Top 10 Best Sex Positions That Guarantee Female Orgasm

The climax of every sexual encounter should be orgasm but not everyone achieves it due to wrong positions. Learn the best position to get female orgasm here.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Top 10 Best Sex Positions That Guarantee Female Orgasm

Sex Without Orgasm: How It Feels

Achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse is not a problem the male folks often have as do their female counterparts. Yes, some men claim they don't orgasm at all during sex; but the percentage of these, when compared to their no-orgasm female counterparts, is quite negligible. Females need more help, attention, and affection to help them cum.

Without orgasm, sex for females can soon turn out to be a duty they are struggling to perform rather than a thing to be enjoyed. The woman feels used and disinterested not only in sex but also in the relationship as a whole. She could feel that her partner is deriving some pleasure from the exercise, and she longs to, but her inability to get the same experience would surely punch the relationship dead in no distant time.


That said, it is instructive to note intimacy between partners is not just a monotonous thrusting of the man's penis into the vagina of the woman; it involves a knowledge of what needs to be done; when to do it, and how it is to be done. Without possessing this knowledge of how best to have intimacy with your female partner, achieving orgasm by her may be next to impossible.

However, the truth is that achieving orgasm as a female during sexual intercourse is not always predicated on doing some extraneous things in bed with your partner. Simple positions mastered and the readiness to communicate your needs is all you need.

In the sections below, we shall be considering some sex positions which would make you labor less in bed while getting the highest sensation and pleasure. Here they are.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #1: Sensual Spoon

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It is difficult to find any couple that is unfamiliar with this sex position. The sensual spoon is a passion pose that allows you to be erotically stimulated as it combines the popular doggy style with spooning. He holds you tight to himself while entering you rhythmically and hitting your G-spot all along.

What's more? Your man gets to see your curves and build while entering you and can take you to seventh heaven with his hands resting on your behind and caressing it. If he likes, he may also choose to set you up further by caressing your clitoris simultaneously with the thrusting. You too can respond by reaching for his testicles or perineum and fondling them dearly as your man services you down there.

The sensual spoon position is achieved with you (the female) lying on one of your sides while your man comes very close to you from the back from where he enters you gently. One of his legs is into yours, and at least his one hand is free to engage in a wide variety of other erotic activities.

Your man is looking right into your face from the rear, and his lips are available to kiss your neck and lips. This sex position guarantees orgasm with the least effort or stress from both partners. The aggressiveness of the thrusting is mild, but the feeling is intense. It's best when you are just waking up and have little or no strength for any acrobatic of some sorts.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #2: Up and Over

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If you like, you can call this sex position an advanced missionary style. You won't be wrong because it requires that your back is on the bed with your two legs up and resting on your man's shoulders. He thrusts into you in much the same way as the traditional missionary position.

For convenience, you should place a pillow beneath your buttocks and clasp your legs around your man. That way, the penetration is deeper and more convenient even for the man. You are quickly set up for a mind-blowing orgasm with this position. As such, when you begin to notice your pelvis contracting, help yourself by releasing your arm from the man and putting your legs back on the bed.

It is advised that at this stage when you are sensing that orgasm is imminent; your male partner should help to seal it by rubbing his pelvic bone on your clit. Alternatively, he can choose to caress it with his finger. This method allows the man to last longer in bed while the well-being feeling that often accompanies thrusting and hitting the G-spot is better enjoyed.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #3: Girl On Top

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It is exactly what the name says - you, the girl, are on top while the man lies with his back to the bed. Your own leg should be on either side of his torso. Now, you would have to guide his thing into your canal and decide how you would have it feel inside you.

Some women prefer to go up and down while others simply rock themselves back and forth while on top. For a great orgasm with less stress, you should consider just moving his thing back and forth in you instead of going up and down. Picture the figure 8 and follow that pattern.

As you go in this motion, you can get to make his 'rod' get into any place or spot in you without giving or appearing to be dishing out any instruction to him. He too would get more rock hard seeing your boobs and probably using his hand to caress your backside.

The best advantage of this position is that it places you in charge of the process. You get to determine the depth of penetration as we and several variations are possible. Your G-spot is well stimulated leading to multiple orgasms.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #4: Doggy Style

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This is another popular and comfortable sex position to achieve the female orgasm. However, it is best suited for women and girls that orgasm or best stimulated from deep penetration. It allows the man to go deep and also stimulate your G-sport with the mouth of the penis. Some variations to this position are also possible as you can change to your elbows so that your belly is lower on the bed.

This position is not hard to try out; simply get on your four while your partner draws you from behind from where he inserts his "rod" into you. While doing this, your butt is rubbing on your man's pelvis causing him to get stimulated too. The penetration from this position is usually deep and can result in multiple orgasms due to the constant grinding of the penis on the G-spot.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #5: The Bridge

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This position is usually commenced with the traditional missionary style in which you are lying with your back to the bed while your man is on top. As the sex continues, you would have to raise your hips to set you at a low bridge. From there, your partner holds you by your hips leveraging on it as he thrusts into you. It would be of help to you to place your feet on the bed while in this position.

With the bridge, you stand the chance of being deeply stimulated and as such, orgasm very greatly. Along the thrusting, your man can hasten your orgasm by caressing your clit with his fingers. You could also do this by yourself.

Similarly, more spices can be added to the position to aid orgasm by occasionally lowering your belly and raising it. Another way you could help yourself with this position is to place a pillow beneath your hips so that the man can grind from different angles.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #6: The Erotic End

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This sex position is quite innovative and absolutely easy to try out. The man already rock hard sits leaning back a little bit with his two hands supporting his weight on the bed; his legs are a bit open and straightened. When he's thus set, you squat over him easing yourself into his manhood.

In this position, you are backing him and your legs are clasping his two thighs. While thus positioned, your knees are bent with your two feet grabbing the bed securely. Just like the girl on top style, this position allows you to determine the depth and intensity of penetration.

He too can control how quick you achieve orgasm by making some rhythmic movement along with his groin area causing your G-spot to properly grind and stimulate an orgasm. This method is far superior to the girl on top when it comes to achieving an orgasm. That's because he gets to reach the necessary spots as you lead the way.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #7: Leg Wrap

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Sometimes, you just want to go for a position that is not too demanding energy-wise but which is orgasm-inducing big time; the lusty leg wrap position is your best bet. No twisting yourself or extraneous bending of any sort. While it keeps you relaxed, you continue to enjoy the exercise for as long as you wish.

You are wondering how the position is done? Simply sleep with your back to the bed while he sleeps on one of his sides. In this sleeping position, he'll approach you and enters into you gently. You can swing your two legs over your man's thighs and hips using it to form a kind of bridge.

Certainly, this position wouldn't lead to orgasm in a second, but when it does, it is always long-lasting and all-consuming. Besides, it's a relaxed position, and you are putting less energy to get great pleasure.

This position allows him to insert and remove for a long time and he won't even feel exhausted. In fact, you can decide when you want the orgasm to occur. All you have to do when you are ready to climax is ask that he stimulates you with his finger.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #8: The Cushion Style

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This is closely related to the doggy style or position, but they are not completely the same. Here, you are not lying on your four; you are kneeling on the bed with your legs to the back and your hand holding a couch. For a great orgasm, ensure that your vulva is resting in between your couch and a pillow. That is, you have a pillow to grind your clit with while he thrusts back and forth.

In this position, he comes from behind thrusting and rubbing his pubic region on your butt. This simultaneous thrusting and grinding plus other caressing episodes quickly lead to orgasmic reactions which makes you feel on top of the world. It's good to let him know how deep you want it and which area he is yet to cover; it would help you to climax amazingly and speedily.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #9: Frisky Floor

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The reason you can orgasm quickly from this position is that your buttocks become raised or elevated and because of this, he can penetrate downward and reach some angles capable of stimulating you erotically. Again, as he does his thrusting, a pressure is built within your vulva which also stimulates your clit. All of these culminate in a fantastic orgasm.

To achieve this position, you would have to first stand tall with your man; howbeit, you would be backing him. From that state, you would bend with your hand touching the floor (or bed). But let's say you are afraid you may not be able to stay fit with your hand to the floor alone, you can adjust your knees a bit by bending it, so you get balanced.

Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm #10: G-Spot Jiggy

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A lot has been said about the G-spot being an ultrasensitive spot capable of eliciting multiple orgasms when stimulated. However, not every woman benefits from the pleasure that spot has to offer partly because of the wrong sexual position they assume with their partner during sex.

But with the G-spot jiggy position, your man's effort to deliver a great orgasm to you is aided and you would always ask for more. He kneels behind you while you lie on your fours. To locate the G-spot sharply, he'll have to thrust deep with his testicles getting close to your buttocks in the process.

While the penetration is on, he can equally massage your erotic spots with his hand causing an entirely new orgasmic world.

On A Final Note

Sex can be sweet when done in the right way. And in most cases, the right way does not necessarily have to be the hard way. That is, you can achieve orgasm without having to assume a sex position that is out of this world.

However, it must be noted that apart from assuming the right position during sex, one great factor that contributes to achieving a great orgasm in your sexual experience as a female is your willingness to communicate her erotic needs.

As it is, there is no way your partner can get to know what you like or dislike in bed except you voice it out. You don't have to be shy in telling them what is not working or how you want it; after all, they must mean so much to you before you allow them to get into you.



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