30 Signs That Your Friendship Is Actually Toxic

There are many ways of telling whether or not your 'friends' are toxic. Without further ado, here are 30 ways to tell if your friendships are toxic.

By Auntrone89
30 Signs That Your Friendship Is Actually Toxic

How to tell the toxic friends from the genuine ones

There are times when one might feel as though the friends they once held in high regards aren’t just befitting of the title as they once did. If this happens to be your case, then chances are that you are in toxic friendships – ones you have no other choice but to get rid of as soon as humanly possible. Here are top 30 signs of toxic friendships that you need to keep an eye out for:

1. Toxic friendships will have you pretending a lot

Pretending is probably the best signs that point out to the possibility that you are hanging out with toxic friends. This is usually the case because of your constant need to want to fit in. And if constantly pretending is not the perfect definition of exhausting, then I don’t really know what exhaustion is if I’m to be honest.

2. Clashes between you and your toxic friends

The moment you and your toxic friends start having constant, unresolved issues, it’s usually the perfect time for calling the friendship off. Just like it’s the case with pretense, the difference in personalities will force you to break up the friendship unceremoniously. Therefore, removing yourself from the whole awkward situation before things get ugly is always the best, most prudent, option.

3. Toxic friends will ignore you when you need them

In life, we all have our fair share of ups and downs. And that’s why it is very important to be surrounded by genuine friends when you are going through difficult times. Unfortunately, you can never depend on your toxic friends for any form of support.

4. Something is always off

When in the company of toxic friends, it is common to feel as though everything is out of place. This happens because your gut is trying to tell you what’s up. And that’s why you’ll be required to smarten up and start paying close attention.

5. You are always stressed

One other effective way of telling that you are in the company of toxic friends is by gauging your stress levels. If you are always feeling stressed with them, then you are definitely hanging out with the wrong crowd.

6. You’ll start losing weight

Another good reason to end toxic friendships is that there is a lot of stress and struggle attached to them. In some cases, and as a result of the constant stress associated with toxic friendships, you might end up experiencing a massive loss of weight.

7. Toxic friends will be always jealous of your progress

You also need to get rid of all friendships you deem toxic because they have the ability to poison/intoxicate your positive vibes with jealousy. In most cases, you might find yourself confused because while you’re always happy and genuinely supportive of your toxic friends, they’ll hardly do the same for you.

8. You are always reluctant to share the good news


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Another sign that your friends are more toxic than a nuclear plant dumping site is when you are never enthusiastic about sharing any good news. This is because you already know the outcome will be undesired.

9. You’re embarrassed by them

Embarrassment will be the perfect word that’ll come to your mind when asked for the definition of toxic friendships. This is likely the case because your toxic friends will be doing either stupid or dangerous stuff that you don’t approve.

10. You and your toxic friends agree to disagree

When you find yourself arguing with your friends over very straightforward and moral issues, then that should be the perfect time to break up that toxic relationship or relationships. This is because if you don’t, then you’ll start stressing over the whole issue, which shouldn’t ever be the case.

11. Toxic friends will never apologize even if wrong

When you make a decision to hang around toxic people, one thing you should never expect from them is a genuine apology. They might even shift the blame to anyone who points out that they are wrong, which is why removing them from your life should be a priority.

12. Toxic friends will make fun of you at your expense

Friends teasing friends is part of the reason why life fun and to some extent, bearable. But innocent teasing is never the case especially when it comes to your toxic friends. They’ll always look forward to making you uncomfortable, especially by teasing you over issues they know jolly too well will leave you irritated and very uncomfortable.

13. Good friends will warn you about your toxic friends

Your genuine friends and family have a knack for picking up the toxic vibe from toxic friends, long before you do. And when this happens, expect them to warn you beforehand and you should, therefore, do all in your power to get rid of them before they affect you with their reeking negativity.

14. With your toxic friends around, you'll feel isolated

When in the company of toxic friends, chances are that you’ll always feel isolated. This is mostly because you’ll not agree with their way of life, leaving you feeling alone and disrespected at all times.

15. You’ll get blackmailed, more often than not

When it comes to hanging out with toxic friends, never expect to catch a break from the unending toxicity being spewed from all corners of the room. One of their toxic ways is using any sensitive information they might have on you in a bid to taunt or control you. You, therefore, need to realize that you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life and walk away.

16. Toxic friends will tell on you

Make a habit of getting rid of toxic friends as soon as you’ve discovered them because they understand neither the meaning nor importance of confidentiality. A toxic friend will not hesitate to expose your dirty linen once you find yourselves at odds. Heck, some toxic friends don’t even need to get drunk before telling on you.

17. You’ll always feel insecure around toxic friends

This insecurity will be as a result of the mistrust, constant teasing, and disrespect. Toxic friends will do just about anything to ensure that you are staying beneath them, always remember that!

18. You’ll feel reluctance whenever they invite you

The ultimate definition of toxicity in a friendship is when the idea of hanging out with some people feels like torture behind enemy lines!

19. When hanging out feels like a responsibility

The beauty of friendship lies within its natural and organic nature. But the moment you start feeling as though you’re working overtime in the name of maintaining a friendship, break up with your friends immediately and ask questions later.

20. Toxic friends run the gossip grind mill

If all that your friends do is gossip, then removing them from your life should be your number one priority. Gossip is for bottom feeders. And, true to its name, I shouldn’t be telling you that bottom feeding is a very unattractive habit.

21. When your phone is a much better company

Once again, friends are supposed to make your life colorful. But when you always find yourself on your phone whenever you are hanging out with your friends, then chances are that they are toxic plain and simple.

22. Toxic friends won’t support you

Another effective way of unearthing toxic friends is by simply gauging their support on general, day to day things. The fact is, genuine friends will always support you which the toxic friends… well, you already know what’s up.

23. Toxic friends never compromise

Good friends will always compromise in order to accommodate you especially in your time of need. Never expect this from your toxic friends.

24. Toxic friends will always overstep their boundaries

Friendships are not only supposed to be all fun and games, but also considerate and respectful. Unfortunately, respect is something you’ll never get from toxic people and that’s why you need to get rid of them.

25. You’re always walking on eggshells

If you are always walking on eggshells whenever you are around your so-called friends, then that’s a definite sign that they’re indeed toxic and therefore not good for you.

26. Passive aggression

Passive aggression should never exist among friends – end of story unless of course, theirs is the perfect definition of a toxic friendship.

27. Your opinions and ideologies are always dismissed

Take it from me and break up any relationship with people who don’t take you seriously.

28. They are always up to no good

Do yourself a favor and develop a knack for removing friends who encourage bad behavior in your life. Do that and you’ll be a happy, fulfilled person.

29. Your friends are always physical

Get rid of all friends who get physical easily simply because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

30. You are always frustrated

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The worst thing about toxic relationships is that they can easily drain you without you noticing it. And for this very reason, you might find yourself angry and end up breaking a few plates or punching into a few walls – or both.

Final word

I can go talking nonstop about the importance of removing toxic friends from your life. But the shortened version of what I’d be trying to say is that toxic friends can cause irreparable damage to your life. Therefore, do yourself a favor and avoid them like the plague they are!