that allows your jewelry to look good on you. For instance, if you happen to have some cute earrings you’ve always wanted to show off, then this is the exact look that’ll grant you that golden opportunity. The messy crown is also seen as admittance to the fact that you are a cute, round-faced woman who is neither afraid of getting her hands dirty nor getting things done.

8. The flip-out bob haircut for cute, round-faced women


Just because the short, flip-out bob haircuts are meant for mostly women with round faces, and thin hair doesn’t mean that women donning thick or curly hair, can’t necessarily look good. This incredibly beautiful haircut happens to be a couple of inches shy of touching the woman’s shoulders. This allows her to flaunt her beautiful neck without even noticing it.


Thankfully, this incredibly sassy, short haircut for the beautiful, round-faced women is incredibly easy to maintain. The wearer can also decide to shift it to other styles without much of a struggle and time wasting.


And it is for these two main reasons, among many others, that most hairdressers strongly recommend these cool, short haircuts for extremely busy women, who don’t have the time but still want to look good, especially with those cool charming layers.

9. Pixie cut with a messy top for round-faced women


Most women, especially those in super-active careers, such as sports, have come to adopt the charming pixie cut with messy tops because of one thing - convenience. This is because it’s extremely easy to maintain and will still look good, especially on any beautiful, round-faced woman.


And just like it’s the case with most short haircuts for women, this rather unique pixie cut gives the woman donning it, the opportunity to show off her very best facial features.


This hairdo will also give the round-faced woman room for experimentation. For instance, she can try out different hair dyes depending on her current moods and so on. In other words, the flip-out bob haircut gives women the freedom to be whatever they want to be.

10. The short pixie with side-swept bangs haircuts

The short pixie with side-swept bangs is another one of the incredibly popular and amazing haircuts for round-faced women. A skilled and experienced hairdresser will be quick to inform you that this haircut looks better on women with thinner hair strands because they are so easy to maintain, unlike their curly or wavy counterparts, if we can call them that.


To achieve this look, your hairdresser will start by working on the back sections before making the sides a bit short layered. Then, he or she will push the rest of the frontal hair forward before giving it that sexy “side-swept” look, which will end up almost covering one eye.


This explains why the round-faced women donning this haircut seem to have a fantastic and charming look that often can’t be explained. Thankfully, this is the kind of look that any round-faced woman can easily achieve and look good, irrespective of her body type - fat, thin or muscular.

11. The bob + layers + bangs short haircuts

As earlier mentioned, the bob haircut is arguably the most versatile of all the haircuts cut out for round-faced women. This is because allows these beautiful women to experiment as much as they fancy.

In addition to its obvious versatility, this hairstyle is suitable irrespective of the hair type or texture, meaning that the round-faced women with thin, wavy or curly hair can still feel comfortable in this short, sassy haircut. The bob haircut has an enchanting and charming final look, especially on a round-faced woman.


And that’s exactly what makes it that incredibly cute hairstyles that a round-faced woman can comfortably rock at just about any occasion. It takes little to no effort to maintain and will still allow the round-faced woman to walk around looking like a million bucks, long after a visit to her hairdresser.

12. Pixie-layered bangs for round-faced women

This version of the pixie coiffure is one of those short, incredibly sexy haircuts originally made popular by the incomparable Mandy Moore. Coincidentally, this version of the pixie also happens to be one of those incredibly lovely short haircuts that have a low-key, super-sexy look, which the icon was associated with throughout her lustrous acting career.


And this makes it among the very best haircuts, especially for attending parties because it points out to the cute, round-faced woman as being a wild and fun person.


And thanks to the fact that the sides on this coiffure are pushed a little to the back, the haircut is usually perfect for showing amazing jaw-lines, pretty ears as well as expensive earrings you’ve always wanted to “flaunt without really flaunting” if you know what I mean!

13. The spellbinding bob hairstyle for round-faced women

Another incredibly popular version of the bob haircut perfect for women with beautifully rounded faces is none other than the spellbinding bob hair coiffure. The advantage of donning this particular haircut is that you won’t have to worry about either the color or texture of your hair. And this explains why almost every beautiful, round-faced woman with the spellbinding bob short hair look is most certainly irresistible.

In order to pull this look successfully, especially with the cool layers that often end up accentuating its coolness, you’ll need to seek the services of a really good and experienced hairdresser. You might also want to learn a thing or two about how to comb your hair so as to effortlessly maintain this foxy look and doing so for as long as possible.

14. The pixie + layers + full top section haircuts

Another incredibly hot haircut that I’d strongly recommend for women with either a beautifully fat or rounded face is none other than the pixie + layers + full top section haircut. Of course, this haircut will require some amount of skill to pull off. But if other beautiful, round-faced women can pull it off successfully, so can you.

Despite being among the all-time favorite haircuts for women with thin hair, recent trends have seen more round-faced women with either curly or wavy hair experimenting with this version of the pixie and still killing it effortlessly. This lovely haircut shows that round-faced women are more than their cute round faces.

It goes further to reveal their adorable, all-rounded personalities as people who not only look cute but can also get along with just about everyone as well as get things done.  And if that’s not the kind of woman any man would die for then I don’t really know what I am talking about!

15. The bob + layered bangs for round-faced women

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This one is among those incredibly amazing hairstyles that allow people to conveniently focus on the face of the beautiful, round-faced woman wearing it. With the beautifully layered bangs and sides, this short hair coiffure is bound to cover the beautiful ears and most of the forehead.

16. The short, plain haircuts for round-faced women

Sometimes, a beautiful round-faced woman doesn’t have to do anything to look flawlessly beautiful. All she’s got to do is get that short-trimmed, tomboyish haircut and voila, she becomes the most beautiful woman in the room. This will allow for their cute, round faces to complete the charm.

17. The bob strands coiffure for round-faced women

This hairdo is meant for round-faced women with two things: Beautifully short hair as well as the desire to look like Marilyn Monroe. Thankfully, there is nothing easier than pulling this look off and looking like most celebrities who’ve successfully pulled it off and ended up looking flawlessly beautiful without spending an arm and a leg.

To achieve this enviable look, your hairdresser will start by treating your wavy or curly strands of hair, allowing them to fall freely. But he or she should be careful not to allow the hairs to go past your neck since the whole point of the hairdo is keeping your hair short and classy.

Your “hair doctor” will also ensure that some of these long, wavy strands of hair will fall on one side of your face as the others are skillfully tacked away on either the left or right ear, exposing those adorably fat, rounded cheeks to the ever-curious world.

18. The timeless, long, side-swept bangs bob haircut

If you are looking for one of those foxy, provocateur hairstyles that never gets out of style, then you out to try this version of the bob haircut. This shortcut ensures that the hair lovingly hugs around your nice, rounded face, effortlessly accentuating your beauty. And this makes the long, side-swept bangs bob haircut a good choice for hair coiffure for the woman who lives by the “Forever Young” slogan.

To maintain this look, you’ll have to make some scheduled appointments with your hairdresser so he or she could make a couple of chops on places that seem to be overgrowing s as to maintain that specific look. Then, he or she will complete the charm by combing a couple of hair strands over an eye to achieve that long, side-swept bang with a bang, pun intended.

Using a comb, your hairdresser will finish off by directing some cool layers of hair on the sides as well as at the back. To know that your hair has been properly done, your short hair will almost look as if it’s hugging her face in a loving manner.

19. The short, graduate-bob haircuts

Just like the name suggests, the short, graduate-bob haircuts are meant to give the beautiful, round-faced woman that youthful, ambitious look. The perfect hair for this look is the thin type because it can easily be combed into “submission”.

This look will also give the beautiful, round-faced women the option to dye their hair in any color they fancy. And apart from covering both ears, this rather majestic hairstyle will cover a good chunk of your forehead, making your beautiful face as well as eyes much more visible in the process.

20. The 'spiky' bob haircut

Most women with beautiful, round faces go for this look for a number of reasons. First, the “spiky” bob haircut has that magical face-elongation effect which only goes a long way in making her more beautiful. Secondly, this hairdo almost covers the entire forehead and ears, which will result in the centering all the focus on her beautiful face.

To achieve this incredibly sexy hairdo, your hairdressers will start by trimming the hair down to the desired length. Once the hair has been shorted, the hairdresser will proceed with making spike-like hair impressions on top.

This will be accompanied with some cool layered bangs on the sides that will cover the forehead and ears, resulting to this remarkable smoking hot look. You can pull this flawless look whether your face is fat or bony or whether your hair is curly, wavy or thin. As long as your face is rounded, then this look will definitely make you look red-carpet beautiful.

21. The bob haircut with a nice, cool top

The bob haircut with a nice, cool top is the kind of haircut that makes the short-haired woman feel relaxed, calm and collected. Apart from being effortlessly classy, this mystique haircut also has that gentle feel to it that automatically adds to a woman’s already beautiful face.

Thankfully, the bob haircut with a nice, cool top is also one of those hairdos suitable all kinds of hair including thin, wavy and curly hairs.
Apart from being short with a nice top, this hair coiffure will require some work done on the side layers to make it complete.

With this kind of hairdo, the round-faced woman can freely flaunt her beautiful ears, face, and forehead. And as far as convenience goes, this hairstyle happens to be very easy to maintain. All you need to do is combing and styling your hair according to how your hairdresser showed you and you’ll do just fine!

22. The short bob with voluminous top haircuts

This is one of those incredibly sexy haircuts meant for found-faced women looking for that timeless look. This undeniably stylish coiffure will allow a large bang of hair from the top of the head, over the forehead right before settling on one side of the face and over her ear.

23. The bob + layered sides + bangs short haircut

Women with such kind of a hairdo are often seen as happy, bubbly extroverts with fabulously cool personalities. This version of the rather popular bob haircut can also be seen to portray that desirable, wild and beautiful side of a woman.

This hairstyle will have your hair covering your ears as well as a small portion of your forehead, making the round-faced woman unmistakably breathtaking.

The good thing about this hairdo is that it gives room for the round-faced woman to play around with some hair dyes. If you aren’t that good at blending hair dyes, then your public image would appreciate you taking the time to talk to your hairdresser before trying anything drastic.

24. The short-sides bob haircuts

Nothing achieves the good girl alert more than the bob haircuts that come complete with the short sides as well as the layered bangs. In addition to that, most hairdressers will unanimously agree that the short-sided bob haircut is universal, meaning it’s the perfect haircut for all body types including the fat, beautiful women.

This short haircut can also blend with any kind of hair color, which further proves that the short-sides bob haircut can look good on just about anyone. This haircut will see to it that your either curly, thin or wavy hair ends up covering most of your head, forehead, and ears. Thankfully, these short-side haircuts for women happen to be very easy to maintain.

25. The bob haircuts with layered sides and bangs

The bob haircuts with layered sides and bangs are one of those hairstyles that makes the round-faced woman feel as well as look younger. These haircuts are best suited for women with that thin, easy-to-manage hair.

26. The short and red bob haircuts

As we’ve already established, the short haircuts for round-faced women are mostly timeless. It is one of those haircuts that show that a woman is ambitious and a risk-taker of sorts.

27. The rugged, shaved sides haircuts

Just as the name suggests, women can make their cute, round faces more pronounced and beautiful by simply shaving the sides and leaving the crowns a little rugged. This is a universal short haircut for both fat and skinny round-faced women.

28. Short, asymmetric bob + long wavy strands haircuts

This is arguably the most perfect short hairstyles for short, curly and wavy hair. It is also very easy to maintain and anyone can maintain for a very long time.

29. The bob hair with a cool twist

The beauty of this hair coiffure is that you can have the regular bob haircut with layered sides customized to the style you wish. These layered sides can either cover the ears and not – all depending on whatever floats your boat.

30. The spiky crown haircut

The spiky crown is also among the many previously thought to be manly haircuts that women are comfortable rocking and killing.

Final words on short haircuts for round-faced women

In as much as beauty is and will always be relative, beautiful, round-faced women shouldn’t hesitate to accentuate their unique beauty by adopting different short hairstyles. Whether they are thin, fat, muscular or the usual size, most of these hair coiffures will look hella good on them, as it has been proven time and again.

With the help of your experienced hairdresser, you can pick on a hairstyle that suits your hair texture as well as a hair dye that blends well with your skin color and tone. And with that, good luck with choosing the hairdo of your dreams!