15 Unisex, Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands You Should Know

Unisex and gender neutral clothing styles are gaining popularity. These nonbinary fashion brands are revolutionizing the way the world looks at fashion.

By Tanaya Nath
15 Unisex, Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands You Should Know

15 Unisex, Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands You Should Know

Of late, the fashion industry has been evolving. With the increased visibility of the LGBTQ+ community, gender binary fashion is getting less inclusive each day. Some brands are changing and redefining fashion. They have come up with gender-neutral or unisex lines. There aren’t many such brands yet, but in time, this will be a mainstream fashion trend. Even though these brands are high end and hard to find, you must know about them. These brands make all genders equal. These clothing brands are either available only online or in their stores. We have compiled here a list of 15 unisex, Gender-neutral clothing brands.

The Nonbinary Brand 69 Worldwide

This is a brand line of denim wonders. It is full of mysteries as the designer behind this brand remains anonymous. The brand intentionally went non-demographic and genderless. The clothing line of 69 is manufactured in Los Angeles. Rihanna and Kylie Jenner have both worn denim from this brand. The brand is available in appointment-only showrooms in LA. 

Not Equal- The Gender Neutral Brand

Fabio Costa, the "Project Runway” Runner Up in season 10, is the designer of this brand. He was also featured at the American Folk Art Museum during folk art and also in Folk Couture: Fashion. He was brought up in Brazil and in 2006, moved to New York to study fashion. His designs use androgynous shapes and forms, separated into different collections. Re[formed] and Andro are the names of two such collections. Most of his collections include large wrap skirts, large shirts, and open dresses. His designs carry bold colors and lines with patterns that are to die for and suitable for every gender. You can buy their clothing line from their exclusive stores or online from their website. 

Butchbaby & Co Makes Unisex Dresses

This brand made headlines for its world’s first androgynous maternity line. This line is dedicated to the queer and masculine-identified individuals expecting babies. This brand was founded by Michelle Janayea and Vanessa Newman. Because no clothing options existed that could accommodate the way the way they present, it made it impossible for them to envision themselves carrying children. It was this thought that inspired them to create this brand. They released their maternity line that encompasses of Oxford button-ups, t-shirts, pullovers, jogger pants with jackets, androgynous dresses, briefs and maternity bras. The brand has completely revolutionized maternity-hood.  

The Gender Equal Brand Muttonhead

In 2009, three sisters, Meg, Paige Cowan, and Mel Sinclair started this brand in Toronto. They chose to describe it as ‘ Classic, Unisex And Canadian’. The brand manufactures clothes with a masculine touch. Women around the world love to wear them. The brand and its designers don't run after fast fashion, hence their ethnic unisex garments are always on trend, withstanding the test of time. Their camp shorts, gym shorts, two-tone crews, camping hoodies and sweatshirts are the darling of the market.

TILLYandWILLIAM Designs Nonbinary Clothing

This brand is a joint label by Jessica Lapidos and Tom Barranca in New York City. The design is focused on a comfortable, transformative and gender-neutral line of clothing. The brand has won awards for their innovative patterns and design background. In a way, the brand mirrors the identity of queer people as their line of clothing is malleable and beyond the prescribed sets of constraints. The brand is also environment-friendly and environmentally safe. They can be seen in many major fashion shows and bought in major boutiques.

The Nonbinary Brand FLAVNT Streetwear

This clothing brand's name is pronounced ‘flaunt’ and is based in Austin. They believe not only in comfortable clothing but also that it must incite confidence. It is dedicated to creating streetwear for LGBTQ community, something that they can wear with comfort and flaunt it. Courtney and Chris Rhodes, identical twins, started this brand. Their line of clothing offer clever t-shirts and accessories. Their most interesting piece is bearskin binders that come in four neutral shades to suit all skin tones.

Gender Flux Clothing- Stores For Unisex Dresses

The unisex clothing brand Gender Flux was created by Elliott Alexzander, the gender-fluid fashion blogger. He, along with his team, wanted a clothing line that matched their expression of gender.  Their campaign gave them a pre-order of over 300 shirts in just 10 days. The shirts were a huge success. By January 2015, their brand had five new styles to their name. Since the line is inclusive of all genders and their ways, their line is modeled by non-binary models with different ethnicities and body types. Their t-shirts and the conversations have started are doing well so far.

The Unisex Clothing Line- Vaquera

Vaquera is a New York City unisex fashion label that is changing the order of the fashion. Patric DiCaprio started the brand in 2013 and as it grew, David Moses, Claire Sully, and Bryn Taubensee joined in. Together they create fashion like art. They work to make a statement and inspire change in the fashion industry. The line is doing what it was created for: adding diversity to the contemporary scene of fashion.

Agender Unisex Clothing Line

Your body and your clothes don't dictate your gender. Your gender identity is real and valid regardless of what you look like. You are just as non-binary in a dress as in a suit. You are just as non-binary with short hair or long. Non-binary gender is incredibly difficult to express because the tools we have (physical appearance and clothing) are still often considered to be binary gendered. There is no one way to be non-binary so don't let the residual social constructs about appearance and the imperfection of our tools of expression make you doubt your legitamacy. You are real and you are valid. Those doubts, that's you beginning to break down the social constructs that hold us all back. ... This week's tee is an affirmation for all those not straddling the gender binary all the time and a PSA for the general public and the NB/Trans community. Wear it when you (or the world) need a reminder that there is nothing inherently gendered about clothing or bodies. Grab one today at the link in my profile and stay tuned for more styles to choose from later this week. ... #nonbinary #nonbinarytrans #nonbinarygender #nonbinaryfashion #nonbinarypride #gendernonbinary #genderneutral #genderqueer #gendernonconforming #genderfluid #genderfluidpride #genderflux #genderbender #genderless #genderidentity #genderdysphoria #genderdiversity #neutrois #agender #agenderpride #agenderfashion #agenderfluid #agenderflux #androgynous #demigender #demigirl #demiboy #invisibilitees #teespring

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Agender is a South Korean Brand and is relatively new to the fashion world. It came into existence in the year 2017. It is a unisex brand and focuses on modern and casual clothing with an athletic touch. The line of garments manufacturers track pants, polo shirts, and windcheaters. It has a different style with vibrant reimagination, oversized silhouettes, and clean lines.

Toogood Gender Neutral Clothing Stores

This unisex gender-neutral fashion brand was started in 2013 by Toogood sisters Faye and Erica. The characteristics of this brand are neutral pallets that dominate most of the line, strong silhouettes, and structured shapes. Toogood sisters’ interest in sculpture and architecture inspired these characteristics in the brand. In an interview, they said that society is ready for the gender-neutral and unisex line of clothing. If it is cut for a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter anymore. Gender sizes do clothing have become irrelevant. As a result, gender specific clothing has lost its meaning in today’s society.

Blindness Clothing Lines

Tay lỡ Giá lẻ: 90k Giá sỉ: 55k Size M L XL 💢Bỏ sỉ từ 5 sản phẩm bất kỳ 💢Unisex nam_nữ đều mặc được nhé ! 💢Ship COD toàn quốc 🅱🅾🅱Khách lấy sỉ liên hệ zalo (0961440833) 👉Nhận giữ hàng khách sỉ oder 👉Bỏ buôn khách sỉ giá tận xưởng 👉Nhận làm hàng theo mẫu 🕍ĐC: 62A Nguyễn Hồng Đào, p14, Tân Bình, Tphcm 🏡Sỉ: Hoà Thạnh, Tân Phú (inbox) ☎️Hotline: 0961440833 (call - zalo) #sonmin #unisex #jean #black #streetstyle #khoac #whiteonwhite #clothing #Gdragon #dicaoshop #blue #madebigbang #denim #tripled #basictee #overtee #short #vietnamstreetstyle #swag #black #like4like #cool #couple #moschino #kelbinlei #vetements #hoodie #sweater #aotaylo

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Blindness stole the show at its debut runway show in Seoul Fashion Week. This South Korean unisex brand showcased some gender-neutral pieces with bold patterns and different color pallets. It was found by Kyu-Yong Shin and Jong-Taek Lee. Both designers use contemporary moods and minimalistic style for crafting timeless garment line with finest of details. Blindness creates masterpieces challenging the norms of usual fashion.

Nonbinary Clothing Brand- Stampd

This unisex brand adds classic silhouettes to the streetwear of the West Coast. The brand is lead by a muted palette which is the prominent feature of this line of garments. It takes its inspiration from the styles of skaters and has more of oversized tees, distressed denim, and athleisure essentials. Its designs carry clean patterns and powder pink details, which is odd but adds a little interest to the otherwise minimalistic style of the brand.

Marimacho- The Unisex Clothing Brand

Marimacho was created by Crystal and Ivette González-Alé, an adorable couple, and the name is an offensive term for butch in Spanish. In decent words, it means a woman who behaves like a man, or what we call a tomboy. The designers took the term and turned it into their brand statement with queer tradition. Their line is dedicated to providing ‘classic fashion for unconventionally masculine’. Masculine-identified women are their niche target and their swimwear, loungewear, and suits fit them better than any menswear. The brand is based in Brooklyn and came into existence because the designers saw a need for such masculine garments that would fit different body shapes in an equal way. To buying the clothes of this brand, either shop online or from their stores in Brooklyn.


One DNA is a New York-based unisex brand that believes there should be no differentiation in fashion regarding gender, age, shape or races. They consider all genders, ages, shapes, and sizes equal. They create a clothing line without boundaries. The designers behind the brand don't see their line as a way of removing genders but they think there's no dividing line between the fashion of men and women. Their non-binary collection offers a range of updated basics. They cover all customers. Their line of garments include black or white pullovers, oversized drawstring hoodies that come in blue, pink, red or bone. They also have a cropped crew neck t-shirts in ivory or blue stripes. The brand offers well designed and quality products, following the slow fashion. The line uses soft cotton or blends of cotton for the garments. The brand is gender neutral in both fabrication and silhouettes.

Gender Free World

This is a relatively new unisex fashion label opened in 2015. The mission of this brand is to design clothes to fit bodies like no other high-street clothing. The line designs gender neutral shirts that fit every body shape. They aren't designed with gender in mind. The brand offers four different shapes of bodies to chose shirts from. The clothing in this line is made in London and are crafted by people who are paid fair wages. Their garments are comfortable and good with a distinct style. Their showroom is in Hove so if you are looking for some gender neutral unisex shirts, do drop by here.  

These are just a few examples of unisex fashion brands. Apart from there, there are still a handful of names that are leaving a considerable impression on the market. You can find their names on the internet. These brands have changed the face of gender-specific fashion and are gaining a fair market share gradually.


Unisex fashion wear is gaining popularity but it is still a part of a marginal market. Also, most of these brands are extremely expensive. So, while you are waiting for these unisex garments to be available in your nearest stores at an affordable price, you can see and read about them online. Or if you dare- (and have the money), you can also buy them from the stores and/or websites of these brands.