How To Do A Cute & Messy Bun For Long Hair

Here are a few tips and techniques for doing a messy bun on long hair. Make your man fall in love with you all over again.

By Tanaya Nath
How To Do A Cute & Messy Bun For Long Hair

How To Do A Cute & Messy Bun For Long Hair

Messy buns are very casual and yet very sophisticated. They are easy and versatile. A messy bun gives the impression that you haven't put much effort into styling your hair. It gives you a look like you just woke up looking that good. And still, it looks amazing and very chic. Now you can make varieties of a messy bun in your long hair. But all of them need a basic preparation. So before you opt for a messy bun hairstyle prep your hair a little. Brush your hair and get rid of any tangles or knots. You can even use mousse for keeping your hair type behave better at the time of styling and keep that Style in place. Be careful not to choose too many products if you want your head to be natural and wispy. Messy buns need not be perfect and neat and fallen hair is a part of the finished look. Before you go on with the guide on how to roll your long hair into a bun, remember that it is not going to be an easy job. Here is a step by step guide on how to make a messy bun on long hair.

Wet Your Long Hair

Getting a bun in long hair is difficult. However, if your hair has a little oil, it gets easy to mold them in a bun. Oil in hair acts as a natural agent that has the power to make your hair strands stay in the style. So, if you have to wash your hair before making the bun, don't hair dry it. Let your freshly washed hair dry naturally till it's damp. Then pull it into a bun. Washed and dried hair are hard to keep together and tied into a bun.

Create Texture In Your Long Hair

Smooth and straight hair can easily slip out of an updo, just like freshly cleaned hair. So, before you start on doing the bun in your long hair, give it a little texture. Dust some dry shampoo or a texturizing spray and scrunch it with your fingers. It will give a little traction and texture to your smooth long hair making it perfect for an updo like a bun.

Try A Topknot On Long Hair

If your hair sags when you knot it at the center of the back of your head, you must try a topknot. It is a messy bun still. Just pull all your hair up in a ponytail and then secure it with a band. Now wrap the tail around the base. You can either secure it with another band, a warp or bobby pins. Forgiving it a messy look, gently pull out some strands from here and there. This is a good idea of making a bun when you are in a real hurry. Here is your tutorial for topknot bun.

Use A Single Hair Tie

This is like the loop knot. Pull the ponytail through the band one time and then pull the band over the looped hair. Loosen the hair at the crown by gently loosening the loop. Now you can pin the bun in just the shape you want. Don't pin the stray hair for giving it the messy look.

Making The Bun Messy

When you are making the bun, don’t fix away the strays. They will give your bun a messy look. If you don't see stray strands, gently pull some out for creating the look. And don't use a lot of stronghold hairsprays for it will wipe the mess out of the bun’s look.

Messy Bun At The Nape Of Your Neck

The Topknot is a messy bun and is the bun at the nape of the neck. It is easy and ready to go messy bun. Just tie the ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure it with the band. Wrap the tail around the base and secure it with either a band or bobby pins. Like always don't worry about the stray strands. They will just add to the messy look of your bun.

Here are a few styles of messy buns that you can try in your lovely long hair.

Loop Through Bun For Long Hair

Use a brush and create some volume in your hair. Don't break your hairs while backcombing them. All you have to do is create volume around the sides of your hair and around your crown. Backcombing will add plenty of volume to your messy look. Once you are done with this, just flip your hair upside down. Then gather it in your hands and make a ponytail. You can smoothen any bumps with your fingers or brush. Tie the ponytail at the height where you want the bun to be placed. Depending on the length of your hair, loop your hair in the tail but don't completely pull it through. This will give you an unfinished ponytail with a looped over section. Tie the loose sections from below around the looped ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Adjust your bun by widening it and securing it with bobby pins. This is a very simple way to do a messy bun. Make sure you have secured the bun properly. Otherwise, it just might pop out becoming a messy ponytail instead of being the messy bun. Here is a tutorial to your loop through the bun.

The Twist And Roll Bun For Long Hair

Since it is a classic bun it doesn't have to be messy, but if you can't spare much time and effort in making this bun, it could very well be messy. Around your ponytail, leave a few loose hairs. You can also add volume for making it look messier. When in hurry, just use your fingers for making the ponytail and tie it up with the band. Now, take the tail and twist it till the end. Wrap the twisted sections around the band from which you have tied the ponytail. Secure it with another hair tie or bobby pins. You can also add some hair accessories to your messy bun. Let the stray hairs be unattended as they will add the messy to your bun.

Flowery Bun For Long Hair

This bun looks difficult but it is not. Start by making a usual ponytail. From the center spread your tail outwards in all directions. Now take these sections and loop them over and outward back over themselves. Now pin it underneath. This will hide the grip. If you will see, the tie of the ponytail is the center of the flower and the sections spreading outwards are petals. Let the loose hair fall around your face, it will only add to the messy look of your bun. Use this style in a party or wedding and that too with a bow or flowery bun accessories.

Here is a tutorial to guide you through the steps of making a flower bun.

Use Bun Maker For Long Hair

This is the easiest way to make a messy bun. Just tie your hair in a ponytail with a band. Pull your ponytail through the center of the bun maker. Now spread the tail all over the bun maker. If you want you can use another band for securing the sections over the bun maker. Wrap the small sections of hair around the base of the bun. Keep.doing this until you are done with all the sections. Keep securing them with bobby pins as you go. Let the flyways be as they are. That will give the bun a messy look. You can put some bun accessories as well. Curl the hair falling on the sides in the ringlet for a more romantic look. You can also make side bun, low bun or two buns using this bun making technique.

Braided Rose Bun For Long Hair

This is another complicated looking yet easy to make messy bun. Tie your hair in a messy ponytail. Secure it with a band. Now braid this ponytail until the end. Secure the end with a band.  You have to wrap the braid around the base and secure the tail under the bun with bobby pins. Gently tug the sections from the braid to give the bun the look of the rose. Let the strays add a little lazy look to the bun. Here is how to make a rose braided bun from your long hair in no time at all.

Messy French Knot For Long Hair

Take the regular french knot to another level. If you don't know how to do a french twist here is the tutorial:

Make this French knot on one side instead of the regular knot at the center. And use hands for framing the French Knot. It will give your bun a perfectly messy look. Let the stray strands do whatever they feel like and you just stand there looking elegant and tempting.

Upside Down French Plaited Updo For Long Hair

If you have a really long hair, this bun is one of the best things you can do. Make a french plait from the nape of your neck to the crown. Gather all your hairs at the top of your crown and secure it with the band. Now twist it into a messy bun. You are good to go. Here is a video on how you can do an upside down french plated bun.

There are many other ways you can do a messy bun in your long hair. However, it is tough to roll really long hair into a bun and make it stay. You have to be careful not to let your bun be easy so that it falls and not to secure it too neatly otherwise it won't be messy anymore. You can find out many different bun styles for styling your long hair. Until then have fun with these styles that will make you look like you just got up from your bed with that gorgeous looking hair. Let the world be stunned by how can you look so good with so little effort.