Are Aries Men Jealous Or Possessive? All You Need To Know

Are you wondering if Aries men are jealous or possessive? Then this article is where you need to look to explain the characteristics of an Aries man

By Katherine P. Haley
Are Aries Men Jealous Or Possessive? All You Need To Know

Aries Men

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An Aries is someone who was born between March 21st and April 19th, under the Ram. People born under this sign tend to have characteristics such as being optimistic and trusting, which is why they also have a tendency to be well-liked among their friends and treated with care (maybe too much care) by their families. Aries tend to be hard working yet are not always big fans of the rules. They like to do things with a purpose and do not like to be bothered. Aries do not like being told what to do and often feel as though they are right, even when they are not. Aries like to be acknowledged, and they do not like people to ignore their feelings, views, and opinions. They have the ability to win your affection and love in relationships naturally but can challenge it when acting irrational. 

In terms of Aries men and love...

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Aries men are different around romantic partners than they are around friends and family. That trust and optimistic overview they have sometimes goes out the window when with a partner. Aries men do not easily open their hearts but are willing to give it all to the person they love when they fully trust them. 

Aries men also have a tendency to be rather intense in relationships, sometimes too intense, when they feel very strongly for their romantic partner. Characteristic of jealousy and possessiveness often come out for Aries in romantic relationships. Often, partners of Aries can feel as though they are working very hard to win the favor of their partners before they gain their trust, then it can feel like they are doing too little for all the attention and possessiveness they are receiving.

These feelings can often be confusing and ones that you should not ignore, so read below to understand the characteristic of Aries men and how their jealous tendencies can affect you and your relationship. 

Are they jealous?

So, are Aries men jealous? The simple answer is a big old yes! Jealousy is a common characteristic among Aries and often one that you have to be wary of. But, I will go more into detail, so you can recognize these characteristics in your Aries men. 

Aries men can be hot-tempered when jealous because they are sensitive by nature, feeling their feelings intensely and showing them on the surface. When Aries experience jealousy they can become overly passionate (to put it a nice way) and aggressive (to put it a not so nice way). They can often overreact to their slightest suspicions. 

Jealousy can show itself in a variety of ways, whether it be little like showing uncomfortableness with you talking to other men to forbidding you to talk to other men, even ones that you may have known and been friends with longer than your Aries. While it may be clear to see when your Aries man has gone too far in the jealous department, you may also be stuck in a gray area. It is natural for anyone, not just Aries, to experience some jealousy in relationships, but you need to be aware of when some jealousy gets dangerous and too over the top.

Are they possessive?

So, we know that Aries men are jealous, but are the possessive? Once again, the simple answer is yes. They may feel as though they own you and what you do can be dictated by them, whether it be who you hang out with, what you eat, and where you work. I will go into their characteristics that show this trait, so you can recognize it in your Aries men and eventually learn how to deal with these issues.

Aries men take time to decide whether or not you are right for them and as soon as they do figure it out, they consider themselves to possess you. While this may not sound like a positive (and be careful because it often isn't), it can also mean that they just want to spend as much time with you as possible. Aries have figured out how much they like you and they don't want anyone else to figure out how great you are so that you leave them for someone else. This viewpoint and behavior often lie on a thin line between healthy and unhealthy behavior. 

Aries men are often alpha males, so watch out. They can expect submission and for you to act like you are in their possession. Be careful to hold your ground and make it clear that while you like being with them and you may even love them, they do not own you. Possessiveness may seem sweet, but it can be dangerous and very unhealthy, so watch out for Aries men that display this sort of behavior to the extreme.

How to deter these jealous ideals

If you really love this Aries man and you can see beyond these jealous ideals and possessive issues, there are so many ways to avoid the jealousy, which I explain below. But, the basic rule is that if they have nothing to be jealous over and they won't let it go, you may need to let this Aries man go.

One thing that can be really easy to avoid is making your Aries men jealous on purpose. There is no point in doing purposefully making your Aries, especially if it is only going to make him angry. Making your man jealous on purpose shows insecurity in the relationship and is just overall unhealthy. Avoid doing this on purpose, but don't feel guilty if it is done on accident. 

Another way that is recommended to deter jealousy from Aries men is not to show any attraction to any other guys. It makes the Aries men insecure, and they don't like feeling insecure. However, I will make it clear that it is natural to feel attraction to people other than your partner, all you have to do is just not act on it. However, if this something that totally freaks your Aries man ever, maybe don't mention it until you are both totally secure in your relationship.

Recognize his need for superiority. I'm not saying that you always need to let him feel superior to you (or ever need to let him feel superior to you, because he is not), but you do need to be aware that this is a need that he has and if it is not satisfied, he will get angry and act out. Make him understand that he does not have control over you but do it delicately. 

Do not force him to be inactive. Aries men need to be doing things constantly, so support his ambition and don't hold him back. Don't let him hold you back either.

Other suggestions include not being introverted (so I guess I'll never date an Aries man?), as though that is something one can control. Though, I think what this suggestion is really saying, is that Aries men want to go out at nights instead of chilling out and watching tv. Support him, but do not always do what he wants to do. Just make sure that he knows you are willing to compromise on activities.

Do not lie to him, even about little things. This only fuels the jealous fires and raises suspicions about other things you may be lying about, even if you are not lying about anything big.

And lastly, do not intentionally hurt or unfairly criticize him. As mentioned above, Aries men are rather sensitive by nature, so if you love him, do not intentionally hurt him (like anyone else you may love).

How to deal with Aries men and their jealousy

Jealous and possessive are two words that always have and always will define Aries men. Not all Aries have these characteristics, but many of them do, so do not ignore these characteristics if you spot them. If you love these Aries men and want to stay in relationships with them, despite any issues that have and will arise because of their jealous ideals and possessive nature, follow the tips below.

One important thing to note is that Aries will get over their rage, so sometimes being patient with them is all they need. I am not saying to ignore this rage, because it is an issue, but I am saying to be patient in your relationships with them. You also need to make sure that these Aries men know that you are not okay with the way they act when they are jealous and full of rage. However, because as we know, these Aries men are sensitive, you need to do this carefully and without blame. 

I have read other articles on this subject, and several tell the partners of these Aries men to agree with them and accept the jealousy, but I disagree. If he has no reason to be jealous and to be acting the childish way he is, he needs to know that it is not a way for a grown man to act. He may view you as one of his possessions, but you are owned by him. You are yours, not his.

Just remember and understand all the tips above, and you will know all you need to know about Aries men. Aries men can be temperamental in relationships, but many of them can be worth the effort that you may need to put out. However, you also need to understand the line between a casual fit of jealousy and a fit of rage fueled by jealousy. An unhealthy relationship is not a happy one. Explore your Aries men and find a good one. They are out there, even if you do have to look.