35 Awesome Activities And Things To Do With Your Friends

Try a few of the suggestions given below to create crafts, adventures and more memories with your friends, which will last a lifetime.

By Sophia A. Franklin
35 Awesome Activities And Things To Do With Your Friends

Creating memories with your friends

You and your best friend are inseparable. Always with each other, texting constantly and doing other things, and you two have done a lot of things over the years. On most rainy days, you two may find yourselves sitting on the couch, vegging out. To get out of that funk, try some of these fun suggestions to do together and with your other friends!

Working out with your friends

1. Yoga

Whether it’s at your apartment, a class or the park; find your inner Zen with your bestie. If you are both new to this type of exercise, try YouTube for tutorials. You can also try hot yoga; check online to see where the nearest class is held.

2.Working out

You and your best friend, near one, can get fit together; whether it’s at home, the gym or outdoors (unless it is a rainy day). You can hold one another accountable, becoming each other’s cheerleaders. There are several workout routines that are created for two people, which they can do together. This ensures that you both are working out, not having to wait for your turn on the machine.

3. Taking a class together

Over the weekend learn something new together! From art, dancing, acting, to fitness, there are several places that offer classes you two can take together. Maybe you want to learn a new language? There are online classes available that you can sign up for that are free from accredited universities.

Partying, pampering you and your friends

4. Dinner party

Get all your buddies together at one place. Put up a four-course meal to show off your culinary skills. Or you can host a potluck dinner party. This is a delicious way to enjoy tasty food and great company.

5. BBQ

With summer coming up, throw together a BBQ party during the weekend in your backyard. Don’t have one? Go to a local park. If it's a rainy day, have a BBQ theme party at your place. 

6. Throw a Pinterest party


Have you and your pals go over their boards, and dedicate a day over the weekend to try and make the great DIYs that websites have to offer.

7. Themed party

Tired of going out to the clubs on the weekends? Create your own night time fun by hosting a themed party at your place. From the 90’s, to your favorite movie, the options are endless!

8. Make-overs

With so many tutorials on different make-up looks and hair styles, you can go from drab to glam overnight. Grab your gal pals and experiment on each other. Get your contour game down or learn how to do a fishtail braid.

9. Spa day

This is a wonderful way to pamper yourself! If going to a spa is out of your budget or there is not one nearby, create a spa day in your home. With do it yourself facials, you can pamper each other’s nails and maybe even try some temporary hair dyes.

10. Volunteer

Volunteer together. There are so many great causes out there that can use as much help as they can get. Do your research with your friend and see what causes you two would like to support. Try and find a charity that is nearby to limit your excuses.

11. Craft day


Gather your beads, strings, canvas and paints. Have your friends come over and make some crafts for each other or yourself. This is a creative way to produce gifts for the holidays.

12. Shoot a movie or even a feature

You don’t need the newest high-tech camera, though if you have one, use it! You can use your phone or laptop to create a movie with your best friends. Write a script, scout out various places; get creative with the costumes. Your film may not be premiered at the Sundance film festival, but it will surely have you all feeling like stars.

13. Scavenger hunt

It is not just for little kids at their birthday party. Place different clues and notes in different places throughout certain parts of your neighborhood or the city. Create teams and see who finds all the items on the list first. Afterwards, you can use this victory to hit the town together on a Friday night! 

14. Book club

If you and your friends are book-worms, embrace it. Start a book club for books you have not yet read. Gather around once a week, maybe on a Friday, have snacks and drinks around while you discuss the book you are all reading. Try different places to hold your weekly meetings. This is a clever way to explore each other’s perspectives.

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15. Join a sports team

Join a local sports team, if you have enough friends in your group; create your own sports team. Roller derby, soccer, basketball, darts or softball, get out there and embrace being a part of the team.

16. Board games

Board games are a fun way to spend a rainy day. Bring out your old scrabble board, or play a game of clue. Playing a game of clue, a who-done-it, is a great excuse to dress up and act out the game. Start a weekly game night with your friends.

17. Go on double dates

Get on your tinder, or bumble account, swipe right and coordinate a date night. This way if things don’t work out, or get creepy, you have your friend there to get you out of it and still end the night on a good note.

18. Photo-shoots

With Facebook and Instagram, we all are guilty of taking a thousand selfies! Create a more polished photograph by having your best friend click the photos. You two can pick out outfits, do each other’s make-up and think of different poses. You can do this at your home, a museum or out in the city.

19. Shopping

Every now and then, we all need a little bit of retail therapy. Take your friend out with you and hit the mall or local boutiques. You friend is there to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ on that new polka dot dress or that neon swimsuit.

20. Clothing swap

Once a month on a Friday, you can go over to your best friends’ place and she can go to yours so that you both can go through each other’s closets. Trade or give away your clothes to your friends. You can have wine; while you whine about the items you don’t want but need to get rid of!

21. Concerts

With summer coming up, there are going to be plenty of concerts. Get at least two tickets and enjoy your time listening to groovy tunes with your best friend.

22. Markets

Hit up flea markets, garage sales, and even farmer’s markets with your friend to see if you can haggle down to a decent price for that vintage bag or tea set.

23. Bike bar crawl

Grab your bike, and if you don’t have one, you can always rent one and do a bike bar crawl. Ride your bike to each bar you have either planned to go to or be spontaneous by going into a new watering hole. This is a fun and safe way to hit the town. 

24. Go on a hike

After a rough Friday night out, sweat out those toxins the next day by going on a hike with your best friend. Bring hand weights to increase the intensity.

25. Summer bucket list

Sit down with your friend and write down all the must-dos for the summer. Maybe set a specific day to do each item on your list. Every Friday, perhaps?

26. Side gigs


Hustle and do some side gigs together. Bake sale, clothing consignment, or sell your services, like a car wash. Make money while also making memories.

27. Girls' trip

Plan a girls’ trip for the summer. Whether it is a road trip or flying somewhere exotic, have you and your friends collaborate together to create a wicked summer vacation that you all can enjoy.

28. Sleep-overs

Remember the days of sleeping bags, and Tiger beat magazines? Well it is not only for the middle schoolers; you and your gals can have an adult sleep over. Binge-watch Netflix, while drinking a glass of wine and munching on your favorite guilty pleasures!

29. Weekly brunches

Sunday fun day is always needed. Pick a different spot with your gal pals to do a Sunday brunch. This way you all get to catch up and try a different eatery each week.

30. Join an organization

Need to network your career further? Chances are your friend probably does to! Go online and find local organizations that cater to networking and make a date with your friend to attend them. Also, become members of different network associations.

31. Dancing

It’s Friday night. Put on your dance shoes on; you know the ones that don’t kill your feet and hit up a local Salsa club. If Salsa is not your thing, just hit up the night clubs and dance the night away with your best friend.

32. Scrapbooking


Just scroll through your phone; you will have at least 100 photos of you and your friends! Get together and create a scrapbook of you all through the years.

33. Upcycle

From clothing to an old dresser; you and your friends can get together and upcycle that top from 2010 by dying it or adding pins. Sand down that old dresser and paint it blue or green. This is a fun way to upgrade your old items.

34. Happy hour

It’s all in the name! It’s Friday night and you just want some apps and drinks, but don’t want to forfeit your next paycheck. Hit up the happy hours around town. Have your girls meet up with you; this is a cheaper and fun way to chit-chat and catch up.

35. Movie night


Don’t feel like going out on a Friday night? Not up for doing anything, but being a couch potato? Invite your best friend over, open a bottle of wine and binge watch a series you haven’t seen before or re-watch your favorites, like Friends, or Pretty Little Liars.

Final word

There you have it; 35 fun and creative ideas for you and your best friend or gang to try out this summer. Don’t let boredom take over or start feeling like you are stuck inside with nothing to do. With these creative and fun ideas, you and your girlfriends will wonder where the time has vanished! 



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