15 Effective Tips On How To Get Rid Of & Treat Acne Scars

Acne Scars is a skin disease capable of dealing a big blow to your overall beauty. Here are some treatment options available to get rid of it.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
15 Effective Tips On How To Get Rid Of & Treat Acne Scars

Overview of Acne Scars

The exact cause of severe acne has yet to be ascertained, although there are strong indications that the skin condition may be genetic. In other words, if you have a history of acne in your family, there is a great chance of you having it too. The parts of the body that are most susceptible to acne are those that have a significantly higher number of oil glands than others. These include the face, back, and the chest.

Acne manifests in people as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, oily skins, and in some cases, acne scars. People with acne problem generally produce a larger-than-normal body's natural oil called sebum which eventually clogs their hair follicles. This clogging is further compounded by dead skin cells which continually get trapped in the oil.

The onset of acne for most people is at puberty, and that is probably because acne is hormone-mediated. There are strong indications that the male sex hormone, testosterone, plays a significant role in the onset of acne. And women, by their increased body metabolism, are a better fit to tackle this skin condition than do most men.

Acne scars result when there is an inflammation of the skin owing to the overgrowth of Propionibacterium acne which is a normal flora of the skin. This bacterium is trapped within the already over-secreted sebum on the skin, and there it causes cystic lesions, papules, and pustules which later result in acne scars after healing. The wounds are characterized by depression into the skin, and they become more pronounced as the skin's collagen diminishes due to age.

To different people, acne scars mean different things. While some who have acne scars don't see a pitted skin as anything to worry about, It can get so serious with others that they become pale and gloomy because of it. The fact that their facial skin is pitted affects their self-esteem such that they are often unhappy about themselves. And so, the critical question would be: Is there any treatment for acne scars?


The answer, of course, is in the affirmative. There are different treatment regimes for acne scars although it has to be stated that no acne scars treatment can effectively restore your skin to how it was before the scars.
However, that shouldn't be a discouragement to you because these acne scars treatments make a lot of improvements that should leave your skin very close to the perfect state it was before acne colonized it.

Treatment Options For Acne Scars

Some of these acne scars treatment options would require that you change some lifestyle habits while you may also have to see a dermatologist for a minor surgical procedure to address a significantly pitted skin caused by acne scars. Without much ado, here are the acne scars treatment tips.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #1: Microneedling

This acne scars treatment method can only be performed by a specialist (dermatologist), and it involves the use of multiple needles which are in rows to stimulate a response that would normally be experienced during wound healing. It also ensures that collagen is produced which makes the skin firmer and reduce acne scars' manifestation especially in people with dark skin.

This method is often combined with radio frequency by introducing it into the dermal layer of the skin. If the procedure is properly carried out, you would only experience a minimal discomfort for a day after which you can resume your normal cosmetic applications. The depression would have been significantly addressed, and just a little makeup would leave your skin great.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #2: Resurfacing Lasers

In a scenario where your acne scars are very severe, one medical treatment that can help you get rid of it quickly is the resurfacing lasers treatment method. With lasers acne scars treatment, light energy of high wavelengths is focused on that skin spot where the acne scars are severest. To put in a literal language, the laser method burns off the skin layer with the acne scars allowing another layer of healthy skin to grow.

Of course, this acne scars treatment method would have to be performed by a dermatologist either at home or the clinic. The laser method releases heat to the skin, and that also elicits the production of collagen needed for a healthy, strong skin. Be aware that different laser types exist and only a doctor can recommend which type can be suitable for you after examining your skin.

Maybe one fact you shouldn't forget while considering this acne scars treatment option is to consult a professional. There is an acceptable depth of penetration for laser light for which you can be sure of safety. Professionals can better determine this depth. Again, they can determine which of the two types of lasers would be right for getting rid of your acne scars. One requires a complete resurfacing while the other laser is fractional.

Some of the possible side effects of using lasers to get rid of your acne scars include redness after treatment, skin bleaching, excessive inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. The skin redness is more pronounced if your face once used to flush or blush revealing capillaries that are dilated on your skin's surface. Usually, with time, this these side effects should vanish if nothing went wrong during the treatment process.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #3: Subcision

治療凹陷型痘疤,除了皮秒雷射、飛梭雷射,其實還有一個重要的武器,就是「皮下切割(subcision)」。皮下切割就是利用針頭,將往下拉扯的纖維束割斷,使凹陷型痘疤的皮膚能往上浮起。如此一來,其他任何「促進膠原蛋白增生」的各種雷射光療或物理性方法,才有意義。否則,膠原蛋白增生得再多,也會被拉緊的纖維束給拉住,而無法填補回體積。 當然,原理很簡單,但如何做卻有很多學問。包括那些患者適用此療法,使用的針頭種類,切割的深度和角度,以及如何合併其他療法,提高效果,都需要醫師高度的專業判斷及豐富的經驗。 我們的團隊,經過多年累積的觀察及研究,發展出獨特的治療方式,可以讓瘀青的機會降到最低,恢復期大大縮短,並讓凹疤的治療效果可以1+1>2! #凹疤 #痘疤 #皮下切割 #subcision #凹洞 #皮秒雷射 #飛梭雷射

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Another name for this acne scars treatment method is subcutaneous incisional surgery. It is a minor surgical process that is performed by a dermatologist for the treatment of acne scars pitted in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Before commencing the process, your doctor would first have to subject you to a topical anesthetic as required of a typical surgical process.

Subcision requires that a needle is sent into your skin beneath the layer where the scar tissue is so that a hole is formed. The working principle here is to sever the tissue that is drawing your skin inward so that it can now return to its normal position.  A blood cloth is now formed along the holes, and both the scars your pitted face are now taken care of.

The possible side effects of this treatment option for acne scars are swelling and minor bruising which are pretty manageable. Within two weeks or so, this aftereffect should have vanished if the services of an expert are employed.  Perhaps, we should mention here the cost too; Subcision can cost between 300 to 800 USD depending on the severity of your acne scars and the doctor handling your case.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #4: Dermabrasion

There are not many differences between this acne scars treatment option and that of lasers. It's a medical procedure performed with the use of a tool which has an abrasive end. The sole aim is to remove the skin layer playing host to the acne scars while allowing for the growth of new ones.

The major difference between dermabrasion and laser method of treating acne scars is the depth at which the skin is removed. Dermabrasion doesn't go as deep as lasers do and that puts its downtime at a low level. Again, other side effects such as inflammation and bruising are greatly minimized with this acne scars treatment method.

However, one great challenge with dermabrasion is the cost. A single session can gulp up to $2000, and you would need to repeat the process twice to restore your pitted skin to normal. But, suppose your acne scars aren't that severe, you can opt for the microdermabrasion to save some cost. The cost for microdermabrasion is a bit affordable than dermabrasion, and the result is quite similar.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #5: Dermal Fillers

This acne scars treatment procedure can be guessed from its name. It involves the use of a filling substance to fill the depression and wrinkles caused by acne scars. This is more like a makeup approach to reduce the wrinkles without undergoing any surgical process.

Some filing agents such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, and microdroplet silicone are available, but the most important factor when choosing a filler is to choose one that would last longer and can also plump up the skin. The cost of having a filler treatment for your acne scars can range from 600 to 1200 USD depending on the filler agent you are using.

There are few side effects of using dermal fillers, but it is not impossible that in some cases, allergic reactions might spring up coupled with some infections and slight bruises. But again, it must be stressed that this is very rare.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #6: TCA Cross

TCA is an acronym for Trichloroacetic Acid while CROSS denotes Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars. In other words, TCA CROSS uses the trichloroacetic acid to reconstruct your acne scars. TCA is specifically applied to the scars only and not to the entire face. The quantity applied to acne scars is usually small but with a high concentration.

Several sessions of this acne scars treatment option are normally needed and the cost per session depending on the degree of the acne scars can be between $400 and $1000. The treatment comes with lesser side effects, unlike other acne scars treatment methods.

However, for this acne scars treatment option, some minor irritations can occur to the skin including hyperpigmentation once the initial inflammation has subsided. These minor side effects can even be eliminated if the hand carrying out CROSS on you is extensively experienced.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #7: Topical Retinoids

Retinoids are chemical compounds that are similar in action to vitamin A. These substances can hasten the rate of skin cells production; fade pigmentation, unclog and shrink pores, as well as give new texture to your skin's surface.

Their usage for acne scars treatment is born out of the fact that when applied to the depression caused by the acne scars, the turnover rate of the skin cells around that area increases such that the scarred tissues are quickly replaced.

A famous retinoid used for acne scars treatment is tretinoin which is also known as retinoic acid. Other common names with which retinoid is known are Refissa, Retin-A, and Renova. Retinoids come in the form of creams, and you must get a prescription from a doctor before buying and using.

The essence of the doctor's prescription is to monitor the side effects after usage. Again, the use of retinoids for acne involves you trying it for a few days before applying to your skin regularly. Many people have found out that their skins responded normally to retinoids only after the first few days of application. Hence, the need of a professional here.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #8: Steroid Creams

Ordinarily, steroid creams are used in combating acne symptoms such as itching and inflammation. They consist mainly of hydrocortisone or their derivatives, and when applied to a skin experiencing certain conditions such as eczema, acne, or ingrown hair, it goes deep into the skin to reduce inflammatory substances.

So, if your acne scars are raised (hypertrophic), you may get some steroid prescriptions from your doctor as a preferred treatment option. As you apply the cream to the raised acne scars, it begins to subside until it levels with the rest of your skin.

However, many people who use steroid creams have complained that it made their skin lighter than it originally was and that is a reason you may have to seek a dermatologist's counsel before using steroids for your acne scars treatment.

Acne Scars Treatment Tip #9: Silicone Gel Sheets

This treatment option is also useful for acne scars that are raised. Victims who suffered skin burns have particularly benefitted from this acne scars treatment as far back as the 1980s. Silicone sheets are so efficient in acne scars treatment that you hardly can notice the scars anymore after treatment with it.

The exact working principle of silicone gel sheet in acne scars treatment is still sketchy, but it has been observed that when the sheet is used to cover the acne scars, evaporation of water from the skin becomes impossible. And the result of this is a uniform growth of skin cells around the acne scars to level up with the skin surface. For hypertrophic acne scars, silicone gel sheet softens and flattens them although the acne may not be gotten rid of.

There are no significant side effects of using silicone gel sheet for acne scars treatment other than some inconvenience some people complain about in wearing the sheet on their face or other body parts. The cost is quite affordable too especially when compared to other treatment options for acne scars.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #10: Coconut Scrub

The combination of milk and coconut oil is a good home remedy treatment for acne scars. That's because the lactic acid present in milk acts as an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells and ensure that the skin is evenly toned. This alone will take care of your acne scars and the accompanying blemishes.

Similarly, with sugar, most especially the brown one, you can exfoliate and keep your skin fresh and ensure a quick acne scars treatment. This is how to prepare the coconut and milk recipe to for acne scars treatment.

Get a cup of brown sugar; a teaspoonful of milk, and a half cup of organic coconut oil. This is all you would need to mix together to form a paste that you would now apply to your acne scars.

As you apply this mixture to the acne, gently massage it on your skin and allow it to stay there for about 25 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. This acne treatment regime should be used at least once a week for the acne scars to vanish in time

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #11: Witch Hazel Gel

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The combination of Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar, and the witch hazel plant is an excellent treatment package for getting rid of acne scars anywhere on your skin. Aloe Vera in its unrefined form possesses a soothing power which has made it apt for the treatment of some annoying skin conditions including acne.

The witch hazel plant equally possesses anti-inflammatory properties which make apt for the treatment of hypertrophic acne scars too. 
Here is how to prepare this home remedy for acne scars treatment. Get yourself a cup of pure aloe vera gel; half a cup of the witch hazel plant extract, and a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar.

These are the things you would mix and then apply on the acne scars if possible every night. It is powerful for the treatment of hyperpigmentation which often results from acne. If your skin reacts to apple cider vinegar, you should consider another home remedy treatment option for acne scars.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #12: Scar Serum

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This scars serum recipe requires the usage of essential oils for the acne scars and these oils are of great benefits to the skin. Be informed, however, that essential oils can be expensive, but the money is worth it. The acne scars serum is produced by mixing many essential oils listed below as instructed.

Tamanu oil (anti-aging oil which is also therapeutic in acne scars treatment), lavender oil, carrot seed oil, Helichrysum italicum elemi essential oil, and Frankincense oil.

The bottle in which you would mix all these essential oils should be colored so that oil remains potent. Five drops each of these oils should be put into a clean, opaque bottle before you fill it to the brim by the tamanu oil. Close the bottle and gently mix so the oils mix well.

This scars serum is best used for moderate acne scars treatment and hyperpigmentation. It should be used morning and night every day to achieve the optimum result. The good thing about this acne scars treatment plan is that it is compatible with most skin types.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #13: Oatmeal Honey Scrub

This treatment regime for acne scars is very good for people with very delicate and sensitive skin. Oatmeal is quite mild yet rich in saponins - a plant-based substance known to be a natural cleanser. It gets rid of the body's excess oil including dirt.

Another constituent of this acne scars treatment regime is honey. Honey has been used since antiquity for the treatment of various skin conditions including acne and its relevance in acne scars treatment is because of it moisturizing and antimicrobial properties. Here is how to prepare the oatmeal honey scrub for acne scars treatment.

Get two tablespoons of oatmeal, half a cup of water, two tablespoons of coconut oil,  and a tablespoon of honey. Your first step in preparing this package is to mix the oatmeal with the water and then boil it. After boiling, allow it to cool, then add the honey and coconut oil and mix thoroughly.

This mixture is what you would apply to your acne scars at least twice a day allowing it to stay for half an hour before rinsing it off with warm water. The mixture expires in just a week, and you must prepare another one if you need more to complete the acne scars treatment.

Acne Scars Treatment Tips #14: Lemon + Coconut

Another home remedy recipe for acne scars treatment is the lemon coconut exfoliator. Lemon is a common skin whitening agent containing AHA. This same lemon helps in hastening skin repair after it has encountered damage through its alpha hydroxyl acid constituent.

A major fact to remember when using a recipe containing lemon for acne scars treatment is to avoid exposing yourself to sunshine.

Another important constituent of this recipe for acne scars treatment is baking powder. It is a good exfoliating agent that is very mild on the skin. However, for this recipe, its purpose is to serve as a thickening agent. You would need three teaspoonfuls each of baking powder, lemon juice, and coconut oil.

After mixing these three things properly, use a cotton ball to apply the mixture liberally to your acne scars and allow it to stay there for 30 minutes. Rinse off after 30 minutes and repeat this process at least twice a week for the optimum result in blackheads, whiteheads, hyperpigmentation, and moderate acne scars treatment.


Acne Scars Treatment Tips #15: Apple Cider Fizz

In addressing your pitted skin occasioned by acne scars, apple cider vinegar in conjunction with aspirin and sea salt is a perfect treatment option to use. Sea salts exfoliate and aid in healing acne while aspirin is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Here is how to prepare this home remedy for acne scars. You need 3 oz. of mineral water, five pieces of aspirin tablets (plain ones), 4 teaspoons of sea salt, and half an oz. of apple cider vinegar. These are the things you would mix to arrive at a mixture for your acne scars treatment.

Apply only if you are sure your skin is not very sensitive because apple cider vinegar can be very strong on sensitive skin. As you apply this mixture to your acne scars, gently massage alongside and allow up to 45 minutes before washing it off.

This mixture should be used at least once a week to get rid of the pitted skin, patches, and hyperpigmentation caused by acne scars.

Acne Scars Treatment - Conclusion

There you have some 15 proven treatment tips for acne scars. Never again do you need to worry about a pitted skin or patches which accompany acne. You can use any of the treatment options put forward in this piece depending on the severity of your acne scars.

If possible, acne should be avoided but then, avoiding acne for a genetically pre-disposed person may be next to impossible.

The first six treatment options are medical procedures which should only be carried out on you by a certified dermatologist. These procedures are apt for the treatment of a largely pitted acne skin whereas, for moderate acne scars and hyperpigmentation, the do-it-yourself home remedies would suffice.

We do hope you found the information for treating acne scars as presented here useful.