How To Choose The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Confused about which haircut to choose that complements your face shape perfectly? Read on further to choose the best haircut suitable for each face shape.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Choose The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Why does a face shape matter when choosing a haircut?

You must have wondered in the past why a particular haircut doesn't look so good on you as it did on your friend. The reason is face shape. Every female has a different face shape. A haircut which complements one face shape might not be too flattering on another. 

Choosing the best haircut that would flatter your face perfectly depends largely on your face shape. Some face shapes are narrow on the top and broader on the bottom and vice versa. A diamond face shape is broader on the cheekbones. One needs to choose a haircut that balances your face proportions and takes off the weight from your wider areas. 

As an oval face is considered ideal, one should choose a haircut that creates an illusion of an oval face. If your face is too round, you need to select a haircut that makes it appear longer, and if your face is oblong or oval, you need to select a haircut that makes it appear wider. A square face shape needs a haircut that makes it appear softer on the jawline. There are some haircuts which make your double chin disappear, and there are those that shorten your broad forehead. 

One also needs to analyze one's hair texture, personality, personal preference, lifestyle and body type while choosing a haircut.

1. Different female have different face shapes

Females have a distinct face shape. Face shapes are categorized into six basic shapes: oval, oblong, round, heart, diamond and square-shaped. It is easy to determine your face shape by looking in the mirror, but if you are still not able to analyze, then you can learn how to measure your face from a professional.

Once you are sure of your face shape, you need to browse through different haircuts available for your face shape. You need to analyze your hair texture whether it is wavy, straight or curly and you also need to decide according to your lifestyle. Professional women need neat and tidy haircuts. A haircut should also be decided according to your body shape. There are some haircuts which make a pear-shaped body look well-balanced and some haircuts which add volume to a petite body. 

Some women do not want to chop off their lovely tresses, but there are certain haircuts which will only help you add a style and character to your long locks without reducing their length.

2. Discover and highlight your best features

While choosing your haircut, you also need to discover your best facial feature. If you have large and pretty eyes, you might want to get a haircut which makes them stand out. A haircut can reduce the sharpness of your jawline if you have a square-shaped face and can also add volume to it if you have a heart-shaped face. 

Remember, you need to go by the basic rule of creating an illusion of an oval face and highlighting your best facial feature. These below mentioned pointers might help:

  • A female with a heart shape face needs to focus on her eyes and cheekbones. Bangs falling on the cheekbones create volume on the sides and adds proportion. 
  • A female with long face should opt for a shorter haircut because long hair will make her face appear longer. Choose hairstyles that give plenty of volume. 
  • Women with an oval shape face look good in any hairstyle. They have the liberty to choose a hairstyle according to their texture and forget about everything else. 
  • Females with round face should choose haircuts that fall below their chin. Those who have curly or wavy hair should grow their hair longer else it will add a lot of width to their chin or cheekbones making them appear more round. If you must, select a short hairstyle with more volume on the top to create an elongated illusion. 
  • Women who have a square face can opt for curly bangs or choppy ends at their strong and angular jawline to add softness to that area.

Strike a balance between what is in trend and what makes you comfortable

More than following the rules about haircuts and face shapes, what is important is your attitude and comfort factor. Remember, you do not have a haircut just because the rule books says so - attitude is more important.

The secret to looking great is your confidence. If you feel you can rock a particular haircut, then do go for it and just forget about the rules created by the beauty industry. Beauty is all about feeling confident from within, and it will reflect on the outside. 

Another good news is that almost all haircuts look good on all face shapes. If you have your heart set out on a particular haircut even if it doesn't abide by the rules, discuss with your hair stylist, and both of you can work out ways in which you can rock that haircut. 

Don't go by haircuts that are in trend currently if you are not comfortable with it. You do not have to cut your hair like a pixie if you have loved long hair all your life. Even if long hair makes your squarish jaw appear more prominent, you can get some bangs on your chin area or learn some makeup tricks to camouflage it.

A little know-how about various haircuts

There are various haircuts in the beauty industry today. But there is one haircut that is indeed the 'perfect haircut' because it looks good on almost everyone. It can flatter any face shape and can look good with any hair texture. This haircut falls between the chin and shoulders. It can be wavy, straight, curly, air-dried or even straightened. This length of haircut suits all face shapes and is universally accepted as the perfect haircut.

If you love short haircuts, then you need to know a little about the rules. A wrong short haircut can make a round face appear more round. Bangs are a great way to add character too long or medium-length hair. They also add a lot of freshness to any ordinary haircut. Bangs make a female appear younger and focus the attention on eyes. Bangs flatter almost any face shape if properly done. One needs to create an illusion of an oval face with bangs.

A woman with a square face needs her bangs to be chopped longer on the sides to add softness to the jawline. A woman with a round face needs her bangs to fall below her chin to elongate her face. Bangs depends more on hair texture than your face shape. Women with curly or very wavy hair cannot have ideal bangs, but there are ways of getting them too. 

Scroll down below to get an in-depth idea about different face shapes and the haircut that best suits them.

Best haircut for round face shape

Round faces need a haircut that makes their face appear longer and leaner. Model Kate Upton has a round face, and she sports a long and straight haircut. Sometimes, she wears her hair slightly wavy.

This style suits her greatly as it adds an illusion of length to her face. She is also seen in her signature style haircut of sweeping updos. They also add height to her face and create an illusion of length.  

A pixie cut also looks very flattering on a round face. You can also go in for a long bob haircut.

Round Face - Short Haircut

Ginnifer Goodwin sports a gamine cut with spiky layers all sliced around on her top like a crown. It suits her because it is really short and the choppy pieces on the top add height and length to the face, drawing more attention to her eyes. 

However, this style cannot be done to that female who has very curly or super wavy hair.

Round face - Medium-length Haircut

If you love a medium-length haircut, then you can choose a layered bob style.

Taraji P. Henson has a round face and sports a layered bob haircut. It minimizes the roundness of her face. It also looks good because of the side-parting which draws more attention to the eyes. The first bang should break at your eye when going for a layered bob.


Round Face - Long Haircut

Selena Gomez has a round face. She sports a long haircut with some bangs at the jawline. Her layers are barely there, and more focus is on the bottom of the layers to reduce volume above the chin area. These long layers do not let the curls at the edges to balloon up at the sides or cheeks. They come well below her neck and create an illusion of a longer face.

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Best haircut for heart face shape

Heart-shaped face is quite unique and a pleasure to style. They possess a beautiful bone structure, and if styled correctly, there are many hairstyles which form a perfect bond with the heart-shaped face. 

As the shape is neither too hard and nor too soft, bangs and long layers both complement them perfectly. Long layers that fall on both the sides of the face help to soften the features just perfectly. A cute pixie style and long layered hairstyle are perfect for a heart-shaped face.

Heart Face - Short Haircut

A cute pixie hairstyle that is cropped evenly on both the sides and the neck and styled with short layers on the top. Halle Berry sports a tousled pixie cut that softens her pronounced jawline and the choppy layers on the top breaks up her wide forehead. 

Again this style does not look good with curly hair. Some strands of your hair need to be clipped long and short to avoid a top-heavy effect.

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Heart Face - Medium-length Haircut

Reese Witherspoon sports a collarbone-length cropped haircut with bangs and even layers towards the bottom. This style suits her perfectly because it adds softness to her prominent chin and adds balance. This style can be done on someone who has voluminous hair. 

Again, it cannot be styled on curly hair. 


Heart Face - Long Haircut

Ciara often sports her long hair with longer layers or fringes. She has a heart-shaped face.

What you need to do if you want to style your hair longer is that you need to chop some layers at your cheekbone and chin to bring more attention to that area. This haircut looks good on any hair texture. It can also be done on someone with sparse or fine hair by keeping the layers long and concentrated towards the ends.

Best haircut for oval or oblong face shape

An oval face looks good with any haircut. From pixies to bangs to really long locks, an oval face can carry all haircuts. Here one can instead choose a hairstyle depending on the hair texture, personality, choice, and lifestyle. 

For an oblong face which is just a longer oval face, one must avoid a big bun, a spiky short cut or an updo. Oblong faces look fabulous with some extra body on both sides. One can go for waves or curls and bangs. These styles shorten the oblong face and highlight the eyes. 

Shoulder length hair is a great choice for oblong hair, but you can have a short haircut too with the minimum volume on the top.

Oval or Oblong Face - Short Haircut

Go in for a blunt bob with subtle layers. Rihanna has an oval face and carries a face-framing bob cut. Center part looks best in this haircut. 


Oval or Oblong Face - Medium-length haircut

An oval face or a slightly oblong face can also have a medium-length sleek blowout haircut just like Kate Middleton. This style reaches her shoulders.

There are many subtle layers in there which prevent from your hair from lying flat and also create an illusion of elongation. If your hair texture is fine, you need to cut your uneven pieces focussed around your face to create an illusion of fullness. 

Ova or Oblong face - Long Haircut

Emma Watson styles her hair in long strands with some sweeping side fringes giving an overall retro texture. Long hair for an oval or oblong face styled this way help to shorten long faces. This is because you tend to cover the area between your brow and hairline. This haircut can take years away from your face and make you appear younger.

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Best Haircut for A Square Face Shape

Square faces are very photogenic. The angles of the jaw and cheeks come out very prominently in a photograph and do not appear flat. A haircut with shoulder-length hair and side-swept bangs look the best on a square face. These haircuts help to soften the strong features of a square shape face. 

Females with a square shape faces look better as they face because their jawline and cheekbones stay stronger and angular and manage to hide their aging flaws.

Square Face - Short Haircut

A short layered bob haircut with subtle bangs look great on a square-shaped face. Cameron Diaz sports a layered bob, and it looks great on her square shape face as it puts more emphasis on her cheekbones rather than her jaw.

If you have dense strands of hair which tend to puff out at the bottom, you might need to use a flat iron to style yours with this haircut.

Square Face - Medium-length haircut

Olivia Wilde cuts her hair in light layers along with some sweeping bangs. She styles her hair in feathery layers with a side parting to give an asymmetrical effect. This effect helps to offset the squareness of her face. These layers look good on any hair type.


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Square Face - Long haircut

For a square face, collarbone touching strands with light bangs look great. Make sure your bangs hit at the cheekbone to add some softness. Jessica Simpson styles her long locks in structured ringlets. The spacious and airy fringe with the scattered layers adds a softness to the entire face. This haircut also depends upon your hair texture. If your hair texture is fine, you need to keep your layers minimum.

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Best Haircut for A Diamond Face Shape

The hairline in a diamond shape face is more narrow than in any other face shape. The cheekbones are also set wide apart along with the jawline and forehead featuring the same width.

Diamond Face - Short Haircut

The jawline in this shape has a very sharp look, and you need to get a haircut that softens the sharpness. A short haircut similar to Viola Davis is the best for a diamond-shaped face.

This haircut gives a framing effect around the face. It also softens the edges too. Side-parting with bangs reaching the cheekbones and eyes are preferred because they reduce the prominence of the diamond shape.


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Diamond Face - Medium-length haircut

Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty has a diamond shape face and often wears her hair at medium-length. She styles her hair with bangs to add proportion to her face with bangs falling into the center are the best.

Make sure these bangs cover the forehead partially so that less drawn to the middle and lower part of the face.

Diamond Face - Long haircut

A long hair cut for a diamond face looks great when the hair is styled in tousled waves. Make sure these waves soften the sharp angles of your face. Tyra Banks styles her hair in this way and it just suits her perfectly. 


A perfect haircut is beyond just a few chops and snips. Next time, determine your face shape before you decide on a haircut. Different haircuts suit different people and make sure you choose one just apt for you!